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Inner Journeys

Meditations and Visualizations

Echoes of Light ~ Book One

© 2017 by Renee Amberson

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This book is dedicated to your higher self—your spiritual guide into all aspects of your life.



Inner Journeys offers you a peaceful, quiet, tranquil time to tune into your inner self and touch your soul.

Meditation—Inner Journeying

The Many Ways to Meditate

Definitions and descriptions of various methods of meditation.

Principles and Purposes

Value and benefits of meditation. Practical and metaphysical applications.

Rhythm of Relaxing

Breathe. Relax your body and calm your conscious mind as you open your subconscious and spiritual awareness.

Learning the Language of Your Mind

Stretch your mind and your imagination as you see and sense how your subconscious speaks to you.

Part One. Metaphysical Meditations

Glorious Gondola

Board a beautiful boat and travel through the magical, mystical waterways in your mind.

Splendor of the Sunset

Experience the majesty of a sunset; see the vibrant colors and hues reflected on the clouds and mirrored within your mind, illuminating the essence of your soul.

Sounds of the Seashore

Sit by the ocean and listen to the ebb and flow of the tide. Allow the sounds to just simply relax you and take you into soothing, serene places within your mind.

Wonderful Waterfall

Explore and experience the power and exhilaration of a wonderful waterfall cascading down a beautiful mountainside.

Hidden Horizons

As you walk along the beach, you gaze out to the horizon, wondering what is beyond your line of vision.

Canvas of Creation

You’re in an artist’s studio where there are many colors of paints, brushes, and blank canvasses for you to create all the experiences you’d like to have in your life.

Babbling Brook

This stream of water has many magical things to say to you and many wonderful things to show you.

Cushiony Clouds

Be inside a puffy white cloud in the sky; sink into its cushiony softness as you float leisurely along, free and light.

Secluded Serenity

Be in a secluded cove by a quiet, calm pool of water. Feel the tranquility nurture your mind and your body as it nourishes your soul.


Follow a sparkling stream of water in the center of a lush, beautiful valley to see where the path leads you.

Waterfall of Light

Experience a shimmering, sparkling waterfall of light that invites you to bathe in its healing energies, refreshing and rejuvenating you in mind, body, and spirit.

Little Lost Leaf

Walking on a beautiful autumn day, you notice a vibrant, colorful leaf that has lost its connection to the tree and fallen to the ground.

Special Spring Morning

Enjoy a beautiful Spring morning as the world wakes up and renews itself. Feel your own reawakening as you see your spiritual growth opening up and blossoming.

Vision Quest

Take a nature trek through a tropical rain forest where you search for and find what you are seeking.

Being at the Beach

Tune into the rhythm of the tide and the motion of harmony, as you experience perfect contentment and peace all around you and within you.

Part Two. Magical Meditations

Magical Melodies

Listen to the music inside your mind as it lightly vibrates into your thoughts and feelings, plays gently through your heart, and softly sings into your soul.

Garden of Harmony

Be in a peaceful garden with lush, green plants and beautiful flowers that vibrate with health and harmony. Create perfect health, balance, and harmony of your body, mind, and spirit.

A Magical Place

Go inside the wonderful world of your imagination and find your inner child that you left behind a long time ago.

Wonderful Wishes

Look inside your heart for your most treasured hope or desire. Make a wish upon a star and watch it magically appear in your world.

Magical Mist

Walking in an early morning mist, you discover a magical essence filled with a luminous light.

Spiritual Sun Ray

Explore and experience a magical, spiritual sun ray; see the light of your soul reflected on the earth.

Guardian Angel

See the special friend who has been with you all your life. Recognize the many times he or she has appeared in your life and the many ways your angel has helped, guided, and protected you.

Healing Nourishment

Experience healing and renewal as you enjoy a special healing rain which nourishes and blesses you with abundant health in body, mind, and spirit.

Releasing a Request

You have a very special request, a hope you’d like to see realized, or a dream you’d like to have come true, or a question you’d like to have answered, or perhaps a problem you’d like to have solved.

Walking Through the Woods

Journey into a special forest and listen to the wisdom of a tree that shares the secrets of the earth and the knowledge of the universe.

Travels of Time

Somewhere in your journeys, you meet an old spiritual master who shares a few secrets and surprises with you.

Multidimensional Meadow

In a multidimensional meadow, filled with flowers dancing in a gentle breeze, you discover beings of light who share the essence of light and shower you with joy.

Star Dancing

Dance among the stars, weaving together the threads of ethereal light and universal energies into your soul.

Moonbeam Magic

Ride a moonbeam into the universe and explore the infinite reaches of your mind.

Part Three. Mystical Meditations

Spiritual Storyteller

Gather around an old storyteller in a park and listen to the stories he tells you.

A Gift from the Gods

You’re given a gift from the gods, a treasure more priceless and valuable than any other the physical world has to offer.

Energy Essence

In a sacred place somewhere inside your soul, you remember who you really are—a powerful, spiritual being of light.

Setting Your Spirit Free

Watch the birth of a butterfly as it begins to emerge from its golden chrysalis; see through physical boundaries into the unlimited potential and knowledge of your soul as you open your wings to fly and expand your awareness into your spiritual essence.

Stairway to Spirituality

High on a mountain, you see a boulder that metamorphoses into a stairway. Ascend into the universe, traveling the steps to spirituality that lead you into your soul’s evolvement and enlightenment.

Metaphysical Master

In what appears to be a dream, a metaphysical master gives you a small yellow rosebud that is just beginning to open up.

Whirling White Light

Be within a whirling beam of white light to balance and blend your physical and spiritual energies with universal energy.

Special Star

Travel the light of a very special star to its source in the infinite universe.

The Rainbow Path

Travel a more-than-magical journey through a shimmering rainbow in the sky to find spiritual gifts and treasures within the vibrations of each color.

Light Library

Visit a library of light and read a very special book that’s all about the adventures of your soul. Watch as the words come to life and portray your experiences.

Revolving Earth

Journey through time and space into places you’ve lived before. Visit the realms of your future experiences as you travel through dimensions of energy.

Elevator to Awareness

A magical elevator transports you into the awareness of all the experiences of your soul.

Universal Peace Project

Find peace within yourself, then join a group of like-minded people and light-beings to share vibrations of love, peace, joy, and harmony throughout the world and the universe.

Mystical Moonlight

Explore the effervescent energy of moonlight reflecting on a still, quiet pool of water as you simultaneously experience the light shimmering from the universe and sparkling from within your soul, vibrating in harmony.

A Shimmering Space

Take a brief journey “home” to experience the essence of your soul.

Center of the Sunrise

Travel into and beyond the center of the sunrise and experience the dawning of the light within you.

The Joy is in the Journey

The inner journey continues…

About the Author


The meditations inside this book originated from special journeys in my mind, secret places in my heart, and sacred spaces in my soul. They’ve all spoken to me in a meaningful way and I’d like to share them with you.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much or more than I have, and that they’ll bring you many inner experiences of joy and harmony as you blend your inner world with your outer experiences. I hope they’ll encourage and empower you on your path of self-discovery and aid you in remembering your spiritual knowledge and reawakening to your true spiritual self.

It is also my sincere hope that the meditations in this book—in addition to being soothing and relaxing, and in some cases quite energizing—will help you open up your inner knowing to attain a higher level of awareness and insight, and will show you the spiritual symbolism and the magic in your everyday activities and experiences.

There are many forms of meditation and meditation takes many forms. This book offers you inner journeys in the form of guided visualizations—imageries for your body, mind, and spirit. Inside this book, you’ll find meditations that will open your heart and mind, empower you to tune into your inner self, and grow your soul into the awareness of the spiritual light-being that you truly are.

Inner Journeys offers you a peaceful, quiet, tranquil time to tune into your inner self and touch your soul. The meditations show you how to remember, rediscover, and reawaken to your soul’s natural vibration of love, peace, joy, and harmony as they invite you to journey into special places in your mind, secret places within your heart, and sacred spaces inside your soul to show you the many joys and wonders and treasures you have within you.

The meditations invite you to re-open the inner world of your soul’s knowledge to remind you of your spiritual nature, and show you the way inside the words to the images in your mind—to travel a mystical journey into the awareness of your soul.

As you journey inside your mind with the images drawn from words, you’ll be opening and experiencing many wonderful worlds within yourself and exploring mystical mindscapes in a very special place within your soul.

There are three types of meditation presented in this book. The first type is unguided meditation—simply relaxing and entering a quiet, still, peaceful place in your mind. This offers you several options—to think about nothing at all, to just relax and refresh yourself, to center and focus yourself in the present moment, or to calm your conscious mind to relieve stress.

To enter and be in an unguided meditation, simply focus your attention and awareness on your breathing to relax you as you simultaneously calm and quiet your conscious mind. To open and experience the images inside your mind to see where they’ll take you and what they’ll show you, just relax and let it happen; go with the flow. Let go of any preconceived ideas or feelings; open your mind to receive your awareness from within. Your inner imagery and insights will show you what you need to see.

Another way to experience this is to open the book at random, read the meditation on that page, and go with the flow. Allow the meditation you’ve chosen, seemingly by chance, to resonate within you. You’ll find that your intuition has opened to the page that holds the answer to a question you may have, or a solution to a problem you might be puzzling over.

Maybe the meditation will provide you with information you need to know, or show you something that will be helpful or beneficial to you in some area of your life. It may address a particular concern you might have, or it may spark an idea or insight that offers you what you most need at the moment.

The second type is self-guided, where you meditate on whatever you choose. You originate and create the images; you design and direct your own meditation. You can explore and experience anything you want; you can go wherever you choose in your mind, and you can achieve any purpose you desire. This is a wonderful way to access your intuition and inner knowing, and to open up and expand the power of your mind.

The third type is guided visualization, which leads you in a definite direction and is intended to achieve specific results. The meditations and visualizations in this book are worded to be interactive, and are either gently guided or provide you with the beginnings of a self-guided meditation. They offer you images and suggestions to get you started, then your mind will take over to guide you and show you what is within.

Whatever you experience in your meditations will be filtered and colored by your frame of reference. You’re a unique, special individual and your mind will offer you the images and insights that are most meaningful and appropriate for you.

While I’ve worded the meditations in an open way for you to experience and explore whatever comes into your mind in a unique and individual manner, and to interpret what you experience in your own way, several of them are designed to guide you in a specific direction and to achieve certain purposes, such as for healing or meeting your guardian angel.

Some of the meditations are short, offering a few descriptive paragraphs that provide the essence of the intended imagery or they present several ideas and suggestions with general instructions that will inspire you to image and create your inner journey for yourself.

Rely on your mind to give you the images, thoughts, and feelings that will guide your self-exploration and discoveries. This is a powerful way to open your imagination and see inside your inner knowing. In this way, the words come to life, inviting you on an inner journey where the words flow like a magical stream of water and show you a place where inner images bloom.

The words in the meditation will begin to inspire and draw images in your mind, and open into thoughts and feelings, then you will take it from there, guided by your own inner imagery and by where your subconscious mind—your inner, spiritual self—takes you.

As you may notice in some of the meditations, the teacher in me slips out from time to time. This is most apparent in the suggestions and notes I offer after a few of the meditations. Please accept these as other avenues to explore, if you choose, as you open windows and doorways on your own.

I’d like to think you will allow the meditations in this book to shine a light on your journeys that will be helpful to you in finding and illuminating the truth for yourself. Your true teacher is within, and you find your own truth by looking within yourself and discovering what is real for you by following your feelings.

Your mind is waiting to show you many magical and mystical worlds within yourself. Set aside some time just for you—a special, spiritual time for yourself—to relax and tune into who you really are, to touch your inner essence and feel the shimmers of your soul resonating within you.

By taking a few moments every day, or every now and then, to meditate, you’ll see and feel the light of your soul reflected within you and mirrored all around you, as your soul-light brightens, expands, and radiates out into the world.

Let your mind be your guide through the wonderful world of your inner images, through the worlds of your insights and inner awareness. Enjoy the meditations, guided visualizations, and self-guided imageries in this book. Allow them to inspire you to explore many other areas of awareness within yourself as you reach into, through, and above your mind into deeper dimensions of your true spiritual self.


Inner Journeying

The Many Ways to Meditate

There are many ways to meditate and many methods of meditation. You’ve probably practiced some of these in one way or another. All forms of meditation are wonderful and have two things in common: physical relaxation and focusing your complete attention and awareness into your subconscious mind.

Meditation takes on many forms and expressions. Meditation can be so much more than sitting quietly or chanting. Meditation provides a direct pathway into your subconscious mind, into the knowing awareness you have within yourself.

Meditation can range anywhere from lightly exploring your imagination to deeply experiencing your awareness. The following list is not comprehensive or all-inclusive; it briefly describes various ways to meditate and offers some metaphysical uses and everyday applications of meditation.


Taking long, peaceful walks through the woods or along the beach, or in another natural setting where you feel comfortable and at ease, allows you to tune into nature and to be at one with the world around you and in touch with the world within you, with the naturalness of yourself.

Being in nature—in a beautiful, natural place—replenishes and rejuvenates you, and has a wonderful calming effect on both your body and your mind. This is because nature is in harmony with itself and inspires that same feeling within you.


Breathing in and out, slowly and deeply—peacefully and purposely—as you take a moment or two for yourself provides a change of mind and focus of awareness. Focusing completely on your breathing allows you to calm your thoughts and center into yourself.


Slowly repeating a specific syllable or word, usually the word “Om” (pronounced ohm) or “Hu” (pronounced hue) helps you clear and calm your conscious mind. The vibration of the word focuses your mind and centers your attention within yourself. It also helps to put you in touch with a higher power, with the essence of your spiritual self.

Guided Imagery

The imagery of words draws pictures and creates scenes in your mind as the meditation guides you into a gentle feeling of peaceful relaxation for quiet contemplation, reflection, and/or the enjoyment of going within your subconscious mind to open up and explore whatever the words inspire as they lead you into wherever your mind and spirit take you.

Guided imagery also serves specific purposes; it can help you relieve stress, achieve goals, facilitate healing, and open the magical, mystical power of your mind.


Being completely aware of what you’re doing and where you’re at keeps you centered and connected with your current emotions and experiences. By focusing on your breathing and placing your full awareness and attention into yourself and your surroundings, you become present in the very real moment of here and now.


To muse about something is to pay full attention to it, to ponder it deeply, and to let it flow, gently and easily on your mind to gather more information. Musing could also be considered a synonym for meditation.

Many creative people, such as writers, artists, and musicians often listen to the muse in their mind to receive inspiration for their creative endeavors.


Directing your attention toward a divine essence, being, or higher power that you perceive to be outside of yourself, such as the Universe, God, Buddha, or an angel or spiritual guide, can help you focus your desires, thoughts, and feelings. It is most often used as a channel for requests or to receive answers, insights, and assistance from higher sources. Prayer helps to put you in touch with your divine, inner spiritual essence, and serves the purpose of guiding you within to your own higher power.


Simply sitting in a comfortable chair to relax or stretching out on a couch to quietly think your thoughts, or to just breathe and be, is a wonderful form of meditation. Relaxation is actually the first step to meditating. As your body relaxes, and your conscious mind becomes calm and quiet, you free yourself from all the cares and worries of the day as you naturally tune into your inner peaceful essence.


Thinking, imagining, creating, and seeing various situations and scenarios happening in your mind allows you to explore your inner feelings. Similar to unguided visualizations and daydreams, where your mind wanders into other realms of reality, reveries allow your mind to meander through the myriad paths that your feelings take you on as your imagination shows you the different possible and probable ways your experiences could play out.

Reveries offer you the opportunity to quietly think about and ponder your thoughts, to open your insights, ideas, and intuition, to reflect on past experiences, to look into and explore present events more deeply, or to contemplate future plans, dreams, and goals.

Reveries are sometimes used to help counteract boredom by empty-mindedly gazing out the window, or zoning out during a dull lecture or business meeting, or imagining yourself in another place doing something enjoyable.

While getting “lost” in a mindless place or changing your perceptual awareness by going somewhere else more appealing in your thoughts serves a purpose by allowing you to escape reality for a few moments, reveries do much more than that. They offer you insightful and intuitive mind trips.

By analyzing and interpreting their content, they very often—sometimes literally and sometimes symbolically—give you answers to something you’ve been considering or wondering about and puzzling over. At times, they simply offer your conscious mind a much-needed respite from stress or anxiety.

Shamanic Journeying

Traveling into and through non-ordinary realities is used primarily to journey into the higher and lower worlds for physical and spiritual healing, as well as to enter astral and ethereal realms for insight and spiritual knowledge.

Shamans journey through time and space to visit other realities for many other purposes, such as soul retrieval and to speak with another person’s heart, or to connect with past or future selves or events to see and recreate the past in a new way, or to design and alter the future.

Shamans often connect with the spirits of nature and call upon their power animals and other allies and spiritual entities to request their protection and assistance, or to guide them in achieving whatever they are doing. This is usually accompanied by drumming and chanting, dancing and ritual.

Many people use quiet meditation or imagery to achieve the same thing; to enter an altered state of consciousness to access their natural, inborn healing abilities, and to be more in tune with their spiritual essence. Many times we go on shamanic journeys in our dreams and astral projections.


Elevating your mind above the mundane, physical world allows you to detach your consciousness and your emotions from cares and worries, raising your awareness to a higher plane as you let go of conscious, trivial thoughts and feelings. The mind is perfectly calm, centered, and tranquil, bringing a deep, relaxing feeling of peace.


Visualization is seeing with your mind’s eye, using imagery to clearly visualize yourself doing or achieving something first in your mind to help you manifest it in your life. An example is athletes who use visualization to see themselves excelling in their sports by focusing their awareness and picturing the way a certain event will happen to help them achieve their desired result.

Another example is visualizing a tangible, touchable goal to help you attain it, such as buying a house or a new car. Using imagery to clearly see, feel, and experience something in your mind as if it is real, as if it is actually happening, allows you to fully experience it and to manifest it on a physical level. Visualization also has tremendous value and benefit in healing, and can bring about seemingly “miraculous” cures.

Visualization is similar to mind projection, where you project your awareness into a past, present, or future scene to help you clearly understand it, or to create it in the way you desire. When used for manifesting, it is always a good idea to keep the thought in mind that whatever you desire will happen for the highest good of all involved.

You unconsciously use visualization, and your feelings and thought energy, every day in every moment and experience to create your reality. Conscious visualization allows you to be more focused and aware of what you’re doing.

Yoga and T’ai Chi

These forms of meditation consist of slow, gentle stretches and body postures, combined with rhythmic breathing and conscious awareness of your body, mind, and spirit working together as a unified whole. The exercises and movements harmonize body and mind, and balance both the physical and spiritual flow of energy within your body. They focus your awareness, allowing you to achieve centered calmness and clarity of mind. These and other forms of Eastern exercise and philosophy are also referred to as meditation in motion.


Meditating on nothing or emptiness by completely clearing and stilling your conscious mind is referred to as sitting. You focus your attention on your breathing to bring you inner peace and stillness of mind.

If a conscious thought enters your awareness while you are meditating and attempts to interrupt you, you acknowledge it as merely a thought and gently let it go, without attaching any feelings to it or giving it any importance, or thinking about or dwelling on it. You simply allow your mind to be quiet. This can be very calming, relaxing, and peaceful, as well as spiritually nourishing and rejuvenating in stressful times.

Another form of Zen meditation is known as mindful meditation, where you focus completing on what you are doing and what is happening in the present moment of here and now.

There are many ways to meditate and many ways to use meditation. One way is not better than another; they’re simply different from each other. Many of the forms are similar and tend to meld together, merging into aspects of one another.

You can meditate using some combination of all of the above at various times, depending on your individual desires, needs, preferences, lifestyle, and circumstances.

Just go with the flow. Whatever works for you that brings you feelings of peacefulness and a calm mind, and helps you incorporate meditation into your daily life, is the best way for you to meditate.

Principles and Purposes

The many physical and spiritual values and benefits of meditating are far-reaching and multi-faceted. Meditation can help you in any area of your life you desire. The manner and many various ways in which you can use it are unlimited.

The first step to meditating—to getting inside your subconscious mind—is just simply relaxing; this automatically and naturally promotes health and harmony in body, mind, and spirit. The holistic value of meditation and its effect on mind-body connections is intricately interrelated. When you use self-guided imagery or a guided visualization in an aware, focused, and directed manner, you greatly expand and enhance your body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

Meditation is wonderfully uplifting. It can bring your spirits up, and change your mood and perceptions if you’re feeling sad or depressed, discouraged or worried. It’s a great way to take care of the blahs and is a super five-minute refresher that rejuvenates you and improves your attitude.

Meditating can help you recognize deep and powerful emotions that may be affecting you unconsciously, and to bring them into your conscious mind. It offers a gentle, nurturing way to look into negative and/or traumatic feelings and memories. It helps you get in touch with, tune into, and understand your true feelings.

Meditation is self-empowering. It allows you to go within yourself to reclaim your personal power to achieve self-growth and to make clear, conscious choices and changes in your life that will help you move in a positive direction.

Meditating helps you become more aware of your inner self and to recognize and reunite with your spiritual self. It opens a window to your inner knowing and your awareness of your true nature; it helps you remember and rediscover your spiritual knowledge by inviting you to visit sacred spaces in your soul.

Meditation offers you spiritual enlightenment. You can use meditation to explore multidimensional realms within your mind to give you insights and perspectives that can provide you with alternative avenues of perception to clearly see into and understand the spiritual symbolism of your experiences, and to really know what’s inside your soul.

Rhythm of Relaxing

There’s an art to meditating—to getting inside your subconscious mind to that still, quiet, peaceful place within you, to that spiritual realm of knowing awareness where you can reconnect with your inner self and reawaken to your true essence—and it’s easy to do.

All you have to do is breathe naturally, relax your body as you calm your conscious mind, and allow images to form inside the wonderful world of your imagination and inner knowing. As your conscious mind becomes calm and quiet, and your body becomes relaxed, you tune out the physical world for a time as you tune into a meditative, more aware frame of mind.

Find a quiet time during the day or evening, and a place where you can be alone. Let yourself relax before you read and experience a meditation. Breathe in some nice, deep, relaxing, cleansing breaths and let them out slowly, feeling your body begin to relax. Let go of any stresses and negativity. Let all the tension ease out of your body.

Let go of your conscious thoughts and cares; let them just drift away. Let yourself feel peaceful, calm, and quiet within yourself. Let your breathing relax you. As you’re breathing in and out, slowly and naturally, allow a soft, easy, soothing, peaceful feeling of relaxation flow deeply down into and through every part of your body, relaxing you completely.

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