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Welcome to this unique collection of 250 original quotes, reflections and thoughts to help you find direction and be more positive in life. During the last few years my travels have taken me to some of the world’s most exotic destinations where I have utilized the time to philosophise about, and question the meaning of life, at the same time writing down my thoughts. Even though I would like to believe these are all original quotations, out of billions of people on the planet I’m sure others have had similar thoughts - so if there are any similarities to other quotes out there, it is coincidence.

This book is unique in that all motivational quotes, are accompanied by a photo, full description, plus numerous links to many of my 1 Minute Quick Tip videos where I delve deeper into their meaning.

I believe one must walk one’s talk, and not simply do this for pure financial gain, but care for humanity and enjoy inspiring people. A few years ago I launched a website called www.positivpeople.com where I started offering daily inspirational messages to anyone that needed it. This is now in its fourth year and over 1000 daily quotes, pictures, videos and messages have been shared with subscribers.

Please visit www.positivpeople.com and try my daily quotes. Don’t forget to visit my free inspirational & magical YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/inspiringtheworld where new videos are uploaded and produced every week.



When you look someone in the eyes, are you 100% present?

When you look me in the eyes, make sure your eyes are speaking what your mind is thinking! (Wolfgang Riebe)

Many people will look you in the eyes and lie to your face. With a bit of practice you can actually notice this as the eyes never lie. When the mind is in sink with the eyes, you automatically feel comfort and trust towards someone. When you don’t, just look into their eyes and you’ll see something is out of sink. Normally their eyes cannot hold your stare for a long period either.



If you judge others, think about this quotation...

Each one of us is the resultant sum total of our own unique experiences, therefore we have no right to judge others who have not been part of our life path. (Wolfgang Riebe)

Bear in mind that we don't all have the same experiences in life. We all experience life differently. Once you get this, only then can you learn to understand others better.



If you’re a baby boomer, you may find truth in this quote...

I find that technology and videos curbs my fertile imagination. If this has happened to you, start reading books again and let your imagination run wild! (Wolfgang Riebe)

As a child I had an extremely vivid imagination. As technology and movies have brought the fantasy world to real life, I have found my imagination lacking. Hence I started reading books again to allow my mind to create its own visual perceptions of the written word – what a difference! Try it and you will be amazed out how quickly your mind becomes fertile again!



Here's an added extra to the previous quotation...

When last did you help someone without any expectation in return? Maybe that’s why the world is in chaos? Don’t you think we should become less materialistic, and more caring towards others again? (Wolfgang Riebe)

Don't use your friends and loved ones... care for them! And for goodness sake stop loving material things! The memories you have one day when you are older will be all the emotional and loving relationships where you opened your heart to others. Think about it!



Here's something I had thought about for many years...

People aren't against you, they are for themselves. Once you understand this, you can accept them for who they are! (Wolfgang Riebe)

We always tend to think that someone else has an issue with us personally. Meanwhile the issues lie with them. Most of the time they just think of themselves and greed runs their life. Once you understand and accept that there are such people on this earth, you can understand where they are coming from, and you start feeling sorry for them.



Here's a powerful quotation...

If you really want to experience life to the fullest, then you really have to follow your heart! (Wolfgang Riebe)

Sadly, most people don't do what they want; and the answer to happiness is so simple. Make it your goal to start living! If you don’t know how... look into your heart and ask yourself, “What is it that makes me tick?”



Seeing that I shared a quotation on love yesterday, here's an added twist on that!

We live in a world where we love things and we use people. Is it really so difficult to understand that this is humanity’s downfall? (Wolfgang Riebe)

I live the latter part of the quote, "Use things and NOT people!" Maybe, for many people, their definition of love may change dramatically if they practiced this?



Sometimes we need to hear the hard truth...

Whether you speak a lie, or the truth... after a while this becomes your reality. So why would you want to live a lie? (Wolfgang Riebe)

People who lie constantly eventually believe their own lies... and lies don’t amount to anything except distrust, dishonesty and negativity. So my question is, why then don’t these same people rather speak the truth and aim for the positive in life? Logically this will eventually also become their reality! What is so difficult to grasp about this?



Here's another great quote to make you think...

Success comes and goes, so does failure! (Wolfgang Riebe)

We all strive for success and when we reach it, what a feeling. But staying on top is far more difficult that reaching the top. Hence life often consists of various successes that come and go. However, failure is exactly the same! It’s not permanent either - it also comes and goes. Once we understand this, then our fear of failure becomes less and we realise that we need to focus more on sustaining our success.



How are you living your life?

I know life isn’t a rehearsal – hence I focus on experiencing the magic of life every single day! (Wolfgang Riebe)

Learn to live in the NOW and make the most of every moment. There is no dress rehearsal! This is it! You cannot get back the time you have wasted - so start living to the fullest - NOW! Yes, life is magical, but only if you let the magic happen! Watch this 1 minute Quick Quote video link on looking to the future: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmU2QBR6Z0k



How much do you want your dreams to become reality?

You should never fear trying new things, rather you should fear never having tried anything new at all! (Wolfgang Riebe)

If you keep on doing what you have always done, nothing will change! Imagine one day in your old age reflecting on your life and regretting you never tried those things you always wanted to do. I fear that thought way more than the thought of trying something new and adventurous. Think about it!​



How do you view life? Do you see the magic in everything that you do?

Yes, life is magical, but only if you let the magic happen! (Wolfgang Riebe)

Everything is a choice in life and everyone says that you have a choice of seeing the glass half full, or half empty. The reason they say this is because it’s true! If I look for the magic in my everyday dealings, activities, actions, people I meet - guess what? I start seeing and experiencing that very magic. But like anything in life - you have to make it happen! So go out now and go look for that magic!



Recently I was having a chat with someone consumed in hatred, and this thought came to me...

Hatred is the power you freely give to others to imprison your behaviour, thoughts and life. (Wolfgang Riebe)

That's exactly it! You give it freely. The other person didn’t ask for it. It’s not even a case of allowing them to control you. You consciously give it to them without their knowledge. You are solely responsible for the hatred.



Years ago I came up with a quote that I have seen worded differently over the years...

Always try and forget all the bad people and events in your life by letting go of the past. However, never forget the lessons you learnt from them. (Wolfgang Riebe)​​​​​​​

This is the crux of getting over the past. Try hard to forget the bad things, but never forget the lessons they taught you. In this way the odds of you repeating the same mistakes become less and less.



Are you the competitive type? Here's my advice to you...

A tree never tries to compete with another tree next to it. It just grows. (Wolfgang Riebe)​​​​​​​

This is an important lesson I need to share with you. Constantly competing with others in my opinion is unhealthy. However, identifying your true passion and giving your best in everything you do is way more powerful and will probably result in everyone wanting to copy you!



Have you ever argued with someone you considered to be an idiot?

A wise man understands and accepts the limits of his knowledge, whereas a fool does not. (Wolfgang Riebe)​​​​​​​

The next time that happens - just think of this quotation and realise that the fool simply knows no better. It's amazing when we get to realise and understand certain things in life - they become much easier to accept. In the past, fools used to annoy me. Today I fully accept that no matter how hard I try, they will always know better and that the only way they will learn, is by experience and falling on their face. So the only thing to do is walk away and let them be.



Here's a longer quote that I shared as a Facebook post recently. I wanted to create one picture with one powerful message.

Life is all about ONE! ONE sun creates energy for life giving food ONE smile changes someones day ONE step forward changes a life ONE positive thought changes an attitude Just do ONE thing today! (Wolfgang Riebe)​​​​​​​

So... what ONE thing are you going to do differently today?



Today, a quote in the form of a question...

Of the many free gifts our creator has given us, our brain is one of them. So how come most people don't use it? (Wolfgang Riebe)

Bottom line, you have a mind, don't be lazy - use it!



The next time your question you life's purpose, consider this quotation...

The value of your life should not only be judged by your net worth in assets, but more importantly by your net worth in awesome memories. (Wolfgang Riebe)​​​​​​​

Younger people may focus on materialism, but older people realise that the true meaning of life is created by great emotional moments that result in fond memories in later years. Just imagine that all you did in life was make money your god, what would you have the day you retire? Money, but no special memories! But if you create special moments in your life, you have that added contentment that rounds off the material wealth and gives you meaning.



Here is some food for thought...

Most people look after their bodies and are aware of the need for good food & hygiene. But how many people look after their soul? (Wolfgang Riebe)

It's one thing creating a good outer impression, but what about inner peace? Lying, cheating, keeping up with the Jones' are all behaviours that damage your soul. So rather take time to listen, be kind, show understanding and radiate love to the outer world and people around you. Just try it and see the change in your mindset.



When you meet someone for the first time, do you let your preconceived views influence your thoughts about this person?

Give everyone you meet a clean sheet of paper and allow them the opportunity to complete it, rather than pre-judging and doing it for them. (Wolfgang Riebe)​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Yep this is the problem today, we judge before the other person can show their true colours. Give everyone an equal chance and you will be surprised at how many great people there are in this world.



Here's some similar advice to yesterday...

No matter who you are, I will never pre-judge you, so how about affording me that same level of respect? (Wolfgang Riebe)

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