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Break Out; It Is Your Time To Shine Forth


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Break Out; It Is Your Time To Shine Forth


John B. Joseph


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To all my siblings who have been are aspiring for victory and success in life; I dedicate this book.




Chapter One

You Can

You Can Dare the Devil

You Can Cross From Darkness to Brighter Glory

Chapter Two

Never Give Up

Seek For The Light

Refuse To Be Downcast

Lighten Up Your Pathway

Don’t Call It Quit

Jealously Guard Your Glory

Chapter Three

Walk Out Free

You Also Can Experience Resurrection Miracle

You Also Can Break Out to Shine in Life

You Also Can Emerge A Winner In Life

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I have pondered several times and wondered why great visions do attract great foes? Why is it that men who are divinely destined for greatness often face fierce tempestuous storms on their way to the top? Why do many great men of God, numerous famed politicians, and several celebrated achievers of this world, who grew out of hard foundations, strove through bitter tempest to arrive at the top? I have asked myself this one question many times: ‘why must great obstacles obstruct the pathway of a people divinely destined for uncommon greatness?’ Why? Why? Why?

In my passionate search, I found the answers. And the answers I found are so amazing that I chose to put them down in a book form. It is for you liberation that I painstakingly put them down for you to read.

Here are the answers that lighten your way to true freedom. Have a happy reading.

God bless you.


John B. Joseph


Chapter One


Why is it that men who are divinely destined for greatness often face fierce tempestuous storms on their way to the top? Here is the answer:

First, the pathway to greatness is always hard because there is often a shell incarcerating glories. This shell is the spiritual prison where men and women destine for greater heights are held captives. And if any destiny inside the shell must see glory, it must first break out. The life inside the shell is incarcerated. Shell is a captivity that frustrates human’s efforts and tolerates neither success nor victory. Men who desire greatness and success in life must first break out of the shell. The great truth you must be told is that success is achievable, and greatness is attainable. You can be successful and great in life. You only need to break out of the shell and smash the crust of odds and barriers.

It is always dark inside the shell. And you must be told that breaking out of the dark shell is real war. Make it a fight to finish. Yeah, you must prepare to fight it to the finish point, if you must get to where the Lord destined you to be. “Fight the good warfare” exhorts the apostle Paul. If you have been destined by God for greatness, get prepared to pay the price to attain it. Are you fully prepared to pay the price? Fight the good warfare. Break the shell now and get your life move on to that desired height. To arrive at greatness and achieve uncommon success in life, you need to war until your pathway is free of all blockades and battles.

If you are destined for brighter glory; to shine as light upon the earth, you must war until the shell is broken and you walk out of it with triumphant procession. Break the shell and free your destiny for fulfillment. The shinning life is outside of the shell, not inside of it. Outside the shell, you’ll find success a possibility and limitation a promotion. Outside the shell is greatness achievable.

Second, breaking out of the shell isn’t enough to become successful and great in life. Greatness has its own price that you must pay. Breaking out of the shell of barriers and limitations is just the foundational war that must be won.

As soon as you are out of the shell, you will come to realize that the road to greatness isn’t littered with gold. No, it is neither tarred with gold nor silver. So you must brace up to drive your vision with passion and your mission with diligence. It takes passion and diligence to deck destiny with gold and garnish life with silver. Never take life for a play. It is not a comedy hall where you make a joker or watch comedians performing. It is just another tragedy to take life for a joker. Get to know where you are going and be active for responsibility. Be serious to run your parts with passion and diligence.

Third, cultivate the virtues of faith, fortitude and doggedness. This life isn’t a bed of rosary. Comfort here is sometimes interjected by the sunny heat of trials, troubles and discouragements. You must develop these virtues to defy defiant opposing forces and dare stubborn hurdles on your way to breakthrough.

Make no mistake that the race to greatness will be pleasurable. The success pathway may be assaulted by terror of darkness, coupled with noises of roaring lions and subtle vipers. Yes, evils and evil men will raise their deadly heads as you move on to join the throng of achievers. They will create your reasons to fear, to flutter and to fumble. The road to success and greatness could be so rough, demanding, discouraging and frustrating.

But in the face of all these, you must remain resolute and keep going. He who sojourns the storming way of success needs be told that glory awaits him at the other end of the tunnel.

You Can Dare the Devil

You can dare the devil and his opposing forces. You can, by your own inner might of perseverance and virtue of doggedness. You can stop the devil by your firm faith in the name of the Lord. You can dare those opposing forces trying to stop you by the power of Spirit. You can dare the devil and push your life into Christ’s extraordinaire to embellish your destiny with dazzling divine.

You must believe you can and that the sojourns to greatness are possible for men of clear vision, enduring courage, valiant spirit, firm doggedness, and transparent honesty. So cultivate these virtues and let them be lights within you. It takes such guiding lights to break the shell of failure and limitation, and drive to your desire heights. Possessing these inner lights is crucial to attaining greatness and winning the trophies of life.

Let this great truth sinks deep into your heart as you read this book: impossibility is nothing. You can make it in life in spite all odds. Your success is a possibility. You only need to constantly rebuff doubts and refuse to quit. He who aims high in life should drive through life with high spirit. Be resolute, decisive and rugged in your resolves and actions towards greatness. You can rise against all odds, pay the price of success and dare to be what God has destined you to be.

You can! You can dare to break out of the shell of barriers, dare to break-forth to fulfillments and dare to be a shining star.

You can. Yes, you can break limitations with determination, consume constraint with courage, trash treachery with bravery, and foil failure with fortitude.

You can employ the forces of faith, vision, diligence, wisdom, strength, courage and perseverance to turn your troubles to trophies. Arise and employ the audacity of the Spirit and solid faith to transform your challenges to testimonies.

It is your time to shine forth. Break out of that shell; it is your time to shine forth.

You Can Cross From Darkness to Brighter Glory

Many a daring men and women have paid the high price to assume their destined greatness. You also can dare. Yes, you can arise and cross from domain of darkness to the pavilion of brighter glory. You can break out of the dark shell of barriers, crush fierce opposing armies and launch out into limelight. Yes, you can drive your life’s big vision to fulfillment, actualize your mission of greatness and shine forth as great light in your generation.

Any life spent in wandering, in aborted success, or in repeated failure is spent in darkness and obscurity. Crossing from such life to becoming great light demands breaking barriers, limitation and failure to getting to your destined heights in life. Here below are steps you’ll need to take to cross from darkness to brighter glory.

Quit Passivity

You can’t afford being passive about earning success in life. Be positive about life and you’ll find yourself going. Passivity is the devious foe of greatness; break its influences in your life. To quit passivity is to free your life from procrastination, stagnation, limitation and failure. When you become positive about your life, you begin to launch into the mines of your gold. Arise with faith and dare to confront the deadly power of passivity, doubts, skepticism, and faithlessness. Be positive about life. You can make it!

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