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The Renewing of my mind …….14

More than a conqueror ………….21

It’s just a matter of time ………….24

I’m an over comer ………….27

Busting out ……………….29

Things you need to let go rise up authority….....31

I am the enforcer ……….32

Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere …….34

Time to Break the curse………..37

The battle is won ………….41

Ready at all times ………….44

Stop tripping and start trusting ………..48

Agree with the word by declaring the word…….49

Be free and stay free ……….52

Give your angels charge over me ……….54

Breaking the stronghold of depression….56

Let go and let God ……….60

Breaking the strong hold of despair……64

Breaking from emotional hurt ……….65

My status has changed ……….72

The truth will set me free …….74

Freedom, No more bondage. No more chains….76

Standing, standing and awaiting victory……….77

Contending for the faith……….80

Staying strong through adversity …….83

Going in and coming out victorious…….85

Every place my feet set upon is mine…….87

The thief comes to steal your possessions love, joy, peace............89

Write down your weaknesses and pray to Jesus and ask for strength………..92

Protection during the battle……….93

My hiding place………….96

A peace of mind……….98

Who can stand against us……….101

Things to bind ……104

The chosen one…….106

The winner in me…….108

Reflections ………110

Never Forsaken……….112

Greater is He……….114

Battle over Addiction……….117

Overcoming habitual sin……….120

God’s Plan the Good plan……125

Have Mercy……….127

Jehovah has the final say……….129




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Manuals are usually pretty dry reading fare. If you want to sleep read a manual instead of counting sheep. I have learned to really appreciate a good manual; and not to assist me in sleeping. I am not ashamed to confess that, being mechanically declined, manuals have often saved me from incorrectly putting things together that would have caused me frustration, embarrassment and either harm to myself or harm to others.

Manuals are written by the manufacturer or maker of a service or product. Inside the manual you will discover not only an explanation on how to assemble the product, but also what it should look after it is properly assembled and its correct use and how it is maintained.

God, our maker, has put together one such manual for our lives that we call the Bible.

I have heard someone call the Bible “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”; but I’ll take that one step further and call the Bible “God’s Illustrated Manual of How To Live On Earth”.

In the Bible we have live illustrations on how to and how not to live a life that honors and glorify God our maker. For example, we find instructions and illustrations on how to assemble our lives for success, how to maintain and strengthen an already good life, how to put broken lives back together, and how to protect our lives from an enemy that wants to tear our life apart and away from serving God.

When you read the Bible you will discover that it has many what I call “Mini-manuals”. There are how-to illustrations spoken by Jesus on what it means to be blessed (The Beatitudes) and His guide on how to converse with God (The Lord’s Prayer). Our apostle Paul has written a guide on how a husband should love his wife (As Christ Loves His Church) and his instructions on wearing our spiritual armor (Spiritual Warfare) is classic. There are many more mini-manuals in the Bible written for our benefit but I want to focus on that last one concerning spiritual warfare.

My niece, Jahdine, has written one such manual called Battle Cry (Sound the Alarm) which has instructions on conducting spiritual warfare.

Yeah, I know, I know; another book on spiritual warfare. They come a dime a dozen; and most, to be honest, are ineffective. But it is not just a promotion for me to tell you that Battle Cry is different.

Usually books concerning spiritual warfare contain largely defensive instructions which I do not want to minimize; defense is very important. But warfare is fought from two perspectives, defensive and offensive.

The Bible emphasizes both aspects of the spiritual fight of faith. We all know about the defensive perspectives of being on the alert, staying sober, keeping guard, putting on the armor of God, taking up the shield of faith and the like. But on the offensive perspective we are told to take up the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, storm the gates of hell, tear down strongholds, and wrestle with spiritual beings in hand to hand combat. Like me, you’re probably tired of the enemy taking it to you as you stay on the defensive; it is time that we take the fight to the enemy!

That’s why I am very excited about Battle Cry. It pulls no punches. It tells us how to identify the enemy wherever he may have camouflaged himself in all aspects of life. And after discovery it tells us how to take accurate aim at the enemy and to land precise devastating blows that sends them reeling back to the abyss.

Usually when one reads a manual they almost never just begin at page one and read on until they reach the last page; they usually go to the section that is most appropriate for the immediate situation they are in. But Battle Cry excels in both regards. You will be edified and encouraged when you read all the way through from beginning to end; but if an emergency arises where you have to target and take out the enemy you can quickly jump to the correct section to begin your assault.

Battle Cry is very well written and not long winded (like this foreword). There is very little of Jahdine’s opinion in this book, and for good reason; she is not your maker. What the book mostly consists of are carefully chosen verses from the Bible tailored for every spiritual situation to give your two-edged sword extra sharpness. It also contains plenty of what the apostle Paul calls “All Prayer” (Ephesians 6:18) which will assist you to confidently speak words of power and empowerment.

So read Battle Cry and go on the offensive. “Sound the alarm.” Make the devil flee and go packing. Take back control of your life, guard your house and those you love, be no longer afraid of the enemy; it is time that he becomes afraid of you.

Carl Staton, author of God’s Greatest Gift

This manual is dedicated to

To Pastor Parasenia Jenkins, I thank you for teaching me how to Stop, Drop and Roll. It is with expressible admiration for your leadership as my Pastor. I’d like you to know I love you unconditionally.

"But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news! Romans 10:14-15

To a Mother, Leader, and Friend, you are more than a title. Only God can define who you are and God has called you to be our beloved leader. You cause us to be holy, walk in the anointing, and be a light in a dark land to a dying world. You have been sent to be a commander to lead the people of God into His perfect will and plan. You have caused us to set our house in order. You have given us the mandate to show love to whoever crosses our path. You have taught us about God’s grace. You have demonstrated Christ's power through the ministry in which He has given you to live. Your walk with Christ has inspired us all. John 16:33 says, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." Over the years you have never hid your weakness or low points, just so that God's grace that is sufficient could be portrayed. God has truly been the lifter up of your head. You have been tempted on every side but God has caused you to be triumphant. You have shown us how to walk with Jesus, carry our cross and be content. You have stayed encouraged, and encouraged others. You continue to fight the good fight of faith and have helped us win the victory and for that we give God thanksgiving. You are one of a kind. One never to be replaced. Thank you for interceding on our behalf both day and night. No one could have asked for a better leader than you. So long as you follow Christ so shall we follow you? We love you, adore you and may you be forever eternally blessed. Love from the Woods-Littlejohn family

To God be the glory for the things that He has done!

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