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The Littlest Puppy That Could

By F. Kuhn, RN

Copyright 2017 F. Kuhn, RN

All Rights Reserved

This story is based somewhat on a true story.


About Jenny and Stacy – Besties

The Pug Dog That Was Abandoned

Dr. Cindy to the Rescue

Three New Babies Were Born

What Happened to the Littlest Puppy?


About Jenny and Stacy - Besties

Jenny and Stacy lived in San Diego, California. Jenny and Stacy were both 15 years old, but Stacy was a few months older than Jenny.

Stacy could get Jenny mad sometimes by saying: "I know better than you because I am older than you." Jenny would say to Stacy: "You may be older than me but I am smarter than you." So even with their little arguments at times, they were best friends.

Jenny lived in a small house with her mom, dad and two brothers, and her brothers teased her a lot.

She lived in the only purple house on the block.

Jenny lived in a quiet neighborhood and lived three small blocks away from a small park where there were swings, a sliding pond, monkey bars, lots of trees and green grass.

During the day the parents would bring their young children to play.

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