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Over 99 Proven Strategies To Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Make a Lucrative Living Online in Your Pyjamas


Daniël Bothma

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This book is dedicated to every weirdo, black sheep, misfit, and wild rebellious spirit raging against the dying of the light. As a baked Bedouin mystic spoke unto your humble narrator once upon a dessert twilight, I now speak unto you:

Find your heart and you will find your treasure.

Author's Note

CAUTION! You are about to embark on a whirlwind adventure engineered to radically alter your life and uncover your digital earning potential.

You have something in your possession right now that the world can’t wait to pay for. And I’m not just talking about flogging products, monetising a talent, or capitalising on knowledge, or experience!

What if you could spend time at home with your kids or jet off to exotic destinations with your partner and still earn a descent living? What if you never have to sit in another traffic jam on your way to work?

What if you could get the remuneration without sacrificing your individuality? What if you can be a digital entrepreneur and work when you want and how you want? What if you could become an authority figure by simply being yourself and sharing what makes you unique?

This is precisely what I hope to reveal to you.

When I started out I was after a business model that I was told was impossible. Astute millionaires laughed in my face. I now know Krav Maga literally and figuratively. What I wanted was a Unicorn. Hey, Unicorns are now acceptable for bad-ass dudes too. Just ask Deadpool.

But, I digress. From my perspective it was simple. I wanted NO customers.

NO meetings.

NO traffic.

NO staff.

NO working hours.

NO suppliers.

AND NO products to peddle!

Is there a simpler, more beautiful and inspiring business model in this entire glorious universe? Is such a thing even possible?

After 15 years of blood, sweat and panicky month-ends, I finally found my Unicorn. I now work when I want, with who I want, on what I want, and how I want, for as long as I want. That last one was a lie. Without a deadline, I’m useless. I found that one special business custom tailored to my lifestyle, my interests, my habits, my character, and my gifts.

I’ve been working as a digital entrepreneur for close to 17 years, and holy crap have I paid out a fortune in stupid tax?! When I made the decision to quit my high-paying career as a Creative Director in the circus we call Advertising, I had no idea of the horror-shock and euphoric bliss that was waiting. I had no guarantees or safety nets. I messed up and made mistakes. Big ones!

But, look back, I’ve realised that every so-called “mistake” was a small nudge in the right direction. It was an opportunity to learn how not to do it. I’m convinced that your vibe attracts your tribe, so do what you are passionate about. Life is too short and time is too expensive to waste on building other people’s dreams. Your skill, enthusiasm, positivity, and hard work will attract the right clients and opportunities will unfold effortlessly.

Owning your own business - digital or otherwise - is not for everyone, but don’t let anyone stand in your way. Choose wisely from the forthcoming buffet of great ideas, for here is great power.

It is my sincere hope that upon reading - and finishing - this eBook, you will have the tools and blazing fire in the belly you need to launch and sustain your own online business with nothing more than a keyboard, an Internet connection, and the will to succeed.

I’m a self-made digital entrepreneur and single work-from-home dad, but that does not mean I’m some all-knowing guru on anything. Working for yourself requires determination, time, patience and a solid commitment.

Before I snap into a song and dance about all the ground-breaking discoveries and priceless insights you will gain, let’s take stock! For some mysterious reason, we are all taught from an early age that we are not special. We are told that we are average. That we should conform or suffer the consequences.

Yesterday, our culture needed compliant workers to become cogs in a giant machine and obey without complaint. Today, our future and the future of our children depend on doing exactly the opposite.

More than ever before, this digital village called Earth needs brave mavericks, community leaders, and influencers with fresh ideas. We need fire-starters who care as much about their prospects as their profits. Is that you?

Well, Allrighty then! Let’s get cracking!


"Follow Your Bliss."

- Joseph Campbell

This is the BIG secret! Follow Your Bliss And The Freedom Will Follow!

If you truly ‘get’ this simple yet profound concept, you don’t even have to read further than this introduction. Simply find out what you love to spend your time, money, and energy on and monetize your passion!

This eBook will reveal the secret art to making not only real money online, but a consistent residual revenue stream that can improve the quality of your life.

Okay, you will also discover how to reach a global audience, but when you do what you love, all that material jazz is just a happy bonus.

Many new business owners are so busy being everything to everyone at once, that focusing on attracting the right customers is easier said than done.

What if there was a way to run a business with no need for any of that. No meetings, sales pitches, promotions, or even customers, or products? Well, there is, I’m living proof, and I’m about to share what I’ve learned with you.

I don’t care if you are currently locked in a cubicle, “between jobs”, a pensioner, single parent, or tech-savvy teenager, strewn amongst there here pages you are sure to find something that gets the juices flowing and send a battle cry to the butterflies in your tummy.

You don’t need money to start your own business. A business requires a balance between TIME and MONEY. If you don’t have enough money, you can put in extra time. If you don’t have the time, you can put in the extra money.

What you have here is not a cheat sheet to instant fame and wild fortune. No, it won’t make all your wildest dreams come true in a week, and no, there is no getting without giving.

This passionate appeal is about unleashing your intentions and ideas into the world in a way that makes you money (and perhaps even a few like-minded friends along the way). Think of the creative ideas, innovative concepts, practical solutions, tips, and advice as merely guides to becoming the hero of your own journey.

I took great care to avoid the clutter, scams, and nonsense and give you only the best practical info on stepping up as a digital entrepreneur and earning your worth online. Are you ready for a taste of Freedom? Yes!

The freedom to work how you want, when you want and with whom you want is calling your name!

The liberty to take mid-week holidays and spend more quality time with your children or loved ones or secret obsessions.

The luxury of not having to sit in traffic jams and ‘deal’ with overpaid bosses on power trips. Just the damn ‘phew’ feeling of knowing no matter what you will always have more money than month.

More than free porn and cute cat videos, the single biggest benefit of the Internet is the power to work from home. Never before in history has we strange humans had such a vast library of knowledge at our fingertips.

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