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Starseed Lives

Four Generations on Earth!

A Quick Read Book


The Abbotts

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Chapter One - Tara

Chapter Two - Dane

Chapter Three - Summer

Chapter Four - Harry

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We have written many books about the Starseeds and how they live, think and love, on their own planets. The majority of young people born since the late 1960’s are what we call Starseeds - souls who come directly from the Pleiades to incarnate as humans. Why? To help us overcome our war-like tendencies and save our planet from extinction!

The various Starseed generations started with generation X, then generation Y, generation Z and finally generation A. Generations X, Y & Z are usually considered as being - Generation Z (1995 - 2009), Generation Y (1977 - 1994) or Generation X (1966 - 1976). Generation A is considered to have been born since 2010.

But how do these ex-off-planet men and women cope with Earth and her many idiosyncrasies? Do they struggle with Terran life or flow with what is happening? This is the theme of our four stories - how ordinary people find their way in a rather perplexing world! Maybe they can help you find your own way.

We offer our stories with much love, Light and hope.

Tony Abbott and Robyn Abbott

The Abbotts

Eden Park 2016

Chapter One


Tara woke up, stretched her arms, and yawned loudly. A pain shot through her skull and she immediately winced. “Hell, I’ve got to stop drinking!” she said aloud and staggered from her warm bed and into the small bathroom, for a shower.

Tara was forty-five, a short, plump woman with shoulder-length, dark hair and large, brown eyes. Usually her expressive eyes mirrored her thoughts and emotions, but today, bloodshot and sore, they only seemed to criticize her current lifestyle.

“I know, I know!” she told herself in the bathroom mirror, “As a nurse, I should have more sense, but...” here, her soft voice petered out.

Tara knew that since her son, Dane had left home and gone to work in Sydney, her life seemed somehow empty and without purpose. She had taken to commiserating with her friend Jackie, at the weekends and this duo of divorced and depressed women had led to drinking that extra bottle of white wine, when they sat complaining about their unfortunate lots in life.

Both had been deserted by their unfaithful spouses. Jackie’s husband, Ed had run off with his nineteen-year-old secretary, much to his wife’s disgust. Jackie referred to his new lover as ‘the blonde bimbo’ in a very disparaging way.

Tara and Bob had just grown apart over their seventeen-year-old marriage. Their initial passion had become lukewarm and they found that apart from their son Dane, they had little in common. When Bob began an affair with a co-worker and Tara had found out, it seemed time to say goodbye to a no-longer functioning marriage.

It was Dane that she worried about more than herself, but he had shown unexpected maturity in accepting the sad situation and remaining friends with both his father and mother.

Tara had hoped eventually, to find someone on her own wavelength. A man who liked travel and had an open mind about life. But so far, the few dates she had gone on had ended up in disappointment. The men were nice, but not what she was looking for in a partner. This time she was choosing her lover, much more carefully.

To begin with, he should be interested in her work and they should both enjoy doing the same activities together. Then she wanted someone who was broad-minded and not narrow or conservative like Bob. She had dabbled in New Age paranormal skills such as crystal healing and the tarot and she would have liked to take it further, but Bob had always condemned such things as ‘rubbish and for the gullible!’ and so she had not followed her natural inclinations. But how nice it would be to have a caring partner who also wanted to explore these psychic skills and not just mock them!

In the last four years since he had left, she had not taken them up again and she now regretted her apathetic ways. Life with seeing Dane through his university years and keeping them going with her nursing jobs had kept her so busy and it left little room, for any psychic development. But maybe, now, she could revive her old interests; at least it would be better than the drinking bouts and agony stories with Jackie!

Tara also glared at the extra ten kilos that she wanted to lose off her short frame. Overeating local take-away meals and drinking wine and beer were taking their toll.

“No more alcohol and takeaways and a regular walk a day for you, Tara!” she told herself sternly. Somehow, the image in the mirror looked unconvinced.

Still, she started as she meant to go on and ate a bowl of muesli that tasted like horse chaff and cleared up the dirty snack trays and empty wine bottles from the night before. She wondered if Jackie felt as bad as she did, this morning. Then she swallowed two aspirins and headed out the door with a loud sigh. Why was life so hard and so boring!

Her unusually depressed mood followed her through her busy morning and nothing she did seemed to shake her discontented feeling. Tara worked in a small private hospital in the city of Penrith that specialized in plastic surgery. It was a modern, elegant building that catered for its rich clients who wanted a nip or tuck, to keep the ravages of aging away; at least for a time.

Tara had been attracted to the field of plastic surgery, when she returned to nursing, after her divorce. She had envisaged saving children from lives of crippling facial and body wounds; repairing accident-ravaged faces and repairing babies’ faces born with hare-lips and misshapen features, but instead, she had discovered that pampered, snobby clients who wanted a new nose or a face lift, were to be her usual patients.

She hurried to answer a patient’s bell and sighed inwardly, as a woman swathed in facial bandages complained of the food and drinks that, she was served. “I expect better refreshments than these,” she whined to Tara, “especially for the money, I’m paying here!”

Tara smiled at her pleasantly, although inwardly she seethed and offered to find her some other food from the kitchen and hurried away. She passed a mirror and looked at herself critically, in it. The nurses all wore a most unbecoming uniform of grey and white with a ridiculous tiny, white veil perched on their heads.

Matched with heavy white shoes, they all complained how dreary and matronly they looked, but their nursing director had explained to them curtly, “That they were here to work, not try to compete in looks with their wealthy patients!”

But the dreary uniform added to Tara’s growing depression and resentment. Life should not be so drab!

Surely, there was more to life than this!

In her lunch break, she sat in the small staff room, ate a banana, and drank a cup of black coffee. She picked up a Nurse Employment magazine and idly thumbed through the articles. Suddenly a bold typed ad seemed to stare out at her from the glossy pages. “Registered nurses needed for a free clinic in Botswana. One year contracts, good salary, pleasant free accommodation and the opportunity to help others in need!”

Tara’s brown eyes glowed. Wow! She would love to do something like this! She thought for a moment; was it possible? Could she just up and leave Dane and her friends for a year? Her heart pounded wildly, why not!

Before she could talk herself out of it, she took her mobile phone and quickly rang the number in the advertisement and asked the woman who answered, for an application form.

Then she returned to her ward duties with an excited gleam in her dark eyes. Life had merit, after all!

Of course, Jackie and her other friends were very wary about her going overseas, to such a developing country.

“You could get caught up in a war or catch some dreadful disease like AIDS!” they warned her, but Tara just smiled back at them.

“I haven’t even been accepted yet!” she told them. “Let’s just wait and see!”

Jackie had groaned, “Who will I spend my evenings with, now? Who else wants to hear about how bad Ed has been to me?”

Tara shook her head. “Its time we moved on from Ed and Bob, Jackie. We’re young and free; let’s enjoy life and not moan about it!” She hoped Jackie would take her well-meant advice.

Dane on the other hand, had been enthusiastic about her application. “You’re a great nurse, Mum. They’re sure to want you! It’s great, you’re doing something new!”

Tara had been pleased at his response and wondered if, he thought that she had gotten into a rut. Unfortunately, he had mentioned it to her ex-husband Bob, who telephoned her to add his criticisms.

“What are you thinking, Tara? You’re too old for this kind of thing! I hope that you’ll forget this African lark!”

Tara was most indignant; Bob was four years older than she was and he had left her and Dane at this very age, to embark on his new independent life. She simply snorted when he heard his recorded message on her answering machine and it hardened her resolve - to get that job!

On the following Saturday, she visited a clairvoyant for a life reading. She had known Rosie Parkins for years and she had in the past, found her a good source of psychic information and an understanding shoulder to cry on, when things seemed difficult.

Rosie was a large, grey haired woman, in her late sixties with a kind manner. She gave Tara a hug, when she arrived and led her to a comfortable armchair, while she sat behind a small desk. On the table was a large crystal ball. She had explained to Tara once, that sometimes, she did see pictures in the cloudy orb, but usually, she just used it to focus her mind.

“I see you in a very hot, foreign land with many dark-faced people around you. You are healing them and I see you looking contented and happy. You are finally beginning your true Life Mission! Does this make sense to you, Tara?” She looked up from the crystal ball with a frown.

Tara nodded and asked, “What is a Life Mission?”

Rosie smiled and answered. “We all incarnate to Earth with a master plan. This ‘master plan’ is called your Life and World Plans. Before incarnating, the scenario goes something like this - you meet with your angelic guides and higher beings on a higher plane and review your previous lives, particularly the most recent past life. This is all done in an amicable, helpful way. There are no great trials or condemnation of your former activities on Earth. No one judges you.” Tara nodded, this was fascinating!

“With the help of your spirit guides, you will draw up a major Life Plan for yourself. This plan will consist of who you will be born to and where, what will be the major events in your life, who you will interact with and what qualities you wish to develop. You will also look at the negative behavior that you may engage in and how to resolve it.

In this life, you decided to become a nurse, Tara and work at helping others. However, I feel that although this is your Life Plan, your World Plan is now finally beginning! You’ve had your marriage, had a son and worked and lived in suburbia, but its now time to enlarge your life!”

“How?” breathed Tara.

“By helping others, unconditionally. Not just working for a salary or for convenience, but expanding your self to help others, who are not as lucky as you are!” The clairvoyant smiled. “And I also see that your reward for doing so is that you will meet your Twin Flame partner! Now that can’t be bad, girl! Ha ha.”

Tara laughed with her. “Yes. I would really love that!”

She left the clairvoyant’s home feeling very happy and hopeful. If all she saw came true, Tara had a good life ahead of her!

At night after work, she surfed the internet on her laptop, for any articles about Botswana. She found out that it was a small country close to South Africa with four decades of uninterrupted civilian leadership, progressive social policies and a democratic government.

Its capital was Gaborone, where she would be initially stationed, if she got the job. It was developing economically due to cattle, mining and tourism, but was medically under-serviced. Tara hoped to redress this wrong. If only, she could get this new job!

She tried to learn a few words of Botswana language and was soon repeating to herself, ‘Dumela’ hello and ‘goodbye’ was ‘Ke tla go bona’. She was determined to be able to speak a dozen phrases, before she got there!

She also kept up her regime of eating healthier and resisted takeaways and made simple salads for herself. She walked to work and even got out Dane’s old bicycle and rode around the local sports park. Now that she had a focus in life, she wanted to be fit and ready for it! She was even more excited, when she got on the bathroom scales after three weeks and found that she had lost eight kilos!

At last, a letter in an official-looking envelope came to her post box. She closed her eyes, said a brief prayer, and then tentatively opened it. She had been accepted and she danced around the front apartment block garden with joy. She was going to Botswana!

Now she wondered what should she do with her apartment for a year? She didn’t want just anyone living there. It had a nice view of the Nepean River and it was close to the stores and her work; what if someone trashed it? Then she put her worries aside and said aloud, “Universe, help me to find the right tenant!”

When she told the administrator at work that she was leaving to work in Botswana for a year, the older woman congratulated her.

“I once worked in India, at a clinic in Mumbai. It was the best time of my life!” Her blue eyes glowed at the memory. Then she stopped and said. “What will you do with your apartment, Tara? I have a sister visiting for a year from Darwin and she and her husband would be excellent tenants, for you!”

Tara smiled and silently thanked the Universe. She was set now! She happily agreed to the idea.

She had only two weeks to get ready for the trip and in this time, she attended a talk about the clinic in Gaborone and how specialized groups of nurses and doctors would be sent out to the small settlements, to medically attend the people there. She sat beside a tall, blonde-haired woman of her own age, who seemed as excited about the work, as she was! Her name was Emma and they soon became good friends.

On the day of her flight, she looked around her small apartment feeling quite nostalgic. She and Dane had lived here for four years and it felt familiar and homey. Was she doing the right thing? But then her natural good humour came to the fore; of course she was! Life was exciting now and the future unknown. She should embrace it, not fear it!

Tara and Emma sat together on the plane, as it streaked out of Sydney. Dane had come down to say goodbye and she had felt proud of him with his pleasant manner and tall, healthy physique, as she introduced him to her new friend Emma. Then they had hugged and she had left him with a tear in her brown eyes. It was difficult to think of not seeing him for a year!

“You are so lucky to have such a lovely son,” said Emma with a sigh. “I never married, but who knows, maybe I’ll still find the perfect man, one day!”

Tara smiled back at her new friend. What had the clairvoyant Rosie told her? That she would meet her Twin Flame partner in Botswana; she certainly hoped that Rosie was right!

They flew to Cape Town and then changed flights to a smaller plane for Gaborone. By the time they reached the small sprawling city, they were both tired and travel worn, but they knew much about each other’s past histories and liked each other very much. They caught a taxi to a hotel and rested for the night.

In the morning, they met the other nurses and doctors who they would be working with at a large rented warehouse. They were shown the large trucks that had been fitted out as mobile surgeries and examined the equipment and files.

She looked up to see a handsome, dark-haired man staring at her and he winked at her with a smile. She couldn’t help but give him an answering smile.

Later, she was introduced to him as Doctor Stuart Jones and he proved to be as friendly and nice as he appeared. She and Emma sat with him during an impromptu lunch and he regaled them with funny stories about his time attending patients in the Botswanian bushland.

“I’m interested in their folklore and natural healing practices.” said Tara with a determined look. “Have you come across many local treatments that work, Stuart?”

He looked at her with interest. “I have actually. Many of their local herbs and treatments do have medicinal benefits. Perhaps, you’d like to come with me to a small village outside Gaborone where the old medicine cures are still performed?”

Tara nodded, “I’d love to!”

Emma later told her laughingly, ‘that she had won a heart!’ but Tara just smiled. She was determined that any future relationship that she had, fulfilled all her needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, not just through sex appeal! She was a Generation X’er and she wanted the best husband possible!

Her trip to the small village was very interesting and seeing the herbal treatments used on the sick men and women, was most intriguing. A healer held a brown and apricot agate stone over a woman’s stomach. She suffered from intestinal problems and the healer told her that the rays of the gemstone were connected with the soil of their country and could heal her. She seemed pleased with her treatment and took a concoction of willow bark to ease her pain.

The healer did not mind Stuart arranging an appointment with her at the Gaborone clinic, later in the week.

“She won’t need it!” he said with a big grin. He found the modern medicines quite amusing, but he seemed to respect the handsome doctor.

A week later, Tara set out with a group of nurses and doctors to visit a small settlement, on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. The village was poor and the houses shabby, but their presence was met with friendly greetings and hospitality. They slept in a clean, but plain home and performed several operations per day, on injured and malformed patients.

One small boy, Baruti had been born with a severe harelip and he and his family were so pleased, when after a four-hour operation, he was left looking much like the other village boys. His mother cried when she saw how his disfigured face was now normal and Tara cried with her, tears of joy. This was real nursing!

She also grew to enjoy the friendship of the Botswana men, ‘Rras’ and women, ‘Mmas’. The women often wore vivid caftans with headscarves of many colours. The men were direct but polite, in their conversations and were proud of their fledgling country. They honoured their guests with the best of their simple foods and drinks and were great storytellers, of the past.

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