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Find Your Purpose

7-Step Challenge



Table of Contents


Check In

On Your Mark

Get Set


Step 1 – Identify Who You Are

Step 2 – Believe

Step 3 – Be Yourself

Step 4 – People

Step 5 – Conversation with Self

Step 6 - Move

Step 7 – Ask God

Finish Line

About the Author


Are you living and loving your life? Or are you just trying to get through each day and make it to the weekend? Does it seem like everybody else’s life is moving and always improving, except yours? Are you confused and trying to figure out what God wants you to do? Are you becoming exhausted with life and getting tired of fighting and battling? Are you trying to figure out why things aren’t changing and happening for you? Well my friend, that’s exactly how I used to feel, until I recognized my purpose. It’s easy to feel like your life is in vain when you’re not living out your purpose.

The good news is God created you for and with a purpose, and it never expires! No matter how long it’s been, it’s never too late to live purposefully. Nevertheless, being uninformed and wondering for years, means that enough time has been wasted. There’s no more time to waste, so let’s get to it! I challenge you to take 7 steps that can be done in 1 day, if you’re really serious. Or take 1 step per day and be done in 1 week. Either way, it’s time to step towards your purpose, so implement the knowledge in this book and discover it!

Check In

Have you ever gotten all dressed up… hair done, nails done, and dressed to kill? Car even on point - washed clean and tires shining. Everything is well put together, but you have nowhere to go. You call your friends and even family members and yet everyone is in motion. Busy. Moving. You want to be moving too, but you have nowhere to go. What about getting dressed up because you KNEW you had plans and somewhere to go, but then someone cancelled your plans? At that moment, you’re so desperate to be in motion, so you just ride and ride and have no idea where you’re going. Does any of this resonate with you? Well my friend, that’s exactly how it can be when you don’t know your purpose.

You might be looking good and dressed up with a smile on the outside, but inside you’re lost and trying to find your way. You’re moving through life, but you have no idea where you’re truly headed. Years ago, I used to get in my car and drive during moments when I needed to blow off steam. During those moments, I wouldn’t call anyone, so I wouldn’t get into my car to drive to a friend’s home. Instead, I would just ride and ride, with absolutely no destination. I’m sure you can imagine that many times, I would be driving around in circles. Although the drive allowed me to cool off, I wasted a lot of gas and time. When you don’t know your purpose, it’s pretty much like my past moments. You’re just moving through life, wasting energy and time. Not to mention, you’re not enjoying the journey because you don’t even have a destination. Plus, your mind is all over the place.

Perhaps, at one point you had a plan, but then things happened that cancelled the plan out. Maybe you were in school, but then family or money shortages interfered, so you had to withdraw. Maybe you had a good idea, but couldn’t do anything with it because you lacked the funds and support. With all the distractions and because of the time that has lapsed, maybe you decided your dream must not have been meant to be. As if that’s not bad enough, you look around and it seems like everybody else’s life is moving, except yours. Your friends are married and have a family, or at the very least, they’ve found love. They seem to be doing well with the job or career they have. Their homes and cars are nicer and better than yours (or so you think). They have more “free” money than you do (or so it seems). Or maybe they aren’t really your friends. Maybe they’re just people whose lives you view from the outside. Perhaps, you don’t really have any friends or you’re stuck with a circle of people where you’re all alike: on a merry-go-round, chasing your tails and pretty much going nowhere. Your circle of friends and acquaintances may or may not want out of this vicious cycle, but you know for sure that you do!

Perhaps, you’ve done all you can, but now you’re at the point of exhaustion. You’re just tired of trying. You might’ve applied to multiple jobs that you just knew would take you to the next level, all to no avail. You might have even toyed around with entrepreneurship, only to fail. Or when you tried to start a business, something got in the way. Maybe you tried to write a book but didn’t finish, or got lost in the process of learning how to get published. You’ve probably even given your all in relationships, yet you’re still single, which only doubles the frustration. It might have been so long since you “tried” anything that you don’t even know if the last thing you tried was God’s calling for your life or not. The point is, you’ve done A LOT!

No matter which category you fall into, don’t worry. God hasn’t excluded you from a purposeful plan and I want to put you on notice about something, so listen/read very carefully. I don’t care how much you’ve tried and failed at… I don’t care how long it’s been… I don’t care who does and doesn’t support you and your dreams… I don’t care who’s spoken and stood against you… I don’t care how much you’ve been fighting through life… I don’t care how exhausted you may be… You still have a lot inside of you. There’s still many ways and reasons that God can and WILL use you. Your arms might be tired from fighting from one situation to the next, but keep swinging. Now is not the time to let life beat you down. And just like with a physical fight, if you stop swinging, the only thing you guarantee is that you lose.

On Your Mark

God did not create you just for you to be defeated. He has awesome things in store for you. And guess what? No matter what, God loves you, and no loving parent wants to see their child suffering and not reaching their full potential. A loving parent has a vision and goals for their child. God wants you to know that even if you haven’t been feeling or doing your best, you’re still intelligent and capable of achieving anything! Nevertheless, you still can’t help but wonder: why isn’t your life coming together? Your future aligning? Why is everyone else apparently moving ahead except you? Why are you stuck in the same place and spinning your wheels? Let’s find out!

Get Set

Just so we’re clear before we begin, let’s discuss what purpose is. Your purpose is the reason God created you. However, He’s blessed you with natural talent to fulfill it. For example, God created me to encourage and motivate others (purpose) and I use writing (talent) to do it. Although there’s something you can do naturally (talent), skills are still required. Your skills are your expertise surrounding that talent. For example, writing is a natural talent for me: I’m good at expressing myself and articulating my points. However, the ability to spell well and structure sentences grammatically correctly are skills that I need to educate myself about.

Other examples are:

  • Encouraging others is the talent, but also a natural, God-given talent. Writing is the skill used to enhance the talent.

  • The purpose might be to heal others, but the person does so via singing. So, they’re blessed with the talent of singing, but need to learn skills of reading music.

  • The purpose might be to uplift, but the person does so via making others laugh. So, they’re blessed with the talent of being naturally humorous, but need to learn skills associated with stage performance, audience engagement or maybe even timely punch-line delivery.

Grab your 7-Step Journal here and let’s go!


Step 1 – Identify Who You Are

Part of discovering your purpose is analyzing your self-identity. Identify who you are! There’s a necessity to knowing who you are and who you aren’t. It’s important because who you are might call for unlearning untrue things that you were taught and learned through your upbringing and what others have spoken over you. This also means that you must reject rejection and abandon abandonment. If God didn’t speak it over you, it’s a lie! God’s word is always true and everything else against His word is a lie. God is not a man that He should ever lie.

Many of us were never taught to identify who God made us to be. We were taught to just accept what others said. The sad part is those who spoke over us didn’t even know who they were. But, as the old adage goes, there’s no use in crying over spilled milk. Let’s just clean it up and keep it moving. God has plenty more milk, as well as honey for us. We just need to receive them. In addition, it’s never too late to discover who you are and walk in your truth. The old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is actually true, but it’s only true when the dog doesn’t want to learn. No, I’m not calling you a dog; just get the analogy. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still renew your life. Just as Romans 12:2 states, you can change your life if you renew your mind. If your life hasn’t been mostly fulfilling thus far, it’s definitely time for a renewal.

As newborn babies, we are first introduced to our parents and then our parents teach us who we are. The teaching occurs through how they treat and love us, as well as what they speak. Unfortunately, there have been lots of parents who brought children into the world without knowing how to love them. Therefore, their teaching was tainted and seriously flawed, due to them having misinformation or lack of knowledge and wisdom. Some parents come from dysfunctional backgrounds and didn’t find the strength to break off the old family patterns and history, so they simply repeat the tainted ways of loving and raising children. I was the product of such situation.

After about age 7, my father was gone out of my life until at least 15 years later. From that information, surely you realize he couldn’t and didn’t teach me who I was. On the other hand, my mother didn’t come from a loving background, so she didn’t know how to love me either. From the way I was treated, I felt much unloved for many years. Needless to say, my self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-identity was pretty much in the trash.

The damage done during childhood can take quite some time to heal and overcome, as it did for me. Hopefully, you aren’t one of those people, but if you are, it’s time to clean up the spilled milk so that you’re open to being who God called you to be. If you’re still coping with rejection and abandonment issues, most likely you aren’t able to view yourself in the right light. In addition, you’ll base your identity on all the wrong things, like your relationships, how people treat you, and whether or not they abandon or reject you.

Here’s a list of things that DO NOT determine who you truly are:

  • How you were raised

  • Who you were raised by

  • Where and who you came from

  • Who your family is and what their tradition is

  • What people think about you

  • How people feel about you

  • How people treat you

  • People’s opinions

  • What was spoken over you as a child

  • Your friends or lack thereof

  • The number of likes, comments, and followers on social media

Here’s a list of things that DO determine who you truly are:

  • Who God says you are

  • Who God created you to be

  • Who you say you are

  • Who you believe you are

As you can see, the latter list a lot shorter and involves just you and God. That’s because everything else outside of those are too much and irrelevant.

Although you’ve already been in the world for quite some time, it’s time to reintroduce yourself to the world. This time you will enter and come through to your daddy, God. It’s high time you unlearned what your earthly parents taught you, and this time, God will teach and tell you who you are. Just as a new baby coming into a new world does with their parents, you will develop intimacy with your dad. Allow Him to nurture you, cater to your needs, feed you, and love you. Although identifying who you are involves analysis, cleansing, reprogramming, and deliverance, prayer is the most vital action. You must spend time with God to see what He has to say about who you are. When you focus on who He tells you that you are, beliefs and thoughts about yourself that derive from what other people said will be purged. The more you focus on who God says you are, the lesser you focus on who other people have tried to convince you that you are. Besides, other people can’t tell you who you are. The best and only person to teach you who you are is God.

Learning who God says you are will not only help you with identifying your purpose, it will also boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Anytime I have a low moment and the devil tries to bring up past things, tell me what I can’t do, or who I am and am not, I run to my list of scriptures that I have written down. I have a tablet with different sections that are labeled according to topics that I most often need reminders about. That might actually help you as well. Search the scriptures for what God says about your identity and His love for you and write them down. Prophesy each one aloud every morning, and throughout the day, as often as you need reminders.

Here’s a list of some of mine:

  • I am a child of the King; a joint-heir with Christ (Romans 8:17)

  • I am wonderfully and marvelously made (Psalm 139:14)

  • I am the work of God (Isaiah 64:8)

  • I am rooted in love… (Ephesians 3:17-19)

  • I am born from above. (1 Peter 1:23)

  • Everything God made was good *including me. Genesis 1:31

  • The Lord takes pleasure in me (Zephaniah 3:17)

Even if it’s hard at first to believe the words you speak over yourself, remember, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So, the more you hear things spoken aloud, the more you’ll believe them and the more they’ll impact you. If you had someone constantly speaking ugly things over you as a child (or even as an adult), at some point, those words start to impact you. Just as the ugly words impact and influence you, so will your words and the words of the Lord. In addition to scriptures, make a list of good things about yourself. Even if there are some things that you find hard to believe right now, start speaking those things over yourself anyway. The more you hear, the more you’ll believe.

Step 2 – Believe

In order to believe the best about yourself, you need to make sure your faith is built up. If you have little faith, your belief system will be limited when it comes to believing what God has called you to do. For example, if God has called you to be a motivational speaker and you’re shy, you’re going to refuse to believe that revelation, just because you don’t really have enough faith to do it. Subconsciously, you’ll make up excuses about the revelation:

  • I was tripping. That couldn’t have been God.

  • I can’t even imagine myself doing that.

  • I don’t think I would like doing that.

  • There’s something else I’d enjoy doing more than that.

  • I’m not that type of person. God couldn’t have been talking to me.

  • I’m not even qualified.

You’ll have all these excuses without realizing that it’s really your fear trying to talk you out of your destiny. When we’re fearful and uncomfortable with unfamiliar territory, many times, it’s because we lack information and are afraid of opposition. But there are opportunities in oppositions; therefore, we need to be great people of valor, which comes via faith. People of great faith can be afraid of something, but will press forward and take action anyway! You are amongst those people.

You need to believe that God has a great destiny for your life, because He does! Believe you have purpose so you’re not blinded, ignoring, or running away from it when it is revealed. Just as you may have written down a list of scriptures regarding identity, it would benefit you much to do the same regarding faith. Here’s a list of some noted scriptures in my notebook that help me with my faith:

  • God has not given me the spirit of fear… (2 Timothy 1:7)

  • My steps are ordered by the Lord. (Psalm 37:23)

  • I decree a thing and it is established; and light shines on my ways. (Job 22:28)

  • I delight myself in the Lord and He gives me the desires of my heart. (Psalm 37:4)

  • I open my mouth wide and God fills it. (Psalm 81:10)

  • Blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, and relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is… (Jeremiah 17:7-8)

  • With God, all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

  • Ask and it will be given; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened… (Matthew 7:7-8)

Prophesy such scriptures to get your self-esteem and confidence up so that when God reveals information, you won’t overlook it or be overtaken by fear, which will thus lead to stagnation. What good is it to know your purpose if you’re not going to fulfill it? With that being said, prepare and get ready!

While you’re building your faith, make sure you also build your patience and level of perseverance. Although you are taking steps towards identifying your purpose, this challenge is to move you closer to that discovery, so it can ultimately be discovered. For some, you will be able to identify it immediately after completing this challenge. For others, your purpose will require a certain process that God will cause you to go through to prepare you for your purpose. There are some places to go and things to do that will require characteristics that you currently do not possess. Only a certain process can birth such things. With that being said, as you build your faith, you’ll be able to persevere through your process, being patient and able to wait on and trust in the Lord. I admonish you to research scriptures that intimately speak to you.

By the time you’ve been quoting scriptures so much that you believe the words coming out of your mouth no matter what it looks like, you have enough faith to know that God is going to always work things together for your good. The fact that things are working together, no matter what, means you then have the freedom to just be yourself. There’s no need to dull your shine so others aren’t intimidated. There’s no need to make any adjustments within yourself at all just to be accepted or treated well by others. When your faith and focus are truly set on God, you develop tunnel vision. You don’t see and consider what others think of you anymore. Besides, we can’t please people and God simultaneously. Being rejected by people is to be accepted by the Lord. Whose approval are you seeking? Are you faithful enough to God to trust Him with “you” and are you faithful enough to yourself to be yourself?

Step 3 – Be Yourself

It’s easy for a person to be who they think others want them to be when they don’t know who they are. However, that person will never be happy by trying to be something other than who they truly are. There are lots of people who aren’t being their genuine selves. Why? Because they’re too worried about what other people think, say, and feel. The fear of rejection and abandonment is real; however, most of us have already gone through it many times and yet, life is still moving right along. Therefore, there’s nothing we can do about people having any issues with us. If they’re going to love is, then they are. If they’re going to hate us, then they are. The way people feel about us is a reflection of who they are (not who we are).

I can write a book on just the encounters I’ve had about being disliked, hated, rejected, and abandoned. And guess why I’ve experienced such misfortunes? All because of me being me. Many of the encounters caused me pain, and in many situations, I couldn’t care less. In spite of that, no one has been able to stop me from being me. Well, actually there is one person: Me. I’ve been in the space where I tried everything in my power to please people and dance to the beat of their drum, but it did nothing good for me – and it doesn’t serve you either. So, it’s time to get over it. Don’t give people permission to dim your light because it shines so bright. Offer them some shades and keep it moving.  Limiting yourself just to be liked, accepted, or to “match up” is a waste of time.

In addition to trying to appease others, many people aren’t being themselves because they truly don’t think they’re good enough. Why? Because they’re too busy comparing their selves to someone else. The quickest path to low self-confidence and low self-esteem is comparison, which is why you shouldn’t worry about who’s doing what, when, where, and how. You’ll never know all the details, and why try to anyway? What does the next person’s life have to do with you and your purpose? Absolutely nothing! So, let’s get rid of anything that’s going to cause confusion, anxiety, and blockages to discovering and living “on purpose”.

How can you perceive when God shows you your purpose if you’re focused on someone else’s journey? That’s like being on a NASCAR racetrack (and who in the world is trying to race to the finish line of life)?? Yet, it’s like you’re in your car and then someone else is on the same track in their car. Let’s say you keep looking behind just to make sure you’re ahead of others and you’re also keeping your eyes on the cars that are ahead and how they’re dashing between other cars ahead. Then, suddenly there’s a change - a sharp turn! But, because you are so focused on everything that everyone else is doing and how you need to stay ahead and keep up and pass, you’re not even prepared to slow down soon enough to make the sharp turn. What would happen? You would crash and most likely get hurt, right? Well, that’s pretty much how life is. You should enjoy the race and avoid getting too caught up in other people’s places and techniques. Just “do you” and the only proper way to “do you” is to be you. Logic check: How can Susie be Susie while trying to do what Sally’s doing?

The truth is that a woman never reaches her full potential nor ultimate happiness by trying to walk out another woman’s life. It’s absolutely impossible because God isn’t going to give ultimate blessings to the mask being worn. A woman’s best blessing and top anointing grace and elevation can only be reached in her own shoes. You’ll never be capable of being yourself if you spend too much time comparing and focusing on others. Worrying about how other women are a few steps ahead of you is not going to make you feel any better. You have to shift your focus and what you’re thinking about. Focusing on and comparing yourself to another woman is a huge waste of energy and you need to reserve every drop of it for the steps you need to take to be yourself and find your purpose!

Stop trying to be and trying to compare to the woman who you “think” has it all together. Don’t try to match up to or compete with anyone. You must be willing to be yourself and that has to start now. Now as in, as soon as you read the word “now”. All other key points tie in right here! Before you can discover who you are and what you’re good at, love, are passionate about… Before you can have a genuine loving conversation with yourself, you must make a decision to be courageous enough to be yourself. But to add another level, before you can even be yourself, you must learn to love yourself. When you love yourself, you’ll know you’re too good to be trying to be another woman or competing or comparing or trying to measure up to. You’ll realize you deserve to live out your own purpose. You deserve to tear down any false ideologies of who you thought you were so you can be built up. You deserve to know what your purpose is. You deserve for God to reveal this not-so-secretive secret.

Eliminate anything that’s standing in the way of your self-confidence and self-esteem being on an optimal, healthy level. The first thing to go should be comparisons! Adjust your lens and get your focus together! Don’t worry about appeasing others. Don’t worry about who’s doing what and how far they are. Don’t worry about how you compare to them. There’s always a chance to feel inadequate or like you need to rush through things just to play catch up, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay focused on yourself. You can’t get your focus together by focusing on others. Focusing on others can’t and won’t do anything good for you, your confidence, self-esteem, journey and purpose. Surely, you can learn from others, but never observe others for comparison sake. So, while you’re building up your faith in God, build up your faith, confidence, and esteem in self, by focusing strictly on yourself!

Step 4 – People

Although discovering your purpose is something personal between you and God, a little third-party input might actually help. How? Well, let’s talk about it. What do others always compliment you about? What’s that one thing that, for many years, people have been telling you that you should pursue? If you can’t answer those questions, ask others what they know you do naturally. Sometimes, others can see what we can’t, especially when we are super hard on ourselves. Asking others is really just to stir the pot, so your ideas flow more, because no one can determine your purpose but you. Also, be mindful of how those people think and how successful and intelligent they are. You don’t need anyone clogging your vision any further.

Do you know how hard it is to see when driving through thick fog? When there’s lots of it, it can make you want to just stop and pull to the side of the road. Well, that’s precisely why you need to avoid asking certain types of people. You’re already reading this book to help unclog your vision about your purpose. You don’t need anyone who will contribute to the fogginess. (I’m sure you understand what I mean and know exactly who NOT TO ask.) With that being said, make sure you clear your environment of people who are going nowhere, drama-filled, unintelligent, etc. They can only help you become tainted with confusion, negativity, and discouragement.

I’ve had people in my life who’ve told me that I try to accomplish too many things, but those words are coming from people who haven’t accomplished much. It would never be wise of me to listen to them, unless I want to accomplish exactly what they have (very little). So, be mindful of the fact that a person can’t tell you how to get somewhere they’ve never been. In other words, a person who hasn’t been successful may or may not have a wise opinion on your questions. For goodness’ sake, it’s just best to exclude certain people from this type of conversation.

This chapter is very short (on purpose) because it may or may not help. Not everyone has someone “reliable” to have such conversations with. If that’s you, don’t worry: God still has a purpose for you and this step was merely for informational purposes. You may or may not get much from this step. A conversation with others can be potentially helpful, but not as much as the conversation that you have with yourself.

Step 5 – Conversation with Self

I know life can get busy and with busyness comes lots of noise. However, you must make time to halt all the activity and indulge in some quiet time. During this quiet time, you need to have a profound conversation with yourself to ask yourself some questions. As you ask questions, genuinely meditate on the questions and answers. Ask yourself questions, such as:

  • What do you like to do?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • What stirs you up?

  • What can you do well, without even trying?

  • What strength do you have that angers you when you see it’s a weakness in others?

For example, my blood boils when women imitate every little thing I do or feel they need to compete and be jealous, instead of figuring out who they are and what their purpose is. That particular pet peeve birthed this book. So, think about some things that you usually complain about and instead of complaining, figure out a solution!

Things you do that you’re passionate about and that typically give you a great sense of achievement are awesome clues to discovering your purpose. When I think back as far as I can recall, I’ve always loved to help build people up. I’ve always had people younger and older than I am seeking my opinion and assistance regarding their dilemmas. When I encourage others and influence them to resolve conflicts, I always get a sense of satisfaction and happiness that I really can’t explain. The best I can explain it is that it just really makes me feel good. It’s something I’ve always done, and getting paid for it is always a terrific thing. However, it’s something I’ve gained satisfaction from, whether or not money has been involved. So, is there something that comes to mind for you, now? Is there something that you feel this “sense of satisfaction” about, with or without money?

If you haven’t already been using the 7-Step Journal, now is an awesome time to use it! CLICK HERE.

You’re doing an awesome job. Keep reading, writing, and moving along on this journey. With that being said, let’s move on to step 6!

Step 6 - Move

You need to move! Stop staying still. How can you honestly expect your life to go somewhere and you’re not even moving? Movement won’t come from standing still, unless Gold told you to just stand (good reason to know how to hear God). If you want movement in your life, you must move! Just because you don’t know your purpose doesn’t mean you should be doing nothing. I can understand if you’re concerned about doing something for nothing and just wasting time and energy. Whether or not you know your purpose, do not sit around and do nothing.

Doing nothing is really a way to waste your life away. When you move and do things, you discover what does and what doesn’t work for you. You could actually discover a new interest and talent. But how do you know if you never try? If the car is stuck on the side of the road, you can get further by walking, rather than allowing yourself to be stuck just because the car is. In other words, your purpose (the thing that is going to propel your life from one level to another) may not be active and in motion now, but it doesn’t grant you an excuse to stop moving forward in life. Even when life gives you detours and you make mistakes, you must keep moving and keep living. You can’t just stop living because you’re unaware of your purpose. I guarantee that as you move along and live life, you will bump into something that gives you an epiphany about your purpose.

I started with writing (as a young child) to express pain, anger, frustration, and thoughts. I basically learned that what I had to say wasn’t important and wouldn’t even be considered. Although no one ever listened to me, it didn’t take away my desire to express myself and be heard. So, I used my imagination to create audiences and then I wrote stories and songs to them. Being shut down in reality by people built me up to be creative in my imagination. Thus, my writing talent and desire was birthed naturally. It’s not anything that I ever had to force.

I’ve explored many things; however, I’ve never completely departed from writing. I’ve always written plans, goals, thoughts, poems, and eventually started also writing prayers. Ironically, I’d never thought of and pursued writing as a means attached to my purpose, until after I’d dabbled into so many things. Nevertheless, without all the other things, I probably wouldn’t have as much to write about. So, it seems detours gave me substance for writing and helped me further identify that writing is in alignment with my purpose. With that being said, detours are not bad and sometimes, the scenic route can open your eyes to see something that you might’ve not otherwise seen.

Even if you are still brainstorming and considering things you like to do, just pick things that make you feel good and do them! As you do them, truly think about whether or not you would do them for free. Depending on what your purpose is, it might be something that you’ll have to do for a while without getting paid. And the only way to stay motivated in that case is to be passionate. There has to be something more than money driving you to do the thing you do, so you can stay in it for the long haul. In addition, don’t just think of things you have an interest in. This entire process is to get the ball moving and thoughts stirring so you are one step closer to discovering your purpose. But, you don’t need to just be one step closer to your purpose, you need to commit to action and start truly living purposefully! So, brainstorm, jump into action, and figure out how you can monetize the activities.

Step 7 – Ask God

Now that you’ve done all the inner work and research, it’s time to put the icing on the cake. This step is actually the beginning and the end of the process. In step 1, I mentioned talking to God regarding your identity. However, as God reveals who you are, He’ll also reveal what you are. Yet, going through each step of this challenge has given you an easy process of elimination. That way, you can be sure about what your purpose truly is and you don’t have to continue feeling like you’re wasting time and wasting life away.

This last step is simple, but may also be complicated: Simply ask God. If you’re already acclimated in the communication process with God, then this step should be simple for you. If you’re not, don’t worry: There’s still hope! Regardless of which side you fall on, maybe you’ve asked God, but He hasn’t answered. Contrarily, maybe He has and you either missed “it” or didn’t hear Him correctly. Maybe you’re not really sure how to hear Him at all. Perhaps, you’ve even had someone else to pray on your behalf that God reveals your purpose. But, why are you asking someone else? Just like God hears that other person and they hear Him, you also have those capabilities. Tap into them!

When seeking God for answers regarding His purpose for your life and any other self-identity questions, do not get caught up in titles. This is something God spoke to me about. Because I have a variety of spiritual gifts, I sought Him regarding my purpose; but, I was also seeking a title. If we are seeking a title, we can get too caught up in the title and then, our pride and ego starts to get involved. It’s better to seek to fulfill our God-given purpose, whether it comes with an official title/ranking or not. If we are after fulfilling our purpose and pleasing God, we can minimize and even eliminate pride and ego struggles that may be a given with our talents, gifts, and purpose.

The key to hearing what God has to say about your purpose is to be His friend, which means to have an intimate relationship with Him. We are friends of God, and when you have a true friend, don’t you communicate? Of course, you do! So, have faith and know that God will speak to you. He speaks to believers. He speaks when we seek Him. He gives answers when we ask questions. If along the way, you still need and want to learn more about how to improve your communication with God and hear Him better, subscribe to my email list to receive nuggets. The best way to affirm and confirm your purpose is to talk to God: He talks back!

Finish Line

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve completed the challenge and it wasn’t even hard, was it?

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About Me

I have a few college degrees and yet, I’m not necessarily using any of them to fulfill my purpose. I don’t feel like I attended college for nothing; I think every little piece in our lives always fits into “the big picture”. Education is a good teacher, but life is the best one.

I strove alone for numerous years to overcome battles of depression, defeated thinking, low self-confidence and self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts. During those moments, I was confused about life, my purpose, people, and everything else in between. It seemed that nothing in my life was consistent but my confusion, frustration, and depression. I’d always (since elementary school) had a relationship with God. In fact, I was about seven or eight years of age, when I got saved and also baptized. Of course, I prayed and went to church sporadically, within my years of darkness. I was good to people and yet, to no avail – it seemed like I was still always struggling or suffering. Therefore, I understand dark places. Yet, God allowed darkness because the more darkness I was exposed to, the brighter a light shined.

Now, I write to educate, motivate, and facilitate self-love, healing, and growth. In addition, I write as a form of therapy via poetry.

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