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Meenakshi Sundaram

Thanks to my wife Shubhashree for the inspiration behind my writing habit.

Thanks to my son Aditya for being the inspiration to become inquisitive.

Thanks to Vijayashree for introducing me to medium. Thanks to my friend and mentors Ms. Rama and Mr. Raghu Iyer for providing inputs on my writeup.


  1. Pencil Dropping Moment

  1. Scratch

  1. A small lamp that made a big difference

  1. Emotionally Charged or In Charge of Emotions

  1. Teacher Appears when the student is ready

  1. Fourth Habit

  1. One thing I want to change

  1. Choice between freedom and comfort

  1. Life in a Wall

  1. The Gift

  1. Do you want to change the world

  1. Not Knowing

  1. Story of You, Me and us.

1. Pencil Dropping Moment

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