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Secret Behind Happiness

By Bonface Khatete

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Copyright 2016 Bonface Khatete

Happiness comes before success

In a life full of challenges, expecting solutions from other people and the world around us makes life a nightmare. Like us, people have their own challenges too, others have even much bigger problems than us, and they want to hear solutions, not more problems. Depending on them makes you a problem too.

When you focus on depending on other people you impoverish yourself by letting your talents and dreams lie waste and you impoverish others by slowing them down on their quests towards realizing their dreams and visions.

Have you ever heard the saying: ‘there are no jobs’. That is why many people believe they are poor. However, the main problem is, they have given up on their visions which offer solutions to other people’s problems. Yet they are these solutions that people pay for.

A world full of problems and obstacles only offers a world full of dreams, possibilities and solutions waiting to be executed and people waiting to be paid for executing them.

The world is in need of solutions and solution bearers. You cannot afford to bury your visions and depend on the fruits that come from the visions of others yet there is plenty of work to be done and plenty of problems to be solved.

This is a perfect opportunity to raise an empire and shelter people from confusion. It is a ripe time for you to a rise and shine.

The solutions to your future problems lie within you now in form of visions. It is upon you to bring that vision out. When it blossoms, people will take shelter under the empire you will have built, making you a source of solutions rather than problems.

In despair, all things seem impossible, mole hills grow into mountains that seem unmovable. All that remains are wishes. Wishes of prosperity and a good life.

However no matter how hard we wish, the obstacles remain staring at us.

They stare at us in form of academic failures, dysfunctional homes, failed relationships, failed states, poverty and all sorts of problems.

Most of the times we blame ourselves. ‘It is my fault,’ we say. ‘Had I done this or that, I wouldn’t be in this situation.” We therefore embark on a mission to undo our faults with an aim of escaping the repercussions. ‘If I just do this, I won’t have to suffer anymore” we tell ourselves.

But often times, what we think are solutions are just beginnings of other difficult tasks which end up landing us into larger problems which also become sources of even much bigger problems. It becomes a cycle of failure that ends up in despair.

If you have ever been in such a position you will understand that you feel like a drowning man who does not know how to swim.

The panic makes you want to kick all sides, and as you struggle, instead of getting out of the stress, you find yourself sinking deeper towards the bottom.

Being in this world: surrounded by many unexpected troubles and searching for solutions to your problems could be equated to finding yourself in deep waters, where you are required to swim to the top for freedom; beauty, happiness and comfort in life so that you can at least have some joy and air to breathe.

There are only two choices; failing and perishing or winning and thriving. Almost all of us are not at ease, the waters of life are suffocating us. We are trying to swim out of our troubles daily, but we seem to be swimming deeper into confusion and disappointment.

You open your eyes only to find yourself in the depth of the ocean. Clear waters surround you. Deep in the vast waters, you just realize you are swimming towards the depth rather than back to the top.

To your own shock, you find yourself swimming even much deeper towards the ocean ground in every effort you make to escape the suffocation. You get scared, disillusioned and more frantic. This makes you even more frustrated.

You do not think you can ever make it to the top, and you think that a shark you might have seen somewhere on top would catch you, so you swim into a hideout. There, you hide. You would rather die there, in the water, swimming deeper into the rocks and hope you will survive. You desire to get to the top, but find yourself stuck to the bottom, yet you have all the potential you need to get to the top.

You barely believe you will make it as powerfully as you should. You have just not yet set your heart into believing and you fear believing will not work, so you react instead of acting. You act out of disbelief instead of acting out of faith.

That is the state of millions of people around the world; we are just reacting to the situations we have found ourselves in.

We do not have time to plan and work our way out of our circumstances. We even don’t know how to focus on exactly what we want in life, but still get surprised when we fail in our efforts.

Without consistently directed positive effort towards our goal, it is automatic to fail. But then, how do we consistently remain positive, so that we can consistently put in effort without giving up? How can we overcome despair before we even start so that we can be sure to reach our purpose?

Because of despair many of us have given up on our visions, families, friends, states and even the joy of just enjoying the fact that we are alive today. Obstacles weigh us down every day, that is why some of us give up along the way before we reach where we had intended to go.

Instead of being blessings those things we love are becoming curses because most of us cannot achieve them and we have to live with the fact that we failed to live up to our expectations and gave up along the way.

Our own dreams and desires label us failures.

We feel helpless and duped. It just becomes alright to exist rather than live because we feel limited by obstacles and despair. It becomes normal to fail, it has become even more normal to give up.

The more you let your dreams and aspirations to rot away and decay, the more your problems grow. The more you try to fight your way through to make them work, the more frustrations you encounter.

It becomes a dilemma because either way, you must suffer, if you give up you suffer. If you persist you also suffer. Therefore you are constantly in fear, you fear failure on one side so that you don’t want to believe, and you also fear despair on the other side so that you don’t want to give up.

All this happens because instead of overcoming despair as just one of the obstacles you have let despair overcome you and define your life. Every time we start a project, we assume we are not going to face despair, so, when it comes we can’t press past it.

Despair is an illusion. It is only after the illusion disappears when you can see the truth, but it can only disappear if you keep on walking towards your vision courageously.

You feel that if you give up on your dreams you will be relieved, but the fact is that if you give up on dreaming and believing, life might just become worse.

Some people even give up on their dreams and visions before they start them because of the illusion that they will not be able to make it. It is until they see other people making it that the illusion disappears and they realize they too can make it.

The same illusion is what guides us to saying that we cannot be happy until we succeed. It tells us we cannot celebrate our victory before seeing it. Therefore we are under the illusion that we must toil in order to be happy and that it takes success in order to be happy.

It is the same illusion that is used always to tell us things are impossible and when we believe the illusion we fail. We fail not because we are unable to succeed and are weak. But we fail because we have been weakened by the lie and forced to underperform and give up.

It introduces doubts into our visions which feed on our strength with every obstacles that is thrown on our way.

We need a lot of emotional energy and strength for us to conquer despair and doubt; happiness.

This is to say that we need happiness in order to be successful.

That is why most of the obstacles target our happiness because without it, we cannot accomplish much. Without happiness we give up quickly and have less strength to continue, even with life itself. That is why people give up.

Therefore, seek happiness before success. Stop fighting with your life, start actually enjoying the little things you do well. That will work out much better than trying to correct all wrong things in your life at once. Appreciate your desire to grow better and live a much noble life, a life of happiness. Let that desire grow because it is good. Do not suffocate it.

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