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How the Masters of the Law of Attraction Can

Show You The Fastest Way to Attain Your Desires!

By .F. Kuhn, RN

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved

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Law Of Attraction

AttainingYour Desires

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The Miraculous Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar



The following book is based on the Law of Attraction for Prosperity, Health, Love and Ways to Accomplish them the fastest and easiest way.

This book was inspired by different Masters of the Law of Attraction.

Included are examples and illustrations that help with visualization. Without visualization and the feeling associated with what you want, you cannot achieve your desires.

Law of Attraction

Thought is a force -- a manifestation of energy -- having a magnet-like power —the Law of Attraction.

We are sending out thoughts of greater or lesser power all the time, and we are reaping the results of such thoughts.

Not only do our thought waves influence ourselves and others, but they have a drawing power -- they attract to us the thoughts of others, things, circumstances, people, "luck" in accordance with our thoughts.

Thoughts of Love will attract to us the Love of other people who think the same way.

Thoughts of anger, hate, envy, and jealousy will draw to us the same.

Like attracts like in the Thought World. Birds of a feather flock together in the Thought World.

A person who is filled with Love attracts the Love of others. The person with Hate in their heart attracts hate from others. The person who thinks of Fighting will attract others who want to fight.

This matter of Thought Attraction is a serious one. When you stop to think of it, you will see that a person really makes their own surroundings, although they blame others for it. There are people who are positive, calm and are absolutely unaffected by the conflicts surrounding them.

Keep a positive attitude in your mind regarding your innermost desire, whether it be for happiness or for a thing.

For example: Imagine yourself feeling sad, when suddenly you get a phone call with the news that the one person in the world whom you love the most is on their way to see you. Your feeling changes to happiness with this wonderful news!

Can you imagine what a definite reaction you would have from news like that! Well, you can stimulate the same thought, that same feeling of joy by mentally picturing yourself as doing the things that you enjoy.

See yourself happy, and lift your spirits by constantly repeating a happy affirmation, and you will quickly feel the same.

We attract the like thoughts of others. The person who thinks success will be in tune with the minds of others thinking the same, and they will help him, and that person will help them.

People who look for good in everything and everybody will likely attract to themselves the things and people corresponding to their thought.

When your mind is positive, you feel strong, bright, cheerful, happy, confident and courageous, and you are able to do your work well to carry out your desires, and progress on your road to Success.

When you send out strong positive thoughts, they affect others and cause them to co-operate with you or to follow your lead.

When you have a negative thought, you feel depressed, weak, passive and fearful.

And you find yourself unable to make progress or to succeed. And your effect upon others is practically nothing. You are led by, rather than leading others, and are used as a human doormat by more positive persons.

There are more people on the negative plane of thought than on the positive plane.

But, happily for us, this is counterbalanced by the fact that a positive thought is infinitely more powerful than a negative one. If we raise ourselves to a higher mental state, we can shut out the depressing thoughts and may take up the vibrations corresponding with our changed mental attitude.

This is one of the secrets of the affirmations used by the several schools of Mental Science and other New Thought schools. There is no particular merit in affirmations by themselves, but they serve a twofold purpose:

(1) They establish new mental attitudes within us.

(2) They raise the mental vibrations so that we may get the benefit of the positive thought waves of others on the same plane of thought.

Whether or not we believe in affirmations, we are constantly making affirmations. People who assert that they can and will do a thing -- and assert it intensely with feeling-- develop in themselves the qualities conducive to that thing they desire.

Here is an example of a positive affirmation:

If, on the other hand, you say and feel that you are going to fail, you will choke the thoughts coming from your own subconscious mind which is intended to help you. You wind up in tune with other failure and negative people.

Do not allow yourself to be affected by the negative thoughts of those around you.

Development of the Will is very much like the development of a muscle -- a matter of practice and gradual improvement.

Unfortunate circumstances are overcome by reversing your own thought. Anxiety and fear always attract the same.

Reverse this and entertain only those thoughts that are happy, and the adverse circumstances will disappear; and in their place you will feel happy.

People who have developed their minds so that they will allow the Will Power to manifest through it, has opened up wonderful possibilities for themselves.

Not only will you have found a great power at your command, you will be able to bring into play and use talents and abilities you never thought could happen. This secret of the Will is the magic key which opens all doors.

The trouble with us is that we do not want to do the thing enough to make us exert our Will Power. We don't want to work hard enough. We are mentally lazy, and we are weak in our Desire.

Let a person be in danger of losing their life -- let a woman be in danger of losing a great love -- and you will witness a startling exhibition of Will Power from an unexpected source.

Let a woman's child be threatened with danger, and she will manifest a degree of Courage and Will. And yet the same woman will shy away before a domineering husband, and will lack the Will to perform a simple task.

Now, if you are really honest about this matter, get to work and first find out what you really want to do -- then start to work and do it! Never mind about the Will Power -- you'll find a full supply of that whenever you need it.

Thoughts of anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, worry, etc., act directly on the secretions causing an actual poison in the system, which in time will destroy the body unless they are overcome with love, harmony, joy, etc. Constructive thoughts and love are the strongest of all.

We are told by the greatest teachers that the fundamental law of our being is love. Love the Higher Power, love your neighbor, love yourself, love your enemy, love everybody and everything.

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