Excerpt for A Poetic Journey Into The Schizoaffective Mind of a Bi Polar Soul by , available in its entirety at Smashwords



Like the wind

I’m coming swift

We are ALL Great

I must persist

Dare to Dream

Make yourself a checklist

Learn all You Can

Become a generalist

Like to write

Be Your Own Journalist

Think You’ve got hands

Become a Pugilist

A Few Like Minded individuals

Soon I’d Like to enlist

Two Heads are better than 1

I like to get things accomplished

Black on Black crime

Needs to Cease and Desist

All the Hate in the world

We Need to resist

Learn to Love one another

We Have to coexist

Some say it’s Impossible

I’m a Dreamer a Idealist

No, I’m just for the people

Far from a capitalist

Not trying to be a rapper

Singer, Performer or vocalist

Just want better for our future

I’m a Thinker also a Realist

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