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Many Voices In The Wind

Our chapter title includes “my voice” as a possible un-intentional culprit! Most of those who communicate are no doubt well-meaning in their intent, but we can be a touch confusing at times. Perhaps even a little distracting in regards to “the point”. We can find ourselves a little too overtly representative of an entrenched denominational mindset, thereby setting up an atmospheric dialog of “this versus that”. That approach can be horrifically confusing to others not to mention divisive to the body of Christ.

“This Versus That” can quickly become “Us Versus Them”! Information communicated, is meant to enhance the “bearing of fruit” in our lives, not to prove a point. Perhaps better said: Bearing fruit “is the point”, that can get lost while proving a point!

The all-inclusive sacred subject of our “Almighty Creator God”, is hardly a small body of water for me to swim in! It’s a mighty ocean not a tiny puddle! It must not be approached as a hobby or past time. I being retired, am aware of that possibility existing in the shadows of my intent. I am reminded each day of this sobering truth: I am responsible to God for what I write.

Therefore, it’s an appreciated but equally daunting task to communicate perfection within my understood imperfection. Apart from the enabling dynamic of God’s Spirit, I would abstain in a heartbeat from ever touching my keyboard in reference to Him.

We who share, all genres included, are attempting to relate a “reality” whose magnitude is immeasurable. We rightfully perceive God as neither fiction nor theory but rather “fact”. A serious “fact” that created the universe in all its magnificence. A universe that includes us. An all providing “fact” that imparts our next breath. A breath accompanied with a divine purpose. An amazingly loving “fact” who displayed His love on a “REAL” cross, and not the ones we hang around our necks or dangle from our rear view mirrors like some protectionary superstition.

True lovers of God cannot have their devotion appropriately represented or satisfied through idols nor trinkets nor labelled boxes of humanly crafted religious convenience.

The truth is: “Real” cannot be contained, restrained nor constrained through religious behavior. Its nature is far too explosive for that. It must radiantly BE! God is fluorescently real and worthy to be represented, presented, and responded to as such.

Confusion leaves when the “clarity of reality” arrives. When we adjust God’s limitlessness to be less than what it truly is to accommodate our limits, it’s predictable that we always create the illusion of a small, semi-relevant, controllable, convenient, un-intrusive God who adheres to our terms. We are then left having to “imagine”, that He actually would. It’s arduous and confusing work, maintaining an illusion!

When deciding to integrate our spirits with God’s, we agreed to intertwine our heart’s desires with the reality of all realities. We often aren’t told that at the time. But with: Better being late than never in mind: It’s a very good and necessary thing that we know. Does anyone remember saying “I do” to someone at an alter and then finding out “later” what “I do” meant?

It’s far from unique, that many who have chosen to attach themselves to God with their “I do” of the past, have over time, grown casually comfortable in the setting they now find themselves and never did come to the realization of what “I do”, actually meant, perhaps never being fully aware of its importance. That’s serious and tragic for this reason! God offers a freely imparted intimate reality to be lived with Him as we partner with heaven. That amazing reality is always on the table awaiting our invited ingestion.

But we must first turn our backs on “reasonable facsimiles” of our own making, which our Lord described as “other gods”, to do so. Real or nothing should be our desire! Hot or cold, but God forbid, lukewarm!

Those who hunger and thirst “shall” be filled! I simply can’t interpret hungering and thirsting as religiously programmed behavior, can you? I think a “getting out of the boat of conformity” and by doing so, “escaping the majority’s opinions”, is involved! A Peter like daring to walk on water when others are thinking you to be a touch crazy, is a good start and provides a diving board of faith that once disembarked, lands you smack-dab in the amazing and awesome, deeper waters of God’s heart and realness. A very long time ago a man named Moses dove off such a board!

Moses, Pharaoh & God

Moses, after being enlisted by God to confront Pharaoh regarding the “setting free” of God’s people from Egypt’s bondage of slavery, had the task of introducing himself to the Israelites as their chosen leader and asked God: “Who shall I say sent me?”, with what I assume included a very sweaty brow: God found Moses “hiding” behind a mountain. Moses was hiding for a long time and for a very good reason. The Pharaoh was after him to exact retribution for his killing of an Egyptian guard. Thus the sweaty brow theory. Moses and the Pharaoh weren’t the best of friends at the best of times and this wasn’t the best of times!

God, said of himself in response to our eventual hero’s query: “Tell the Israelites, I AM has sent me to you”! End of response. What Moses didn’t follow up with was: I don’t understand, what does that mean, or I’m confused. Two mighty words opened the eyes of Moses to the majesty of his Sender. He also knew ”I AM” would be accompanying him on his mission and suddenly his fear, smallness, inadequacies and shortcomings, which included a speech impediment, vanished as factors to be considered in the light of his new found clarity of: “I AM”! A massive, spiritually awakening clarity, of a magnitude that would resonate this “reality” to the heart of Moses: If He is “I AM”, therefore “I CAN”!

As a side note question: Who chooses someone with a speech impediment to deliver a message of extreme importance that would eventually impact millions of lives? God does, because He is the determining factor not the messenger. The birth of “confusion” is incubated in the mindset that WE are the story. Who WE truly are is much loved “characters”, who have been graciously written into God’s Story! A story that envelopes “heaven purposed complexities” transcendent beyond our imagination’s abilities to comprehend.

The greatest story ever written, no doubt. One that was penned by the magnificently creative mind of our Creator “in the beginning”, complete with an ending, and signed by the author: “I AM”!

Embracing the truth of our “written into the story” privileged status as proportionately correct, will always lead us into a much more clear understanding of our part to play within the context of “His Story”.

Let’s pause for a moment and consider “this truth”, as an exercise of re-establishing, if needed, God’s true immensity in alignment with who He really is. As humans with all our frailties, many of us have understandably gotten this reality backwards, or at the very least, out of sync.

The problem is, we then live out our lives within the context and mindset of our backwardness, coming to quick, knee-jerk, conclusions that simply aren’t correct.

The truth spoken of is this: God never reacts! He never says; “I didn’t see that coming”. He has never been in a rush. He never loses control of the events that encompass our lives because He “orchestrates” and that’s very different than “reacts”!

“We don’t care what it looks like”, said the three Hebrew children when facing the heat of the fiery furnace. Don’t care? Really? I paraphrase: “We completely trust our God, and see this as part of HIS STORY”! Wow! Trusting in “I AM” is powerful and powerfully persuasive folks! Just ask King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon who found the three with “I AM” dancing in the fire the next morning! He was persuaded! I guess the question is: Are we?

As a biblical example: In the story of God’s people coming out of bondage, God wrote the “Red Sea” into His story with a purpose, and wasn’t surprised by it! He didn’t react by saying: “Oh my goodness WATER! What will I do now?” We serve a God who orchestrates and does not react to every momentary bump in the road!

The bumps have been written into HIS STORY with a divine purpose. When we perceive God as reacting rather than orchestrating, we become flagrantly reactionary to life in general! Clarity becomes lost in the process, as we purchase out ticket for the “spiritual rollercoaster”.

May I add one more thing of hopefully faith imparting insight: Although Jesus often used the term “miracle” while on earth when referring to His super-natural abilities, I’m convinced He did so to appease the temporal minds He was speaking to. He created the entire universe by speaking it into existence. I don’t think He saw healing a blind man as all that big a deal! I liken it to a tiny “ant” finding its way into my car and perceiving it as a “miracle” that I can drive the car. The point is: I don’t!

The next time you see an “ant” do a comparison between yourself and it and you will begin to understand the chasm of difference between your tiny issues and your Great God. Big Faith is the “net result” of having a Big God. One whose dimensions are proportionately correct when aligned with the job at hand!

Our walk with God is to be one of calmly “responding” to that which He orchestrates, but not emotionally reacting. He doesn’t nor should we. While sounding similar, those two approaches are extremely different. The first involves emphatic trust in “I AM”, while the second is fueled by emotion. Emotion, that quite frankly, can’t be trusted. It’s always premised on the obvious and never the glorious. Emotion can be a clarity clouding and confusion enhancing agent. It’s diabolically toxic and devours the wonderful attributes that God imparts. Contentment, peace, and joy are it’s victims. Trust soon follows suit!


Two words whose impact for us means far more than, “I exist”! More than, I’ve always existed! More than, I operate in timelessness having no beginning nor end. More than, apart from Me, there has never been any other “True God”.

And here’s our needed, as it was with Moses, revelation: “I’ve always been Sovereign”! There has never been anything nor anyone above Me! Thus, I am not simply “I AM”, but rather, I am “THE GREAT I AM”! The perpetually sovereign: I AM!

What an interestingly orchestrated by God sequence of events that exists within the triangle of the God, Moses, and Pharaoh story. God asks Moses to talk to Pharaoh with: Let my people go! God then hardens Pharaoh’s heart to be un-receptive. Strange plan don’t you think? What we see is neither Moses or Pharaoh are running this show! At this point, the unknowing duo think of themselves as the story. In human terms that seemed to make sense and reasonably could have been seen as such. After all, it was just them shouting back and forth.

But there was a much higher story in the works from heaven’s viewpoint. God had something magnificently bigger in mind that involved two bodies of water. The Red Sea followed by The Jordan River. While Moses and Pharaoh were duking it out, so to speak, God needed Pharaoh’s lack of co-operation to orchestrate the Red Sea scenario. It was there that God would make His “I AM” clarifying statement to the world’s greatest power at the time, by parting the waters for His people to cross and then closing those very same waters to drown their enemy. An enemy that was foolish enough, fed by their arrogance, to chase God’s people into God’s trap! It was orchestrated!

Folks: Who can stand against the Lord? No one can and no one will! This is our “I AM”. This is the God we relationship with. As it was with Moses so it is with us. Nothing’s changed. He is still “I AM”. He has never been adjusted as to his “I-AM-NESS”.

Post Red Sea there would eventually be the other spoken of water come into play. The Jordan River would also have to be miraculously rolled back by God to allow safe crossing. But this time no enemies were chasing. They had been dealt with at the Red Sea. Perhaps this time God was simply enhancing His “I-AM-NESS” reputation to his people to serve as a reminder for upcoming events like the Battle Of Jericho.

As God’s people crossed the Jordan, God’s promise to them came to fruition. The had their promised land. A promise that would take forty years to be revealed, as dated from leaving Egypt to arriving at their destination.

Today, can we embrace for clarity enhancing sake, “the promise’s” time of origin. Some might say when Moses was enlisted as God’s spokesman it all began. Wrong: That would make Moses the story. Well, we know or should know that God doesn’t make it up as He goes along. That would make Him reactionary therefore plan-less.

This entire story, as is true with our stories, was written in the beginning before time began. Before a human existed, existence in its fullness has always been a realty in God’s heart.

There’s a huge mystery in that mindset that provokes many questions but there’s also a huge mystery as to why God sacrificed his only Son for me. Neither I nor any of us truly understand that mystery but we do embrace it with both hands!

I believe God is so all inclusively, all-majestic, we should be prepared to be overwhelmed by the mystery of Him. Perhaps that’s where faith steps in to bridge the gap, until we see our God face to face. The bible says we will then understand as we are understood.

I realize It sounds kind of “out there”, but so is walking on water. If the bible is right in saying God knew me before the beginning of time and in fact called me from that same time frame, then I believe it stands to reason, that before I existed on earth, I existed in my Lord’s creative mind. I as you, must have already been written into His story simply waiting for “our reveal”. An on-going reveal that continues to this very day in our lives. It’s equally as old as “from the beginning” and as new as our “next breath”! Amazingly mind blowing but not understandable!

Remember Jesus mentioning things that will pass our understanding? I think He said that for the benefit of self-confessed “ants” of which I am a member in good standing!

When I embrace that as true, He stays THE STORY forevermore because He wrote THE STORY. Thankfully with a chapter, that by grace, included me as a character. I get very small and “I AM” gets very big but like Moses I conclude: If He is I AM then I CAN! Proportionately and clarifyingly correct I think.

To repeat and to never be forgotten; Who can stand against the Lord? No one can and no one will! Hopefully this book helps us all re-set our clarity regarding God’s bigness.

Then we like those three Hebrew children can say: “I don’t care what it looks like. I AM is my God and provider and He will be the determining factor in the end”!

Clarity is powerful stuff! It’s amazing how little we actually “need” to know, but how important “that little” is! The bible tells us and the Holy Spirit confirms: We are indwelled by “I AM”, and are the residence of the very essence of God! How much more do we really need to know, to go and be what we are meant to be! The same voice that spoke “faith” into the concerned heart of Moses so very long ago, speaks to us today with the same faith instilling words: As you go, keep in mind, “I AM” has sent you and “I AM” goes with you!

The beginning of our book mentioned “missing THE point” to “make A point”. It’s so tragically easy to do. I trust my meager attempt to clarify serves as a reminder that “I AM” is “the point”. Perhaps we can now “if needed”, re-establish His rightful place on the pedestal of our thinking!

My Ministry Into Our Ministry

Mark 6 - 38 & 41: “How many loaves do you have He asked?” “Go and see”. When they found out they said, “Five and two fish”. Taking the five loaves and two fish and looking up to heaven He gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to His disciples to DISTRIBUTE to the people. He also divided the two fish among them all”. ( Five thousand plus, were fed that day! )

In the biblical story of the “fishes and loaves”, I so clearly see three dynamics in play to achieve the desired completion of the heavenly orchestrated equation. The young boy GAVE what little he had, our Lord then MULTIPLIED it, and the disciples then DISTRIBUTED it.

It’s interesting to note that Jesus, after the multiplying didn’t say, “Come and get it”. What He did say was, “Everyone find a place to sit on the grass and I’ll bring it to you, through my own”. Folks, He loves to involve us. He loves to make us matter! We are blessed beyond measure to be written into, His stories! Just imagine: Invited by Him to participate in His plans for others!

From the inception of the idea of writing books to be made available to “all freely”, there has never been a moment when I haven’t been aware of its ministry context. I could easily be seen as the “young boy” in the story. Jesus has most certainly multiplied my meager offering to Him.

So may I invite and encourage you to be a distributor of that which He has multiplied, thereby elevating “My Ministry” into “Our Ministry”, thus completing “His Ministry”. There’s something about that idea that sounds “perfect” to my heart!

We all have friends, family, work mates, school mates, etc. I’ve included a simple directional on “how to find” the “fishes and loaves”. Please feel free to share “what you eat” with others. You have no idea where it could lead to! That young boy’s mother could never have dreamed, what that little lunch she had prepared for her son on that fateful morning, would produce!

Thanks in advance. Bill Taylor

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