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Living Through Christ from A-Z

Au'Vonnie E. Alexander

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Be a Rainbow in someone else’s cloud” – Dr. Maya Angelou

Dear Lord,

I humbly come to you as best as I know how, thanking you for this opportunity you have given me to express my love for you and my gratitude for the positive blessings that I have received from following in your steps.

The idea for this book has been a long time coming, and I am thankful that you have given me continuous strength, courage, and wisdom to share what has been in my heart for some time now.

I am not a preacher or a teacher by any means; nor am I someone who thinks she knows everything. Quite frankly, I am far from perfect—but I am a child of Christ and I feel that it is my responsibility to share what God has bestowed upon my heart to others.

I pray that as each individual reads this book—man or woman, boy or girl—it opens their hearts, minds, and souls while helping them flourish mentally and spiritually with Christ as their guide.

As each person reads this book and learns of my story, I pray that they understand that I too have had trials in life. I too have had to mend broken pieces of myself. I hope that anyone reading this will feel their pain, sadness, or insecurity disintegrate—and I hope that they are reminded that as long as they have Christ, everything is possible, and everything will be okay.

I thank you in advance. I love you.

These and other blessings I ask, in Jesus' name;


My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” - Psalms 23:76


Born in Oakland, CA to a single mother and an absentee father, I was an only child, raised by my mother and my grandmother.

Growing up in the church, I always had something in me that was quite different from children my age: I loved learning about the Lord; I loved teaching and showing others what I knew; I loved being active and spreading the love of God to my peers.

As I grew older, those things stayed with me. To this day, I still apply what I learned back then to my everyday life.

Although I am only 27 years old, I believe that when you walk by faith and allow God into your life, he leads you, guides you, directs you, and protects you—even when you don’t ask him to. Of course, throughout your life, you will go through trials and sufferings. You will experience rain before sunshine, but those troubles don’t last as long as they may seem.

In this book, each letter of the alphabet has a positive word, followed by a sentence, then a story from a piece of my life, along with a scripture that coincides with the message. Use that as much as you can. Repeat it day by day to remind yourself that a positive can be found even in the most negative of situations.

With “Living Through Christ from A-Z,” my goal is to place positive vibes in everyone’s hearts, and to reiterate that no matter where you come from, no matter the sticky situations you may deal with, there is always something to be thankful for and there is always a light at the end of that dark tunnel.


Awesome – Always tell yourself that you are AWESOME and believe it. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently. Keep a positive mind with positive thoughts.

When I think of the word Awesome, what automatically pops up in my head is the song “AWESOME” by Charles Jenkins.

Some of the Lyrics say “My God is Awesome / He can move Mountains / keep me in the valley / hide me from the rain / my God is Awesome / heals me when I’m broken / strength where I’ve been weakened / forever he will rein.

We all have moments in our lives where we feel a bit down. We may feel weak, broken, and unsure of ourselves, but we must remind ourselves that we are God’s children. We are awesome and we are more than conquerors.

A few years ago, I was going through what I call my “quarter-life crisis.” I was having a conversation with a friend, telling her of all my troubles and all that I felt was wrong with my life at the time. Of course, being the good friend that she is, she reassured me that everything would be OK.

Now, as human beings, when we have our “moments” a lot of the time, we don’t want to hear what other people have to say. It goes in one ear and out the other. At the time of my crisis, I was distraught, blindsided by my own thoughts and confused about life.

Once I calmed down, my good friend looked me in the eyes and said, “I wish you could see in you, what I see in you. If you stop that crying, and remember that you are SMART, BEAUTIFUL, and FREAKIN’ AWESOME, then everything will happen the way it is supposed to, when it is supposed to. I look up to you because of all that you have done, and you have so much more to do.”

In that moment, our talk comforted me and reminded me that despite what I was going through, it all would be fine in due time. The song said, “My God is Awesome / heals me when I’m broken,” and I knew he would do just that.

And that he did.

Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!”

- Psalms 66:5

I am AWESOME because ….


Bold – You are BOLD—not hesitant, not fearful. You are willing to step out on a limb and go for the goal. Taking risks, not being afraid to step out and try something new—that’s being BOLD.

I love telling this story.

It was May 2012. I had graduated from college with my Bachelor’s Degree and was concerned about what the next chapter in life would be. Some college students are very fortunate to have a “career” after graduating. For some, it takes a bit more time.

Well, soon thereafter, I moved to Orlando FL to work for the Walt Disney Company at Disney World for an 6-month internship. This was pretty much a break after college to relax, relate, and release. It also allowed me to work for a great company and figure out what I wanted to do in the near future.

After the program was over, I moved back to California with my family in the Bay Area—only to realize that California was not where my heart was anymore. It was already difficult being a college graduate with no job, and the living in California was so expensive. While living in Florida, I met people who became more than friends; they were like family. I could not imagine my life without them.

There were four of us total, all four of us living in four different states: California, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas.

While on Skype one night, we were all explaining how unhappy we were in our current situations and we were trying to figure out our next move. Honestly, it took no time at all to literally make a pact to move to Houston where the living was cheap and the job opportunities were limitless.

From moving back to California in January, to packing up all I had (which was not that much), and then moving 3,000 miles to Houston by September of that year—talk about being BOLD. I left my Family, my friends, and all that I knew to start a new journey that I was not even sure would work out at the time. I had an apartment with no furniture for at least 6 months and a car that eventually got totaled in an accident. Nonetheless, almost 3 years later, I have a career, great friends, and no regrets.

Life is about taking risks, stepping out on faith and following your heart. You never know where that BOLDNESS may lead you.

On the day I called, you answered me; you made me bold with strength in my soul.”

- Psalm 138:3

Being BOLD to me is ….


Confident – Being CONFIDENT is key. Walk with your head held high. As long as you have CONFIDENCE, you can accomplish anything and everything.

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.” – Marcus Garvey

Let me tell you all something: it took me almost 27 years to have full CONFIDENCE in myself. I mean that confidence where you don’t need anyone’s validation but your own, that confidence where you walk in the room with your head held high and own it—that!

Growing up, believe it or not, I was shy and had no confidence whatsoever. Yes, in church I was outgoing, spoke my mind, and was the first to want to be active. Outside of church, oh no….

I was quiet, too afraid to let my inner light shine, and I cared WAY too much about what other people thought. Even throughout High School and College, this was a problem. It got better, but not as much as it has in my later 20s.

About a year ago, a friend and I were text messaging and I asked him, “If there was one thing that you would change about me, what would it be?”

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