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The Shift


Dahlia McCutchen

This book is dedicated to YOU! The person who is reading these words, striving to reach their goals and their destination. The person working towards the successes in life. You are God’s vehicle! Start Your Shift.


This book would not have manifested had I not heard GOD say "SHIFT." It was his voice and the undeniable tap on my shoulder that said it's time to DRIVE! I thank God for the wisdom, the words and the paths that I crossed that made this book possible. Pastor Mickel McKinley, thank you for being there when God gave me the word "SHIFT!" Thank you for listening to me cry and even sometimes questioning God about the direction, and where I needed to park, and when I needed to drive. Thank you for just being you. My Bishop C. Sterling Davis, thank you for helping me with the vision and the understanding of how God operates, how I was to use the shift. Thank you and First lady for standing by me when I had lost my faith and faced decisions that could have ultimately changed the course of my life. Thank you for your prayers, your love and allowing me to be a part of The Renaissance family, even when I was not in church on Sundays. You still embraced me and was there for me and my family. Thank you for praying over the books that I have written and all that God has in store. To the people who made this book possible, thank you so much for trusting me to give you my advice, my opinion and what I thought may help your situations. Thank you, for allowing God to move you to call me, to email me, to text and reach out to me when you were in need of Guidance or just a lending ear and shoulder to cry on.

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