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For my granny, Madam Grace Modupe Ojo.


Chapter One

1. Pursuit of happiness

2. Quest

3. Luci's feet

4. True love

5. Hail Mary

6. Exhume

7. On the anvil

8. Scratch the itch

9. Dandelion dust

10. Give

Chapter Two

1. Transmogrify

2. Opulence

3. Burning

4. Conception

5. In your presence

6. Comforter

7. Dark as..

8. Goodbye

9. When to start

10. Renaissance

Chapter Three

1. Ethereal

2. Broken Hallelujah

3. Responsibility

4. Waiting 1

5. Esoteric

6. Nasty

7. Sufficient

8. Onomaetopia

9. Ancestral

10. Little lies much

Chapter Four

1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

2. Don't get old

3. Sweet the stuff

4. My chum

5. Without you

6. The stirring

7. Prejudiced

8. Because you breathe, I am

9. Chidiomimi

10. Always here

Chapter five

1. Those words

2. For me

3. Misfit

4. He talks to me

5. Light in

6. Fragrance

7. Exceedingly

8. Anointing

9. Waiting 2


1. Pursuit Of Happiness

In the pursuit of happiness

How many times we've met sadness

Believing- changing like the hurricane

With a strike-changes our bane

Sometimes if only we know

Somethings happen for us to flow

For yesterday is history

Tomorrow tells manifold of glory

Yet in the pursuit of happiness

We must know which sadness

Brings us to the ultimate purpose

Happiness is always close

If only with closed eyes

We can see...

2. Quest

All we do is

...get money, the means

... to get rest, the ends

We want rest

We want the best

Little wonder, our zest

Soon bring us rest

The final rest...


3. Luci's feet

Under the dusty feet of Lucifer

That have travelled near and far

High,low,abyss and paradise

Has all blame game suffice

Old Lucifer..always blacklisted

Yet won't show up where he's bested

He stands and wonder

Why not the wrong doer

Get to take responsibility

Nobody like to take the blame

They all say it's the devil's game

4. True Love

Cupid shot me arrows

Into my heart one burrows

Yet I enjoyed the pain

Down the drain...

I keep falling

In this falling...

Tears from Cupid's eyes

Keeps me swimming in the skies

5. Hail Mary

Hail Mary! Full of grace

The Lord's with you always

Blessed are you amongst women

For you carried the saviour of men

Blessed is the fruit of your womb

Who death couldn't hold in the tomb

O Virgin of virgins,my mother

In your mercy you give us answer

O Queen of heavens, you're still virgin

After our saviour's siblings?

O most gracious Virgin Mary pray

For us sinners of the narrow way

Though you are from ashes

You're beyond all Pagans goddesses

Hail Mary don't get tired

Praying for us who prayed

O Blessed Mary, this is our hope

That you pray blacks become pope

6. Exhume

No bread nor chalice tonight

The priest's lamb eloped last night

Christ is staying longer on the tree

With His arms spread waiting to free

Why wait on,when he is risen

Hell couldn't him in sin

The thorn-crowned Messiah left since

Drop your nails and planks

Don't nail him on the cross again

Pick up your forgiveness

Enjoy His righteousness

It's the era of grace extravaganza

It's eternity in bounty plaza

We can do no more

But to enjoy all he's done!

7. On the anvil

A church in the wild

Where stones garland the Truthful

Jewels decorate every good lie

A rampage of who lies best

Truth and lies are just same

Do I have to remind you

What I feel just to make

You believe that I feel so?

Let's not wait for the light

The sun won't shine at night

We will see more with closed eyes

Don't want to wake up

If in dreams I'm counting million

For my withdrawal to this addiction

Buy me some ibogane

I will be unleashed of the bane

Of butterflies in my belly

Halo hovering my head steadily

Heaven is just for the good

There are no test there

For the rich lives there...

8. Scratching the itch

One last kiss

Just to get me nectar

Get me a bullet dress

Just don't want death's altar


It's a labor to get

Another to keep

A banter not to get the whip

Having done all to be there

More is done to remain there

9. Dandelion dust

Like dandelion dust

When you blow them

Wishes are set free

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