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In this space, I will create the race, that sets the pace, to ensure the chase, to open the case. Form a solid base, a beautiful face, enchanted, enclosed in a golden case, dressed in all lace, yet carries a mace! The leader, source will fuel our space, open hearted, open minded, open willed. Free flowing, beyond over flowing. Over flowering, over powering, watching, waiting, anticipating, congregating, penetrating. pushing through forever, beyond the never. Past the edge of insanity. Come forth source, let me behold thy beauty, wisdom, warmth. Omni potent, omni potential, create that which wills to be created. Me, as I Am, that I Am. I Am ready. Time is now. Now, I Am that I Am.

Louie. L. Taouk.

Quick note all brothers and sisters. None of my books, will have chapters. I didn’t even want page numbers, but as to get this out there, it has to have page numbers. It is not a competition, nor a race, if you re-read over a page, maybe you are meant to. I will those who read The Living Literature, to lose all other focus, and simply be present in this moment, here, with yourself. Indulge A Little, which will become A Lot. The Lot includes the Little, oh there’s More! Enjoy your time here.

Hello and welcome back, front, side, up, down, whichever way you like!!! I’ve been busy. Very busy, learning all about social media, how to do this, what documents to use to upload my books, how to create websites, to be honest, what a load of rubbish. I have tried and tested all these new ways, and yet nothing will ever beat, face to face, human contact. Sorry rant over, let’s get to it!

And so here we are again. Welcome back, I missed you, did you miss me?? You couldn’t have missed me, I never left, I’m stuck in your brain, lurking in the shadows, and the light. The Mirror is everywhere. Ha ha. A humble and grateful thank you to each and every one of you.

We are back at it again. Was wondering where we are going to travel to now? Wherever you like! So how did you all find A Little About A Lot? Was it too little? Or too Lot? Or just enough? Never enough! Ha ha. I will open this book with a grand statement. I Am here, and so are you! Amazing isn’t it, that we are all still here. Where? Nowhere! Now Here! Watching, waiting, anticipating. Welcome to the “now” moment of now! Shall I tell you what, and where we are going to travel to in this Living Literature? Nope! Just keep reading. All I know is we are going to change the world, one word at a time. One now moment after the next.

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