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Finicky Felines And Smoochin’ Pooches

Winner’s Choice


Virginia L. Watkins

Copyright © 2017


This book was written in dedication to my Highway Cat, Brandy, her six puppies, and to everyone in the Facebook group (Finicky Felines And Smoochin’ Pooches) who contributed their photography. Also many thanks to my lovely cousin, Jolyn White.


A desperate fight to save six abandoned fur babies lives, over 14 months ago, gave me a reason to start a group on Facebook. This was when Finicky Felines And Smoochin' Pooches took its first big breath to life. I already had taken in several stray cats, with baby kitten's. However the need to be humane couldn't stop there! A love for animals, always takes ahold of our heart strings!

Within the following pages I share my story, and a few photographs of the fur babies I’ve rescued. And that’s just the beginning! In Chapter 3 you will see photos of our groups beautiful fur babies. And In Chapter 5 you will find yummy Recipes to make for your own fur babies!

This Christmas I ran a contest in our group, to see how it would go. I promised that whoever shared the cutest holiday photos of their fur babies, would win the gift of their fur baby being in my next published book.

As the post grew, and the holiday photos came in, there wasn't any way that I could choose just one winner! I mean everyone deserved to win! So this is what me and my group administrator Jolyn White decided to do... Make everyone our Winner’s Choice!

This is a book filled with our groups adorable Finicky Felines And Smoochin' Pooches! These guys are all winners! Within the following pages you will find just how adorable all of the group’s fur babies truly are. You’ll be a witness to why we couldn’t come up with just one winner! Talking about a absolute cuteness overload!

As for the abandoned mama dog, with her six newborns that I rescued. I ended up keeping one, and adopted the rest out.

All animals deserve to have a good home filled with love! If you’re ever a witness to animal abuse, please report it to your local animal shelter, and Police department. Help be a voice for the abused, and abandoned animals. Help make a difference!

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Finicky Feline's And Smoochin’ Pooches is copyright © 2017, by Author Virginia L Watkins.

All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manor without written permission except in case of brief quotations em-bodied in critical articles or reviews. This book is a work of non fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Book and Cover design by: Virginia L. Watkins

First Edition: January 2017

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(Photography within this book, is property owned by said individuals, of the Facebook Group, Finicky Feline's And Smoochin’ Pooches. Photography shall not be used for any other purposes, without group permission, or said permission from the owners of the animals.)

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