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You and the Power to Do

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My name is Jack L. Espinoza. I hope you'll find this e-book, created

by me, a viable source of happy and prosperous understanding.

Throughout my life, I've had many opportunities to meet persons

with circumstances which have inspired me to reach whatever

potential I could find in myself. In many ways, people continue to

inspire me; and, in turn, I've tried to inspire others with my

original literary, artistic works.


The contents of this e-book reflect the author's views and

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Copyright © 2017 Jack L. Espinoza All Rights Reserved


Hello! Thank you for your interest in my e-book. I've written it to share with you powerful, useful information; it may impact for the better what you do or don't do while traveling on your exciting personal journey to become as successful as you are willing to strive for. Included in this e-book are EXERCISES simple to understand and to use, no matter who you are or what you may do.

The following information is dynamic enough that it could change the existing COLOR of YOUR CHARACTER to the color that may help to create positive changes in your way of being. Those changes can then be used as springboards in helping you to achieve a marked degree of success.

The information which follows isn't about your psychological makeup written by a layman (me). The information contained in this e-book offers no in-depth explanations why you do what you do or why you don't do what you'd like to do or should do; I leave such analytically intensive information for others – those learned individuals who are professionally qualified – to write about.

You and the Power to Dohas been written to stimulate you into immediate beneficial action, and to give you a solid foundation on which to begin or to continue your personal and professional journey to untold successes. But first it's important for you to know who YOU are before you can begin to tap fully your “power to do.”

Also in this e-book is information which focuses on why it's important for you to experience bouts of failure. As is already known, failure is real and can lurk nearby you; that becomes more apparent the closer you draw to success. So, when experiencing serious setbacks or grave non-fulfillments, regardless how successful you are presently or will become, don't dislike failure, welcome it.

When welcoming failure, it can actually become one of the most insightful resources you have in helping you to attain high levels of success AND to maintain them. But, please don't misunderstand me. I don't like failing as much as you; that's why I've found ways to turn this negative into an element less distasteful. I'll share those ways with you.

Before you continue reading, promise yourself you'll do everything possible to bring about that level of personal and professional success you dream to make happen or wish to achieve; a big part of the promise is never to stop believing in yourself and in your potential; but before you make that promise, set your sights high enough to make the journey more interesting and most profitable. Then, I want you to demand of yourself that you'll be persistent in keeping that promise. Don't put off any longer making this important commitment. Do it now!

Due to the straightforward presentation of the elements of this e-book and their likely effect on your way of being, I want you to isolate yourself from everyone and everything; find a peaceful spot in your corner of the world, and settle in for a time. Do it now!

At the ready, a pad of paper and a pencil or a pen should be kept; then, take a deep breath, exhale, relax, and let's get started. Your success calls, and will not wait.


Jack L. Espinoza






Chapter 5 – DO IT NOW!





About the Author

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Never was borne error without trial;

never was borne struggle without effort;

never was borne work without endeavor;

never was borne failure without success.


and the


to Do

the Poem

You and the Power to Do

Whenever you may feel abandoned by success,
it not having left a good forwarding address,
YOU CAN COPE, turn to your faithful companion hope.
Reliable hope brings forth opportunity;
to work with purpose and direction are both key;
YOU CAN WIN, search for the drive in you deep within.
Do not worry over any yesterdays passed,
and prize the present for it also will not last;
YOU CAN STRIVE, focus on goals and keep each alive.
Assert yourself to yield the highest net profit;
challenge without end the boundlessness
of your wit;
YOU CAN CLAIM, just state your desire and take aim.
The course of your life is charted by your firm plans;
nurture them to bloom and not drift as wind-blown sands;
YOU CAN WILL, form steps to help you scale any hill.
Use abilities you discover to possess;
rely on sound reasons which advance your success;
YOU CAN DO, seek ways that work for you and follow through.

You and the Power to Do,
the perfect partnership to
tap talents in countless ways,
all which are sure to amaze.


and the


to Do

You can do, just find those ways

that work and follow through.

Jack L. Espinoza



The whole world is up for grabs! What part of it do you want?” declared Destiny to passers-by as she slowly circled her index finger in the air.

It's yours for the taking,” she added. “But you'd better hurry because somebody else will beat you to it,” she quickly cautioned before walking away until dropping from sight.

Not one passer-by gave the grand lady so much as a fleeting look back nor a slight heed to her words. All the passers-by were too busy concentrating on pressing matters far more important to them to ponder than to think about whatever else.

You're a busy person. Daily, you have lots of endeavors to do and only twenty-four hours to get them all done. Early on, you decide which tasks top your list; and the duties on the bottom of the list may not get due attention before you run out of time to do them. It's a day-to-day juggling act.


On your daily list of endeavors to do, the topper should be: What talent or skill do I have which I can turn into a life-changing, money-making opportunity for myself and improve the quality of life for others?

It's your rightful heritage to join the growing number of persons who already are profiting highly by their talents or skills. You also can be one of those persons who's living in an upscale neighborhood and driving a fancy automobile. Maybe having lots of money isn't a primary goal of yours; maybe what's important to you is being in control of your life. Perhaps the direction of your life is telling you: Whatever you want, you can have.

With a daily, almost fanatical attention to definite opportunities which abound and await you to grab and turn into a goldmine, you've nobody stopping you. It's merely a matter of deciding whether YOU desire what you currently don't have, then taking the right steps to acquire those wants.


The world is steeped in opportunities. It's been that way since the need to have has been dictated by the circumstance to do. Take a moment to look around you. What do you see? When you think of the light bulb, the name Edison may quickly come to mind; electricity reminds you of Franklin; the radio is synonymous with Marconi; the telephone prompts thoughts of Bell. Those apt examples are miniscule compared to the enormous pool of inventions common in our world today.

All the foregoing examples of opportunities turned into remarkable inventions were started in the same manner. First, they were raw sets of circumstances awaiting discovery; then, the inventors each added their ideas and purpose until the desired results were achieved. What all those clever creators have accomplished are specks on the “seescape” of countless personal stories of success which daily offer hope and inspiration to you and what power you have to do.


All opportunities share a common trait: They're uncommonly different; that is, they come in all shapes, colors, sizes. There's something else about opportunities: They wait for no one; that is, when you see an opportunity and don't seize it, surely somebody else will.

How many times have you felt you were on to something big, but didn't do anything about it? Think back to the many times you could've taken one acorn of opportunity and carefully planted it to grow systematically into a mighty oak tree of personal and professional success.

Today, there are no less raw sets of circumstances in the world than times gone by – just more people who may likely see the same opportunities as you; so, don't hesitate to explore yours for the reason you've as much right as the next person to all the good in life. Don't live life stuck in neutral gear when others roll by you in full throttle.


Indeed, opportunities abound! They're flourishing, and it's never been easier than the present to capitalize on a life-changing, money-making opportunity.

Ongoing innovations in the industries of telephone and computer have helped immensely to bring the world to you; by using that phenomenal, dynamic technology, you can ferret out opportunities suited to your ideas, purpose, projected goals. Others have, and so can you.

Maybe you think you'll never see opportunities to take full advantage of them; or, maybe you're thinking that when you do see opportunities, it'll be impossible for you to take yours to a successful end result. Rethink. Don't ever doubt what abilities you have already and what skills in time you can acquire to help you along the way to unimaginable success.

Reallyyour success is your choice. But – the longer you wait to claim your rightful heritage, the more likely it won't be there when you're ready. Give yourself your binding word you'll do everything possible – and, impossible, if need be – to be ever watchful for your opportunities; give yourself your binding word you'll do everything possible – and, impossible, if need be – to be ever prepared when your opportunities come your way or when you make them happen.

The whole matter of isolating and seizing opportunity to achieve your level of success can best be expressed by the straightforward yet empathetic words of the believer to the skeptic: I am unable to convince you to accept what first you will not expect.