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In this space, inside this place, there starts a race.

I have started writing the living literatures, approx. 11 years prior, and run forth on a journey of self-discovery, expansion, and enlightenment. I wish all of you to travel with me, as I awaken as you do. My growth is stunted by yours. So, here’s to us, mankind, moving forward, quickly I hope. As the angels, our true selves, continue to push us in the exact direction we are travelling in. I call forth the only living source, which in turn has given birth to so many unbelievable creations, from the creator to the created, I sincerely ask, and humbly accept help…to open the living literatures as so they may grow, prosper and thrive among immortals as well as mortals, here’s to remembering, honouring and respecting, our ancestors as well as our generations still to come. And the one true living source. Thank you, in awe of the creator, always giving.

L.L. Taouk. 23 February 2017 This is… The Living Literature…I’m proud to present to you all, my creation. Given unto me, for all of us, to persist, pursue and permit our lives to come to fruition, The Living Literature… for its alive as we are, thus it shall continue to give forth its own energy, long after these words are written. Pre-Thought… Direction is endless. Thought…The shortest distance between two points, is a straight line. Fore-Thought…All direction is direct, most important, you must have it…!

A Little About A Lot..

Me? Who Am I...? Or I Am Who? How about I Am Hu-Man Be- Ing, just like you…! I Am All Things, the nice one, the good one, the cute one, etc., etc. I Am All Things, the bad one, the worse one, the ugly one, etc., etc. Enough of the idle talk, would you like to know who I Am? How about first we get to know you? What do you think? NO, O.K. You want to know about Me< as you already know enough about you, well o.k. then… I’ll tell you a little about a lot!!! My name is Mirror, {Louie in the physical world}. Mirror and that is what I do. I am here to help, help you and help me. I was born in Australia and in Heaven at the same time. For time is forever and never, we’ll go there later, which is really now, but not.! I was saying, yes, I awoke from a daydream, approx. 28 earth years ago, {Earth as in physical time, don’t want to lose anyone in the 2nd paragraph}. Done all the stuff, the “New Age Stuff, everyone else did, just did a lot more when no one was looking. School, yes been there done that. More learning in the University of Life, and hard knocks. I’ll make it simple for all yáll, the way I write, is the way I speak. I Am not going to dress it up for you, I Am going to tell it the way understand it, o.k.? {Also, all my original scripts, are hand written, as I believe in words carrying energy, I feed them, they come to life, they grow, thus my brand, mark, The Living Literature}. O.k. back to it. I’ve always been away from “the Norm”, what was o.k. with e, was not o.k. with others, and vice versa, back in the day, {this is the reason my works have not been published for 3 decades}. So, I continued my path, which has lead this living creation to be in front of you, as it should be, I continued to learn, read, write, lent a hand when needed, spoke, listened, uplifted, created, destroyed, simply like all, lived this life. But now is the time for a massive shift. But it has come to my attention, that we live in a world, where constant questioning is the number 1 priority, because freedom is on the way, people no longer understand how to live. With the fall of mental law, and the dawning of unconditional love, people know not how to walk; they have become scared of this brave new/old world, that it exists by magic. Seek and ye shall find, you found me…!!!All will be unveiled, at exactly your point of choosing. Back to me, I have read numerous books, but am not a paper backed, {don’t have a degree, hence paper}, doctor. {ha ha, paper back…. Spineless.!!! Sorry thought that was funny}. Have spoken to many people, but am not a qualified psychologist-psychiatrist-counsellor, don’t know what the difference is, anyway, I know a lot about spirituality, but am no master, ascended, earthly, or any other kind. Can’t make a potion, can’t cure cancer, simply can’t do much. For science is the art of proving what cannot be proven at the time. In the beginning {there is no beginning, for there is no end, another book in the process}, I call it Faith, it grows into Hope, then it manifests as Will. The strength of Will, is believing that which cannot be proven by science, and half the time, cannot be seen by others. For the simple reason that as advanced as our technology is, it cannot measure the simplest E-Motion. Only a couple hundred years ago, a person came up with a theory of what would now be called psycho analysis, and was condemned for it, prior to that a person was left to die for suffering from depression. No, no doctor can make people feel better without the aid of prescriptions, fear or lies. No, no counsellor can listen with unconditional love, to the tribulations of my brother/ sister. No, I Am no master, except of my own mind/world, and no I Am no scientist, though I can prove my own theories related to the supernatural/spiritual {which I have re named totality} practices. That would then make me all the above, and none of them at the same time, I confess, I Am All and None…How through the divine being I call Mirror {Re- Member}, through me, my being, my world, my universe/multi-verse/omni-verse which is all yours, and yours mine, for what are we, if not a brother/sisterhood? Nothing, which is still something, I guess, no that’s a lie, I don’t guess I know it’s something, Something very important, but again we’ll get there later, and now at the same time. Now you know a little about a lot, there is a lot more about the little, this is where you decide… will you walk down this path, take my words/energy with you, allow it to meld, or walk away, free will, I’ll wait for eternity, for time is of no importance to me. No beginning, no end. I can only Will you the absolute best of Life’s offerings, and that all paths trodden or untrodden will lead to Divinity. My life, my love, enjoy all the now moments, you allow yourself to be fully present in. L.L. Taouk. Hmmmm, pondering, squandering, wondering…...Waiting, baiting, contemplating…While you make a decision, I’m going to make a dedication. I dedicate this Living Literature to… My Ancestors, My Bloodline yet to come, My Mother Effy, Father Hanna, My 2 Brothers Roman and Dave{SNOOP}, My Beautiful Angelic Wife Rajaa, My 4 Princesses, Christelle, Tahlia, Rosemary, Rylee. My 4 Stepchildren, Mo, Zeinab, Julia, Ahmad. All the amazing people who have ventured in and out of my life, without all of you, I would never have strived to achieve, reached for the Heavens. Also my One True Source, the I Am of Me, never gave up, never quit, always pushing, thank you. What a life I’ve had, what a life we are about to have! Endless gratitude to all, thank you for playing your parts. You still here? Yeah, me too! You ready? A Little more o.k. welcome, I welcome you open armed, open hearted, it is my pleasure that I spend an entire lifespan with you. That beautiful amazing, graceful presence that you are. Lifespan, yes, lifespan for many an insect will be born, live and die before you finish reading these tiny pages in front of you. Hold that thought and begin to understand how grand life is. Yet in comparison to the turtle we miss the mark a little, don’t you think. But then if we look at the speed we move at, and all the abuse we put our vehicles through, we put the turtle in its place too!!! Amazing isn’t it, life just incredibly beautiful. What do you do with yours? Apart from stress, worry, and have anxiety attacks about that f@#&in bill. Play with the kids, yes, the people without children too, how? The kid in you!!! Oh, that doesn’t exist…O.K. Mr BIG sorry about that. Life, to live, something to give, someone to love, what you saw a dove? Where? Where did you see it? Where, at the market stuck in a cage, that fills me with rage. Rage!!! Me, being as spiritual as I Am, I shouldn’t have that kind of anger at this stage of my life... Should I???..........I Should! I opened a big Arse Kicker? I Am not supposed to say sh#t like that, Am I? I Am. Here we go again, OH for F*#$k’s sake, Oh Sh#t, No, No, No, edit that o.k. take it out. I Am meant to be a saint, no a sinner. No, No I keep F@#$king it up, wait… where Am I? Oh, at work, Again! Sh@t, I hate Mondays, and out of money. Wednesday is a shi##y day, one day after you run out of money, one day before you get paid. F##k, I Am going to take this part out of the book, aha, you are? Yes, no, yes, no. I Am tired, got a headache, what no sex again, what all 30 seconds of it, goodnight, whatever. Did you take the rubbish out, I Am trying to work over here, oh you are, yes, I Am, leave me alone. I Am lonely, sit with me, talk to me, I Am watching T.V. what’s new? What are you thinking about? Nothing honey, the neighbours’ wife…nothing, you? Nothing, which is all things. Did you enjoy my rundown, did you let it run you down? Or did you run away? This battle is consistent, dry, and stagnant. All will be shown for what it is, for all its worth, for all to see all are one and the same. I live life as you do, I breathe and eat and enjoy and have sex and the rest of it. And yes, I get angry, swear and live. Oh, I said that already! We are about to depart… for those with sensitive souls, anyone with a heart condition, pregnant women {good on you, willing you all the best}, soft serves, it’s about to get a bit rough. As I said, we are about to depart, embark on our journey, ready? Everybody assume the position… {always wanted to say that to 100 beautiful women!} Get on board… {That too!!!}, Ready...

Cos Here We Go…This is the co-pilot speaking, we are heading into some turbulence, please remain seated, no actually do whatever feels right for you. Comfortable? Good, enjoy. Hello, my name is Mirror, I’ve been trying to fit in with the crowd, since I can Re-Member, yes that is correct. I don’t like who I Am, so I try to be like them. I did mention turbulence, didn’t I? do you do as you say, or something else when no one is looking? If so, please call 1-800-hypocrite.! Do you dress like that cos you want to, have to, or is it about fitting in? I know that most of are over hearing this, and now you perceive me to be mother/father figure, that’s o.k. I Am! There is a greater point we will get to soon, o.k. now…If you do something not out of your own will, for other reason, I want to be like them, I want to fit in, your mind frame is that of: I Am inferior, for I Am different. I know you knew that, calm down. How can you therefore change your lifestyle, if you’re scared to change your clothes? You don’t want to change, Don’t.! but at least have your own thoughts, and own them. Oh, you do. O.k. Sorry. So… you have your own thoughts, do you act upon them? Sometimes, why? Sometimes they fit in, and sometimes you have the balls, to carry them out, follow through {you will get used to the way I write, cos as I mentioned, I write as I speak, I speak like all of you, Mirror, Re-Member}. Why not at all times? For the only time is now, and now is all. Now-all-time. “some” doesn’t fit in that statement, not even sometimes. Conformity is a great control, to conform, dic{dictionary} says: I/to act according to law or rule, be in agreement with generally accepted standards of business, law, conduct or worship. If you wish to be a member of a club, you must first conform to the rules of the club. 2/ to become the same in form; correspond in form of character; the dress conformed in character. To make similar-to make like. That’s a pretty stagnant description, I think... also it mentions character a lot, must be in a play, I like the theatre. Anyway, here’s Mirrors description/definition: 1/ to be like a sheep. 2/ to follow. 3/ to be lead, in, among, or near the sheep on their way to the slaughterhouse. To make easier to control. Maybe Mirror should write a dictionary! So, feel free to take whichever definition suits {the first one goes down easier, through the digestive tracts of the ego, which you’ll find out has many names}, and apply that to your life. Is that what you do? If so, are you not over it? If not, well done. But you’ll see conformity has many shapes, sizes, colours, creeds, and disciples. Please, I implore you, if all you get out of this Living Literature is…I beseech thee, all and one, be who you are, don’t act or re-act, simply be, you don’t fit, f##k it, they will bend, the people around you love you, for you: if not maybe look at yourself, for if you love with condition, this is your harvest, conditional love, love via condition. A quick note, I Am not a religious human, was born into Christianity, have declared it unto myself insanity, and left that road a long time ago. Just wanted you to know, I quote a lot of Jesus ‘word. A great man, a great inspiration to me. If man conformed would we be here today? Look at technology, it is only through un trodden paths, that we arrive at new ideas and ideals, 60 years ago, a woman’s lifespan was something in the range of… 55-60. People where dying from the common cold. Medicine, technology all advanced by someone thinking outside the box, square, circle, oblong, -------, pick a shape, fill in the blank. What are you doing? Are you advancing your mind? You pick your nose. O.K. we don’t want to know about that. Do you lead by example, or is the lead you speak of for example? You must be very precise with your wording and your thoughts, as I Am? And for all those who think they are over this hurdle. Don’t hurt anyone, don’t laugh at others, don’t pick because your bored. Especially, most importantly, when you look in the mirror, when your alone with yourself, for until all learn that all starts with me, you. Not for colour, not for money, not for creed, for all are as you are. Just simply be you. Listen I Am going to tell you a secret… Judgement is the wife of Conformity…You conform as to be accepted, non-acceptance is a judgement against you, and in return we judge others… reap the harvest of your fertile ground, “judge not, for thou will be judged”, changed a bit, but what did you expect. If you pass judgement when you look in the Mirror, how is it that you say you don’t judge when you look outside. Love on condition, and so shall the favour be returned. Love you for you, yes, your ass looks big in that, but who cares, cos I love a phat ass…! Big or small. Yes, you need to lose that beer belly, but that doesn’t make or break you, for I still love you. Now another secret for you, conformity and judgement, work on both polarities. What do I mean? You judge something to be good or bad, though good is accepted as a judgment for it is positive. No, it is still a judgement, are you striving to be better, or to conform to another level in the chain of hypocrisy. I tell you now, I come to set all knowledge on fire, to turn brother against father, mother against daughter. Knowledge is useless, unless applied to being. You must be what you know. Now when conformity and judgement got married, the people revelled and hollered as the parade went past. Most ate and drank, then the happy couple kissed and cuddled. Cheers to all. A year went past, the happy couple had a child, who has grown to become the King of the new millennium. He was crowned King Depression. And His stranglehold on humanity remains and gains strength second after second. Now I ask again, do we lead by example or is the 1-800-number about to pop up. Keep running with them and all humanity will fall into the bottomless pit, royally entitled Prince...Mental Illness Depression was hailed king in the mid 90’s through till now. Depression has ruled the human race along with all its offspring. Anxiety, angina, panic attacks, heart disease, stroke and the rest of the tribe. Any ill-ness that falls under the banner of dis-ease. Judgement and conformity are master teachers put here on this earth for us to learn, if only a simple lesson. We all do it, some learn from it, very few let it go. It’s only a mistake when done once. When done twice, with awareness, it’s a f@#$kin tragedy. That’s a pretty shi@@y way to open a book, yeah, but I guess we are all trained for it ---News Flash ---50,000 people killed today in an “accident”, 6 planes made forced landing on highways, no survivors. News Flash, love is waiting for you to open your heart, which one shocked you more, which one had more impact? The time has come for all humanity to awaken .O.K, then, conformity and judgement are both expressions of…a/ sex… b/ life… c/ thought…? Come on, who wants to be a love maker? I’ll lock in C thanks. Thought, thought, what a grand idea, to think, to be able to contemplate, and wonder. Thoughts are another of our offspring; well actually they are the beginning of all our offspring. Both physical and mental. Let us not forget spiritual. Like the beginning of all things, we think about it. What are you thinking about? Nothing…! No -Thing, everything...? What do you think about? Nothing and everything. You know how to change your behaviour? Through your thoughts. You know how to change your language? Through your thoughts. So how do you change your thoughts…?Awaken your higher thought, my what? Higher thought…! There are thoughts behind your thoughts, most humans call them morals, principles, and ideals. You know what I mean. No… this is wrong I shouldn’t steal this loaf of bread, I should pay for it. Not the greatest example, but it will be. But wait, there’s more... if you call in the next 30 seconds, I’ll give you an extra answer…! I should steal this loaf of bread, if I Am starving and the company that sells it turns over 500 gazillion dollars a year. Now I Am not telling you to go steal, and that its justified. I Am saying is that your morals are a thought form, your higher thought form. What you place in that box is why you will not do, yet. Did I say yet? Yes, later I’ll feed your burning hunger. If you are a racist, for example. Go into that box labelled morals, check on the law you have for it, if there is none, make one. If there is one, amend it. Do it consistently though, as soon as you become aware that it is there, it will pop up consistently. Like a porn link on the web, when you’re looking for a fork and your mum is standing there looking at you. Ever bought a car, never seen many before, but as soon as you get it, suddenly, they are everywhere, like the plague! As you become aware, you’ll notice it everywhere. Your mind jumps at the opportunity how clever it is. Did you understand that? No, o.k. shorthand. E =mc2. Got it, o.k. the theory is that nothing is quicker than light, wrong. Thought is quicker and more powerful than anything {in relation to being the only thing that originates from organic matter}, in the entire omni verse. Big statement. Well it takes a big set of balls to make a big statement. Einstein came up with the above-mentioned theory, point is where did it come from? Thoughts, his thoughts. Aha, thoughts are fast, strong and weak. All thoughts are idle until tickled. Once tickled, they change form and become ideas {and there is a theory that if you hold a thought for so many seconds, its manifestation is extremely quick}. Then ideas become actions, and now I Am the C.E.O. of Mirror International. P.t.y. Ltd. Abc. Def. Ghi. Jkl. Mno. Pqr. Sty. Y. Y. why? Why not…! Got it. Change the thought form in the box, the morals, change the thought, change the idea, change the action, therefore changing the outcome. Actions speak louder than words. A picture paints a thousand words. Yet a thousand words spoken clearly will define a million pictures. I was going to say, you don’t believe me, but there is no point for you to believe, you don’t have too, I know, without exception.

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