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Beating Unemployment

with Poise and in Style



Copyright © 2017

by Gemma Minda Iso

Dumaguete City, Philippines

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Published in the Philippines (2017) by

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Dumaguete City

ISBN 978-621-95694-0-8

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Life is tough, and even tougher when one is unemployed. When you have mouths to feed, monthly rents to think about, and basic utilities to pay, being unemployed is a harsh and a terrifying scenario to be in.

I must admit, there had been moments in the past when I would question myself the usefulness of all the school training I went through. I probed why after the good scores I obtained during examinations and the seminars and workshops I participated in, I found myself jobless. And hundreds of times in those few years of being out of work, I lost confidence in myself and existed in a limbo that I thought would never end.

But, the limbo did end because I have decided that I cannot allow myself to just succumb to the situation without putting up a fight. I cannot allow the plight I am in to destroy the future of those who depended on me. I have decided that I will not allow my being jobless to ruin the life that was lent to me. Thus, despite the dread of failure, I firmly buckled my belt and marched on to meet life’s formidable challenges on a head-on collision.

The decision to prevail over joblessness was just the first step. The next moves were not easy but I persevered. I scoured every source of information that I could lay my hands on and used whatever talents and skills that God gave me. I became very resourceful.

In the process of painstakingly finding my niche in life, I made a very life-changing discovery -----opportunities are everywhere and they are countless, in fact, the better word would be, limitless.

Soon after my discovery, I realized that the real problem isn’t unemployment. The real problem isn’t that the government is incapable of creating adequate jobs for its people. It isn’t that life favors those who have connections, or those who have capital, or because some people were just born with a golden spoon and others weren’t.

I learned that the real issue does not lie on those external factors. I learned that the biggest problem lie within us, meaning, our mindset and how we deal with life’s jokes and ordeals.

This book is not just about losing a job or finding one. This isn’t just about beating unemployment with composure. It’s not just about vanquishing joblessness with self-confidence.

This book is really about tenacity and determination. It is about courage. It is about faith. It is about being “cool” as we wrestle against life’s hurdles.

What may be true to me, may not be true to many of you reading this book. But by sharing what I have learned, by giving everyone a glimpse of the opportunities out there, by chance, a glimmer of hope may just come to those who are desperately trying to find their place under the sun, courageously trying to find hope when there seems to be none in sight.

With this book, let me share with you my Journey towards Limitless Opportunities…


3 Reminders

Coping with CHANGE


Take Hold of Your


Life Skills that FREELANCING

Can Teach You

From Being JOBLESS to




It’s 3am and you’re fully awake. Even in the darkness of your room, you can see the contours of every corner, the silhouette of clothes hanging on the wall. Nagging within you is that sense of bleakness and that feeling of sweeping uncertainty totally enveloping your whole being.

Causing the anxiety is the saturating thought that you’re among the millions of jobless people all over the world. The humiliation you feel is percolating inside you and the degradation is seeping into every molecule of your body. Then you ask yourself, “Whatever happened to my dreams”? “What has my college degree done for me?” “Am I really so brainless and without value that I couldn’t get a job?”

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