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Inspire me Jesus

70 Days of simple, subtle and fresh inspirations

Nikita Assilamehoo

ISBN 978-1-5215861-3-6

© 2017, Nikita Assilamehoo

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Hi everyone,

Isn't it wonderful when Jesus inspires us by his spirit, his Holy Spirit?

The Bible is a breathtaking book, remarkably well written and a treasure of wisdom.

For the past 20 years that I have given my life to Jesus, I have kept talking about his Saviour all around me. And always, the same freshness accompanies those moments when one stops in one day to devote time to transmit his love to our entourage.

Of all these fabulous moments of which I am jealously guarding precious memories, I wanted to relay you, in this book, in the form of a collection, a little of that which overwhelms my life again and again: his invariable love and immense wisdom.

I hope that these 70 inspirations, which I invite you to discover one day at a time, will carry you, like me, to the heart of the Father ...

I sincerely love you.


I dedicate this book:

To the person of the Holy Spirit who is my love, my friend, my guide and my Master of all times;

To my mother Antoinette, through whom the Gospel was introduced to me;

To my children Eden and Barak who are of the new generation.

I sincerely love you.


My thanks go:

To all the missionaries, pastors, deacons and leaders with whom I have worked, for their support and all the years spent together in the ministry;

To my wife Manuela who constantly supports me and believes in my projects, even the most improbable ;

To all my friends and partners in the world for their dedication in the march for the Kingdom.

I sincerely love you.


Table of Contents

DAY 1 13

Be strong and of good courage! You're not banal! 13

DAY 2 14

Burn ! 14

Family, environment, neighborhood. 15

DAY 3 16

How's it going (with you) ? 16

DAY 4 17

A purpose ! 17

DAY 5 18

The contract 18

DAY 6 20

Freedom / Liberté / Freiheit 20

DAY 7 21

Sunday 21

DAY 8 22

Time travel 22

DAY 9 24


DAY 10 26

Creativity 26

DAY 11 28

The ransom 28

DAY 12 29

Try ! Do it ! 29

DAY 13 30


DAY 14 31

Create your own national holiday! 31

DAY 15 33

Hold on to your dream ! 33

DAY 16 35

Persevere in the march! 35

DAY 17 36

Renewal 36

DAY 18 37

The importance of the NAME 37

DAY 19 39

Back to basics 39

DAY 20 40

Bravery 40

DAY 21 41

Love life ! 41

DAY 22 42

The identity - Born in Jesus ! 42

DAY 23 44

As you are 44

DAY 24 45

We are indebted 45

DAY 25 46

When God answers 46

DAY 26 48

Speak out in public 48

DAY 27 50

Servants 50

DAY 28 51

I love you again and again 51

DAY 29 52

Your faith needs to express itself 52

DAY 30 54

The Church of Jesus in strong 54

DAY 31 55

The Church of Jesus is creative 55

DAY 32 56

The Church of Jesus has an unusual destiny 56

DAY 33 57

The Church of Jesus loves and teaches us to love 57

DAY 34 59

The Church of Jesus is young, dynamic, organized, structured 59

DAY 35 60

The Church of Jesus is impressive by its social action
It provides for the needs of the people 60

DAY 36 62

The Church of Jesus is the new generation 62

DAY 37 64

Men of conviction ! 64

DAY 38 65

We are the solution! 65

DAY 39 67

Those who accept their mission become powerful
if they walk firmly in their calling 67

DAY 40 68

Those who enter Leadership can't fail 68

DAY 41 69

A Leader likes to serve 69

DAY 42 70

May God fill you 70

DAY 43 71

Happy ! 71

DAY 44 72

I love you 72

DAY 45 73

Join us and build the house of the Lord! 73

DAY 46 75

Courage ! 75

DAY 47 76

Whom shall I send? 76

DAY 48 78

Church Time 78

DAY 49 79

The anointing makes us go much faster than the average 79

DAY 50 80

The anointing positions us faster on our dream 80

DAY 51 81

Never give up without having tried with the anointing 81

DAY 52 82

Anointing as fuel for your life 82

DAY 53 83

God shows no favoritism based on origin or color of skin 83

DAY 54 84

Defenders of Life 84

DAY 55 85

My part of the work 85

DAY 56 86

To all those I have hurt, I ask for forgiveness 86

DAY 57 87

Forgiving those who hurt us requires faith 87

DAY 58 88

Forgive constantly and you do not compare to each other 88

DAY 59 89

If you can't fly, then run ... 89

DAY 60 90

To each season, its attitude 90

DAY 61 91

If we communicate better ... 91

DAY 62 92

Me and my house! 92

DAY 63 93

Jesus, this perfect example of obedience 93

DAY 64 94

The secret of true success 94

DAY 65 95

Wipe the slate clean 95

DAY 66 96

We walk, we walk, we walk 96

DAY 67 97

The logical continuation 97

DAY 68 98

To the end 98

DAY 69 99

Prepare your field 99

DAY 70 101

The biggest of all lies 101


Be strong and of good courage! You're not banal!

Be strong and of good courage!

You're not banal!

Be strong and of good courage!

You're not banal!

Be strong and of good courage!

You're not ordinary!

Do not give up.
Create your world!
Create and live your dream!
You can afford it!
Try hard!
Believe in yourself.
You will reach all your goals!

Who are you ?
I am Joseph!
And I believe in myself.

And you ?
Find who you are and go!

I love you.

Joseph always believed in his dreams despite opposition.
And he was right.

To read: Genesis, chapters 37 to 48.


Burn !

If there are three dimensions in the human being (spirit, soul and body), there are also three levels of radiation: cold, lukewarm, warm.

He who is warm literally provides for the needs of those who are cold or lukewarm.

In the same way that the earth can't help but need sunshine, mankind needs "warm" and "boiling" people.

You are the new generation of hot Christians in the field that God has given to you in particular.

Be warm in your chosen field.

Do not let anything cool you down.

Rather, reignite the embers.

Be the sun of your Oikos1.

I love you.

Timothy has always endeavored to perfect his gifts and his calling for the good of the whole Christian community.

Not moving back and constantly reviving the flame of Jesus in himself.

To read: 1st Timothy, chapter 4 then 2nd Timothy, chapter 1.

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