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The Dooming Exit of Lupus by Daleen BARNES

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Self Published: 2017


See how a brave young girl Layla comes to terms with the findings of Lupus and managed to survive; not sure at times if the storm is over; one thing makes Layla realize that once you come out of the storm you are not the same person who walked in it in the first place

In a phenomenal way she realize that all it takes to survive is taking one step at a time as her disease leaves her family emotional through a difficult time, but gently awaits her healing

Based on a true story

Layla wakes in the middle of the night with numbness in her joints from her hands to her shoulders. The pain has taken residency a few days ago, but tonight it has grown worse - burdensome even. I should go see a doctor, she thinks to herself. With this thought in the back of her mind, she lies down and eventually - finally - doses off.

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