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DR . F A H A D B A S H E E R


It took me 4 days to complete this book, but it took my diverse experiences in life to share my diary notes in this book. I wrote this book in an island, when I felt like i had to. Most of you guys won’t know me, as this is my first nonfiction book although I have published my first book 'The science of emotions' in the United States. Let me introduce myself, I’m an MRCP UK post graduate trainee in medicine. I’m a writer for many online magazines and have published a few review research papers related to mind-body connection and consciousness in the Sheikh Hamdans medical journal in Dubai. I’m born in Dubai, though I’m an Indian national. A few of my works on my research works have been featured in some radios of the United States. I am often searched at Google for two things one is for the science of mind-body connection and emotions and the other is for the science of heart consciousness. However this is my first book as nonfiction, for the last few months i used to post my short experiences in the form of small diaries. I found them interesting over time and then i was inspired to write this short book which you can call 'wifey'. This short diary of mine is nothing but collective experiences which i had to go through mine as well through other's life that were associated with me. I wish to write a series of books which makes you go through the world of collection of my real life experiences and insights will help you to analyze common experiences in life from a different perspective. Don’t worry, I’m not an Aristotle or Plato whom you read about in your school textbooks, you can call me FBK; that’s my short name. I hope you will enjoy this book. Oh yes! I also want to remind my international readers that English is my second language. Wishing you all the best!

Yours own,

Fahad Basheer Karuppam

Sincere thanks to

Professor Abdul Hameed, Department of English, MES Arts and Science College, Mampad.

Dr. Abdul Samath, Department of pediatrics, Government Medical College, Manjeri.

Dr.Hussain,phD. CEO of CIGI institute of Guidance for higher education, Calicut.

K.K Mohammed Basheer, former assistant manager of National Bank of Abudhabi, UAE.

Dr.Shabnam, undergraduate medical intern.

Shalikh Samath, my brother in law.

Bojana organovic, business entrepreneur, Serbia.

Dr. Fahim Basheer, final year medical student

Carsten ostgeraad pederson, psychologist and the CEO of Neuro-design International, Australia.

Dr. Ajnavas V, Lecturer in Microbiology.

Dr. Adraina James, phD. Psychologist and the American woman of the year, USA.

Dr. Shameem Samad Lecturer in community medicine

Dr. Gurutej Gill, Medical officer, Punjab.

Dr. Javid vk Leturer in Forensic Medicine.

Dr. Mado martinez, PhD. CEO of Ispectrum Science Magazine, Spain.

Dr. Aju Rafeek. Undergraduate medical intern and CEO of yellow pages, UAE.

Brooks Hunter, Cinema director, Canada.


Dedicated to my ‘wifey’ and my sincere readers.

The twenty five diary notes of my life

  1. The Big Bang!

  2. Nurturing my heaven

  3. I'm taking rest at the shades of hope

  4. My business is investing in her heart

  5. We can live sharing one soul

  6. Patience is the fuel of empathy

  7. I wish i met her so early

  8. Values are known when we lose it

  9. An inevitable soup for my soul

  10. A child in her

  11. She can be anyone!

  12. She’s the one

  13. I’m levitating with my love

  14. I’m Drowning with my love

  15. Around me she surrounds

  16. She’s a criminal

  17. She sees perfections in my imperfections

  18. My gratitude never ends

  19. I will sacrifice anything for her love

  20. Wherever i go she comes with me

  21. When she becomes my life

  22. I enjoy my blessing with her

  23. How can i find that perfect pair of my dreams?

  24. I love to be possessed

  25. In her presence i experience timelessness



"My heart when it glows and blows a bomb of love

Aha, it’s like shattering a millions of sorrows"

#Diaries 1

Things that can’t be expressed in words are known as feelings. They make up the universal forces of the endless cosmos. Even the beautiful imaginations of our jubilant heart can’t grasp the infinite boundaries of the so called ever green young feelings! An innocent child above the 7 rainbows of heavens, showering his immortal love dissolved in its nurturing compassion through the transparent blue veins of the brittle sweet heart of my wife becomes spirited and a mindful devoted love, when she receives this treasonous mercy from the cosmos beyond the reach of my curious blue eyes. Yes this soft hearted giant force of my cosmos invisibly attracts and constantly unites the opposite poles which were never meant to be united even in the lucid dreams of my fairy fantasies. Yes! Even before we met each other! When the sunny weather favors the wet earth, her lovely cute little feelings are expelled out in to light from a motherly womb which sheltered and protected her long waited unparallel love for me in the dark from other furious eyes who deadly desired her pure selfless love . Made for each other is what that happens between us and at times I feel I’m euphoric and beyond these words! It begins with a boom! The boom of the big bang! Blowing out the immense energy of the mighty cosmos, pushing apart by beautifully creating and finely constructing the ultimate cosmos of Love in my worthy heart. This incredible field of feelings is still expanding beyond my limited perceptions, making me stand with bare hands at the dead ends of a finitely infinite and certainly uncertain universe. Yes! this tremendous explosions of a mighty feeling at the depth of my innocent heart rips and shatters apart the heavy clouds of sorrows and pains of life above the inner eyes of my red heart, which made me blind as if the dead man who fears and spends his rough nights in the lonely grave. Liberated and blessed me with this freedom of light from the omnipotent love, which uplifted and released me from the heavy black chains which carried the burdens and miseries of my life. All I knew about this love was that it started with a boom!

The beginning of the Cosmos



"Why I borrow a bundle of sorrows of life

When I throw a thunder of wonders,

Into the heart of my precious soul.

Yes, my soul mate she is!"

#Diaries 2

Why are you not caring me? Is your love for me reducing? Am i not attractive for you anymore? Have you lost your interest in me? If you think that you are not been loved by your sweet heart, you start fighting for love. Don’t you? And in the end it ends in wireless communication of anger, though you sit apart at the two corners of bed staring away from your cute little kitten. Silence fills the room but you feel that your mind is closed. Tear drops at your feets and anger in your muscles, you feel a mixture of sadness and anger as you are being hurt by a teddy bear whom you love the most. Hunters are funny aren’t they? They bring you gifts, they purchase beautiful clothes for you and they take you for a dinner; yet you want more love from your superman. So you cut down the water falls from the dam of your endless love. Yes! You are a little bit miser now so that you can make your superman love you more. Then you start complaining to your superman that you don’t love me again and again intending to get his love more and more. Sweet it is! But your superman turns in to a super villain and turns that sweet outdoor dinner to a nightmare. What do you mean? After all I loved you; you are complaining that I don’t love you! But this time you want from him love more than you wanted a few moments ago, so you start nagging on your superman for more love from his chest. But what does the superman does? He flees leaving nothing but anger at the end of the dinner and leaving you alone at tears on the table with 2 desserts and a gift wrap which you wished to give to your super man on your anniversary. Everyone wants to be loved and they even indirectly ask for it in conversations of daily life. If you closely observe people around you, you will start to realize that no one loves to be disliked. But the paradox of life lies beneath your mind. You may have to travel miles of distance from your thoughts to know this tragedy of life. Everyone wants to be loved, but no one wants to give love. This is the root cause for almost all the common scenarios of life we go through. But if I turn your heart upside down right now. Yes! Perfect...Now i can see that you are okay. Listen my bold friend; Love comes to us only when you start loving your partner. She’s a field that can generate multiple crops of love if you bury a single seed of love in it. She can become the love if you start loving her at this moment of your life. Sometimes it takes time to yield crops when its summer and at times you get a faster yield when it is rainy. All you need to do is to keep burying your love for her in her heart and keep waiting until she buds up her fresh love for you. It will bloom her heart with joy and then she will start to blossom her selfless love for you. She then spreads her fragrance of love for you, no matter how far you are away from your sweet little home.

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