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Happily Ever Grateful

Live Happier through Gratitude...

(and Stop Whining About Life)

Angela Hartley & Instafo

Copyright 2017

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Chapter 1: The Minimalistic Approach to Happiness

1.1 Life's Bare Necessity

1.2 Gratitude Gentrification

Chapter 2: Start from the Inside to Feel Gratitude

2.1 Mindful Maintenance

2.2 Exercise: Reconnect Self-Awareness

Chapter 3: Discover Your Source of Gratitude

3.1 Gratitude in All Things

3.2 Exercise 1: Nostalgic Memory Lane

3.3 Exercise 2: Higher Reciprocity Scale

Chapter 4: Head Towards Your Path of Gratitude

4.1 Choose Graceful Choices Always

4.2 Exercise 1: Start a Gratitude Journal

4.3 Exercise 2: Understand Your Self-Humility

Chapter 5: Apply the Science Behind Gratitude

5.1 Self-Expression or Self-Depression

5.2 The Studies of Gratitude

5.3 Exercise: Become Part of Statistics

Chapter 6: Unburden Your Biggest Blockage to Gratitude

6.1 It's Not All About You

6.2 Reflection: Uncover Your Demons

Chapter 7: Practice Proactive Gratitude

7.1 Everyday Voluntary Gratitude

7.2 Exercise 1: Grateful Opportunities

7.3 Exercise 2: Thankful Ritual

7.4 Exercise 3: Complaint Converter

Chapter 8: Be Happy for No Reason

8.1 Begin Being Grateful

8.2 I Am Grateful For...

Chapter 1:

The Minimalistic Approach to Happiness

Life's Bare Necessity

As Phil Collins sang in “Another Day in Paradise”...

Oh think twice, cause it's another day for

You and me in paradise

Oh think twice, it's just another day for you

You and me in paradise.

How many times a day do you feel like you are living in your version of paradise? That your life is complete and not lacking in the "simple bare necessities" to forget about your worries and your strife? Once, twice, too many times to count...or perhaps not at all?

Have you every thought that all you needed was a little bit of gratitude as "old Mother Nature's recipes that brings the bare necessities of life"?

According to the Webster-Merriam Dictionary, gratitude is defined as "the state of being grateful."

Doesn't help much, does it?

However, the Oxford English Dictionary gives a more concrete definition, "the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness."

Nevertheless, you don't really need an exact definition for gratitude. Defining it would be limiting it. You simply only need to understand it as an emotion that is easy to feel. After all, even animals express love and gratitude.

But if it is so straightforward, then why do so many people struggle to bring it into their daily lives?

Gratitude Gentrification

The question now is how easily do you show gratitude – do you consciously think about expressing or feeling it or does it happen spontaneously for you?

  • Just like love, gratitude is an emotion that is frequently misunderstood, not often expressed, and not experienced enough.

  • Just like love, gratitude is soul food. It can fill you with warmth and comfort that can create feelings of contentment and make you feel grounded.

  • Just like love, gratitude creates a relationship of acceptance and an intent to nurture a person, thing, or experience.

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