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Fulfilling my dream in this book full of valuable and inspiring information is truly heartwarming.

While writing this book, I encountered lots of challenges, but the title of the book kept me going as the contents became an inspiration for me. I kept faith, and to the Glory of God alone, I am living my dreams.

As long as you possess the ability to read and understand this book, you will definitely excel in any environment you find yourself. Everyone has potentials, but to explore those potentials, one must trigger them from the inner mind.

This book was written for the purpose of bringing out the potentials for fruitfulness and fulfillment. May your Dreams come through.


I am highly grateful and thankful to God almighty who is my source of inspiration for giving me the grace to become what I am.

I want to appreciate my friend and brother Comrade Seiyefa John, who is the CEO of the Niger Delta Film Project. He sacrificed his time toten sure I got the information needed for a successful publishing.

I am grateful to my uncle Mr Preye Siasia, and my inlaw Prince WEJ Alazigha who kept encouraging me and gave me all the support I needed.

I specially thank and appreciate Mrs Deinye Timi-Ekubo who expressed faith that the book would serve its purpose, and awent the extra mile to read through at every point to make corrections where necessary.

To Mercy Samuel and Kingsley Abidde, I want to say a big thank you for your time and support.


This book is dedicated to God Almighty and my late father RT HON R.B. Siloko,


Siloko Oyintari Ben is a motivational speaker and creative personality from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He bagged a B.A degree in Fine and Applied arts from Niger Delta University, Amassoma, Bayelsa state Nigeria.

He has contributed positively in all sphere of influence he finds himself. His way of life as a prolific writer and bibliophile have kept so many people on their feet, trying to work hard and achieve greater things as a result of his creative ability to assist people become readers for greatness.


“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” this is true fact of a popular quote and it is evident in our world today because “evil strives when good men do nothing”. This is why the book Fulfilling My Dream is centered on modeling the younger generation of this age and time, teaching them to choose good and ignore the temptations of being on the wrong side of life, knowing that it pays to hold on to ones dream than choosing short cuts to succeed, which at the end will lead to destruction.

The Author is a vibrant and motivational writer who is eager to inspire his generation to become great through his books.

He believes he can impact the world not only by his knowledge but by helping them realizing that hidden potentials in them, waiting to be explored.

Kingsley Abidde,

Senior reporter,

Bayelsa State Broadcasting Corporation.

“However slow and imperfect an individual is, we remain hopeful as it stays constant that humans are changing, growing and worthy beings. Even the best of minds sometimes need to be encouraged, advised, loved and believed in to succeed.

The foundation of anything determines how high you can build on it, for humans this foundation is in the mind. In this book, the Author has carefully targeted with his writing style, the minds of youngsters to spur them on to discipline, hard work and a focused lifestyle.

The Author has been a disciplined and focused person as well, who has surpassed challenges and risen above the situations life has thrown at him to make a success of himself. It is with sincere hope that this book will achieve just what the author had in mind when he put pen to paper, that is encourage youngsters to make the best of themselves that this book comes highly recommended.”

Deinyefa Timi-Ekubo


Department of Fine/Industrial Arts

Niger Delta University

Wilberforce Island

Bayelsa State.

''Fulfilling my dreams'' is not the only intellectual produce that the Author has in his dream coffers for youths world over. He's got passion to perfect the wrongs of youths in our society. He has clearly established that fact with his first book, ''creativity for excellence.'' If his kind of passion corroborates with continuous prompt passionate action, then our world will be blessed with new sets of youth mindsets-a breed of fit for society fraction of positive influence personalities.

Author Siloko Oyintari Ben's emergence into writing has left the ill behavioral attributes and attitudes of youths in our society trembling till date.

Grab this new primer; ''fulfilling my dream,'' to equip and prepare you to produce positive and creative fruits in all of your lives endeavors.

-Seiyefa John



President/Founder of “Creative iDeas Corporation”

Author of “Ink in the Milk”.






Comments About the Book

Chapter 1: Knowledge to Fulfill My Dream

Chapter 2: Ben Airborne

i. Life at Siloko International School

ii. Life at Binatari University

Chapter 3: Guidelines for Greatness

i. Change

ii. Hard work

iii. Determination

iv. Entrepreneurship

v. Acknowledge God

vi. Mind

.vii. Association

viii. Honour

ix. Obedience and Discipline

x. Integrity and Diligence

xi. Excellence

xii. Humility

xiii. Time

xiv. Neatness

xv. Choices

xiv. Contentment




Japanese proverb – Life without a goal is like entering a jewel mine and coming out with empty hands.

According to oxford advanced learner’s dictionary [New 8th Edition]. To dream is to imagine and think about something that you will like to happen. It can also be a wish to have or be something, especially one that seems difficult to achieve.

As we grow in life, we desire to be great from childhood. The issue is this; everybody wants to be great but nobody talks about the hurdles to cross in order to achieve success in life. We never talk about our conceptions, we never talk about the steps to take, the risk to undertake and we never think of the challenges we are bound to meet on our way to become great. If these things are not put into consideration, you can never achieve greatness because you will always think that life is just a straight road to success. If you have such mentality you will be hit by the holocaust of life, not only which, challenges will also hinder you from getting to your desired destination which is fulfilling your dreams.

But nevertheless, everybody is destined to be great in life; the only time where you will not be able to get to the zenith of your career is when you refused to be a success candidate yourself and therefore choosing failure as your companion; which I know nobody will love to travel on such path. I know there is a question going through your mind, “Why must I choose to be a failure rather than become a success”? The answer to this question is; you may not be aware when you are going through the wrong direction, most times it's because of the pleasurable benefits which are not really beneficial to you positively.

Often, we find students who tend to think they know more than everybody around them including their teachers in school, “I think this is a negative perception”. There is no way you can know more than your teacher, the moment you begin to think like that, you are heading towards a wrong destination far away from getting to your desired dreams unknowingly. You can't possess this kind of mentality and expect to be great in life. If you desire to achieve all you have dreamt of being in life, then you have to change your mentality concerning having more knowledge than your instructors and be ready to learn, else you will plateau.

Try to learn even if it’s something you know, having added knowledge is to your advantage, it takes you a step above your peers and gives you an edge over them as well. I always tell people that what is more blessed to receive than to give is ADVICE. Advice in life is capable of making you outstanding, it will also make you to be courageous and give you the opportunities of learning from other peoples mistakes.

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