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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Who are They?

The Pleiades

Chapter 2 - Divine Missions

What is Meditation? Guides for Meditating, Basic Meditation, Divine Plan Work Exercise

Chapter 3 - Work and Society Rules

Chapter 4 - Health

Foods and liquids high in pranic energy include

Chapter 5 - Technology

Unity Exercise

Chapter 6 - Love and Sexuality

Chapter 7 - Drugs and Distractions

Chapter 8 - Societal Changes

Cleansing the Planet Exercise

Chapter 9 - Psychic and Spiritual

Synergy for Peace and Understanding, My Ideas for a Better Life

Chapter 10 - The Future

Snowflake Generation Comforter Exercise

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Chapter One

Who are They?

Who are the Snowflake Generation and why have they been given this unusual title? They are young men and women usually born since the year 2000 AD, but some are up to ten to fifteen years older.

They are super-sensitive teenagers who react strongly to unpleasant situations, hard work and emotionally disturbing experiences. This is why they have earned the term - Snowflake Generation because like a beautiful but fragile snowflake, they melt when things get too hot to handle!

We do not use the term derisively, as an insult or as a compliment, but just to identify this unique group of talented young people. In the past, their grandparents were known as the Baby Boomers and their parents Generations X and Y. These Millennium children have their own distinct characteristics, hang-ups and problems, just as past generations obviously, had and we hope to help overcome these.

In this book, we will look at where they came from, why they are here, their divine purpose, how others can help them adjust to Earth’s vibration and make their journey here, more enjoyable and bearable.

As counsellors, paranormal experts, hypnotherapists and healers, we have worked with these young men and women, heard their stories and shared their pain and fears and now, we want you to understand them better. We believe that with understanding comes compassion and love and this is our aim.

Some of our ideas may seem controversial to you. We believe in reincarnation, off-planet lives and that we all incarnate to Earth for a Divine reason - to make Earth a better place, help humanity and raise our own spirituality, so that eventually we all ascend to a higher plane of existence. We are not ‘pushing’ any particular spiritual religion, but we ask you to be open-minded and think about our words.

We are not infallible, and we hope that as you read about this Snowflake Generation you will either learn to accept or reject our information, but at least you will think about it!

No doubt, our former Snowflake Generation clients’ successes and problems are similar to your own and so, we will mention some of these scenarios but of course, for our clients’ privacy, we have changed their names!

We will add channelled messages from spiritual beings such as the Ascended Masters and Archangels to add their own particular wisdom to our thoughts. They are wise, loving, understanding and humorous beings and they know well, our human frailties!

We have channelled them for over thirty years and they have always enriched our lives with their higher wisdom!

We hope that you will read this book with an open mind and heart for that is what an enlightened being does!

Now where do these young, sensitive beings come from?

We believe that while their human bodies were the descendants of prehistoric homosapiens, who originated from the first human beings in Africa - the mythical Mitochondrial Eve, their souls, spirits and societal influences were formed faraway, in the Pleiades star system.

The Pleiades

The Pleiades are a star system in the constellation of Taurus. Also known as the Seven Sisters, it contains over 3000 stars, six of which are clearly visible to the naked eye.

The Pleiades has been the source of much mythology in many civilizations and was known to the Egyptians, South Americans and Australian Aborigines. Alcyone is the brightest of the blue white stars and is considered the central sun, astronomically and religiously.

Everyone has had lives on various Off-Planet worlds. As hypnotherapists, we have heard many clients describe these amazing planets of vivid green skies or double-mooned nights.

Whether you have incarnated directly from the Pleiades or have had a previous incarnation there, or know someone who is obviously an ex-Pleiadian, you should find the information that we have gathered as important, to understanding the Pleiadian outlook on life. For Pleiadians or the Snowflake Generation do think differently, to other Off-Planet races!

Currently 85% of all children born since 2000 AD have come directly from the Pleiades, so they are having a big impact on our societies. And this is why they have come - to make Earth more Pleiadian and higher in nature! By coming en masse, they can make their presence felt and over the decades hopefully, make Earth a much pleasanter place to live!

For face it, with our pollution, droughts, wars and refugees, religious arguments, terrorism, hunger and poverty we have made a hash of our planet and its people! It is time for a change!

At certain times in history, certain specific groups of people were sent en masse to Earth, to bring important social changes. In the past there would have been Andromedan cultures such as Ancient Rome, Early Greece and Atlantis where beings incarnated from Andromeda to bring in social changes of structure, law and philosophy.

There would have been some Pleiadians there, but they would have been only around 5% and would have been the actors, poets and peaceful artists etc. The harsh societies of the Andromedans would not have appealed to the sensitive Pleiadians!

Nor were they suited to the Orion cultures of the Middle Ages farming in Viking colonies or the busy Sirian cultures of Egypt or South America Aztecs. Again, a few men and women in these societies would have been the more sensitive, artistic people, but not the common man or woman.

However, in this current era, they have incarnated as a huge group, why? In order, to make real changes to the structure of societies, all over the planet. This time in enormous overwhelming numbers, they can shape the Earth, as they want!

Earlier generations of X and Y were deeply influenced by their parents, the Baby Boomers and so were half-Pleiadian and half-Terran or ex-Orion or ex-Sirian, but these younger Snowflake Generation have been influenced by the more casual, open-thinking X and Y parents, many of whom are ex-Pleiadians themselves and so, they now think, act and influence the world, in a more sensitive and Pleiadian way!

But of course, most of them are completely unaware of their Divine Missions for incarnating to Earth. Most of these ex-Pleiadians have not yet woken up, to who they truly are!

More importantly, they have not realised that how they lived their former lives on the Pleiades, now affects their thoughts, actions and emotions, in this current life! They are now in human bodies, but their subconscious minds, remember their Pleiadian past and culture and are trying to make them relive it now!

Many of our clients who are ex-Pleiadians and now Snowflakes, come to see us worried about their behaviour or puzzled, as to the way life works on Earth, not realising that they are acting instinctively in a higher, more sensitive Pleiadian manner, not in a common Earth manner!

So if you have ever felt ‘out of step’ with others, it is highly likely that you had a previous life, on the Pleiades and are still ‘acting it out!’

We shall examine many important issues in this book concerning life on Earth, as seen from a Pleiadian and Snowflake Generational outlook. Those everyday but important issues that involve us all - such as love, sex, work, relationships, health, spirituality and entertainment.

Examined from three viewpoints, Pleiadian, Terran (Earth) and Snowflake Generation, you can learn to make positive choices in life, which will enhance your lifestyle. Remembering your Pleiadian past will not be a disadvantage to you, but a real asset!

Of course, you will be asking by now - “Well, what is life on the Pleiades like? They live on the fifth and sixth dimensions and we are currently leaving the third dimension and entering the lower fourth dimension; so there are going to be some big difference!

One of our most friendly Pleiadian contacts for channellings has been Kirri of the Rings, who described herself once, as a type of Anthropologist, interested in all life forms! Here is one of her cosmic messages concerning the Pleiades.

“You ask me who are the Pleiadians and I will tell you a little of our beautiful, green world. You call the Pleiades the Seven Sisters, as you see seven stars above, but our galaxy is really made up of over 3,000 stars. Of course, most are inhabitable. However, we have colonized quite a few!

We are a gentle race of men and women who live in peace and unity. We help each other to our full potential and encourage artistic and musical abilities. We have no dirty factories and no pollution or crime.

We live in harmony with our beautiful home planets. We do not strip the forests for wood or rape the land for gemstones and fuel. This is not of the highest! We were once like you, brash and troublesome, but we outgrew our need for great materialism and power. We choose instead to live simple, natural lives, increasing our psychic powers and creating harmony with all life forms.

We are vegetarian and we would never harm another living animal or life form. We are physically able to ingest our green sunlight and simple fruits and nectar liquids. Those of us, who are adventurous of spirit, may choose to join the Ashtar Command and travel to distant galaxies in mighty spacecraft, to help less advanced civilisations - for this is a good purpose!

We know that we all come from the one source and the first life planet near the sun Vega, in the constellation of Lyra, so you are our distant cousins. This is why I send my mind out to you in astral projection, to talk to you, Cousins of mine! To encourage you all, to live better, end famine, war and pain and live more naturally and in harmony with your Earth’s spirit - Gaia. Then you will have a loving, happy world like our own!

But it must start with everyone taking on responsibility for his or her own actions and lifestyles. Are you living the best possible life for yourself, others and the planet Earth? Consider this, Cousins and please adjust your lives accordingly! Felicitations, Kirri.”

And so, our understanding of the Snowflake Generation begins. So open your mind to new possibilities and remember the old adage - “Don’t say - when I see it, I will believe it; but instead say - when I believe it; then I will see it!

Chapter Two

Divine Missions

Charlotte is a Snowflake Generation teenager who finds life on Earth, very difficult. She is a slim, pale girl with large blue eyes and a defiant demeanour. She has just dropped out of school and lazes around her parent’s home, refusing to apply for jobs or make decisions about her future.

When her kind but confused parents Bob and Laura, try to talk with her about her interests, she bursts into tears and threatens to ‘run away’ or ‘take drugs and end it all!’ her parents are at their wits end, what can they do to help their overly emotional daughter?

Charlotte’s behavior is not unusual for a Snowflake, as she is confused and fearful herself about life and her place in it and reacts when pressured, with tears and tantrums, like a small child. Why?

On the Pleiades home worlds, the people live for over 200 years or more. They often do not decide on their future careers until they are in their sixties and play as young teenagers, until they are fifty or so!

Coming straight from the Pleiades with many incarnations there, behind them, this is all they know and so Earth with its pressures and life styles confuse them.

At seventeen, Charlotte would be considered merely a child and never expected to go to work, go to college or make major life decisions. This wouldn’t happen for another thirty or forty years. No wonder, she feels threatened and lost!

Her parents on the other hand, are active ex-Sirians, a most competent and hard-working race who look forward to working with others, making decisions and showing their inner talents, at an early age. Two different off-planet races in conflict! No wonder that they don’t understand each other!

The first thing that we did was explain to the three of them about the different Off-planet races and why, they thought so differently. This surprised them, but they agreed that their outlooks were notably different.

Then we explained about Divine Missions. Spirit has spoken often about our Life Plans.

“You all have two plans that you incarnate with, firmly implanted within you. One is to use the thing that you are most talented to do, for your own life’s work. This is called your Life Plan. The other is your World Plan and this involves your contribution to help humanity. It may be the same or an offshoot of your life plan, such as a professional musician who gives free concerts for charities. On the other hand, it may be that your professional work is as a nurse, but you also love to sing, so you entertain the elderly for free, at the weekends.

As you begin to do what you are truly meant to do, other opportunities will open up for you, to expand your gifts and talents.

Look for how we have already attempted to nudge you. Look for the coincidences that try to lead you gently, along a certain pathway in life. Look at the opportunities offered to you. Take chances that irresistibly call to you, to fulfill your life’s dream. Deep in your heart, you know what makes you happy and fulfilled - find ways now, to achieve that in your life!”

A Life Plan is a schedule of events you wish to occur during your lifetime that will bring you great personal satisfaction and spiritual growth.

In your Life Plan are such things as, career choice, sexual relationships, friendships and activities etc. Your Life Plan is doing the work that you love to do! Work that is fulfilling to you and actually, enriches your own and others’ lives. It may not provide you with great wealth or fame, but you jump out of bed each morning, looking forward to using your special talents.

All beings are born with certain talents, abilities and skills. Some are obvious from an early age - the child singing star, the young super athlete or the child mathematical genius. Many of these children have had multiple previous lives, perfecting these skills.

For instance, a spirit may have had a life, as a famous composer, such as Chopin or Bach and wishes to continue this love of music in the next life. Some of his talents will emerge at an early age. The three-year-old genius, who can play the piano within a few short lessons, is an example of this. However, most of you will have skills which are much subtler and which have to be relearnt, in this current life.

Perhaps you were a studious, young girl, with your head always in a book. People’s behaviour and exploits, always fascinated you. You would counsel your playmates and even attempt to psychoanalyze your dolls!

Your impulse to counsel and help others is strong and the human mind fascinates you. This is the sort of gift that if developed gradually and with appropriate schooling, a counsellor, psychiatrist or psychologist, will emerge.

This will shape the girl’s Life Plan, into being, as she uses her counselling, empathy and caring skills. They will provide her with a comfortable living and satisfy her inner need, to understand and work with people.

Her parents who encourage her in her studies, her clients who respond to her counselling techniques and her boyfriend or girlfriend who supports her, in her endeavours are all usually group soul members who are trying to help her achieve these goals.

She can further develop this into her World Plan or Divine Mission of Unity, by perhaps, writing about her discoveries about mentally confused people and how, to fix their unique problems. Or perhaps, she will offer her services to a free clinic, to help poor people with mental problems, overcome their difficulties.

In the same way, Charlotte was born with a love of colour and form and she may begin to paint, as an amateur and later, become a professional artist. Her imaginative paintings may give great joy to many people around the Earth, inspiring and uplifting them emotionally. She could further, hold free painting clinics for young artists.

Charlotte would then be living both her Life Plan and World Plan. This would make her feel special, talented and stable as she directs her talent in a non-pressured way. Her parents can help by encouraging her to enroll in an Arts College where she will meet similarly minded artistic boys and girls. Here, her sensitivity and emotionality will be easily accepted, amongst her peers.

Perhaps, your gift has not yet emerged. However, you will definitely have it within you!

If you are not quite sure, just what your Life Plan is and how it can be developed into your World Plan that helps the world, you might like to try the following exercise.

Here is how to find out a little more about your Life and World Plans using meditation.

What is Meditation?

On the Pleiades’ Home Worlds, meditation is taught from early childhood. Meditation is a conscious state of relaxation, in which the mind is disengaged from its usual worries and thoughts, while the physical body becomes relaxed and the emotions are uplifted. During this meditative state, the person can experience thoughts and sensations beyond their normal range of being.

Meditation can help your body regain natural good health by lowering your blood pressure and relieving your body of stress and tension. Its unique powers have been used by doctors, to fight cancer and relieve ulcers. It is a sedating agent and restorative for the mind, as problems can be put aside temporarily, while meditating and often solutions to problems are obtained with greater insight, while meditating.

Spiritual insights are frequently experienced, while meditating. It is said, “That prayer is you talking to Spirit (God), while meditation is a chance for Spirit to speak back to you!”

Guides for Meditating

Room temperature - comfortable, your body temperature may drop during meditation.

Noise levels - as quiet as possible. Music may be conducive to relaxing into meditation.

Sweet smelling - perfumed oils may help to create a relaxed mood. Try sandalwood, lavender or patchouli.

Calming colours in the room such as blues, greens or neutral. Not vibrant reds, oranges, as these stimulate.

Gems - such as crystals and amethysts can be helpful for meditating. They increase focus and awareness.

Light levels - you should not have to meditate in the dark, semi-light is fine.

Posture - sitting comfortably in a chair is fine. Lying down is not overly recommended, as you may fall asleep!

Imagination - is a very special gift to be encouraged during meditation.

It is always sensible to protect yourself spiritually and psychically by imagining yourself in a gold auric eggshell of divine light, before meditating. This protects you from negative influences.

Basic Meditation

For novice meditators, we suggest that you sit quietly with your eyes closed.

Begin with three deep breaths. Breathing out tension on the ‘out’ breath and breathing in relaxation on the ‘in’ breath.

Relax your entire body. Imagine that you are floating in a bath of warm water.

Clear your mind of all thoughts. When a thought intrudes, merely push it to one side. If this is difficult to do at first, visualise a beautiful rose and keep your attention on it and nothing else. In time, your mind will associate the thought of the rose, with your need to relax and meditation will become easier.

Divine Plan Work Exercise

1. Place your protective eggshell of gold Light around you.

2. Sit quietly, take three deep breaths and meditate. Allow all thoughts to fade away.

3. Then begin to relax all parts of your body. Start at the head and then slowly work down to the toes. Relax all your muscles

4. Now send from your heart and mind a golden beam of light out into the Universe and accompany it with the deep felt request -

“I wish to become more wakened to my true being!

I want to understand my Life Plan and World Plan!”

5. Breathe deeply and move your arms and legs and open your eyes.

6. Do this once a day for one week.

7. Be aware of situations and events happening around you that may be spiritually inspired - this is called synchronicity.

If you can’t always do the thing you love professionally, at least, do it as a hobby or service to humanity. A service to humanity is your World Plan.

If you can’t sing professionally for money? Join a choir that visits the elderly residents, in nursing homes and joyfully express your talent for free.

If your home-made soft toys are not good enough to sell commercially? Either go to classes to improve your gift or donate the toys willingly, to an orphanage. If you have a good voice, read books to the elderly or blind people. But do not give up your talent or true love! This is unique to you. Don’t live a half-life, as so many people do! Give it a go! What have you to lose but your boredom and apathy!

As you begin to do what you are truly meant to do, other opportunities will open up for you, to expand your unique gifts and talents. Look for how spirit or the Universe has already attempted to nudge you in the right direction.

Look for the coincidences that try to lead you gently along a certain pathway, in life. Look at the opportunities offered to you. Take chances that irresistibly call to you, to fulfill your life’s dream. Deep in your heart, you know what makes you happy and fulfilled - find ways now, to achieve that in your life!

Flowing with these plans will make your life unique and joyful! However, be warned, often it will mean a reduction in income! Now this is the biggest resistance we find, to people wanting to live their true Life Plan. They may hate the work that they currently do, but it pays well.

Some people are on antidepressants and feel suicidal, but suggest that they stop the hated, but well-paying job and try something they love to do and they get very angry and defensive!

They place money and success, well over their happiness and health! This seems very odd to us, but it is quite common. To these misguided people, we can suggest that at least, they do the loved activity as a hobby and hopefully one day, turn it into a business! Pleiadians love their work, why can’t you?

Charlotte tried our suggestions and she soon made new friends at an Arts College. She is much happier and rarely throws tantrums or behaves so selfishly, to her parents. They understand that she needs extra support and love and try to help her where they can, without making her more dependent on them.

She is looking forward to life with more optimism and hope, now that she understands why, she incarnated to Earth. Not as some punishment, but to inspire the population, with her special artistic efforts.

What is your life mission?

Start it NOW!

Chapter Three

Work and Society Rules

Zack is a sixteen-year-old boy who hates rules and regulations. He thinks all adults are stupid conformists and he tries to break as many laws as he can, in defiance. He has been arrested several times and is likely to go to jail, when he turns eighteen.

Why is Zack so rebellious? Zack is a Snowflake Generation male who feels confined and frustrated by our 21st century society’s rules. He is used to a softer, gentler lifestyle on the Pleiadian Home Worlds. There is no crime, poverty or pressure there, to conform.

But most Pleiadian males and females do behave kindly and compassionately to each other, for that is intelligent and higher behavior. If a teenager does behave badly, wise and gentle counsellors will talk with him or her, in a kindly manner and help him or her sort out the problem.

A ‘big brother’ or role model may be chosen to spend time with the disobedient teenager and help him or her with their angst. Very, very few people are imprisoned or confined, for negative behavior. Moreover, if they do have an excess of energy, they are encouraged to serve on the space expeditionary fleets of the Ashtar Command and see the galaxy!

Unfortunately, the same gentle solutions do not occur on Earth and as there are so many defiant and law-breaking teenagers, imprisonment and harsh retaliation is often the only answer that the authorities have, for these disaffected youth.

Zack’s hard-working parents have done all that they can for Zack and cannot understand his defiant and destructive nature. He would not talk openly to us, but agreed to hypnosis. We are trained hypnotherapists. This was very illuminating for us all!

Under regressive hypnosis, Zack went back to his previous lifetime on the Pleiades. He was an elder statesman who helped govern one of the very peaceful Home Worlds. He was a philosophical man with a kind heart and a fair and honest nature. Very different to the present day, Zack!

We took Zack to the time before he incarnated to Earth and he was surprised to hear and see (mentally) that he had willingly agreed to come to Earth, to help the lost and confused men and women of Earth. He wanted to bring them understanding of a higher power and show them that with effort, there was hope for their future. This amazed Zack!

His rebelliousness had been funnelled the wrong way. He was not meant to break the laws, but change them legally. He was supposed to help the downtrodden and confused masses, not to become one of them!

That is why he incarnated into a middle-class family, who would support his ideals and help him. But of course, when he was born, like all of us, he temporarily forgot, when the Veil of Amnesia came down at birth, why he had come to Earth and just kicked out against the so-called restrictions!

When he was fully awake, he was amazed and empowered to change his life. His parents were willing to help him follow his path in life. He now no longer breaks the law and is instead, hoping to become a lawyer and later, change the laws that most offend him!

Harry also hated rules or restrictions. He and three college friends shared a cheap apartment and broke all the complex’s rules. They made a lot of noise after 11 pm, brought in pets that were not allowed, made a terrible mess and fell behind with their rent.

He was quite indignant when they were evicted and declared to everyone who listened to him, that ‘rules and regulations were made by small-minded people!’

They moved into a smaller apartment next to a building site and this is where karma caught up with him. Karma is of course, divine retribution or reward. He was rudely awakened at 7 am, by builders, who crashed and bashed outside his bedroom window! Harry and his friends were not pleased!

They put up with the daily racket for a week and then, thoroughly exhausted, they sought out legal help and found that the builders were bound by local building laws not to begin their noise, until 8 am. Now armed with this knowledge they complained to the building firm and they then, had an extra hour of sleep each night.

Harry and his friends learnt that rules and regulations are often there for a good reason and it’s not just to ruin your life, but usually to enhance it!

Of course, unjust laws, regulations and rules should be challenged, but it is important to do it in the right way.

Cher hated certain rules at her private high school concerning dress codes. She felt as a young Snowflake girl that wearing a school uniform restricted her in her freedom and self-expression. That is fair enough.

However, did she tackle her complaints in an intelligent, mature manner? No, she cut holes in her uniform, threw ink on it and wore it tattered and holey to school. When she was brought up before the headmistress, did she discuss the matter in a sensible way? No, she swore, yelled and then burst into tears. No wonder, her complaint was not taken seriously!

Often the Snowflake generation girls and boys tend to act over-emotionally and upset others rather than get their point across. The headmistress just thought that Cher was a deranged girl and needed mental help, not an advocate for change.

Aiden at his school had the same problem, as he hated the formal uniform that they had to wear. However, he went about his desire for change, in a different manner. He talked it over with his parents and started a petition to change the dress rules at school. He collected a thousand signatures and presented it to the headmaster in a pleasant, serious manner.

The headmaster was impressed with Aiden’s methods and discussed it with the school board and some of the dress codes were relaxed. Not a total change, but the first step!

Why do rules and regulations so distress the Snowflake generation?

Because they are not used to them! On their very fair Off-planet worlds, everything has worked like clockwork for millennia. Thousands of years ago, all unfair laws and rules were abolished. There is equality for all including all races, sexes and ages. Any problems that occur are discussed with equanimity and without prejudice and a reasonable compromise sought that suits both parties.

There is however, one prevailing unwritten law on these Home Worlds and that is “Behave in the Highest way!” This means simply thinking before you act and asking “Is this the Highest way for me to think, feel, speak and act?”

By Highest, we mean in an unselfish, unconditionally loving way. A type of agape or spiritual love towards others. All others; not just the people that you like! With this doctrine of caring for others, as much as you care for yourself, you never intentionally hurt or harm others. It is very similar to the Bible command - “To love one another, as you love yourself!”

This new way of thinking doesn’t make you a submissive and weak person, but a thinking and compassionate one. It turns your inner emotions outwards to aid others, not just to serve your own needs.

Often the males and females of the Snowflake Generation are filled with expressed and unexpressed strong emotions. To them Earth is a fearful, harsh place because they have deep subconscious memories of their former lives, on their kinder Home Worlds.

Imagine a small child from a loving, rich family suddenly abandoned in a cold, unfriendly slum neighbourhood, where they feel frightened and repulsed. This is how many young people feel about Earth. Subconsciously, they remember their past incarnations and know that this particular one is not going to be all sunshine and roses!

They see harshness around them, even in the most affluent towns and cannot quite comprehend how in an advanced society, we still have poverty, crime, violence, drug and alcohol addiction, war and misuse of our planet.

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