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Wake Up

Copyright © 2017 Godspower Oparaugo

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Wake Up

First edition, 1st August, 2017

Copyright © 2017 Godspower Oparaugo

ISBN: 9781370976980

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Getting Started


About the Author


I dedicate this book to those who aspire to make success notwithstanding the challenges of life.


We want to succeed in everything we do; in our career, education, leadership, marriage, finance and lots more. Of course, that is how it should be when we take the right steps. Here come the right steps to success. Wake up! This inspirational and motivational book is here to help you achieve success by providing 100 powerful truths about life and success for your digest.

This book is truly what the name implies “Wake Up". It’s only powerful words inspired by God that are capable of making you great and that’s what this book stands for, “to make you great"! Inspiration simply means to stir up the giant in you that will make you great. The wisdom and knowledge this book contains are to help you know what you need to know, practice what you need practice and achieve what you need to achieve. Be inspired, be motivated, be transformed, develop your potentials and become successful.

Godspower Oparaugo

Getting Started


100 Powerful Truths


Inspire and Motivate You for Success

  • The destiny of man lies in his decisions. Therefore, man can always become what he had decided to be in life. Your success starts in you; from your mindset. Be inspired, be transformed, develop your potentials and become successful.

  • No man is too old to bear children even at the age of 100 years and above, if only he see a young woman who can accept his proposal. Likewise manner, no man is too weak to succeed in life when he sees the opportunity. Man is supreme over other creatures.

  • To succeed in life, you must first obey some rules and principles of life. If fate had instructed that you must pass through the ocean before you can achieve your destiny then, there is no need for you to pass through the river because, the both are not the same.

  • Never allow your case to be judged by fools. If you do, then you are not better than the least of fools. It means you will forever remain a fool.

  • It is only when you’re in a state of needs that you can discover your true friends. And this is the peak time to make a new list of friendship.

  • A lion does not kill what is does not eat. Likewise manner, man should not initiate what he cannot finish, simple.

  • I am only a human but, I can do amazingly great in anything I lay my hands. Just believe in yourself and fear nothing, and success will locate you.

  • I see campus as a link to greatness and failure. Your success in school depends on how you live your life in the campus.

  • Man is capable of everything. Man can do everything. But man is not permitted to do everything because, not everything is worthy of doing.

  • Nowadays, most people prefer spending quality time making decisions on irrelevant things and give less concern and little time to relevant ones. And this is one of the reasons we suffer so much before we succeed, even when we don’t need to suffer.

  • When we educate our children, they will educate the world. Educate your child at the tender age.

  • In everything you do, put God first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success” –Proverbs 3:6. Have you been doing things without God’s knowledge? Don’t do it again. Recognize God and success will recognize you.

  • The problem most people are facing today is not that God has refused to bless them. It’s because of their inability to make appropriate and accurate decisions in line with their God-given talents and opportunities.

  • It could be dangerous to have a wrong motive towards any decision you are making. You must be careful and also bear in mind that, there are disastrous effects of any wrong decision made. Avoid making negative decisions if you want to succeed.

  • The greatest gift and benefit a child can receive from his parents is education. When you are educated, everything will start falling at your fingertips, even the world.

  • Every moment in life is a blessing, even if it brings tears or laughter. As a child of God, you should always keep Ecclesiastes 3:1 to mind.

  • When a man failed to discover what is wrong with his wife, he may be busy blaming his children. Before you blame other people for your failure or mistake, first blame yourself because, nobody can determine your fate.

  • A man whose legs have two different sizes, also need two different sizes of shoe. It’s better to identify your problems before seeking for solutions.

  • It doesn’t really mean you are subjected to temptations, hardships, rejections and wretchedness or being separated from your creator, whenever you face challenges. Rather, when challenges come, try your best to learn whatever lesson they have to teach you. What make you a winner are the lessons you’ve learnt from your failure because, challenges make a man.

  • I believe that only two things can guarantee us success to you. First, the favour of God and second, the application of knowledge. When God is determined to bless you, he will give you the knowledge or idea but, how you applied it determines your success.

  • True leaders are not selfish rather, they are compassionate dealers. They do not bargain their positions for anything and they hold on to their visions no matter the cost.

  • Life is a game. It’s a very simple one for that matter. We know of football game. It’s very sweet and entertaining but, the teams involved in the game determine the outcome of each match. If team A plays more skillful than team B, they will achieve success while, team B will lose. This is just a simple analysis of the game of life.

  • Nature’s rewards are based on merit while God’s blessings are based on grace. God can bless a man without counting on his commitments to anything but nature will favour you based on how committed you are in life. While you wait for the favour of God, don’t fail to be committed to something good.

  • We all know that there is a reward for every labour as well as there is a reward for every game played and won. How committed you are in life determines your reward.

  • Do you smile when people hurt you? If yes, you are a superior being and if no, it means you need to improve your tolerant abilities. We smile not because it didn’t pain us but, because we want to let go.

  • You need to tolerate all manner of characters for your own good because, you cannot force people to change and even if you have to, you cannot change everyone.

  • Don’t live with pride. Anyone who is full of pride is the greatest enemy to himself and his future is limited. With pride, you would only end up making wrong decisions. Pride destroys the mind of man and limits his greatness.

  • If you can survive and won the battle over other millions of semen deposited alongside with you in your mother’s womb, tell me why you cannot win the battle over challenges, difficulties and poverty? Friend, I know you will succeed because; you’d once done it in the womb.

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