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The Answer Is In You
Discover The 9 Secrets To
Getting Clear
Shifting Stuck Energy &
Moving Your Life Forward

Michael Angelo Raiano

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – The Struggle

Chapter 2 – Discovering My Intuition And More!

Chapter 3 – At One With The Universe

Chapter 4 – Some Secrets Of The Universe Revealed… With Instructions

Chapter 5 – Let’s Summarize Our Experience

Chapter 6 – Further Tools To Assist

Chapter 7 – Time To Live Life To The Full

Epilogue And Prayer Of St. Francis Of Assissi

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I would like to begin by giving thanks to All That Is - that Universal Intelligence behind all things, the Divine in life and to some special souls who have helped me on my spiritual path.

Thank you to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for showing me a way of bringing peace to the mind and body through the simple technique of Transcendental Meditation. Thank you for all your words of wisdom and for helping me understand myself and this journey of life much more. Thank you to all the great teachers of Truth who have ever walked this Earth, those who are with us now and those yet to come.

Thank you to my parents: Guido and Anna who have always been some of my best teachers in this lifetime just by innocently being themselves. To my children Sophia and Gabriel, two very real angels, who never fail to inspire me to be my best. To Diana Leighton who brought me my two children and showed me many areas in which I needed to grow, thank you. To my dear sister, Helen, who has always cared for me even though at times struggled to understand my ways. Then to some of my dear friends (in no particular order): Olu and Greg Ekata, and their family, for their embodiment of the beauty of life and love; to Philip Lamba for his enthusiasm and spark for life, and his great humour; to Linda Bamber for her sincerity and goodness; to Peter Reynolds, the constant rock of inner wisdom and truth who never fails to amaze me with his unexpected nougats of practical wisdom; to Veronique Raingeval for her clarity of perception and intuition, together with the love in her heart for life and people; to Cathy Macbeth for her friendship and her ability to always keep optimistic in the face of life’s adversities; to Birte Glüsing, an unassuming knower of truth and very encouraging friend; to Robert Johnstone, supportive friend in the face of life’s practicalities and for his inspiring ability to make the most of life regardless of its challenges; to Helen Evans for her compassionate heart and for completing the initial editing on this book. Finally, I thank the many other great souls who have blessed me with their gifts at some point in my life, and to the ones I am yet to meet.

I love you and thank you all

Dedicated to my father
Guido Raiano


If you are aware of a part of yourself,
or your life, that you know could be
or should be better

and you may have the power
to do something about it
but choose not to -

then you are already in danger.

In danger of what?’ I hear you ask.

In danger of losing yourself!

The danger of denying a part of you
real expression, real freedom in life
and real benefit -

the consequences of which are immeasurable.

We all want to live a better life and we all have some part of ourselves, or our life, we would like to improve, unless of course we have already reached perfection!

However, how many of us are truly prepared to do anything about it? And if we do, how is it that most of us give up at the first hurdle?

There are, no doubt, many reasons for this.

But suppose there were a way that could show us that yes, we can influence the outcome of events to be in line with our highest ideals and dreams, that we can have what we desire, that we are meant to have it, and that it is ours for the claiming simply by applying some basic principles in life, some basic Laws of Nature.

Then would it not be a worthwhile pursuit, for our betterment, our time on the planet and the rest of the world, to explore and make use of such Natural Laws?


This book has the power to help you get the life of your dreams,


If you do not wish to embark on a journey of self-improvement, self-development and self-discovery, or if you are not prepared to let down your barriers and look honestly at yourself with open eyes regardless of what you may see there,

nor be willing to make whatever personal sacrifices may be necessary, with the risk that some things may even appear worse in the short term before they seem to settle into something better in the longer term, in order to move closer to your ideal,

then simply close this book now, put it back on the shelf or give it to somebody else…

or if you have reached perfection already!


I’m so glad you’re still holding this book and have chosen to read on.

In each life there comes
at least one moment which,
if recognized and seized,
transforms the course of that life forever”

Ralph Blum

that moment.

Let us begin…

I will guide you through nine steps that will bring clarity and direction to improve or change anything or any situation in your life.

These nine steps will help you go through the process of change, find out what you really want, the direction you need to go in and all the steps necessary to make the changes as quickly as possible.

I don’t tell you or teach you anything.

I simply guide you through the nine steps.

You do everything else.

The answers you are looking for will come out of you.

All the answers you are looking for are inside you right now.

All I am doing is giving you the tools to get those answers out.

It’s as simple as that.

The only requirements…

are that you recognize an area of unhappiness in your life -
something you know deep down should be better -
and that you are open to change it.

Do you recognize that area?

All the events you are about to read that led to the nine step process being created, and the ways in which it materialized, are completely true.

Let me share with you how it all happened…

Chapter 1

I confess
I had been in a mess
most of my life
but didn’t want to see it.

Of course, I was able to hide it well, except to those closest to me, my loved ones, who could see another side of me. It was that part of me that struggled to really get anywhere in life. I call it my shadow side, the shadow side of my otherwise quite positive and optimistic personality. Sure, I’ve had some good times, some successes but I wasn’t able to sustain them or manifest them at will.

What was it that I struggled
with for so long, in fact,
the last 30 years of my life?

First of all I struggled with finding my right direction. I say “struggled” because at times I did have it, only to see it quickly leave me again, sometimes for long periods at a time. I also struggled with getting motivated in the first place and with staying on track once I was motivated. Then, when I did manage to see my goals clearly, I’d struggle to make them happen and with the changes that I needed to make as well. On top of all that, I had dark bouts of depression and crippling fear. Then I would have to battle with my energy, my deflation and my spirits to get myself in the right frame of mind just to start again!

Sometimes I managed, perhaps after a few months, sometimes even years, to pick up where I had left off. More often than not I kept myself really busy because I could always find things to distract myself from what I really wished to do.

I was even like this as a schoolboy. At that time I just blamed it on school being boring and where I lived being boring, looking at everything else but myself. I found it hard to focus my mind and study well. In my free time I always had lots of ideas but could never direct myself to get anything done. And so it continued all through my teenage years and as an adult; nothing changed much except the scenery.

I would have my good intentions. Some time ago I decided to write a book about health. I had a good background in natural health care and as I no longer wished to work as a therapist I still wanted to make use of my knowledge and experience.

I told everyone I was doing this and doing that and working on my goal, but really what I meant by that was that I’d plan to start the day early and be at my desk for 9 o’clock. So I would get up early and then instantly think ‘Hey I’m up nice and early. Why don’t I go for a nice morning walk? I have the time, it’s only 7 o’clock. I love going for walks especially so early in the morning when the air is fresh and everything is so peaceful’. I would wander back about an hour later, look at my desk and by then, of course, be hungry and thirsty so I would fix myself some breakfast.

As I was eating I would think how well I was doing - by then it was still only 8.30a.m. ‘I’ve got lots of time before I need to be at my desk’ I would say to myself. So I’d read the papers a little. Then when it was almost 9 o’clock I would think ‘OK, better get ready to start work’ when all of a sudden, the postman would arrive and deliver a few letters. Well of course I had to check my mail, oh and one was a bill and it seemed to be for more than I expected that month. ‘I’d better check my finances’.

Before I knew it, it was 10 a.m. already. So I sat at my desk but then I’d think ‘I’d better just check my e-mails before I start as I’m waiting to hear from a friend’. I would eventually get started at about 11.30a.m. - by “started” I mean making a faint attempt, shuffling a few bits of paper around and then realize it was almost lunchtime, so I would have to stop and prepare some lunch…

you can imagine the rest.

This is how it continued for many months. Ok I’ll be honest, for several years, about two or three to be exact. And I feel shame about it. It wasn’t only my total lack of time management and will power each day that caused me to get nowhere for a long time, I could just as easily distract myself with things that felt good to me too, such as a relationship!

The following three years I had a lovely, deep and meaningful relationship with a wonderful lady. The distractions came thick and fast, mostly in the form of wanting to live with her. So I uprooted, moved to another part of the country and then realized I needed to pay my way so I spent a few months looking for a job. I managed to find one I liked but after two months my partner was relocated so I left the job, we moved house, settled in and I looked for another job. That all took about another six months. We got settled, I found a job but a few months later we decided to buy a house instead of renting our current place. We found a nice house in another town, but it needed some work doing, etc. etc.

All in all, that cost me another three years. Not because the relationship wasn’t good and that it didn’t enrich my life in many ways; it was very good and did enrich me a lot. It was that all those events took time away from something deep down within me that needed attention and therefore should have been my number one priority. As I continued to prioritise everything else, I grew unhappier and more unfulfilled by the week to the point that I felt I was so off track in my life that my relationship suffered as a result. Perhaps something similar also had a part to play in the ending of my marriage some years previously.

I’d so easily allow myself to get distracted by this little job here, this little relationship there, only to find another year or three had passed and I was no closer to getting back on track. I finally understood what was meant by the words “The road to hell is paved with good intention”. I was deflated again, this time more than ever.

I reached absolute rock bottom when in the space of about six months my long term relationship ended, no surprise, my children moved five thousand miles away with their mum to start a new life abroad, I had to leave my job, move house, move town, start a new full time job which promised me everything and delivered less and less each week, till my hours ended up at just seven hours one week and the promises - were never delivered!

Well, I guess you can imagine what I was going through and how I felt. It was certainly a period of huge changes in my life. Everything was ending, it felt like death all around me and at the time I couldn’t see what it all meant and why it had to happen, especially to me! I was always told that “Life begins at 40” but for me, it was ending, ending big time! The only thing that kept me going, without completely falling apart, was a little voice deep within me which kept whispering…

Everything is ending so something greater can come’

but I didn’t have a clue what!

Luckily though, I have always believed that good things can come out of apparently negative situations, as I have often witnessed it to be true, so I decided to go with my inner voice on this, my intuition.

I did get depressed at times, wondered where I went wrong in my life, how on earth I ended up here at this place at forty years of age when most people seemed to be established in good careers by this time with good money coming in, pensions lined up, holidays and new cars; with good, stable relationships, home and social life.

Apart from the odd down period, on the whole, I managed to keep fairly positive throughout that time. I’ll let you know how in a few moments. However, when the down periods came they were the blackest, darkest and most frightening hell holes I had ever experienced. I later discovered that they were also some of the best things to ever happen to me. In those periods some amazing miracles happened. But I’ll also share that with you later.

That was where I had arrived at the end of my 40th year.

So how did I change my reality?

As I have already mentioned, I had been working on a book idea for a number of years and decided to continue with this because it seemed as though it was all I had left. It was the one area that I still had some control over and could do something about. So that was a positive. Then I started working on my self, on picking up all the pieces, putting me back together in a way that somehow would make sense.

The first thing I looked at was how I could start taking care of myself. I thought about the things that nurtured me, the things that made me feel good. I’d just been through the year from hell so I knew I deserved to be pampered a little to help “my recovery” and as there was no one else to do it, I decided to do it myself.

I made a list of the things that I knew made me feel good, such as spending time in nature, seeing funny or uplifting films, keeping in touch with friends, daily exercise, learning guitar, going to live music events. Then I made a plan of the week and scheduled all these activities into my weekly routine. It felt good! I had a plan that I could work on so that at least I would begin feeling more positive and optimistic again, as I knew those activities would make me feel better. I confess I didn’t manage to stick to it rigidly or do everything as I’d planned. However, because my attention was focusing on those things that nurtured me, even if I only managed to exercise once one week, it was a start and did make me feel better.

That worked, so I decided the next step would be to tackle all the unfinished jobs that were always on my mind and therefore blocking my vision of the way forward. These were things like getting my environment comfortable and orderly. I’d just moved house, spent time grieving over my losses, started new work and hadn’t had time to unpack properly, put things in their rightful place or to throw out and recycle anything that was no longer of use to me. So I did it and gave my house a thorough “spring clean” which also felt very good.

Within two weeks I was starting to feel significantly better.

That was the beginning, and I thought I’d finally cracked it, but what came to me over the coming weeks was what really turned my life around and later became…

“The Answer Is In You”

Chapter 2

This was, I felt, a very good start and then Christmas arrived. I took a break for a few weeks, decided to visit my mother and a few friends around the country as I thought this would be a much better option than just staying at home on my own, with the danger of getting depressed without my children around.

I enjoyed a very peaceful, pleasant and relaxing time. Even the New Year began very nicely but back at home I awoke in my bed on the second of January when, all of a sudden, it hit me! Thoughts of everything I needed to do and achieve that year came flooding into my mind, everything I’d successfully managed to forget about over the holiday period. I was doing so well just before the break but taking that time off made me completely lose the flow and I felt I was back at square one again, this time more overwhelmed than ever.

There were the practical things like earning a decent living - remember that my current job wasn’t providing anywhere near enough hours of work to cover my living expenses. I also wasn’t happy with the area I was living in and my house was too small. I had no social life and no money for it either. There were still unfinished jobs around the house, the garden was overgrown, my washing machine was leaking and the car needed fixing. I thought to myself ‘Some start to the year buddy!’

So what happened?

Well the first thing I did…

was get thoroughly depressed.

Oh yes, it completely overshadowed me and kept me in a state of worry, hopelessness and despair for most of that first week. I had so much to do I didn’t know where to begin, besides which I was in such a confused and stressed emotional state that I found it hard to see the next step clearly anyway. When I did manage to decide on something, by the next day and sometimes later on the same day, I would change my mind completely and then it would change again to something else that I thought would be the next best step for me.

This carried on for days but it really worried me. I had lost practically all my remaining self-confidence, any faith in myself or my life and was starting to think that I would lose the plot completely and never get control of my life ever again. That scared me, a lot - my greatest fears were beginning to come true. I kept thinking that all that was drilled into me as a child - that my choices were no good and that I wasn’t good at anything - was perhaps true. After all, I was incapable of being content in a job for more than a couple of years, incapable of supporting my family properly, incapable of holding any lasting relationship together.

It was a mess, I was in a mess. If I had allowed this to continue my life would have fallen apart for sure.

“In every crisis there is danger
and opportunity”

“Sink or swim” is another well known phrase…

but what do you do when you’ve sunk already?

I needed help and an answer fast,
only divine help and divine answers could save me now.

Can you hear the Angels singing, as they do whenever there is a divine revelation?

This was one of those moments, one that I will never forget.

I was already using a journal for writing my own personal daily experiences, thoughts and reflections. Keeping a journal is an excellent tool that when used regularly helps maintain a sense of flow, connection and peacefulness. However, during this crisis the journal just wasn’t effective enough.

I was feeling really emotional and frustrated so I would just scribble my thoughts and feelings on big pieces of paper and throw them on the floor. This was just to help get my emotions out, instead of having them continually swimming around in my head and my whole being.

It was very helpful, but not only that. The more I continued with it the more I realized that once the initial emotion was out, something unusual was starting to happen. It was as though wisdom was beginning to weave itself into the words that followed the outbursts.

Sometimes my outbursts would take the form of a question. What surprised me was that no sooner had I completed writing the question, sometimes as I was still writing it, the answers would simply pop into my head and not just any old answers but genuinely constructive answers that made good sense! At the time some of the answers didn’t make complete sense to me, and to my analytical mind appeared too grand or unrealistic to follow, but none the less I would write down what came to me.

Intuition: immediate understanding by the mind, or a sense, without reasoning; immediate insight.

I put all this down to my intuition.
It was working well
and I was listening to it well.

It was as though I was having a conversation with someone right there. It could have been my Higher Self, my Spirit Guide, my Guardian Angel, God, or just plain old intuition. Perhaps it’s all the same thing at the end of the day, but we’ll save that discussion for another book.

The way I understand it now…

was that I had to get out of my “mind”.

You know, not the conscious, in the moment, in the now, very present mind which brings complete peace and a sense of oneness with all that is; but the mind that is constantly getting in the way, constantly chattering away, mostly about nothing of any importance at all, yet has the power to overshadow who we really are most of the time and prevents us from experiencing any real peace - that mind!

There was just so much going on in that little head of mine, so much turmoil, that the normal methods for quietening the mind that I usually used were not working at all at that time. These included: meditation, writing my journal, exercise, talking with friends and walking in nature. Nothing was effective against the brutal storm within me. Finally, in complete desperation and anguish I was scribbling frantically in big writing, on big pieces of paper, everything that was concerning me, worrying me and causing such huge pain at that time.

First page:

‘I’ve had enough of this, I don’t want it anymore!’

On the second page I wrote:

‘What is it you want?’

I just stared at this for quite some time and pondered its meaning. ‘What did I want?’ I asked myself. I had never been asked that question before and I had certainly never asked it to myself. It surprised me how such a simple, brief question could throw me. After a while some ideas started to form so I wrote them underneath the question, then pinned it to the wardrobe door that was right next to my bed and always in view.

It read:

‘To have the chance to live abroad, or in the UK, in a beautiful place in nature, near gorgeous towns, or all of it.
To have financial self-sufficiency through publishing or my own successful business which can be based anywhere, or both.
To have time, fun, lots of money and freedom in work.
To always be in credit with all my needs easily covered.’

I was sitting in bed, just looking at the words I had pinned up, thinking how far removed my current situation was from this ideal I had just envisaged and which really felt right. I felt bad at my current reality, felt I was in such chaos and confusion in myself that I must have been contributing to the chaos and confusion on the planet, instead of what I wished to see: peace, harmony, prosperity, truthfulness, love and joy - everything I was lacking. You see, we can all think we really want world peace but have we achieved that in our own little lives yet, in our own tiny corner of the globe? If we were all able to put things right in ourselves, thereby creating peace within ourselves, within our family and home, within our circle of influence, would we not instantly have world peace?

This is how we are all responsible for what we see outside of ourselves as well as inside.

I took another page and wrote:

‘Forgive me, I have been in a mess for such a long time and especially the last few days with the possibility of jeopardizing what I wish to become. I have contributed to the disharmony, chaos and confusion on the planet instead of always being a provider of peace, light, harmony and joy, for that I am truly sorry. Can I put all this right now and never allow myself to create this ever again?’

Then the thought came to write down what I would like to see happen. I knew I couldn’t change the past but there was time to affect the future as it still hadn’t arrived at that point.

‘I choose to focus myself wholeheartedly every day. I choose not to cause stress to myself or anyone else. I choose to not be a burden to myself, others or society. Therefore, I choose:
To be an instrument of peace, light, care and compassion always.
To focus myself and my energies every day to unfolding the best I can be.
To support myself properly otherwise I continue to cause worry to family members and that’s not good enough for me.
To find the right career direction that I may only radiate satisfaction, joy, fulfilment, trust and confidence in life.
To always use my time really well. Thank you.’

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