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By: R. Chamberlain, R. Richardson and R. Young, Richardson

Copyright 2017 R. Chamberlain, R. Richardson and R. Young,



Conqueror of Life is all about "Never Giving Up", "Believing In Yourself", and "Trusting" the wisdom you will learn from this book to overcome any obstacles life throws your way. By reading these true stories of how other people just like you have conquered their situation when they asked "Why Me?"

We give you four chapters of great examples that will help you conqueror whatever life throws your way.

The first thing to CONQUER in life is acquiring KNOWLEDGE: It's our belief that in order to achieve anything you must have the proper information to make any inform decisions to start your journey in life.

The second thing to CONQUER in life is having MOTIVATION: With the knowledge you've gained it should energize you to put a plan into action.

The third thing to CONQUER in life is building STRENGTH: In order to execute any plan you must have the discipline from within.

The fourth thing to CONQUER in life is providing UNDERSTANDING: Through it all you must believe you can do all that you set out to do. You got to know yourself and understand others.

We understand this order could be switched around, so we encourage you to use this book as it fits your need. Conqueror Of Life is meant to "UPLIFT" and provide "HOPE" for anyone who reads it. We Believe It's Never Over, If You Believe In Yourself And Nothing Is Impossible............ENJOY!


Quickkie's Devotion

Quickkie the Caterpillar gives wisdom to the people

No matter who they are he treats them all equal

Determination & love he hopes that it reach you

In life procrastination can sometimes defeat you

Knowledge is the key, education is essential

Ambition & love makes these things all simple

And it seems like your life is sinking on a boat

No solution to the problems so you lose all hope


When your back is against the wall

You never stop fighting, persevere through it all

Prepare for the fall

Cause it's how we bounce back

When faced with adversity, when you only learn that

Life is what you make it, we all have choices

Never remain silent our platform is our voices



Do you know who I am? Can you figure me out?

I'm related to the mountains - I've been paved on highways, avenues and blocks. I AM ALSO ROCK...

I've been crushed with a hammer and watched pieces of my family swept away as part of a plot - still, I AM A ROCK...

Strength is my middle name so naturally I'm strong...

A superior force so forever I live on...

My life buried in mud for years next to debris, diamonds, roots - survived rain, snowstorms and major catastrophes...

Put me anywhere on this earth and I will survive...

They say I have no body, no face, no eyes...

Yes! I AM A ROCK (ROCK THAT'S HUMAN) with an unbreakable soul...

My life design through adversity but never will I fold...

Other humans tried to break me while the world had to test me...

But the love I'm surrounded with, I realized that he blessed me...

He allowed me to always be resilient and not become worthless...

The strength I possess, I'm in a whole different category...

This is not my life's story - just a story part of my life...

Because I AM A ROCK...

I said "I AM A ROCK"...

The blood that flow through these veins come from A RARE STOCK...



L - is for Liable: oneself is exposed to obtain knowledge

I - is for Initiate: start your plan to obtain your goals

S - is for Sacrifice: which you will have to do in order to accomplish your goals

T - is for Thorough: being careful in all aspects

E - is for Eager: thirsting to succeed

N - is for Necessity: it's essential to stay focus


Quickkie's Super Message: If you listen more than you talk, it would be easier to obtain knowledge. Be open and pay attention for words of wisdom.


Knowledge: all that has been perceived or grasped by the mind


Quickkie's Definition of Life: Period from birth to death

It's important you love life, because life is just a test.

You go through struggles in life, but struggles bring success.

Go to school, be a leader, never settle for less.

Because whatever you want to be just give it your best.


Quickkie's Super Message: Question? When you look back at your life, what do you want people to say about you? Your life is what you make of it so try to be "Great".

WORLD: We all can help make the world an enjoyable place to live, if we learn to treat one another like we would want to be treated.

REFLECTION: We are all being watched by someone, Your reflection of life, passion, the love and commitment to whatever it is your doing, is enough to empower others

GLOW: The world releases its strangle hold on you and recedes to the background for you to shine once you and hope become partners in life



By: Luis Belker, Wyoming

My grandpa was a teacher in the town school, and he was also a great story teller. I learned so much from him. He also used, as a teaching analogy, the caterpillar and the butterfly being the same living creature, only having been transformed by God from an ugly caterpillar that no one liked to a very beautiful butterfly that everyone loved. Yet, grandpa taught that the same living creature that was that ugly caterpillar was also the beautiful butterfly. He also taught us that we should not regard anyone with contempt, and do not reject anything, for there is no man who does not have his hour, and nothing which does not have its place. Grandpa gave me an interesting story to remember all of my life, and he told me in his gently but firm way to never forget this lesson. He told me about a beggar who lived long ago when people used horses and carriages to get around. One day a baker was making fresh bread. He and his wife were preparing for the town festival which was to begin the next day. The beggar tried to find work in the town, but no one would hire him. He had not eaten in days when he wandered into the baker’s shop. The baker’s wife did not want to give him any of the fresh baked bread that they were making for the festival, so she went to a bread drawer and took out a few slices of old stale bread to give to the poor beggar. The baker called to his wife and told her to slice up a loaf and give him half. No money or blood will be lost over that.

The baker’s wife cut one of the warm loaves in half and gave it to the beggar, who immediately ate it greedily. As the beggar left, he looked at the baker who was approaching him. With an extended hand, the baker gave the beggar a coin and, with kindness in his eyes, said go in peace.

Time passed. The beggar was not a good beggar, nor could he find anyone who would give him work. He left the town and became a highwayman, and then the leader of a whole band of highwaymen. From their hideout in the mountains they would watch the highway for travelers and rob them, usually silencing them with death.

One day the baker and his driver were stopped on the road by these highwaymen. They tied the baker and his driver up and took the baker’s gold from his pouch. Then the leader looked over his victims. When he looked into the face of the baker, he recognized that face and those kind eyes. The leader ordered his band of men to untie the driver and the baker. Then he gave the pouch of gold back to the baker. The leader said: I owe this man a debt.

Do you remember that once a poor beggar came to your bake shop? You gave him half a loaf of fresh baked bread. You said to your wife, slice up a loaf and give him half the loaf and that no money or blood will be lost over that. I bet that you never thought that the money that would not be lost or the blood that would not be lost would be your own. Go in peace baker, for you are a good man and no harm will come to you by my hand. Then the baker and his driver continued on their way.

My grandpa looked at me after telling me this story and, in a slow and deliberate broken English accent, gave me the lesson that the story illustrated. My grandpa said: Boy, as you go through life you will meet a lot of people on your way. Some you may have little in common with, and others you may have a lot in common with. No matter, whenever possible, try to treat all of them with at least a little kindness. Never go out of your way to insult someone who is down on their luck. Never humiliate a person who is already suffering. Whenever you can, give some small charity offering to a person in need, but you should do it and never mention it to anyone. Let it be the secret between you and the person you gave the charity to. If you have a difficult time finding worth in a human being, you must take a long hard look at yourself and how God sees your worth in His eyes. Take a long hard look at yourself, and thank God for who you are. Never put someone down who is in need of a small token of some kindness or encouragement. It is a sad feeling to be down and out and alone.

With that, my grandpa gave me a real silver dollar and he told me not to spend it unless I had to. It is 38 years later and I still have that silver dollar, and I have never forgotten the stories my grandpa told me and the lessons and the wisdom that came from those stories.

My grandpa’s stories and the lessons he taught me transformed me from a wild kid into a level headed man, husband, father and high school football coach. My grandpa’s stories have helped me help others along life’s journey. They did, without a doubt, transform me. What the world needs more of are good story-tellers. You learn from a story and never forget the lesson.

Quickkie's Wisdom: The irony of this story is not the beggar giving the money back to the baker but the two of them meeting again. Small world, never know on what terms you may meet someone again. So treat people the way you would want to be treated no matter how they look.


Quickkie's Definition of Experience: being affected consciously by event; knowledge, skill gained from life

Experience is a good teacher. It actually gives the test first and the lesson last. Through each event that life throws your way it allows you to grow stronger and stronger for the moments to come. So always remember when life dares to throw you a curve ball, your past plays an important role. Only when you allow growth and maturity to become your best friends, then no stronghold will have a chance to defeat you.

Experience: Our life is a big experience. Just know we were put here to learn from many and not to follow any. From Your Own Experience You Will Build Yourself!

RESPONSIBILITY: In order to be successful in life you must own whatever position you're in at the moment and as you grow your responsibilities will grow too

EXCUSE: The weak make excuses. The strong create solutions. Which one are you?

CREATE: Doubt is when you believe the world is a big place and you are nothing in the enormous world. Then you wake up and realize there is enough room for you to do your thing and so much more!



By: L. Wolf

Her name is Gabriel Abood, and she came into the world healthy and big (9 lbs. 2 oz.). She also was a mixed race child, half black and half white. Her mother was white and her father was black. Her mother was my friend’s daughter, and her father was some guy from Philadelphia that has never been seen or heard from again. He never even visited or contacted his daughter once. Well, it is 17 years later and Gabriel Abood is a senior at the best private college prep high school the city has to offer. She earned this with a full paid scholarship paid by the Catholic Church. Today, as she is into her last year at the college prep high school, she knows that her dream of being accepted at West Point Military Academy has been realized. Because of her outstanding grades and hard work in seeking the endorsement from a local congressman, Gabriel will be accepted as a cadet next year. But, let’s back up for a moment.

Gabriel has her grandfather to thank for this miracle. After being born, and still in the hospital with her mom, Gabriel’s mom had decided to put her up for adoption. She knew her dad would be furious with her for being in this situation. No husband, no father of Gabriel in sight, and in a town where mixed race children are not all that common. My friend’s daughter at first would be shunned by a lot of her friends. My friend, Gabriel’s grandfather, visited the hospital and, to say the least, he was not happy with this situation. Before him was a beautiful baby, but he was shocked to see a mixed race baby that now would be is granddaughter. He then was told that his daughter had notified the hospital to contact the Catholic Adoption Agency because the baby was going to be put up for adoption. Itek, my friend, had to think about all of this news, so he came to me to vent his hurt, his frustrations and his confused state of mind. Clearly my friend Itek was distraught. He understood why his daughter thought it best to give the baby up for adoption. After all, she was only 19 years old herself, and the baby would be a burden to her regarding going to college and in finding a husband. Itek said he saw all the advantages to this. We talked for hours and a lot came up that only he, a few others AND I knew. Itek himself had been an orphan in Lebanon and he and his sister were in an orphanage there in the Middle East being cared for by French Catholic Nuns. He and his sister were twins and whoever their parents were, they put them in a crate (fruit crate) wrapped in blankets and left them at the door of the Catholic orphanage. Itek never knew his parents and never cared to find out who they were. He was adopted by an American family who had some distant roots to Lebanon. His sister was adopted by a couple in France. Itek and his twin sister have never met to this day. Neither has found the other. I knew all this long ago and so all of this was going through my mind as he was venting his grief to me.

Finally, he looked at me and said: What do you think? Never mind, he said, I know what you are thinking.

I just smiled at him, took a sip of coffee and told him that now I know why God had him come to America as an infant to be raised here by his adopted family. This is all part of it, I told him, and you feel it as I do. You are not going to let that baby be adopted by anyone, and she will love you forever for what you are about to do.

Well, what happened is now history. Itek’s daughter agreed to keep the baby and Itek promised to raise the baby and help his daughter out as well. Itek and his ex-wife became the day-to-day caretakers of little Gabriel. They provided love, care, and the material things Gabriel needed. She lived with Itek in his six room apartment in an apartment house he purchased earlier with five other units plus his own. He and she still live there with Itek’s ex-wife, Gabriel’s grandmother. They all function as a family that exhibits endless love and support for each other. Gabriel’s mother is still involved with Gabriel and the two have become close over the past few years, but no one is as close to Gabriel as her grandfather, Itek. To Gabriel, he is what she calls her Angel. She knows the entire story of her life and what took place. No one could ever come as close to Gabriel as her grandfather, Itek. Gabriel was a blessing for my friend Itek. She gave him the opportunity to relive the times he missed with his daughter, because back then Itek was anything but a family man. He was trouble to everyone back then, and lived only to play football. He won a scholarship to a Beg Ten University for his football talents, but after two years he quit college to pursue a wild life of drugs. Somehow he survived all that and even gave up all the drugs on his own. But then, for years, he was lost as to purpose. His marriage was over, and his children were not close to him. Eventually, he did get back the love from his children, but his wife had remarried someone else, so Itek drifted from girlfriend to girlfriend without anyone ever becoming his soul mate. He had a good job, was in the union, and making great money. He loved to work, and was known as a hard worker by anyone who knew him. But, he still lacked purpose for his life. He tried to locate his twin sister in France, but was not successful.

Then, along came Gabriel, and she became his purpose for living. Now, as she is finishing her senior year in the college prep high school and getting ready for her West Point years and adult life, I can see the outstanding pride he has in Gabriel and that Gabriel has in Itek. For both of these two, Gabriel and Itek, each was a real blessing for the other.

Itek had a real challenge as an abandoned orphan in Lebanon and through much of his young life he struggled with trying to understand why he had to be orphaned in the first place. But those caterpillar years were the opportunity for the transformation that took place in his life, and now there are two butterflies: Itek and Gabriel. What a miracle God performed here.

Quickkie's Wisdom: Life is so full of miracles waiting to happen. Here you see Itek's past is what brought about the future of his granddaughter. By understanding what he went through, he knew that could not happen to her. His experience was not to be repeated. Life is all about helping the next person as best you can, if you can.


Quickkie's Wisdom of Knowledge


"IT'S ABOUT YOU" Focus! And pay attention to this portrait that needs to be painted for the people to see. The color as well as the texture is so vivid you may believe this artwork could come to life. There will be no Kings - no Queens, very similar to a chess match but there's no checkmate. You are all alone to figure this out in the middle of nowhere, but this nowhere is actually somewhere, a place created for you and only you to increase your knowledge and to assert your dominance. Are you willing to sacrifice the unthinkable to further your cause? Placed on the "Mound of Life" you are the "ACE" no perfect game is required just CONSISTENCY. This may seem tedious, but focus people, FOCUS!

"BUT IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU" So no corners can be cut. Your sixth sense will kick in, do not be afraid to display your arsenal for the world, they're watching at all times. Fear Of Failure Is No Option! Throw strikes that's disguised by precise movement that only you can see. Those who see only the bad side will mask jealousy and envy in the form of praise while truthfully looking to detract from your performance. Respect your position in life; Understand your greatness as a person to lead by example. Persevere through any calamity.



Quickkie’s Definition of Knowledge: what one knows; learning

Inside the word there are (7) other words. Try to find the words without changing the letters around.


Quickkie’s Super Message: In moving forward with your life believe in what you “KNOW” and try to focus on the things you’ve been taught. Today right “NOW” use that information in your decisions to help create a prosper future. “NO” way will you ever allow yourself to be “LED” to any far off “LEDGE” not of your choosing or be pushed to any “EDGE” of life that you can’t deal with. No matter what remain strong in your principles, faith, belief, position and never to show weakness in yourself. Trust your knowledge, be wise like an “OWL”! (know, no, now, owl, led, ledge, edge).


LESSON: In life we all make mistakes which will lead to different consequences. In those mistakes there are lessons you can learn or ignore

ACCEPTENCE: When you accept someone for who they are, it makes a difference. It allows them to be who they really are

TRUTH: Truth stands in the battle all alone and usually always gets the victory

JUDGING: When giving an option or making a decision for or against someone truth and fairness should always prevail



By: Nancy Rivello

Call it what you want, but it is best defined as true and real bravery. It is not planned nor is it sought as a description for the action taken by the man or woman who performs the act.

In my hometown we had a Vietnam veteran named Jack, who worked at a local sheet metal plant and attended a local church. Except for that, he seemed non-existent. I often wondered what he was thinking since returning from Vietnam as he walked the short distance from his home, where he lived with his elderly mom and dad, to work. My boyfriend was a police officer in our hometown and he ran a criminal history check on Jack to see if he was wanted for anything. Being inquisitive, I probed my boyfriend (the cop) for the scoop on Jack. He served two tours in Vietnam, received the Purple Heart, was 1st Infantry and Special Forces, received numerous other medals, including the Vietnam Service Medal and Vietnam Ribbon, and finally was honorably discharged. He had no criminal record. Strange, I thought. He seemed like he was always deep in thought when I would see him. Not outgoing, not very talkative. I’m betting this guy is a psychopath, I told my boyfriend. You just wait and see, I said. Something is wrong with his mind.

I worked at a local weekly newspaper, and one morning we got a call. There was a fire, smoke coming from the Bradley home, and the family was still in there. We all scrambled out of the office and raced to the Bradley home. The fire trucks were not there yet, but the sirens were blaring loud telling me that they were close by. Mr. Bradley was out of town, but the children were inside and Mrs. Bradley was in there. The bottom of the two story house was engulfed in flames. Oh my God, I thought, they’ll all die. Then the window of the second floor of the house burst open. Out with one of the three small children stepped Jack. Go near the pool, he yelled. I’m going to throw the kids into the pool and you can get them out of the pool when I do. We all scrambled over to the pool. One by one Jack carefully hurled the kids from the roof into the pool. Then there was Mrs. Bradley. She was too big to hurl her into the pool from the roof, so Jack led her on the roof over to a net the fire department was now setting up. Finally, when the net was set up, Jack pushed Mrs. Bradley off of the roof and into the net. Then Jack also jumped from the roof into the net. Everyone was safe, thanks to Jack. As Jack stepped out of the net, I approached him. He was covered in soot and was coughing from the smoke and soot he had inhaled. He stood tall and refused to be taken to the hospital. I’ll be ok, Jack said. Just let me be. I told Jack: Listen, you are going to the hospital if I have to knock you out to get you there, so lets’ go, my car is right there. He just looked at me, a little smile came to his face and he agreed to go with me. I drove him to the hospital. During that time I got to know Jack. As I waited in the hospital emergency waiting room for Jack to be checked out and released, it dawned on me. Jack was a real hero, yet Jack was avoiding any recognition whatsoever. Finally Jack was released and asked me if I would drive him home. I agreed, but first I wanted an interview. He agreed, respectfully, to allow me the interview the next day. The next day, true to his word, Jack stopped by the newspaper office for the interview. What I learned was that Jack had planned to make the army his career, but when his dad became ill, Jack decided not to re-enlist again, but to come home to care for his elderly parents. He left the army as a Staff Sergeant and, if the circumstances presented themselves, he hoped to finish the college degree. He explained that he had three years of college with one more to go for a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He shared with me that he worked at the sheet metal plant because the money was good and he could save up a little each week for the college tuition he need to complete his last year. He also said that at the sheet metal plan he ran a machine and was not responsible for leading men into combat, and he needed a rest from being the man who was charged to lead fellow soldiers. Running a machine is so simple and so relaxing. No one is shooting at you, Jack said.

After the interview I thought about Jack and what he said. What is a hero? Is it someone receiving recognition who seeks glory and fame for his actions, or is it someone who shuns it but simply does what is necessary to do at that moment, with no other thoughts in mind about being recognized as a hero? I decided that I had learned a valuable first hand lesson from Jack. Who I at first thought was a strange man, was really a warrior and a real hero who was just trying to make it in a world where real heroes don’t normally frequent small towns and work in a factory. The lesson is simple. Don’t judge a man by your first impression of him because until you really get to know him, you will not know the man for who he truly is. Boy, did I misjudge Jack. What I thought at first was a weird man was really a good man needing time alone from being a soldier. The word hero is attached to Jack because that is what he really is - a quiet hero. I shall never judge a book by its cover again. I will wait to see what is inside before making any judgments. Had Jack not been walking past the Bradley home that morning, the Bradleys would be dead. Had Jack not gone inside the home when he saw the smoke, we all know what would have happened. Yes, Jack is a real hero.

Quickkie’s Wisdom: It's a fact you shouldn't judge a person off of first impression to much more to learn. So how do you judge? Off of time and action. When getting to know or understanding someone let their actions be your judge. In time the truth of their character will reveal itself.


Quickkie's Wisdom of Knowledge


Life takes you on missions with modes to SURVIVAL…

When trying to achieve success the world is your RIVAL...

Have the ability to adapt to any SITUATION…

Never will you give up, no matter what you're FACING…

Adversities come you know how to MANAGE…

Sacrificing whatever to cause minimum DAMAGE...

Executing a plan to survive is ESSENTIAL…

You need to be strong physically, but mostly it's MENTAL…

Caught in extreme conditions your back against the WALL…

Will you fight, Will you fold, Will you break or stand TALL…

When dealing with it all and needing to make a DECISION…

Your puzzle never complete with a main piece MISSING…

Using your intellect with everything you deal WIT…

No matter the hardship you got to be RESILIENT…

ENDURANCE: It's not about good or bad when starting off. It's about your endurance during the struggle that helps you to finish strong.

PROACTIVE: Don't wait on anyone! Do you with confidence, make the first move, take that next step. The opportunities are there. Life is waiting.

VIRTUE: True virtue is not about self but making a wise decision when needed

OPTIMISM: In algebra a. negative times a negative equals a positive. Find out how to apply that to your everyday life and you will always stay ahead



By: Samantha Barnett

Excuse me, the woman behind me said in an accusatory fashion.

I had just rejoined my mother in line. She was talking to the cashier and I had walked in front of a woman in back of her in order to help my mother out. As a child, getting back in line with my mother was considered cute. But now, as a young adult, people are always accusing me of cutting them.

I’m with her, I said motioning to my mom.

You are so rude, the woman bellowed.

I turned around and looked at this blonde thirty-something. She was wearing stiletto heels and a leather skirt. Her gaze on me was as tight as her outfit. Her mouth was as stiff as her hairspray.

Huh? I questioned innocently.

You went in front of me without saying excuse me. You have no manners, she proclaimed.

How could someone say that to me? I took cotillion as a child. I took etiquette classes in college. I was a classy lady.

I convinced myself that this woman couldn’t possibly have all this anger towards me simply because she thought I cut her in line.

I thought about all the other reasons she could be irritated. Maybe she was just fired from her job. Possibly her fiancé just dumped her. Maybe her outfit was uncomfortable. Perhaps my supposed cutting her in line was just the thing to drive her over the edge.

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