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*Health Tips That's Affordable and Almost Effortless For Looking and Feeling Younger Even At My Age Of 57

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*No medication is consumed, and there were no surgeries for quickly obtaining and maintaining the great results that are in this book Also, good health is important, and even one tip in this book value more than this book cost. Such as, Rid abscess quickly ($8.00); Weight Loss In 30 Days (15 Days Supply $14.00); Vagina discharge/Yeast infection Rid ($3.00 month); Pain At The Extreme & Extreme Stiffness Quickly Rid ($10.00); Sleepy But Fruit Helps Stay Awake (8 Servings $3.00) Mineral Sandwich Energy & Zinc (Prices Of Ingredients Varies) Mole(s) Rid On The Face/Body (30 Days Supply $4.00) Deep cleanse & exfoliate face & neck all at the same time (30 days supply $6.00 or less); Herbal Tea deep cleanse face and neck (8-10 days supply $11.00); Almost effortlessly exercise all muscles in the body including arms, heart, & legs (no equipment); Rid Terrible Smelling Breath ($6.00 month and less).

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The Author share this book with the reader, which among other things contains some of the author's personal experiences, and other people personal experiences who inexpensively obtained and maintain good health. Alternative Doctors (some are Medical Doctors too)can be helpful, because they also focus on, and advise different foods and drinks that will correct, and prevent problems in the human body. Also, this book is intended as information for those wishing to know more about health and nutrition, and to share the Author’s, and other people experiences regarding health, medical, nutritional, research, solutions, results, and other information, and is true to the best of our knowledge. As well as, the intent of the information that's given in this book is provided to be helpful.

The information, ideas, procedures, and suggestions contained in this book are not intended as a substitute for any treatment, nor to replace or countermand the advice given by the reader personal physician. All matters regarding the reader health require medical supervision. The Author and Publisher are not liable, and not responsible for any loss, nor damage including arising from any information nor suggestion(s) in this book, adverse effect(s), consequence(s), hazard(s), etc. that occur/nor may occur to nor because/resulting from the use of any information in this book. The Author, and Publisher are not engaged in rendering any medical, professional advice, nor service to anyone. Because each person situation is unique, the Author, and Publisher suggest that the reader check with a professional health care provider regarding the reader own person health.

It is the responsibility of the reader to consult a physician, or another professional health care provider along with a Nutritionist regarding information in this book for the reader personal care. If the reader suspects a personal medical problem(s), we urge the reader to seek professional medical help. Mention of specific companies, organizations and/or authorities in this book does not imply endorsement by the Author nor Publisher, nor does mention of specific companies, organizations, nor authorities imply that they endorse this book. Also, the Author, and Publisher do not have any control over, and does not assume any responsibility for third party web site(s) nor their content. Some recipes in this book have been consumed by the Author, and some recipes have been consumed by other people. The reader with special need(s), food and/or other allergy(s), who have special food requirement(s), and/or any other health concern(s) and/or problem(s), and/or situation(s), etc., it must be determine by the advice of a health care professional whether, or not any recipe, and or information in this book will/may create any personal problem(s) for the reader. The reader is solely responsible for the use of all recipes and information in this book. Also, Internet addresses and phone numbers given in this book are current on the date of this publication.

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Chapter 1

Abscess Pus Pain Rid Quickly(No Medication/Surgery) 30 Days Supply $8.00

Acne Clears Naturally (No Medication) $3.00 Monthly

Anti-Aging Great Results With A Vitamin 30 Days Supply $5.00

Ants Rid Inexpensively $4.00 Per Container

Arteries Harden Certain Vitamins Helps 30 Days Supply $6.00

Bacteria In The Body Obtain Maintain The Good $4.00 Monthly

Breath Rid Terrible Odor $6.00 Monthly & Less

Chapter 2

Cholesterol Lower Inexpensively (No Medication) 30 Days Supply $17.00

Constipation Two Natural Relief's (No Medication) 8 servings $3.00

Digesting Food Blood Circulation Helps Nutrients Benefit The Body $4.00 Month

Energizing The Body Quickly More Restful Focused Alert (Use Chair Or Similar)

Chapter 3

Exercises Circulates Blood Near Effortlessly (No Equipment)

Exercises Muscles Build/Tone Legs Heart Arms Near Effortlessly (No Equipment)

Chapter 4

Face Neck Exfoliate Cleanse At Same Time Inexpensively $6.00 Monthly Or Less

Facial Herbal Cleanses Deeply Inexpensively Resultful 8-10 Days Supply $11.00

Chapter 5

Feet Arches Uplift Flat Feet (No Surgery & Equipment $2.00)

Fibroid Pain Rid Inexpensively (No Medication /Surgery) 32 oz $8.00

Fibroids Were Released (No Medication/Surgery) 30 Days Supply $15.00

Chapter 6

Greens Collards Preparing On BBQ Grill Are Nutritious & Delicious! $4.00

Hands Healthier & Younger Looking Obtain & Maintain 60 Days Supply $7.00

Heart & Bones Health With 2 Minerals (No Medication/Surgery) 10 lb. $10.00

Chapter 7

Infections Rid (Colds, Etc.)With A Certain Vitamin 30 Days Supply $10.00

Kidneys Cleanse With Certain Juice & Clean Bowel From Body 8 servings $3.00

Laxative Cleanses Good Bacteria Remain (No Medication) 30 Days Supply $6.00

Lips Larger & Pretty in 5 Minutes Inexpensive (No Medication/Surgery) $3.00

Menopause Certain Vitamin Helps & Obtain Great Results 30 Days Supply $4.00

Chapter 8

Mineral Cleanse Kidneys & Digestive Maintain Good Health 8 Servings $3.00

Mineral Energy Sandwich Maintain Good Health (Cost Of Ingredients Varies)

A Mineral Firms/Tones Muscles & Mineral Needs Liquified 30 Days Supply $8.00

Mole(s) Rid On The Body (No Medication/Surgery) 30 Days Supply $4.00

Sleepy But A Fruit Helps In Staying Awake 8 Servings $3.00

Chapter 9

Vagina Discharge Yeast Infection Rid (No Medication) $3.00 Monthly

Weight Loss In 30 Days (No Medication/Surgery) 15 Days Supply $14.00

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*Note: It's important to drink the necessary amount of water, which varies per individual.

Chapter 1

Abscess Pus Pain Rid Quickly (No Medication/Surgery) 30 Days Supply $8.00

More than one year ago, I had an abscess within my mouth, and it was painful. On the same day that the abscess appeared, I used a new (unused) toothbrush to brush my teeth and gum using IPSAB Tooth and Gum Peppermint Cleanser Powder (powder- $8.00); Additionally, I gently brushed this powder directly onto the abscess, and I rinsed my mouth well with water then in a short period of time, the pain was gone, as well as, the abscess had gone down about half way. On the next day, I repeated this same process that was done on the previous day then shortly thereafter the abscess had gone down about three fourth of the way. Lastly, on the third day, I repeated this same process that was done on the two previous days, and within twenty- four hours later the abscess was completely gone. After which time, I became overjoyed!

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