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Organic Cooperation

The Guidebook for the Road to Paradise and Your True Self

Frans Baars

Rohnert Park, CA

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Organic Cooperation/ Frans Baars. —1st edition

Table of Contents



Part I: From Light to Density

Chapter 1: Paradise Lemuria

Chapter 2: Duality and Fear

Chapter 3: The Life Simulator

Chapter 4: Real Life

Chapter 5: From Abundance to Scarcity

Chapter 6: From Scarcity to Greed and Abuse of Power

Chapter 7: Organizations and Societies in the Life Simulator

Chapter 8: Do We Really Write Our Own Scripts?

Chapter 9: The Bridge to Real Life

Part II: From Density to Light

Chapter 10: From Density Back to Light

Chapter 11: Accepting Our Divine Nature

Chapter 12: Love and Fear

Chapter 13: More Students Are Waking Up

Chapter 14: Our Body as a Blueprint for Organic Communities

Chapter 15: Being What We Are: Our True Self

Chapter 16: The Path to Our Heart: Our Free Will as the Mode Selector

Chapter 17: Switching Our Mode Selector to Real Life

Chapter 18: The Quantum Mirror: Part 1

Chapter 19: Feeling with the Heart

Chapter 20: The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

Part III: The Road to Paradise

Chapter 21: The Time for the Light Generation Has Arrived

Chapter 22: The Transition into Organic Communities

Chapter 23: Organic Communities, Organic Cooperation

Chapter 24: Organic Communities in Our Society

Chapter 25: The Quantum Mirror: Part 2

Chapter 26: New Leadership

Chapter 27: Big National or Multinational Corporations

Chapter 28: Religious Organizations

Chapter 29: Earth as a Body and as an Organ in All There Is

Chapter 30: The Mist of Veiled Consciousness

Chapter 31: The Power of Sending Love

Chapter 32: Transition to the New Earth

Chapter 33: Paradise


About the Author


Archangel Healing




This book about Organic Cooperation is not meant to be a scientific study. It simply is the result of writing down in clear language my visions about the human experiences, the present situation on Earth, and the road to the New Earth (Paradise).

When I started writing, I got the feeling that the book had to be written for a broad circle of readers, who are not necessarily familiar with New Age concepts, spirituality, channeling, and esoteric terms and ideas, but who are interested in understanding what is happening on our planet, and who like a practical approach and tools that can easily be used in daily life.

I offer the information in this book to you, the reader, as I would offer the best food to my friends. I prepared it with Love, and you can accept it or reject it. If you taste it and like it, you can decide to eat it. Even then, you can choose to keep and use only what is beneficial for you at the moment and simply release the rest, because the shortest way to your destiny is your own path.

The good thing about a book is, of course, that it is a fresh meal every time you read it again.

Bon appétit,

Frans Baars


On October 4, 2011, the Beings of the Light, whom my partner Marilyn and I call the Archangels, told us the following story about our origin as human beings:

In the Beginning, there was only Light, and the Light began to examine itself and said to itself: “What are you?”

And the Light answered: “I am you. What are you?”

The Light smiled and said: “I understand.”

And the Light then began thinking about perhaps duplicating itself, and so it said to itself: “Let us be two.” And there were two. Two Lights, two Flames, both the same, both sending out Light, both asking questions of themselves, and saying to each other: “What next?”

So the Lights said: “Let's make two more.” Each one split itself and created a new Light, and there were four. And the four began questioning, and they decided to make more Light, and the four became eight.

And we know that you see where this is going, for we tell you, the splitting continued on and on, and continues to this day.

And many events happened to try to extinguish the Light, or the Lights, but the strength of the Light has become so great that nothing can harm it, nothing can extinguish the Light, nothing is greater than the Light. The Light shines forever.

The Light IS. The Light lives forever.

And so you see, that is in truth the story of YOU, for you are one of those Lights. Each one of you is a Light. Each one of you carries the original Light of the SOURCE within you.

In their message, the Archangels describe how the first infinite Light with unlimited potential started creating and became the Creator, Source of All There Is or, in short, the Creator-Source. It also describes the birth and the further development of the one and only cosmic body All There Is. The first Light can be seen as the perfect and infinite Light Cell that split in two. And subsequently, the Light Cells split into four, eight, sixteen, etc., thus forming the Cosmic Body All There Is.

The splitting continued. The cells formed cosmic organs like galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, moons, plants, animals, and so on, and of course also human beings. The highest frequencies of Light of the Creator-Source formed the Heart of All There Is, which is also called the Great Central Sun. And the Heart radiates its Light and Love to all parts of the cosmic body.

Because everything is derived from the Creator-Light, there is in fact only Creator-Light. The Creator-Source is All There Is and All There Is is the Creator-Source.


We are all divine beings and we are all one with the Creator-Source and All of Creation in the one and only body called All There Is.

This is the foundation of Organic Cooperation.

Part I:
From Light to Density

Chapter 1

Paradise Lemuria

Long, long, long ago, even before the time of Atlantis, there was a large continent on Earth called Lemuria. Lemuria was situated in a place we now call the Pacific Ocean. Lemuria was very beautiful. It contained mountain ranges, forests, exquisite brooks, rivers and lakes, lush meadows with flowers, and a great many other different landscapes. In short, it was Paradise, and the Lemurians lived as divine beings in that perfect land.

In Lemuria there was only Unconditional Love, and life on Earth was perfect for the Lemurians, but no Lemurian could know what a perfect life entailed, because there was no comparison with an imperfect life possible at that time.

Like the Creator-Source, the Lemurians wanted to examine themselves, so for each one the question arose: “What am I?”

Of course, they knew they were divine beings, carrying the Light of the Creator-Source, but they wanted to experience what that entailed.

The souls of the Lemurians agreed to participate in an experiment that would enable them and the Creator-Source to gain more conscious awareness about their own perfect, divine nature by experiencing imperfection in duality on the planet Earth, in the so-called 3rd/4th dimension known as space/time (3D/4D).

The idea was to provide the soul with all kinds of different and often opposite experiences. So, the part of the soul that would have those experiences needed a lot of lifetimes (incarnations). There would be lifetimes as a woman and lifetimes as a man, and as a homosexual during the transitional lifetimes from woman to man and vice versa. There would be rich and poor lifetimes, lifetimes with diseases and healthy lifetimes, lifetimes as a slave and lifetimes as a slave owner, lifetimes as a perpetrator and lifetimes as a victim, etc. All conceivable roles would be played throughout numerous lifetimes.

The souls only sent little parts of their Light into the human beings on Earth, but these little parts were enough to register all experiences of their human beings in all lifetimes in the souls’ libraries of wisdom.

Souls who only experience perfection cannot consciously know what perfection means.

The souls of the Lemurians agreed to participate in an experiment of experience on the planet Earth.

A lot of lifetimes are needed to provide the soul of the human beings with all kinds of different and often opposite experiences.

Chapter 2

Duality and Fear

So, the Creator-Source decided to allow an experiment of experience in duality on Earth, because duality provides imperfect experiences through which a human being can become consciously aware of all aspects of perfection.

For instance, if we live solely in a perfect temperature, we cannot know what that means, because we have not experienced other temperatures. We don’t even know that there is such a thing as temperature! By experiencing (too) cold and (too) warm, we become consciously aware of the existence of temperature, and what a perfect temperature means for us.

In the same way, we cannot be consciously aware of all aspects of our perfect divine nature if we don’t experience the (imperfect) opposites on both sides of our perfection. So, we can experience lifetimes as abusers and lifetimes as victims of abuse, lifetimes as priests and lifetimes as criminals, lifetimes as thieves and lifetimes as philanthropists, etc.

Duality was created in Lemuria by slowing down the vibrations of the human beings on a conscious level so that it became almost impossible for them to experience Unconditional Love.

Of course, the vibrations of Unconditional Love did not disappear, but the human beings could not translate those vibrations of Unconditional Love into experience any more. Their reach fell short. Fear was created by the illusion of the absence of Unconditional Love, and that felt like a separation from the Infinite Creator-Source.

Although it is impossible to separate from the Creator-Source, it is possible to experience such a separation in the illusion of duality on Earth.

Human beings had entered the fictitious world of Duality, and they all became Students in the experience world of the Life Simulator on planet Earth.

By experiencing imperfect opposites, we acquire conscious awareness of all aspects of our perfect, divine nature.

All human beings are Students in the Life Simulator on planet Earth.

Chapter 3

The Life Simulator

The experience world on Earth is a kind of Flight Simulator or, even better, a Life Simulator. Living in the Life Simulator, we are allowed to experience whatever we want: good/bad, honesty/dishonesty, perpetrator/victim, etc.

Before we enter or re-enter the Life Simulator, we write the script for the lifetime in which we want to experience certain imperfections. We agree to forget what we agreed upon; otherwise, the experience would not seem to be real. Our souls love each other so much that they even agree to play the most dramatic roles for each other.

It is impossible to do anything wrong, because in the Life Simulator everything is experience, and experience is neither good nor bad, but leads to wisdom and conscious awareness of who and what we really are.

All human beings in the experience world are Students who follow certain experience programs in the Life Simulator. There are programs for being rich, being poor, being a leader, being a servant, being the abuser, and for being the abused, etc., etc. There are Students who are just starting in the Simulator and others who are almost ready for graduation into Real Life. In due time, all Students will return to Real Life, but each Student has its own individual path with curricula.

Humanity as a whole has gone through innumerable experiences, and consciousness about our real divine nature has grown so much, that humanity is on the way to emerging into the next level of growth. After eons and eons of experiences in the Life Simulator, enough Students are getting ready to live in perfect balance, and in perfect harmony with their sisters and brothers on Earth.

After eons and eons of experiences we, as humanity, are well on our way to graduate into Real Life in full awareness of our divine nature.

Humanity is getting ready for graduation, for Enlightenment, for Ascension into higher dimensions!

Though humanity is on track for graduation into Real Life, many Students in the Life Simulator still experience fear. This fear is in part a general fear of the unknown, but a substantial part is (sometimes deliberately) caused and spread by Students who follow the Power/Leadership Program.

When Students are experiencing power for the first time, they often have not yet experienced the abuse of power in a victim lifetime. That's why they might have chosen to experience greed and abuse of power in their present lifetime first.

As a part of their experience they act like cancer cells and create tumor-like organizations that take as much energy as possible and grow at the expense of the societies in which they operate. Maybe they are graduates in another discipline, but they are Freshmen in the Power/Leadership Program.

For the scope of this booklet, those (abusive) powerful Freshmen are called the Leadership Freshmen and the group of organizations in which they operate is called the Power-School.

Greed and abuse of power have separated the Leadership Freshmen from the living society to which they belong, and that’s why they continue their practices. They don’t feel the unity with their society and with Mother Earth anymore, and are mainly interested in increasing their own prosperity.

Of course this is all part of the experience program of those Leadership Freshmen and their victims, and both parties don’t know on a conscious level that they are only playing a role on the stage of the Life Simulator.

However, the Leadership Freshmen know very well that they can only control other Students if those Students are fearful, so sometimes they deliberately spread fear in order to maintain their (illusion of) power.

But, by doing so, they also create the perfect stage for the Students, who are their victims, to overcome their fears and set themselves free.

Experience is neither good nor bad. It’s just experience and paves the road to Enlightenment.

Gaia (Mother Earth) and humanity are in the process of Ascension.

Leadership Freshmen spread fear in order to stay in control, and thus they provide the stage for other Students to overcome their fears and set themselves free.

Chapter 4

Real Life

Day after day, the trainee pilots play in the Flight Simulator. They play and crash time and again until they have enough experience to make impeccable flights. Then they are ready for graduation. They become pilots and are ready to make flights in real life.

The same applies to Students. Lifetime after lifetime, they play in the Life Simulator (3D/4D). They die (crash) time and again until they have gained enough experience to live an impeccable life. Then they are ready for graduation. They ascend into Light-Beings in human form, and live a Real Life as Co-Creators with the Source of All of Creation.

Soon, enough Students will have graduated to make the transition to Real Life possible. You might think this is a little bit too optimistic, but know that there are many more Students ready for graduation than we can imagine, because these Students tend to stay in the background. They move on the stage of the Life Simulator, but at the same time they observe life in the Simulator from the auditorium (a dimension with faster vibrations).

They don’t judge behavior as good or bad anymore, but just as experience, because they know the Life Simulator is a perfect tool. They are not interested in fighting the so-called bad behavior of the powerful Leadership Freshmen or anybody else, nor are they interested in the so-called good behavior of their victims.

They quietly spread Light and Love around the world, thus gradually creating a New Earth in Real Life. The graduation of the Earth out of 3D/4D and into 5D and beyond requires only the participation of a relatively small number of enlightened human beings, although the Ascension process is accelerated as the number of participants increases.

Until now, a very small part of the Earth’s population was able to transfer fear to a substantial part of the world’s population. However, fear has no fraction of the power of Love. For example: if only 1% of the world population would spread Light and Love all over and around the Earth, then wars would cease to exist.

Further, because the Light-Beings in human form can dwell in the Life Simulator, their faster vibrations enable them to create Love-based structures, which are invulnerable.

And, because Love is freedom, the presence of enough Light and Love creates a climate that makes it easier for the rest of humanity to accept their own freedom and cross the Bridge of Consciousness to Real Life.

In Real Life, human beings become Co-Creators with the Creator-Source.

Chapter 5

From Abundance to Scarcity

The Life Simulator (3D/4D on Earth) has been set up as a perfect environment to experience imperfect opposites. All opposites would teach us something about the nature of perfection.

Because we are a part of our soul, our soul family, and therefore of the Creator-Source, our experiences create more conscious awareness in all those parts of the Creator-Light and the Creator-Source itself.

Even though many, many souls sent parts of their Light into bodies on Earth, they did not intend to be separated from their humans on Earth, but the connection with their human beings became so weak that these human beings almost completely lost their awareness of the connection with their souls.

However, the Creator-Source in its wisdom allowed even those experiences, for Earth is a planet of Free Will and free choices.

It all started with the idea of scarcity.

In the Life Simulator, human beings were initially still firmly connected to their souls and the Creator-Source, and that implied that there was abundance for everyone (Paradise).

As so well described by Glenda Green in her book The Keys of Jeshua, every human being knew - in the beginning - that their abundance came from the Creator-Source, and that they merely were the recipient, steward, processor, developer and distributor of that abundance.

She also describes the principle of tithing. Tithing is the voluntary assignment of a part of our abundance (often one tenth) to other creations of the Creator-Source.

For example, in an orchard, one tree was not touched at all. That (sacred) tree was available for the animals and nature in general. A part of all crops in the fields was not harvested for the same reason. Craftsmen gave a part of their products to the poor, and healers used a part of their time to heal the less fortunate ones and the animals.

In that way, they expressed their gratitude to the Creator-Source as well as their trust in the unlimited abundance provided by the Creator-Source.

The story goes that Eve violated the trust in the abundance of the Creator-Source by taking fruit from the sacred tree, the tree that was reserved for the Creator-Source and nature.

Of course, it is not important whether it was Eve or Adam, or one or more human beings. What was important was the fact that at a certain moment, humanity had started to doubt the abundance of the Creator-Source: what if the flow of abundance of the Creator-Source would be interrupted?

This doubt was the beginning of the illusion of scarcity.

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