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Ramblings Of A Mad Man.

These a small collective of various writings, from the last decade or two or three!!!

Some of my ramblings are titled, most are not.

Nameless, faceless, formations, creations, from generations. Past, pre-sent and future.

Created by their creator, as they are.

I put this book together, to give all a sight into what my life has been, highs and lows. I wanted the people to know, that my work is not a one off, or a fluke. I used to write a lot of philosophy, poetry, still do. But when broken down, it is a seamless line of words that inspires for a moment, in that moment, we create a new now.

Rajaa this is for you…

Since the time is passing,

My moments surpassing,

I know, I Am afraid, I feel.

Deal? No Deal? So Real!

I care so much, Doors closed.

I want, extremely,

Yet stand opposed!

A Time, A Place,

There was a face,

It belonged to me,

None did see.


Come on a journey? What shall we see?

The Mirror, you beyond me!

You, me. Past eternity.

Welcome to your destiny.

Here we are, near and far,

Equal, on par.

Hands on the wheel, steering the car!

What is it that you be?

What is it that you see?

Reality? Frailty? Equality?

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