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A journal to a remarkable life

By CP Hunter







This is a purposeful diary. It is a way to meditate and maintain focus on what really is important in life. As you write about your thoughts for each quote you will begin a journey of self-discovery. WHAT YOU WILL HAVE IN THE END IS YOUR MEMOIR to share or to hold dear. So, grab a pen and paper or better yet get behind your computer and start typing away. This way, once you complete your journal you can create a PDF file and turn it into an Ebook that you can conveniently refer to when needed. The book has quotes divided for four seasons. Having at least 12 quotes per season to represent the 52 weeks in the year. These original quotes will not give you the answers. Instead, you will realize that you already hold all the answers. You should not feel any stress or obligation when you are writing down your responses, So take your time and reflect throughout the week. Then, at your leisure, you can write or type a little throughout the week or you can wait until the weekend. A quote a week is your goal.

Seasonal Quotes:

A time to love, a time to live, a time to reflect, and a time to let go

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