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Your Story

"Boring days"

Arozy saputra

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What's this

Firstly, my name arozy. I want to be honest. I can't speak english.


I want to share my though through this short ebook. I write this short ebook for donation.

Please considering to BUY and i prey for your peace. God bless you. Hope you always living on happiness. Unlike me....

Dear diary...

This morning you wake up, sit on the bed. Try to clean your eyes and look around. Hoping something strange happens. But no. Nothing happens. Its just your bedroom. With nice bed you sit on. Some decoration on wall. Maybe your favorite painting. The desk with desk lamp. A laptop is sitting at it. And little smartphone is sleeping nicely with your charger. 'Tik tok tik tok' what is that? You hear weird noise. But sound familiar. That tik tok echoes on your head. And then, a little smile appear. Halucinate your vision. A desk clock trying to scare you with its smile. Wait! what? A smile? NO...! Its 10.10 am. You were shocked and get up from your bed. Your heart is pumping up. You feel confused. Why you awake so late. "Its can't be!" You said. In hurry, you ran into bathroom. Clean yourself and prepare for...

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