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Endings are not always happy after all,


“The Father’s dialogue, Endings are not always happy after all” is a motivational context with a taste of fiction. The book revolves round a soldier and various emergencies occurring in his life. The plot takes a turn when the only option left for the soldier is to write his heart out in form of various letters containing experiences and morals that he wants to inculcate in his son. Book further emphasizes on love of the soldier towards the nation and how much he suffers. It was a very difficult situation for the young soldier. Time being immortal made situations further worse. A taste of his life lessons and his experience will be a journey which readers will love.


“Hey there reader .Thanks to every reader who his investing his/her time to read this. I want to thank my parents first who have always been a pillar of support. My teachers, who deserve every single appreciation for the same. My friends for always supporting me. “The Father’s dialogue, endings are not always happy after all” is a very special book. This is my very first book and I have written it in a time span of an year. This is a very short book which contains everything we desire in life. I want to thank my mother “Minakshi Mathur” , she was the one who edited this book. It is because of her I could compile and complete this. She did tremendous efforts and I wish to thank her from bottom of my heart. My Father “Sanjay Mathur” for helping me always in times of happiness and in times of crisis. My entire family who has been a constant motivation. Thanks to each and every individual who helped me to complete this. I couldn’t complete this without them

I genuinely hope that all the readers would like this.

Warm regards,

Shikhar Mathur


CHAPTER I : The Soldier

In the midst of high winters and everlasting calm, Rudra, the army man sat alone inside the woods. Even after worse climatic conditions, he sat near the bonfire remembering all the events in the past that caused a permanent scar in his mind. It was the starting of his army career. He was very happy, and jumped all over out of excitement. He used to spend a lot of time with his family of 5 members till now. All 5 of them, Rudra, his wife Naina , their son Jay, daughter Preeti and grandmother Satara lived for each other and were a happy family. As soon as he became an army officer and took the responsibility of serving mother India on his shoulders, he never used to get much time to spend with his family. All he understood was work. A passion in mind to do something for the country, Rudra was among those soldiers who instead of dying wanted to live for the country but was not afraid of dying either. He always used to say “Army men are those who might die, but won’t let the mother nation suffer”.

As time passed, He got transfer orders. Already the time was less for family, now it further reduced because now the 35 years old had more responsibilities at his new army station. His family always waited for him to come home and can spend time but Rudra had very little time. When he used to visit the home, the family looked a complete perfect family.

Jay was just 7 years old when a tragedy hit the entire family hard. As Rudra was posted near Golakhabad , Uttar Pradesh, India. His wife Naina and daughter Preeti went outside to buy some goods, where they met with a serious accident, crowd gathered, various calls were made. Till the time Rudra could respond and come to the town, his hopes shattered. His wife and daughter were critical, and soon their eyes were closed forever. Rudra, who had pledged to save the nation, could not save his wife and daughter. Rudra got a shock of his life.

He cried, he cried a lot and questioned himself why wouldn’t he but the family who used to love him unconditionally, is lost somewhere from where it could never ever return. Rudra could never see his daughter and his wife again. The Army man was very strong yet very weak. Jay was too young to understand what life and death were and his grandmother was in a big shock too. Rudra lacked the guts to face the 7 year old and answer all his questions.

Jay and his grandmother shifted to Aurangabad. Jay was given false hopes that his mother would return and sister Preeti has gone to nani’s place. But even after the tragedy, the soldier didn’t give up. For him, nothing was worse than giving up in life.

The mighty soldier gathered all his courage and lost hopes and decided to serve his country. Rudra used to work a lot even after knowing how hollow he was without his wife and daughter. His wallet had their picture which he always used to see before sleeping. Kissed the picture regularly, watched the stars twinkle, smile a bit forcefully and thought that his wife and daughter must be watching him, remembering them. Absence of family and the vacuum created in his life used to kill him from inside. He realized how much his family mattered to him only after losing it.


Rudra had so many responsibilities but he was always bothered about his mother and son Jay. Rudra always wanted to meet his son but he couldn’t often do that due to his responsibilities towards his nation. He always wanted his son to be a person of golden character.

Rudra soon got a promotion for his hard work and was endowed with more responsibilities. The joy of spending time with his son appeared like an unachievable dream to him. Already Jay lacked parent’s care and used to get upset at small things, as he used to miss his parents so much. He always waited when his mother will come and play with him and run after him shouting and saying “JAYYY! WHY DON’T YOU HAVE FOOD”. Wanted his dad to come and take him to amusement parks. The 7 year old child was going through a phase which even adults fear.

Father Rudra was bound with high insecurities as he feared about ruining his son’s future. Just when he was recovering from this phase, soldier’s life became further miserable. In the camps of Indian border, there were bombings. Immediately army was on high alert. Emergency flagged, firings began and the atmosphere of terror was established.

“Look out there, our camp is burning” said a familiar voice. As he turned, he saw 5-6 camps burning. Indian army was on high alert and waiting for the chief’s orders. “FIRE”, chief exclaimed and all the visible terrorists were dead. But destiny had its own twist. One of the terrorists escaped due to fire everywhere. Rudra’s only friend after his posting, Rahul was captured by the horror soul. He threatened to kill him.

Rudra warned him not to do so. However, Rahul was recklessly killed by the terrorist, as he demanded a revenge for his people being killed. Rudra’s body froze… “I don’t know what to do next.” Rudra exclaimed.

Rudra couldn’t recover from the family crisis as yet and now his dear friend died. Rahul was the person with whom he shared his family matters, love, hate and everything. But now, the soldier is completely left alone. He suddenly felt the state of oblivion. The 35 year old golden soul had not only sacrificed his family and but even his friend, who died for the mother nation.

Rudra cried a lot alone. He didn’t cry with tears he cried from heart. It was as if everything is over. One day, while he was in a discussion with his commander in chief, he saw him writing a letter. Out of curiosity Rudra asked “What is this?”, “Whenever I miss my family, I write letters to them and my family writes letters to me too. I miss my family so much but the nation comes first. So I keep writing to them and pour my heart to them through letters“.

Rudra decided to do the same. He wanted to write his heart out in the form of letters, which he wanted Jay to read once he grows up. The lonely soldier who wanted to talk to anyone found the letters to be his best listeners. Now before going to sleep every day, he decided to write a letter to his son. He wanted to inculcate morals in Jay. What if he isn’t there with his son, his letters would always guide his son.

Rudra writes his first letter...

Chapter III: Dedication

Dear Jay,

I don’t know when you will be reading my letters. I just want to tell you everything is fine here and I am living comfortably. I am writing various letters to you through which I want to be with you in your hour of need.

There will be various instances in life when you’ll actually start feeling very weak from inside. Not because you are weak, but circumstances might make you. So before telling you about courage read this:

There were 5 frogs who were trained by the king frog. King trained them how to cross the river. At starting they were very excited and optimistic. However, as time passed, things became boring to them. Only 1 frog was dedicated towards crossing the river at any cost. Rest of them waited for a break to happen and used to do what the king frog said just for the sake of doing it.

They all used to skip the training sessions and were not at all dedicated towards work. But that one frog always used to practice and practice and practice. One day, the river currents were very high and there was a threat to their life. Now was the time for all the frogs to show courage. That one frog, which practiced a lot quickly jumped over the river and reached at a safer end. But those 4 frogs that were very keen of enjoying saw consequences at a later stage. All 4 of them died “

All those 4 frogs died because they lacked the dedication. When we start becoming dedicated towards our goal no power on this earth can stop us. That one frog who wanted to cross that river did it. He practiced a lot and at the time of showing courage he showed it and saved his life.

At the time when we decide to enjoy, we are very much pleased. But do we ever think that we are risking our future for this? When you are dedicated and courageous, even the wildest and most violent storms resign. You might think that you need not practice things every day because it may be a waste of time. But in the end you’ll realize it isn’t so. When we start to conquer our mind it’s the time when the half battle of our strife for success is won. Remember practicing with full dedication, takes you to your final destination.

In life never be afraid to show courage. Your practice will allow you to show your courage that at a right time. You may fail in various areas because failing is the part of learning. Whenever you fail remember it’s not the end. We create self made barriers for ourselves, that doesn’t even exist in the very first place. Change your mindset and conquer the world.

You’ll start complaining once you don’t get the reward of what you deserve but believe in miracles. Believe in yourself and work, a combination of both is a miracle.

A flower blossoms even when its nectar is lost, lost to birds. It still continues to blossom. Be a flower. People might try to end your happiness but is it worth thinking about such people?

Answer it and realize the truth. In a dim world surrounded by bushes and leaves, it is too often difficult to be a sunflower. But not impossible! Be a man of courage and dedication. It is very easy to lose focus. But is it worth?

Spend time with your grandmother, take care of her. I love you and I miss you.

Your loving father


Chapter IV: Permanence?

Dear Jay,

There will be times when you’ll feel lonely and would question yourself, as to why I am left alone and that too at a time, when I need them, the most. In such as time, be hopeful and have a look at this…

But how do you justify that people leave. We love them still they leave? Is there an end to it? “

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