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Self-Motivation Hacks

15 Simple Practical Hacks to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

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INFO INTRO: The Success X-Factor

HACK #1: Ignite Motivation by Hacking the Wheel Engine

HACK #2: Fantasize Satisfying End-Goal Result

HACK #3: Deliver the 5 Commandments of Achievement

HACK #4: Fuel Excitement through the Unknown

HACK #5: Conquer the 5-Tier Motivational Pyramid

HACK #6: Jump-Start Adrenaline to Feel Motivated

HACK #7: Compare Yourself to YOURSELF Only

HACK #8: Focus on Many Micro-Solutions Over the Big Problem

HACK #9: Reward Results Reminder

HACK #10: Create Self-Imposed Limitations

HACK #11: Seek and Utilize Others' Feedback

HACK #12: Feel the Pain of Worst-Case Scenario

HACK #13: Progress in Manageable Increments

HACK #14: Fire Up Warrior Mode through an Arch Nemesis

HACK #15: Think Like a Winner, Not a Victim

INFO UNLOCKED: Self + Motivation = Success


The Success X-Factor

Have you ever felt like a failure because you’ve given up on a project or just wanted to do nothing at all? Have you been hesitant to apply for something because you feel that you aren't good enough?

If this sounds like you, then you lack self-motivation. Why should you care?

Self-motivation is what drives most people to succeed. At the end of the day, it’s not about how smart you are, who you know, or how much education you have. It’s more of a combination of passion, enthusiasm, and action.

Self-motivation is the X-factor that will:

  • Help boost your enthusiasm. Once you’ve learned how to channel your own self-motivation, you will also learn how to dig for the positivity needed to blaze your path.

  • Help make your life more meaningful, because discovering what motivates you is something that makes you feel fulfilled and happy at the same time.

  • Help you achieve more than you would under normal circumstances. Self-motivation works like a stimulant that keeps you focused on whatever you wish to accomplish.

  • Help you in the face of adversity. There is no better time for self-motivation than in times of struggles, when you are able to overcome obstacles to become even more successful.

  • Do so much more for you.

Now take this scenario:

Imagine being stuck in a lone rowboat in the middle of the sea, and after rowing for shore for 45 minutes you feel like giving up because you’re exhausted. Self-motivation is that sudden, small voice that tells you: “Come on, you can do it … just count the number of rows to boost yourself up!” That is the type of inner voice you need to find the strength to keep on rowing until you reach the shore.

With all this being said, let's start applying some self-motivation strategies.

HACK #1:

Ignite Motivation by Hacking the Wheel Engine

Ever find yourself not having the strength to crawl out bed in the morning? Of course you have! We all have.

Yet, we can’t always determine whether this is a product of true laziness or simply a lack of motivation. Whatever the case may be, many of us have days like that when we can’t seem to get motivated by anything to even go through our simplest daily routine.

One thing is quite clear: You definitely need your daily fix of motivation. Thus, our first technique is called the "wheel ignition."

Imagine a wheel that rolls from point A (the moment where you lost inspiration) to point B (when you start being active again).

This is how this technique can help get your motivation igniting again:

1. When you are experiencing a very low level of inspiration, or low mental energy, take some time to lie down, or sit down, for a few minutes.

2. Breathe deeply, in and out once, and start imagining a wheel moving fast, right in front of your eyes. This stage should “wake you up” and suggest an engine sound in your mind, signaling that the wheel is here.

3. Visualize the scene once again with the wheel moving a little slower. Visualize the wheel turning fully around five times. Blink every time you see the wheel move to register its movements. Each turn symbolizes something (an action), with:

  • First turn: Straighten your neck and head.

  • Second turn: Open your eyes wide, which symbolizes waking up.

  • Third turn: Think about what needs to be done during the day. If you need motivation for your daily routine, you should tell yourself: "I must wash my clothes, stop by the bank, call my accountant, write tomorrow’s memo, etc."

  • Fourth turn: See the wheel pass in front of your eyes, but this time with all the things you were supposed to do on this day.

  • Fifth turn: Tell yourself “Go” as you’ve supposedly reached Point B.

This technique is pre-programming your mind to visualize what you have to do, then jumpstarts you into doing it.

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