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Table of Contents


Chapter One: Rulers and Deities

Chapter Two: Saturn (Negative)

Chapter Three: Uranus (Positive)

Chapter Four: The Trinity

Chapter Five: The Trinity's Triangle, Circle, Square--Cross

Chapter Six: The Creature Kingdom

Chapter Seven: Jupiter, the end and the New

Chapter Eight: Author/Creator of---the Cinematic Book: The Newest Visual Entertainment of Our Time



It's not by chance The Next Galaxy finds itself in the midst of the near-to passage of the Earth into Holier realms, where by its universal rescue, the Soul of Women, Child and Man will prepare themselves for this everlasting state.

The Homo Sapien's greatest evolution is now at its CrossRoad. So high is such Human divination as to newly repeat the agenda of the last establishment of the Cross by the Son of God, whom are now the fathers to the Sons, the Earth Being will save, inorder to rise into the galaxy of Jupiter. The saviour of this truth goes way back to the saving Jesus whos mission was to work in the plain of sin, where as the newest lords on Earth are at work in the plain of the flesh. As this overall logic serves from top to bottom, where what rules from above is obligated to provide the evolving platform for the Son to eventually become a stellar force.

And it’s by the skybound Starship of the Trinity, the waiting home of Jupiter, will eternally house the Humans today who will become the newest Masters of the Universe where its omnisciently said Gods like, Brahma, Elohim, Moshiach, Voodon, Allah, Jah, Buddha, Zeus, Ahura Mazda, Yahweh, Gitchi, Shangdi, Andromedan, Pleiadian and Krishna infinitely reside. The Human being who'll become a 'Star Being' will be the all knowing enlightenment to the developing light that is being formed, to be like it, from Son to Father.

The Universal gospel as we know it, will become the spiritual knowledge for the generations to come, who too will learn of the majestic accounts and noble actions the skybase Triangulum Universally spiritualizes from bottom to top. The Trinity prepares the entire world for the Cosmic shift into the NewAge, where without its ideal adoption the Holy fumes that reside in the gas zones of the most Zenith in the Milky-Way Solar System, will permanantly sleep thoughs Souls into oblivion, once the looping Crown (Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter) that absorbs these Holy fumes becomes unwrap by the current passage of the CrossRoad the world is in the midst of.

As the Cross of the ancient world renews itself through the latest Human SuperPowers whos Spiritual symbolism is in the Triangulum's shield, will gather everything into the uplifting bosom of its Guardianship that will create the greatest lift off, the resurrection of the God Son is sky to, in its well known Ascension. The Trinity will become the Human's Spring the up and coming worlds will know of, who made their mortal transition to the Immortal state of Star-Stuff.

Chapter One

Rulers and Deities

How could I ever forget the lucid euphoria beyond the mortal ecstasy of joy. In my highest throne, I penetrated a stellar veil that surpasses the strongest form of man, into the weeping bliss of virgo. I was richer then any comfort feminism could take care in, as the royalty of a million wishes of beauty come true, her endless vanity can lavish up. As I began without a start, I came to supernatural life by a sudden stroke of something unknown that place me there. I was a person, as I am in the instance I'm able to critically think, when I became the Soul-Stuff's origin with the abilities of its Soul-Power at the rooted core of feeling and thought. I was fulfilled as infinite spaces occupied by the everlasting that is limitless. As grand as I was, my starry skepticism, although bright, was enchantingly dim by the approach of this invincible Super-Power. It was like the fear of the father at the stellar top of the most nth authority that child me into my lowest newborn, compared to the ubiquity of its measureless holiness. I was lord of lords compared to the earthbound pupils of the fleshes school, where the zenith of this university honored me the valedictorian over my lowest stage. If I were to span in the airy belly of this mystic affection, as a unbeknownst pioneer of the ideas of the New-Age, In all its glorious surprises by its evasive miracles, I would have no problem in doing it again, as I would overlook the otherworldly surprises this sky-base benefit have done in stealing me into the intoxicating mystery of its alien tradition, that could obliterate a soul simply on magnificence itself.

I know myself as the usual man, in love with breasted concepts, and all forms of worldly pleasures, to the very point of death near the angelic stage of eternity. As a sinner, I was told by the lowest philosophers of earth I was doomed to be last, where I became the, original, the first, and only, to glimpse into the womb of epiphany without the eyes of my thoughts in my formal head, but by the Philosophic temple of the divine instruction where the mind's eye lives in its glimpse-less insight. With my stellar ears, I eavesdrop on awe frame doors of beyond, listening to the whispering likes of Brahma to Shangdi, Allah to Bondye, Moshiach to Elohim, or the sky-forces of the Andromeda to Pleiades. I was good enough to dwell in the fine tips of, unheard of knowledge, that ultimately looms over the bosom place cradled souls live up to, in their highest ascension.

Somehow, I was capable of acquiring the word that forms the galactic words of The Next Galaxy, in my stellar transformation to reside as its perfume, no breathe of the earth could draw into its sacred-less lungs, unless, miraculously invited.

In my immortal encounter, holiness itself was enough to permanently rest me in the eliminated place of caskets and inner earth. I was shouldered up by a feeble bravery, which was other then my own, in how forces outside of me kept me alive and well, while the planetary person would be trounce by the goodness of the Cosmic overflow. I was shouldered not by the ventures of human distress, but by the abundant glory of the mystifying crown, the newborn illumination of my prophetic soul has never been glorified by.

This dwarfing Apex belittle my slight eminence into caution for how so illustriously trenching was its benevolent force, as its Universe toppled every shred of what makes me subordinate as a human compared to its supernatural overall, in which the only way for the mortal mind to draw it as real, is by the richest fantasy. I lived the out-of-body dream inside the multitudes of heads, at the roofed root I was temple in, in the midst of the face that inspires the brightness of dawn, as well as the infinite darkness where its legend seems aptly glory to, in eternally displaying its stop-less and ever wide significance. I was but a spec from the spectrum of countless universes that glowed in its darkness, in reaching the sudden eyes of its acknowledgement.

I know I lead myself, but a good form of hocus-pocus faintly carried my wispy body into deeper spaces, as a serious and surprise audience watch and said don't look directly at ALPHA. When my obscured but distinct character enter the sanctuary through the buried doorstep of the inner navel of earth into a cave, I braved myself as a spectator who openingly watched with strong suspicion the entire details of this dwelling, where more so my feelings that sharply absorbed what I was going through, seemed loud and clear as the drums that permeated my Awakening Soul. The VooDoo element was intoxicating in its euphoric confusion as the thumping sound of the earth's core, by this hollow instrument, bent me with a spiritually drunk pleasure, an otherwise soul bound to crust would be shook by. It was like the instrumental vibration of the earth's language equalize me into the bold energy of the rawest essence. I was as still as the inner soul in complete focus at the base of its deepest attachment to its spirit space. As divine as I was near the protection of this holiest force, I was apprehensive because of this unearthly occurrence to being introduce to the power that INFINITELY be. I stood still with a willing braveness that was otherwise mortally inferior, in the midst of the essential backdrop everything in existence needs. My greatest fear without question was the spiritual elephant of it all, whom could squash me into my normal place as the mortal man whom could only see the bottom of clouds and starships.

While being welcome into the unknown, various activities were going on by a dubious officiant, whom lead me from the entrance point of the cave to the symbolic moments I watched in bewildered awe. This guardian with staring eyes, was performing the drum, while dribbling eggs and curling the yolk, which then the niggling of my nose to his. I was compelled beyond my will itself, where something else lead me to do, this nose to nose expression, with the multi arm dharma initiator in its productive resemblance of the indian deity with countless arms, called Kali.

The egging that was done in my encounter in this higher dimension is known as the world egg or cosmic egg that many civilizations regards as the symbol of life. The egg is a symbol of rebirth across countless faiths to signify new life.

As I began the Maori process of my introductory entrance, the cosmic egg signified the beginning of something. Brahman teachings spoke of egg shaped cosmos and the expansion it expresses out the whole of its kernel. Chinese mythology says the universe began as a egg where a God named Pangu born inside a egg broke it into two pieces, which the top being of the sky and the bottom the earth.

I remember distinctly rubbing my nose with the nose of the initiator, whom had a crown like lacing around his head. As to the worldly appearance I could best describe him, was that of the people from papua new guinea, or the tribal african whom live according to the rituals of the ancient earth. What I did was gather into action the spirit sense that rest at the root of the nose. The Maori are the most famous in doing this welcoming ritual, in the exchange of the breath of life called the Hongi. In the igniting the sense of the spirit, is explained throughout the biblical text of genesis regarding the internal quality of soul-stuff through the sacred awakening of life through the nose. This divine spirit has its strong hold in the root of the nose that the Rosicrucian teachings is aware of.

The trigger part of the noses call to uplift the spirit through the nuzzling mechanism that unleash the divine, was done by me and the Celestial Master of the Ceremony, who too gazed at me in awe by the state of the supremacy I knew nothing about in my childish character regarding the entire cause of this astronomical occurrence. As I was the origin of the essence, and the background of the flesh it carries inside, that's related to this dimension, I saw beyond the veil that is world wide in their attempt to see past the eclipse of its most soaring knowledge.

The rawest vibration that equal me into the natural plains of essence, through its earthing thump, was at the same time flanked by the symbolic gesture in the egg's testament to rebirth, which was then, nose and spirit. During the final ritual in this order, drums, eggs and the niggling of my nose with the master of the ceremony, directed the life my divine spirit woke up to when I met a being with all the exaltation of what was unquestionably a star-bound ruler. In all its galactic magnificence, it was: the elation, the logic, the idea, the question, the atom, the veil, the force, the obscurity, the--THE, everything of the everything in its solar backdrop of where the from is from. It was an OMNISCIENCE, though not the same the vision of mortality thinks of, instead a SUPREMACY that was of triangular shape, which had a triangle on its head and its lower body. Its blinding enlightenment as a starry form shook my hand with a radiating bliss I never experience in my pleasure-less life, until the gently ecstatic day of my greatest mystic orgasm at this spellbound ZENITH.

I later stumbled on the closes cosmic resemblance of the golden lord, who's mystic dress code was without a doubt significant in its otherworldly attire, that cause a deep thunder bolt note in my reflective heart when I spiritually remember the encounter of this awestruck ideal in triangular form.

The closes distinction to describe this ever upward being's stellar groom, is what is called a Uraeus, which was the crown that an Egyptian King would symbolically don, to signify not only his royal status, but the crown of cosmic wisdom, which was called the Uraeus Naja. This wording was found on old tablets in ancient temples of Egypt describing Osiris, the sun God's rise from the Primordial deep. The Uraeus is the top of a serpents body, fashioned into this style of Crown, with a serpents head depicted as protruding from a point in the forehead of the King wearing it, just above the nose,( the last thing I did in my initiation in using my nose) where the human spirit has its placement.

Even a bible verse in which Jesus makes a reference to this wisdom was in, 'Be ye wise as serpents' while being gentle as doves. Another form of crown atop the divine head of this eternal author which comes close to explaining the noteworthy garment of the triangular host I saw, is the, Mitre, that a Bishop wears on his head.

As a man who knows himself as being no different from the next man, for how ordinary my existence who's logic is as simple in the belief in things like, life and death, and no other glory but the divine could assume any form of holiness, which seems even the worst in humanity carries within them, a deistic presence only author-less lords know of. I'm in slight disbelief to the inexplicable miracle, my reality on earth tells me not to believe in, although strong omnipotent signs prove otherwise.

I was the weightlessness equal to the divine Dante describes about being in the heavenly paradise. I wasn't certainly of flesh by how I leaped the supposed perfection of health in the mortal world, where I felt invincibly grand without defects. I felt as if I could spin the milky way on my supernatural finger tips, or juggle each planet within it, without effort. As I expressively stated before in regards to my ever towering encounter, I was lord of lords during my presence in this spiritually crisp and sharp SummerLand. I was more sober then any spring vividly cleared by sun showers and royal gardens bobbing with the grace of swans, during the slightest glimmering delicacy of light in godly morning come to life.

I flew into the wonder where miracles operate as true as the spirit, that honestly lounge in its most sincere sinlessness that made me originally pure, only the inexplicable, but true edification of this starry state can cosmically sky.

The normal existence of my current embodiment I believed, is beyond the majority of the mortal average, where I learned I'm a mystic warrior as a Star-Seed, who's a galactic specialist that currently operates under the Pleiadian ring of truth, to uplift humanity towards a greater ideal that will in someway aid the entire evolution of the planet. I was told, I lived in five star systems previously, before this incarnation which were, Antares, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius and Pleiades.

If it is all true, then its in the message of The Next Galaxy, I by chance authored, which validates my stellar maturity in spirited connection with the star systems and knowledge of The Next Universe.

The highest awareness of the eternal issue The Next Galaxy deals with, have to do with the primordial GODS. As they are merely tall tales to the world, there's a truth so basic to the preservation of life that comes out of the mystic examination of the supposedly fictional superpowers, The Next Galaxy reveals. When the knowledge of God is examined from culture to culture, there's a similar truth of lord to lords whom preside over the functions of the universe. And in this cosmic account only humbly serves as a template for the multifaceted creations the highest artist of the universe expressed in their infinite diversity, the earth world is divinely decorated as, in studying the specific holy craft of their supreme guardian. The Next Galaxy through the template of the Gods used in it, is to graciously relate to the Gods of other cultures, which delves in the function of what an, Allah, Shangdi, VuDun, Moshiach, Krishna, Jehovah, Jah, Pangu, Ahura Mazda, Alevi, Santeria, Parsva, Yahweh, Buddha, Elohim, Ababinili, Gitchi, Reptilian and Pleiadian existed as in their eternal life, the way humans live life by free-will and reason, and cause and effect.

The Titans, Olympians, Deities, Goddesses, Planets, and Mortal Kingdoms, evilly and positively associated with The Next Galaxy are: Gaia(Earth),

Uranus, Cronus(Saturn), Zeus(Jupiter), Atlas, Pleiades, Apollo(Sun), Human Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. As it is above, the holy association of mortality to gods are mystically interwoven with sin and action oriented repentance, from bottom to top, in how indeed mortals will serve the deities of the cosmos by saving itself and the kingdom next to it, while bettering the sins of universal hosts. Mortality as we know it isn't as insignificant as people would believe it to be in their superpowers, where the galactic sins of our fathers, fall on the latent divinity to be unleash by the mortal world.

The greatest geometrical concept that concerns what the future humanity will live by, is called the, TRINITY. The trinity ignites all physical, metaphysical and stellar forces in motion, in bringing kingdoms of the earth world and the sky worlds together, as universal collaborators to achieve the overall scheme to infinitely evolve, while cleansing the immortal and mortal past. As each empowered kingdom closes on each other, forming the stellar edge into the future, cosmic evolution will occur, from the crown of God, to the soul of the human and the restorative rise of the kingdom next to it, whom will lead the new earth to its original crisp and glory, while the human will become the Homo-Celeste when atop Jupiter.

As I somehow learned it in my stellar brush with the deity in the earlier text, Uranus and Gaia started it all, in giving birth to gods of the entire galaxy. Who or what lord them into existence is without eternal question, the truest question of who the, true God is that's the ZENITH over the zenith. At the miraculous tip of the glory we do know from their stellar bosoms, Cronus, Zeus, Atlas, Apollo, Pleiades, Humanity, Animal, Negative, and Positivity was cosmically drawn. There are still many gods in the thousands and their creations that have been grace into existence, but during this specific philosophic grace regarding the eminent graces, the glories mention are particular to the message of The Next Galaxy, where the eternal sins of the father were indeed past down through the stellar generations of the lords mentioned above. Uranus is connected to Zeus and Pleiades to Atlas and Mortal to Animal, although stellar generations have parted them like grand parents to grand children, where the highest root is indeed the highest extension that needs to be trace to know when the good went bad in its Omniscient essence.

God's work without a doubt passes the mortal work of existence when it comes to the cause and effect dealings of the world's flesh fate that will eventually decay at its end, compared to the everlasting misfortune of the superpowers karmic task.

Mortality shoulders the philosophic riddles of the world where as the gods cosmically shoulder the philosophy of the galaxy. One is infinitely courageous in its supreme issue, while another is smaller then the micron of an atom. Although the smallest of the mortal's perspective is miniscule, the spiritual relation to whats above is empowering in its spark to permeate the galactic dimensions of the most highs. Indeed compared to such cardinals we lack in our godliness, in which the men of the world pass themselves as Orishas, where in their lack of knowledge, such a omniscient duty as a immortal majesty, is as eternally generous in its troubling issues Atlas has to uphold in his eternal task in keeping up the skies, Uranus is unable to do because of its sickness. The restorative work of good to be implemented during the worldly task to correct the wrongs of yesterday, is mortally capable by the simple but magnificent action of adopting the glory of the Trinity. As the trinity serves the good part of the world's future, an even greater future will echo with the vibration of the mortal initiation that will reach the starry tips of the lords, who too created an imbalance that has to be solved by the cosmic balancing of overall existence, high and low, which will be as grand in its collection that will equal the infinite size of eternity to universally move along its evolutionary body.

Uranus was first and only at the helm of fatherly guardianship, where its afflicted status represents the good, which the universe suffers from today.

Uranus suffering from his actions, therefor suffers the entire milky way with its lack of good. And the support system by which punishingly layers the good to last, is by a deeply grieved god called Atlas in his wobbling attempt to keep galaxies steady. The Next Galaxy will go into this later. The atrocious accountants of the lord Uranus is no myth at all, for how the planet lives on its sickly side, unable to receive the healing of the sun, whom his great eternal grandson, Apollo, the son/sun God. And for Uranus to receive the New Age force of Apollo's genius, whom is lord of new concepts, is not by the rays of its sun necessarily, but by the vibrational fumes that will emanate from the up and coming powers that are in the earth world currently.

Uranus's wounds by his god son, Cronus(Saturn), him and the goddess Gaia(Earth) gave life to, castrated Uranus with a sickle (symbol for Saturn, which represents the negative) spilling his galactic fathers blood and semen, giving birth to the titans, from earth to ocean.

What is thought as mumbo-jumbo and fairytales possesses significant truth in mystic relation to the vibration of planets. Uranus, as ill as its planetary misfortune in improperly spinning on its axis, shows the suffering Uranus experience by the blazing actions of his own son, where the physical is in absolute relation to the primordial spiritual of how everything became the way it is, up until this very day, weaved from the eternal past to the present. As the son of Uranus destroyed his father into a universal sorry, an even more infinite calamity compounds the disturbance of Uranus by the impact of his vengeful wife, Gaia(Earth), who plotted and created the razor-sharp scathe that is the symbol of Saturn(Cronus), which represents the hazardous force of the negative that infest the milky way. Gaia(Earth) was angry at Uranus for placing their cyclops and hundred arm child, in the sightless dwellings of the earth, not to see light.

This hurting mother earth, who bore them ugly or not, set out for revenge with Cronus(Saturn), creating the scathe that cronus used to cut his fathers stellar genitals off, which after, such a sinister son, attempted to fornicate with his own mother. This is the tallest top of incest sin was born, where in the male child, the cosmic background of this inexplicable impulse, started with the corrupt originality of Cronus(Saturn).

Uranus buried his sons, the cyclops and countless limb children in the earth due to the way they looked, and this further more adds to the sin of eating root vegetables when picked from the earth as it reminds Gaia(Earth) of her children place in it. As far as this reverberating sorrow has come in its everlasting evidence of anguish by Gaia from celestial dimensions to whats below, is by the observance of white clothe, face covered Janes, to the Christian mystics called the Rosicrucian, who do not eat root foods, due to the suffering the earth feels when its roots are pulled from it, as it mystically reminds virgin mary of her beloved sons that where condemned to live in it, because of their hideous aesthetic.

What mortality does in life in terms of the gods we praise and the things we do in reverence to these supremacies, has a direct correlation to the afflictions and challenges the deities went through. When the goddess Gaia(Earth) created the sickle(Saturn symbol) for cronus to cut the divine phallus of Uranus, it ignited the universal mechanism of cause and effect to be set in motion, by the horrible standards of today, earth is hurt and destroyed as, Uranus is on its waling side.

Saturn represents the disorder he carried out against his father. As saturn punishes according to astronomy, because of the pursuit for the throne of his father to rule the skies, is as wickedly well in saturn's enormity to dispel its sickening force that represents the, negative, that engulfs the milky way universe, which lives as the mystical victor of his eternal conquest to rule the celestial plain. How notorious Saturn is, and haphazardly vibrant with all its moons and thorough function, Uranus was suppose to be as great or greater then both Jupiter(Zeus) and Saturn(Cronus) put together, but the cause Uranus set into motion by wronging his sons to the imprisoned belly of the earth, created the effects of his familial suffering that leaves Uranus to spin incorrectly on its grieving side. Even in modernity as well studied ufologist knows it, that there are extraterrestrial beings of the grosses aesthetic, while unimaginably tall, in their underworld occupations of the hollow earth. Many physicist and scientist who worked for the government in creating under ground bases, have reveal this and later died because of this revelation that unearthly beings do exist in its bosom, who are also known as the lower form of Greys and Reptilians. What is perceived as myth especially from primordial teachings survive up until the dawn humanity is currently woke to.

What Saturn did to his father, was by the retributive law of action and reaction, that began from flagrant father to son, or GOD to MAN in the introduction of sin. And as wrong began to stretch in the starry plains of the cosmos, by the continuation of the inane wrath of Saturn, who then attempted to eat his son, Zeus(Jupiter). Zeus was Cronus(Saturn) sixth son, who was saved from the eternally morose fangs of Saturn's intent to kill what he brought to life, when he was hid in a cave. As the negative created another negative, the negative dis-establishment by the good, Zeus fostered, whom was going to do what cronus did to his eternal father, lead to the unfortunate bestiality of a father to kill all his children accept the one god, Zeus(Jupiter).

To thwart being dethrone, Cronus(Saturn), eat all his children, but the savior whom became the most starry hero, was hidden from Cronus. At this holy apex of primordial being gone bloody, cannibalism was first born.

Cronus(Saturn) killed his children because his children were going to dethrone him like Saturn did his father Uranus. The secret birth of Zeus was hidden in a cave to be raised by a mother goat, God. Zeus(Jupiter) then gathered the cyclops, giants, and hundred arm, children of Uranus, who confine them there because of their ugliness, to dethrone Cronus. Zeus was given thunder bolts made by a god called Hephaestus who also gave Zeus, Hades helmet of darkness, to go to war, in overthrowing his father cronus(Saturn). Cou de tau, started by the cosmic initiation of Saturn attempting to over throw Uranus, but the good verses the bad, was by the eminent standards of Zeus, whom benevolently symbolizes the holy gesture the Cou de tau of today's world attempt in implementing a better government. Compassion, the underlining spirited guardian, expressed by the first initiation Zeus bore into the existential plains during its primordial existence, is where compassion first hailed as the galactic concept, which wil sacredly form the spiritual fuel for the mortal world to live and come alive in the infinite orbit of stars. By the overall gesture of collective love a prince very close to death, became King of kings, through the empowering wonder of Compassion, that not only dispose of evil, but demonstrated its inclusive power of its sky high majesty.

As is above is below rings true in the mortal world related to the genesis of the establishing forces that inhabit the skies, which trickle downward, the way the Trinity will uplift not only mortality but the ruling graces up above. This galactic war was called Titanomachy, the stellar war between Olympian and Titan.

Not all the Titans were banish to the underworld by Zeus after beating the titans, which one of the many who lay claim to The Next Galaxy's message was Atlas. Instead of being sent to the underworld Zeus confine Atlas to the stellar duty of keeping up the skies, which is an enormous task to uphold in its limitless size. Zeus now being ruler, is evident in the ever large domain Jupiter is, as the lord of lords reflected in the large capacity it occupies in our solar system. Zeus's space, Jupiter, will be the new home of the Homo Sapiens becoming the Homo Celeste, once the Trinity is aligned side by side with Mortal, Creature and Earth, for which will uplift the soul to its cosmic odyssey, becoming the newest star to form in space, in the higher parts of the milky way dimension.

Cronus(Saturn) the omniscient force of the negative once held sway in the universe, and still does in its slight dominance as the second largest planet behind Jupiter in our solar system. Uranus would have been the colossal of them all, if it were not for his wicked son saturn, and his confining his sons to the bottom parts of the earth, which left the sky-god, in its sun-less defeat, which obstacle the source of good in its frail condition.

This is why the function of Uranus is vital according to The Next Galaxy's message where the originator of it all has to be re-originated for the entire universe to benevolently advance.

Zeus(Jupiter) released Cronus his father from the underworld and was made a king in which the testament of that power is in the size of Saturn as the second planetary superpower in the solar system, where the force of disorder derives. Zeus saved the very father who tried to kill him and made him, Saturn, a ruling example of punishments, difficultys and consequences, which aptly describes the eternal existence of Cronus's onslaught as a negatively living god, the star and universe knowledge of astrology symbolizes today as the source for the negative occurrences in the zodiac. Mortality lives the wrong they serve the way Saturn became lord of adversity. And this is how the concrete symbolism of cause and effect took its universal roots in the golden rule, 'Do unto others as you would have done to you'. According to mystic teachings mortality comes back as, what they hate, based on the balancing of the universe: a man who's a sexist in one life comes back as a women to experience that sexism; a racist comes back as the race he hates to experience that racism; we are by what we do today according to the universal mantra of cause and effect. What Zeus did, instead of destroying what attempted to destroy him, demonstrates his virtue as the highest ruler in Jupiter's enormity that represents a part of the good, that the true source of the good needs in its awakening from its icy spell, (Uranus). Where good has its original basis in the planet Uranus, is next to void, in its attempts to absorb the force of the sun, which Uranus the father of it all, negatively suffers from in its denomination by Saturn.

As the highest representation of what it is to be ALPHA, in Zeus correcting a wrong, by saving his siblings from the wicked monstrosity of Cronus, is where the highest crown that's a symbolic example of man becoming kind, is where mankind's influence towards world good is first demonstrated, especially in the new age geometric shape of the crown as a protective shield that encloses all the kingdoms in it, in preserving existence for, The Next Galaxy, through the colossal employment of the mystic superpower, Compassion.

What the Trinity mimics in its sky base derivative, from above to below, and above again when mortality infinitely programs itself with the wisdom of the new world that will bloom into the starry part, is the latest resurrection of our astrological time in becoming space-bound. The Trinity graciously mimics the overthrowing of false powers or obsolete belief systems. The Trinity humbly mimics the restoration of the good. The Trinity compassionately mimics the collaboration of worlds for the fulfilment towards a greater cause. As the cosmic engine of the trinity's three dimensional superpower begins its spiritually immortalizing exercise in its overall alliance with everything in existence, then the greater part of its stellar revelation will infinitely illuminate itself, at the galactic level as bright as the eternal spots only eyes could see, but will eventually become as the ever elevated enlightenment itself.

Atlas is closely linked to Uranus for what Uranus was suppose to do as the stellar grace that presided over the infinite skies, is now the eternal work Atlas does with apprehension, not only by the everlasting task to balance galaxies and galaxies over its divine head, while wondering about the safety of his goddess daughters the Pleiades. Atlas was on the side Zeus was in war against which lead to the punishment of Atlas holding up the skies.

Uranus as the original sky god was dethroned into castrated dysfunction, where the sky never drew its ever enveloping canopy, for which only the sinister form of darkness lived, until Atlas became the restless superpower of the sky-bound dimension. Zeus not being too ruthless to those who were on his enemies side, did not condemn Atlas to the underworld, but rather to the unimaginable work up above, while comforting him by turning his daughters the Pleiades to stars. As the world knows it, through contacts with the mortal world, it is known that a majority that makes up the Pleiadean are women. What we believe to be myth has truths, that til this day traces back to the divine, although tragically raw and ruthless, while considered only imaginably fit for fantasy. Atlas as we now infinitely know it, is the god that keeps the universe up, where his wobbling super strength, is a delicate duty, which causes the very astronomical instance we see in planets that spin in its function. A planets orbit(spin) is really the echoing instability Atlas has to behold in his omnipotent struggle to carry the universe on its back, and hence the unstable effects of planets in constant turn. The highest platforms of the cosmos are as stationary as the fundamental stability the good constructs in its order, verses the disorder of the erratic movements of the planets.

The symbol for Pleiades is rain, which is really the stellar tear drops the daughters of Atlas are expressing in grieving for their father's ever wide duty to balance space on its wobbling shoulders. And as sacredly backward in correcting the punishment of the galactic war, begins from the below, to the above, where cosmic sin started, from above to the below, where mortality stands as the reflection of the godless gods, to god them perfect again while mortality becoming immortal gods themselves in the transformation of becoming Homo-Celeste. This is what our closes galactic neighbors in the sky is attempting to teach the world, in the magnificence of the trinity's uplifting empowerment that will sky-scrape everything into the starry dimensions where lords too will be glory again by the becoming glory that's below it, in creating a mystic catalyst through the starship of the ever upward Trinity.

Apollo the son(Sun) of Zeus(Jupiter) is the foremost concurrent Super-Power as the Sun-God. Apollo's galactic role is the healer of past generations wrong doing, as the light bearer of healing and prophecy, where by the mortal world what the force of the sun god can't thoroughly do for its great god father, will be done by those on earth. As the world goes through its cosmic shift from one lesser dimension to a greater vibrational dimension, apollo is the enlightened fuel for such mystic transition by its stellar fire to burn the decay of yesterday. Apollo is becoming greater as the symbolic ruler of the sun, which will increase its spiritual force throughout the universe, where hopefully Uranus his great eternal grand father, will be healed by the master of healing himself, APOLLO(SUN). This healing is not only through material force but the intellectual super power that prophets are enlightened with in teaching the world of New Age knowledge.

Apollo rules the ideas of the future to come. As healer and warding off evil which of the past by the Fathers of his Father, attempts to establish the new world by his majestic teachings for the world to live in evolutionary peace. Apollo was considered Pastoral, the Averter, Protector, and New Vision. Apollo(Sun) is significant of the rebirth into the higher dimensions, the world will dwell in, by the thought patterns of The Next Galaxy's message to uplift the soul to responding to the everlasting task to enter the New Age by its increasing cosmic fire.

As the world awaits the shift, the Sun-God is becoming bolder in its spirited light, that will enlighten the world into starry progress, for which The Next Galaxy is one of the countless many, that presents the noble teaching regarding the new world. Its holiness is every where and many in its universal distribution of its eternal spark, to uplift the soul by the mystic fire of its sacred fumes that will wheel and engine the orbiting spirit to its new space.

The greatest power in returning the divine from the bottom, is by not mimicking the slaughter the Gods expressed. It is the greatest force in reverse to restore the deadliness of the Gods highest ills. Although mortal, we're immortal by the power that works by the essence, the gods were suppose to divinely demonstrate, in preserving life, that Zeus(Jupiter) did, which is reflected in his gigantic throne as the evidence of his philanthropic rulership. Its like the force that was first done by the virtue of virginity the gods by their divine state first encountered, became spoiled by their actions, where the mortal has the chance to dethrone the mismanaged conduct of the divine grace. And by such actions immortality achieved. Its like mortality is paying for the sins of their higher fathers where the cosmic layer imprinted with the wrong doing of their stellar sins will be erased by the actions mortality engages in when developing the Trinity. Planetary life was born by this, humans being the unoriginal sinners to clean up the mess the deities in the divine started. Nothing is truly separate for how the entire code of the galaxy's whole is connected as high and low and far and infinitely wide.

One force triggers another as the reflective signal of the overall connectivity, existence has with existence.

Savagery and murder is as present in the divine the way it is in the earth world. In fact the brutality regarding the bastard actions of human imperfection is as negatively verse in the super powers who's high calling is galacticly ill. The mortal though has the chance in simply gathering itself with the geometric union to help restore the divine back to its purest start when the eternal mechanics of existence was first created before their were Gods to live in. Its at this earthly presence what the lords mismanaged, could be fully returned to its original state. The Next Galaxy is not a message of Mortals verses Gods, but as co-collaborating as the greatest forces in the midst of humans that will carry the world into the next space to continue the mystic repair, the homo-Celeste will be god to as the eternal light; to give even more holy shade to the benevolent density of the enlightenment that will illuminate the Universe for existence to see all of it in its original glory.

The greatest aspect towards grooming by this evolutionary perfection, is through the universally inclusive benefact of the Triangulum.

The trinity is like a physical, metaphysical and interstellar space force, that equals all the spaces of existence which will gather all the parts and beings to be carried off into the next world. This is how fly the beauty of the trinity in uplifting existence to its new cosmic state. As we gather the collection of the many powers of ours, it will become the Super Power as the source where the power of virtue gets its holiness. The trinity is as colossal as the creation of everything as back then, up towards the root the blackest part of the universe is made of, where the background was layered before the lords, in its purification where genesis commenced. The trinity forms this background or essence by the full blown abundance of life being able to be preserved, especially, when saving a kingdom will save another in the ever upward momentum, where mortality will save themselves as Gods.

The symbol for this union of kingdoms is symbolize by the interlocking shape of the triangle. The left side of the triangle is the Father, where the Mortal kingdom forms the left side of its sacred shape, and the right side the, Son, which is where the Creature Kingdom forms its part. And the bottom is where, our highest Goddess, resides in its mystic union between both worlds, linking mortal and creature that will then point towards the highest agenda in the space where Jupiter will home the newborn Homo-Celeste, which is topped by the point of the triangle where the Spirit is.

This is explained in the last chapter with illustrations, where the cosmic know how of the stellar issues will be given more insight as to the cause and effect that will occur by the universal spark of the Trinity, for the Homo Sapien to become eternal as the Homo-Celeste.

Chapter Two

Saturn (Negative)

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, where its universal standing as the numerical representation of one of the sixes of calamity, is fully blown in its rule of destruction. Its primordial start negatively began, from the miscreation, its genesis sought, only in torment, which layed the stellar significance of saturn as the rot and problem in astrological teachings that accounts it as the source of trouble. Saturn is 746 million miles away from earth and its rings has fourteen subdivisions. The sixty-two(62) moons which supplies saturn's disability in its disturbing wellness, by the satellites it has in its atmosphere's orbit, carries out its destructive will with bold ease, the dangers of the world is expresses of, from its punishing vibration in full force. The ultimate source of where good should have originally ruled in its colossal domination, leaves Uranus in its desperation to uphold its benefic vibration. As its body wobbles in its lopsided orbit, Uranus, still attempts to universally distribute its minute superpower it enables in the good, although lacking in its disability to thoroughly uphold the holiness it first started in stellar space.

As Uranus uplifts in slight cosmic proportions, so too will the earth's underground bring Uranus up, to its eternal standing to joyously shower the galaxy with the expressions of mankind and compassion. As Saturn is completely doom by the supplying loyalty of its sixty-two moons, the mortal devotion combine with the kingdoms which will collect themselves into the Triangulum, to mystically switch on the eternal vibration that will move Uranus from its ailing side, is by acquiring sixty-two moons(62) Uranus's good, will need in balancing its rivalry to combat the highest evil. As of now Uranus only has twenty-seven(27) moons near the lacking sanctity of its deprived climate.

Saturn's rulership is thoroughly abundant in its necessary negative where its demonstrative balance is by tragedy and challenge, against the charitable forces genius is good for, in punishing humanity towards its progressive evolution, saturn's sabotage dominates by the wretched duty of its ruthless scathe. As the astrological symbol of the guardian of death in the reaping hands of this thorough monster, whom indiscriminate with its power of doom, is notoriously blasphemous to all kinds innocent, and wicked in showing the blazing magnitude of saturn's enmity against the positivity in life. Its egregious powers is enough to turn happiness (Uranus, where Positive hails from) rotten in its ever challenging cause to learn the lessons of its hectic hardship by the flagrant occurrences its vibration is sudden to, its heroin disorder demonstrates in the agonizing will of trouble that is bitter as the sweet everything loves and eventually dies under, for how saturn's rule is first to come and the last to leave its ardent mark in its universal grimace.

Saturn's presence is so mystically sharpen in its penetrating danger, the perfuming instances of hopes weakness(Uranus), is held down by the hardship of its deeply stink challenge in its malevolent intent, which keeps the good in the imaginative distress of uninitiated fantasy in never becoming real. Because of Uranus's lack of its sixty-two moons, its heart struck charm is next to fail in its frail vibration, that saturn's force complicates in its damning mainstream, which desire the soul as the soul desires wellness(Uranus) in life.

Its destructive nature befuddles, in every which way it can, where its combative force is intently nebulous by the morose nature its made of.

The rings of Saturn in its sharp display, is a sign of how wicked the wellness of its discouraging development is, the reckoning blade of its soul is scathe to in destroying. The cautionary edges of its razor tip doom, seems to warn its rivals regarding the hack of its blazing crown as lord of catastrophe, that is as easy as the negative it symbolizes in its flashing rings. The bold circles of its trouble, are the ever prominent constraint its constriction imprisons saturn into, for how the erratic glint its rings warily display, keeps saturn most bombastic energy in leash, where saturn's deep seeded terror although from it, has to be protected from its very own atomic obliteration. The rings keep the core viles of saturn in check, the way its astrological response is dementedly significant in the burial of good(Uranus), its intense disciplinary guard controls.

The troubled world as we know it, is the way it is, because of saturn's thorough development, its essential evil vibrates the mortal space with. Its here the highest source of madness is astronomically constructed in its cosmic perfume, where the blazing scent of disaster has its derivative stench. Jupiter as a good portion to the entirely lacking second half of the original good(Uranus), has to be triggered in order for saturn's woes to be balance out by the arts of Virtue the good source in Uranus is host of. Saturn gives the nasty shade to darkness in darkening the light of the holiest spirit, with the defiling razor tips of its rings.

Saturn's ill as enormous as it is, breaks down the soul to its deepest genius, saturn's negative abstraction uplifts in the instances of its energetic upheaval. Philosophy the religion of knowledge, must think hard in order for answers to come alive in the burial of carnages puzzling weight that anchors the soul to the grieving root of the most subtle thought process. As the bombed effects of the scattering negative disposes soul stuff into the pits of life, its reconstructive ingenious causes its most outer development to go past what destroyed the soul-sense into dysfunction. The protective forethought in its strongest base at the kernel of its eternal safety becomes empowered at every instance it looks into for problem solving.

Mortality's harshest stronghold that permeates the soul to its base, instigates the seep knowledge to be born by the vicious practice of the negative experiment saturn compels by its tragedy to uplift the good. Saturn's paradox as brethren rather then foe is true by the authoring lords whom gave the exist to existence, for life to solve the riddles of its universal making. And by the sharp apprehension of injustice, Justice comes alive by the lash of its nourishment through its evil, which counsel the good to be born.

Happiness is the lightest force that's blinded by its own virtue in its lack of thorough definition, where the very source(Uranus) of the good is lamed in keeping up such force. Its delicacy supplies no thorough understanding, the underworld is thoroughly program to, in their(Human) susceptibility of saturn's full blown corruption in the possession of all its moons.

And its by this, saturn's destructive woes, gives construction to the positive foundation the negative forms for the positive to gradually live. The positive is sharpen by the distress in the negative development that will yield the eventual good.

The abstract(positive) is the most negative, that the negative closes into, in its attempt to seek the highest development. And this negative abstraction by the claws of the negative(Saturn) that digs deep into the soul where the abstract good lies, serves as the mystic mechanics of the highest paradox in spiritual operation to serve the ultimate expansion of the Good. Its through the hardest head, the mental force of the abstract is advance in, in its completed darkness the smartest mind thinks from within, in drawing out the solving good. The fleshes eye is as alive as the negative(Saturn) in its false sight, that the mind's eye(Uranus) is able to see in its sightless origin, the external eye(negative) instigates deep down(positive). The blinding eye which the negative serves through the vision of the flesh, is not the eye to look up to, instead the eye to look into for great thinking is the unseen subtlety of where the soul sees. As the positive(Uranus) has lost its sight, and in seeing it, is by the vision of the soul that can see it all, compared to the only eye of the face that fails to see the beauty of the universal spirit in the solving empowerment of the Trinity, which soul-stuff is close to, from Uranus to eternity.

As the world deeply knows it, but not deep enough in terms of where the good lives at the root, the negative is out front in its dominance in the worldly plain of the flesh, that the positive form of happiness is abstract with in its impermanent nature.

The fleeting nature of happiness(positive) was intended to be scant by the eternal programers whom debase the positive to the root, for existence to find it through the negative excavation(Saturn), that will uplift the good into the highest light where the good is born(Uranus getting its moons by the powers of mortality). The negative as a initiative form of the good to come alive, is a paradoxical nurturing of the good by its mistakes(Saturn). Life is indeed a spiritual game, the soul must solve through by the enlightening tears of tragedy, that will become as light as the spirit in its beneficent resurrection over the schooling of the negative lesson, which mystically shapes the answering trinity towards the construction of the highest good(Uranus getting sixty-two moons) over the currently sufficient worldwide wrong(Saturn having sixty-two moons that enriches its force).

As saturn overloads its challenges into the Milky-Way, humanity struggles in the abstraction of its darkness where the deeply imbedded holy force lives, so the positive glimmering enlightenment could be revealed. The darkness nurtures the light to come into existence, through the formation of the negative abstraction that abstracts the positive, which is the thinking good of the mind's eye the soul gloriously sees within, rather then the external vision the face is blind to. The abstraction is of the negative that works through its outer force, that the abstract as the positive works from within. Although the good is the good to seek, its by its very disability sight is gained. The positive as of now, is the darkest enlightenment(Uranus) compared to the spark of the darkness(Saturn) in the mortal world, that will brighten up the trinity towards cosmic illumination in its twinkling infinite.

Chapter Three

Uranus (Positive)

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun, where its symbolism of the seventh heaven, in its, 1.6 billion miles away, distance from earth, is the closes reach near the guardians of the cosmos, in which by Uranus immortality will come close to, through the collaborative starship of the sky-bound trinity. As earlier stated, from its primordial initiation as the Father of fathers, have been religiously past down by innumerable beliefs regarding the state of Uranus, from Judaic to Islam, in reference to this Omnipotent Host of host, where Uranus's Origination drew the original. Its our highest zenith, which has what ZENITH'S it, as the first model from the AUTHOR-LESS FATHER, who miraculously plotted the exist for the existence, Uranus became as the Father to father the highest deities. The eternal initiation in its infinite infancy from these commencing lords, will now come down to the latest mystic generation to upload the newest good to be supernaturally drawn in star space. The galactic factions in the metaphysical dimensions, share the soul force housed in the flesh, that will spark the spirit ship of the trinity for mortality to reach its place in immortality's cosmic dwelling, by the very soul power that is present both high and low.

Uranus has twenty-seven moons(27) that orbit in its atmosphere as of now. And by the vibrational stages of the Trinity, the mortals whom adopt one of those three stages of the Triangulum, will create a force as grand as when life first culminated in its inspiration to exist, the way the formation of the trinity will reload the spirit of Uranus up right again in receiving the spiritualize force of the Sun, while balancing saturn's negative to the able body positive Uranus will behold.

The twenty-seven moons Uranus currently has near its stellar dwelling, will only need a modicum of mystic effort on the COMPASSIONATE part of mortality, by giving impulse to only three(3) moons, that will be added to the already twenty-seven moons Uranus has. This will nobly give Uranus the total spark of thirty(30) moons, that will attract thirty more moons by its celestial vibration, toward the energising vicinity of Uranus's orbit, which will stable the virtue of its superpower, by its total satellites in sixty(60). The simple but spiritually grand formation of the Trinity by mortality, to save the original sky-god, will be through the three stages of the triangulum, that MANKIND will choose from the varying degrees of its able readiness to sacredly fuel the geometric engine that will propel the Homo-Sapien into the celestial state where it will be the Homo-Celeste.

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