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30 Days of Motivational Poetry



Table of Contents


30 Days of Motivation

1. Remedy

2. Possession

3. Giving Birth

4. Giving Birth II

5. Thinking

6. Never Give Up

7. Truth

8. I Refuse

9. The Invisible Storm

10. Close the Old, Open the New

11. Splitting Agony

12. Hidden

13. Motivation

14. Amazing

15. Real love

16. Demand and Supply

17. Killing Time

18. Mind over Matter

19. Activation

20. Motionless Movement

21. Every Time

22. Listen

23. Progress Process

24. To Do List

25. Turned Off

26. Vision

27. Timeless

28. Time

29. Pressed

30. Slippery Slope


31. Pure Pain

Heavenly Notes

A Word of Encouragement

About the Author


Do you know what it’s like to crank up a car engine only to find it won’t start? What about driving along just fine, but then breaking down on the side of the road due to a flat tire? Or breaking down because you’ve ran out of gas and just can’t seem to push any further? Or having your journey interrupted by an accident? Well, isn’t that how life feels sometimes?

We get excited and think we’re about to propel in a certain area, only to be moving nowhere. Or when we get the chance to move and everything is moving along just fine, suddenly something happens to deter our journey. When misfortunes happen consistently, we tend to feel like we’re losing in life. We become exhausted and tired from the countless challenges. It starts to feel like we’re on a never-ending merry-go-round that causes us to be dizzy and confused. Then, we become desperate for answers as we wonder why things aren’t happening. Where are the consistent wins that we’re supposed to have? Why are we stagnant in many areas of our life, although we’re doing all we can to move? What is God doing?

Well, you’re reading this so clearly you’re still amongst the land of the living and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times by now: If you’re here, God still has a plan for you. As cliché as it sounds and as tired as you may be of hearing it, it’s true! We may not understand everything, but God doesn’t require our understanding for Him to have miraculous, good plans for our lives. He truly has plans to give us hope and prosper us, just as Jeremiah 29:11 states.

God takes pleasure in prospering us (Psalm 35:27), which is why we must stay in faith. We must push to keep moving through life, even when it feels like we’re spinning our wheels. It’s vital to keep believing so that our faith will reach what God has already commanded. There are some places and things that we’ll never reach, unless we activate and work our faith. If we stay strong, our faith will reach and touch what God has for us and cause it to be activated on earth, as it’s already done in Heaven. That’s winning! However, we must feed our soul and spirit with what it needs so that we can stay in faith and remain motivated.

As you read each poem, meditate upon and digest the knowledge and wisdom expressed so you can keep your faith on fire and motivation lit. Each poem consists of profound truths that you should apply, so that you can find strength in moments of weakness and stay encouraged. Despite the challenges you may be facing, you can still WIN!

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30 Days of Motivation

1. Remedy

God knows your pain and has your healing.

You’re on His mind: He knows your feelings.

No matter how much time has passed -

Not much longer, it will last.

Just hold on and endure the rain.

Let it go and experience God’s reign.

Even when it feels you’re breaking piece by piece,

God can hold you together and give you peace.

Sometimes, God won’t take certain things away until you give them to Him. Are you ready to give them up?

2. Possession

It was shut out, shut in, shut down, and shut up,

But I decided to open it -

So I grabbed the bronze stained, rusty key

And moved slowly towards the tarnished lock to insert it.

Behind the closed door of condemnation, was too much to conceive.

All of this time had passed and yet all of the things behind the door had never been exposed.

What I witnessed was something that the world needs to be exposed to,

So I grabbed what was in and decided to bring it out.

It was too much treasure not to give and

Too much light not to let it shine.

Instead of keeping it all in, I realized it was best to bring it out.

Besides, why should this place stay closed when it’s more beneficial to be open?

So, I decided to turn myself inside out.

I opened my thoughts, feelings, and perspectives.

I took the key to me and opened myself to give the world all of me -

For I am me and I can give nothing other than me because it is the only thing that I possess.

You are more than enough God said you’re wonderfully made and if He said it, He meant it. So, that’s it. No lie can stand against that truth.

3. Giving birth

Giving birth can be draining and full of extreme and torturous pain.

Amazing how that excruciating pain can produce such beauty.

Giving so much of yourself but simultaneously you also gain.

And after the birth has taken place, you have some new exciting duties.

The pain of birth is unfortunate but for what it brings forth -

Fruitful changes and strength come from pain and sorrow.

But, the sorrows and pains are affordable for their ultimate splendid worth.

What is pain and weakness today will produce pleasure and strength for tomorrow.

But so much labor pain is involved before creation of a new life to live.

All that we go through is to propel us toward an embellished destiny.

A baby gives new gracious meaning to life and a grateful perspective.

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