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A journal to a remarkable life

By CP Hunter







This is a purposeful diary. It is a way to meditate and maintain focus on what really is important in life. As you write about your thoughts for each quote you will begin a journey of self-discovery. WHAT YOU WILL HAVE IN THE END IS YOUR MEMOIR to share or to hold dear. So, grab a pen and paper or better yet get behind your computer and start typing away. This way, once you complete your journal you can create a PDF file and turn it into an Ebook that you can conveniently refer to when needed. The book has quotes divided for four seasons. Having at least 12 quotes per season to represent the 52 weeks in the year. These original quotes will not give you the answers. Instead, you will realize that you already hold all the answers. You should not feel any stress or obligation when you are writing down your responses, So take your time and reflect throughout the week. Then, at your leisure, you can write or type a little throughout the week or you can wait until the weekend. A quote a week is your goal.

Seasonal Quotes:

A time to love, a time to live, a time to reflect, and a time to let go

Here is my personal testimony and revelation. People look at my life and see failure. I had a failed marriage. I failed to have children. I failed to have a lucrative career. But they are looking in all the wrong places because They are focusing on failures and not successes. The only failure that matters is failing to make a difference. Despite all our setbacks, unrealized dreams, and disappointments we can still make a difference in the world. Maybe you have already and you should take solace in that. If you haven’t the world is waiting.

Below are ways you can start making a difference. If you are able to master these points you are leaving the world a better place than when you entered.

The Five Point System to a Happier More Fulfilled Life

List three ways to improve the quality of your life right now. Focus on ways to treat yourself better. Look at things you can control

List One way to be a better friend

List One way to help your community

List One way to honor nature

List One to three ways to reach your ultimate goal

And here’s how you will accomplish them throughout the year:

Spring: A time to love

If we all agree to living an altruistic life, all of our needs will be met.

How will you meet the needs of the people in your life?

Enjoy the simple life and find your peace by doing something you love and do it. What are the little things that bring you joy or peace of mind? Find time to do it every day. Your soul will appreciate it.

Do not think of love as weak. True love is strong. It rebels against evil by fighting wars in heaven and on earth

How will you be a warrior for love? How will you challenge injustices on earth?

Hateful people look for reasons to hate. Loving people seek out people to love. Dispassionate people look for nothing.

What are you passionate about? What is your outlet to express your passion?

Never forget the bond that you have with nature. It is the essence of who you are. When you forget nature, you forget what you are.

Think about how you can connect more with nature. Look up into the sky, smell a plant, walk barefoot on earth’s surface. these are simple ways you can appreciate and remember nature.

Love is freedom. Let go of that which you love. You will not lose it just because you set it free.

Is there an idea or person in your life that you should let go of? Sometimes you have to let them go so that you can be all that you can be and they can be all they can be. you let go of an idea by sharing it with others so that it does not die with you.

Every day you have the power to empower others through your words. You also have the power to destroy them. How will you use your power?

If you must find love through imagination then so be it. Use your imagination until what is fantasy becomes reality. We have imagination for a reason. It serves a purpose. People dream about inventions and it inspires them to bring it into existence. Cannot the same be said for love? What will you imagine today? Imagine ways for you to find love in your life.

In order to fall in love with someone (or something) you have to first fall in love with yourself. Self- love is a proclamation and testament to your appreciation of life. Understand your importance. What are five things that you love about yourself. It can be physical, but you should focus mostly on your inner being. What are some things that you want to change about yourself to order become a better person?

When in doubt let love rule. Do what love does. This way you will have no regrets, even if you do not get the expected results. Think about times when you had to choose between right and wrong. What were the outcomes? How did you feel in the aftermath?

Love truly is the meaning of life. You can still live out your purpose without it, but it will not be as rewarding. If you cannot feel the love from others, become it! Be the giver instead of the receiver. It can be equally as rewarding once you recognize the power of love. How can you recognize the power of love? Have you ever experienced love at play? Remember it’s all around you.

Summer: A time to live and appreciate life

Live a remarkable life. Not by anyone’s standards but your own.

What does a remarkable life mean to you? How will you live a remarkable life? You can start by committing yourself to loving someone unconditionally. Or by committing yourself standing by your morals no matter what.

Enjoy but don’t overindulge. Think about some things that you overindulge in and how if may affect your life. How can you curtail it?

Be thankful for something every day. Wake up in the morning and go to bed at night recognizing your blessings for the day. What are you most thankful for?

You are just a vessel. You can take the driver’s seat or just enjoy the ride. How will you use your vessel? Are you a leader or are do you prefer working behind the scenes? Where do your talents lie?

Always have something to look forward to. You will need that image to propel you when you are at a crossroad. What do you look forward to in life? How will you use it to motivate you to press on?

Be humble and you will find happiness and joy in the small wonders and blessings in life. Are you overlooking your blessings? What are your blessings?

Nurture your dreams until they become reality. If there is something you have been longing to do start by doing something small each day. Life is not a dress rehearsal so the sooner you start the sooner you will reach your destiny.

What do you dream or daydream about? How can you make them a reality?

Thank you and I am sorry are the most important and effective when it is spoken with sincerity. They are not just words but a tool that can fix and rebuild a hurting soul.

Who should you say sorry to? Who should you thank?

Live for others and you will never fall short of purpose. Who do you live for now? How will you live for others in the future?

When asked, what do you want most out of life, most people say that they want to be happy. The next question is usually what makes you happy. If you don’t know, all you have to do is go back and think about what moments made you happiest. When thinking about what makes you happy leave out money and possessions so that you can get to the chore of your happiness. So, take time to think about happy moments. Who were you with and what were you doing? Have things changed? Would those same moments make you happy now?

Being Yourself takes no effort. It merely requires you to be comfortable with who you are by accepting yourself. So, who are you? Write down the good and bad. Write down how you think others view you. If you are not sure ask people how they view you. Don’t worry if others don’t view you the same way you view yourself. But think about why they view you that way. Perhaps you are putting out energy that really doesn’t reflect who you are. In this case, you may not be totally comfortable with who you are.

It is said that people in our lives supposed to add something to it. Let’s not forget that we, too, should add something to the lives of others. How do you bring joy to others, friends, coworkers and even strangers?


If you can imagine it, then it is possible. How can you make the impossible, possible? Your imagination is bigger than reality, so make your reality your imagination. Before you know it, you will have experienced everything you wanted. For example, maybe you will not become a famous movie star. But you can look at the resources around you and still get the experience on a smaller level such as a local theater. What’s next for you?

Live to create experiences and memories, not for money or possessions. Think about what you spend money on. Will it really make you happier? Will giving to others serve a better purpose? Will traveling and interacting with others be a better investment than an extravagant lifestyle. What does money and possessions mean to you?

And when you reach old age love your wrinkles each one has a story to tell.

What does your wrinkles say about your life? What stories do you want them to tell?

Your life is proof enough that you have purpose.

Reflect on your life. What has your purpose been so far. Don’t search for extreme purposes. Consider are you a good friend? Are you a dedicated mother? Are you a great employee? understand where you are now so that you can recognize your potential

We are merely thoughts and by offering and sharing ideas I am manifested through all who enters my path. When we die so do our ideas if we are unwilling to share.

What thoughts and ideas do you hold dear? How can these thoughts help others through their personal journey?

The world does not need any more slaves, robots, or even great thinkers. The world needs doers.

What will you do to make the world (your community) a better place?

Be guided by your truth but first find what that truth is.

What is your truth? This means what do you know to be true about life? How can that truth motivate you to become a better person.

Why do we seem to always love those who do not love us with the same enthusiasm and vice versa. I’m sure there is a psychological explanation for this. The important thing to know is that it will happen and brace yourself when it does. You have to decide whether you will still love this person without making him/her feel guilty about not having the same passion. You have to be willing to accept the person or be willing to let go of the person. Love does what it does without any expectations

Who do you need to let go of? Who do you need to embrace unconditionally?

It’s okay to reflect on the past. It can comfort us during times of despair.

Write down some of your happiest moments. Whenever you feel sad, lonely, angry, refer to those moments (come back to this list) and immediately replace those negative feeling with images of the past. What was possible then is possible now. If you don’t have images that of happiness think about what could be.

Look at your curses as a blessing. I thought that I was somehow cursed or punished because I have not yet cultivated a permanent connection with someone special. Then I realized that I connections to physical things are always temporary. Spiritual connections are forever. The moments you feel disconnected are the moments you need to spend reconnecting with your own spirit.

How can you reconnect with yourself? What do you expect or imagine it will feel like or how would you know if you have a connection with the self? How will you know if you truly love yourself? What does that feel like?

Negative thoughts are also useful. In them we can create ‘what if’ scenarios that could help us plan for difficult situations or if things do not go our way. Think about things that you want to accomplish both short term and long term, but start with long term. What if you are unable to achieve these goals in the time frame you would like. What are your choices? Should you change your plan or stay on course? What obstacles might prevent you from achieving these goals?

When you are unsure what to do or what path to take in your life be still. Look at your choices, evaluate the outcomes, and trust in your decision. If the decision isn’t what you expected, you can eliminate that choice and move on to the next. What makes life interesting is that there are no guarantees in life. What are your disappointments in life? How did you get over them? Use the power that you demonstrated in the past as a strategy in the future.

Many people have come and gone in your life. If you are young you will learn this to be true. How will you honor their legacy? How do you want others to honor yours?


Make sure your busyness has a purpose or else you are wasting time. Do you find that you are too busy or too tired to enjoy life? Are you doing things or even spending time with people just because of habit? If so, what obligations can you let go of?

For those who fear death imagine that you were never born. Now is that anything to fear? Why do you think we fear death. Let go of what you think you are and those fears will go away. What are your fears and How will you overcome them?

When do you give up on your dreams and realize sometimes what is meant to be is not meant to be?

Reevaluate your dreams. Are you doing anything to make your dreams come true? If not, maybe it isn’t what you really want. What are the dreams that you should give up so that you can give in to what you really want?

Sorrow and loneliness are parts of the human experience. You cannot avoid it. It is the soul’s empty space seeking to be filled.

How will you respond to loneliness, sorrow, and pain? What beautiful joyous memories do you have that can replace those moments?

Pain has a purpose. Physical pain sends signals to the brain letting it know that something is wrong emotional pain tells the heart or body that something is wrong. Know your hurt. Acknowledge it and then release it. Where is your pain coming from?

When you have given all you think you have left to give, ask for help. Who can you turn to in moments of crisis? Where are they? Are you cultivating your relationship with them?

Could you imagine if the mind remembered all the journeys of the soul. Isn’t it a relief to have a fading memory. You’ve experienced a lot in your short life time. Take a moment every day to let your thoughts go. How will you take time to do nothing and just let go of your memories?

Challenge all that you were taught. Think about the sayings that you have heard. 1. ‘Keeping it real’ only gives you freedom to be rude. 2. You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself. You will always feel as though you are not in the position to help others because we are all a work in progress. 3. It’s a dog eat dog world. Create another world. 4. Nice guys finish last. What race are you in? Let go of ideas that are holding you back. What notions do you believe to be true? Can the opposite be possible? What is your life’ s motto?

The only way to kill the evil within you is to stop feeding it through repetitive negativity. everything must be fed in order to exist. Consider how you feed evil (doesn’t mean that you are innately evil) in your life. What can you remove in order to live a better life?

There is a time to work and a time to retire. Once you have that sense of fulfillment it is time to rest and just enjoy life. If you don’t feel fulfilled it’s time to get to work. How will you enjoy your retirement?

Universal love is permanent. We cannot begin to understand how it works. Love as we know it is temporary, but it doesn’t mean that it is any less valuable. Think about all the people who you loved in your life. What impact did it have on you and How did it change you?

Love those who need it. So much energy is wasted on those with abundance because we are expecting acceptance from them. Think about the times you spent proving your love to someone who didn’t want it. Remember how it felt once you realized it was going nowhere. Recognize that feeling when it first happens to spare yourself the pain of regret.

And One More:

Don’t worry. You will live again. you have other lives to live. This is the journey that this body must first take.

Take a look at this list. Check everything that you are already doing

Honor your ancestors and remember what they have done for you

Donate to a worthy cause (google donate 1.00)

Drink a glass of water before breakfast

Wake up feeling blessed

Give yourself a hug every morning

Eat something that you enjoy (small portion)

Stop buying plastic bottles

Say hello and smile at strangers

Help someone when you can

Go outside and inhale a few breaths

Listen to your favorite song

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while (ask how they are doing)

Work with pets, children, people with disabilities and elderly

Buy something for someone

Give away something that you have been holding on to for a long time

Cry when you feel like crying

Question yourself and others

Solve a math problem (keeps the brain fresh)

Look up at the sky

Be thankful for rain instead of dreading it

Take a walk and be in the present

Smile when you are feeling down

Don’t watch horror movies for entertainment

Be thankful for something before you go to bed

Clear your head by thinking about something inspiring, especially before you go to bed

When you eat something bad, follow it by eating something healthy

Listen to your body

Look at yourself in the mirror and say, I love you

Pick up trash in your neighborhood

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

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