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Step By Step

Ascended Master Discourses

Compiled by Pearl Dorris

Edited by Peter Mt. Shasta

Step By Step, Ascended Master Discourses

Copyright 2017 by Peter Mt. Shasta

Published by Church of the Seven Rays

740 Kelso Road

East Meredith, NY 13757

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Notes of gratitude

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all the sincere students of the Light whose earnest desire has made the release of this book possible, and to the great Ascended Ones, whose book this is, and whose assistance has been, and is, undimmed.

–Pearl Dorris, 1977

I would like to thank Brian Dietz, Donna Gaus, Lucka Kratochvil, and Daye Proffit, for their editorial comments and suggestions, which have helped make this a far more readable and enjoyable edition.

--Peter Mt. Shasta, 2017

Ascended Master Saint Germain


Editorial Note

A Note on Channeling

1. Laws of Life by Various Masters

2. All Is One by El Morya

3. Man—A Ray Of Light by Kuthumi

4. The Fire of Creation by Saint Germain

5. Stairway to Mastery by Various Masters

6. Our Elder Brothers by Various Masters

7. Obedience to God Principles by Serapis Bey

8. The Fire of Forgiveness by Urlando

9. Light, Life, God—All One by Hilarion

10. Energy and Vibration by Maha Chohan

11. True Silence by The Goddess of Wisdom

12. Your Power to Create by The Venetian

13. You are the I AM Presence by Various Masters

14. Claim Your God Dominion by Jesus

15. Opportunity Knocks Constantly at Your Door by Nada

16. Innocence—a Protection by Goddess of Innocence

17. Purity—a Natural State by The Goddess of Purity

18. Freedom by Saint Germain

19. An Elohim Comes to Earth’s Aid by Arcturus

20. Your Password by Victory

21. Encounter With Saint Germain by Perry Beauchamp

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Editorial Note

Great illumined beings known as Ascended Masters, who have transitioned from Earth to a higher plane of existence, transmitted these discourses to Pearl Dorris and Robert LeFevre between 1939-1949, at a ranch near Santa Rosa, California. These messages were received telepathically during group meetings of up to 20 former students of the Saint Germain Foundation (For a more in depth description see: Lady Master Pearl, My Teacher, Peter Mt. Shasta). The words were written down by Agnes “Sunny” Widell as best she could, and later typed into manuscripts.

These manuscripts were found in a box in the attic of Pearl’s home in Mount Shasta, California in 1975, and she requested that Sunny and several of her students edit them for publication. Editing was necessary to delete personal instruction that had been given to individuals, as well as to delete repetitive teachings that had been given multiple times over the ten-year period. As the Masters often speak without stopping, due to not needing to breathe, the addition of punctuation was also necessary. The committee also debated whether or not to maintain all the original terms that were in common use in the Saint Germain Foundation, but which now seem excessively flowery. For the most part, the language was maintained; and in this edition I have modernized some of the phrases to make the text more intelligible for today’s reader. On a number of occasions Pearl’s own editorial requests were ignored to suit the consensus opinion of the committee, which I have also now remedied.

Eventually wearying of the long editorial process, Pearl turned the discourses over to me in 1977 to publish or not as I chose. She requested that if I chose to publish them I should use the name “M. S. Princess,” which is a combination of the initials of my last name, Mt. Shasta, and the affectionate term by which Saint Germain occasionally addressed Pearl. She explained that M. S. Princess would thus represent our work together that had continued over many lifetimes. The first edition was published in 1977 as Step By Step We Climb.

As the original publisher, Pearl Publishing, went out of existence and the book went out of print, I was happy when in the summer of 2016, Pearl contacted me tangibly and requested that I republish the book.

In this new edition, under the Masters’ guidance, I have corrected the previous editing and also deleted repetitive sections and chapters. As these discourses were spoken for the listeners of the 1940s, I have rephrased some sentences according to current usage and to reflect the Masters’ original intent. I pray that this new edition will shine Light on the path for many.

A Note on Channeling

There are many types of channeling, the most common of which is inspirational. This is self-initiated and can occur when someone is familiar with or has love for a particular being. The individual can try to tune-in and receive an inspirational message. This process is similar to the way a novelist writes dialogue for a character; once you are familiar with the character, it is easy to “hear” what the character would say in different situations. An inspirational channeling may contain useful information depending on how in-tune the channel is with the being they are focused on, or tuned-in to their Higher Self. On the other hand, although uplifting or interesting, the information may be completely false.

A second type of channeling occurs when a person tunes into the soul of someone whose physical body has died, but the soul has not yet progressed into the Light. These earthbound spirits, although sometimes able to offer information, are not enlightened and often malevolent—sometimes pretending to be a certain Master or space being. Those who invoke these entities risk interference in their lives, even possession—not to mention the karma of giving false information.

Another and more dangerous, type of channeling occurs through the actual possession of the channel’s mind and even body by the entity. The human ego steps aside and allows another soul to take over. No Ascended Master will do this, for their efforts are always to discourage surrender of one’s will to another. Rather they wish to empower individuals to find their own God Presence within—and obtain their own guidance direct from the Source.

The last type of channeling is initiated by the Master, not the will of the channel. The Master appears in an etheric body, which may or may not be visible, and imparts thoughts through mind-to-mind transmission. Occasionally the individual will see actual words, phrases, or even an entire page of text in a flash. Even then, the transmission may still be colored by the mind of the recipient, depending on their training, linguistic ability, preconceived ideas, and emotional state. As the energy of the Masters is so intense that it amplifies thoughts and emotions, the Masters only approach individuals who have purified their own mind-stream and been prepared for this interaction over many years. These messages are almost always spiritually instructive in nature, and do not give useless information, make phenomenal predictions or reveal personal information.

A danger of this type of Master initiated interaction is that when the transmissions cease, the channel may be tempted to continue giving messages on their own—perhaps to incur praise or financial benefit. This can be a test to see if the student has the strength to remain silent, or will put words in the Master’s mouth. Despite her daily contact with the Masters, Pearl never channeled personal messages, but instead helped the thousands who came to her to feel their own God Flame and find Its guidance within their own hearts.

I experienced this type of direct contact from the Masters in 1977 when, without any desire on my part, Ascended Masters appeared over ten days, telling me to write down their words (later published as “I AM” the Open Door, and described in Apprentice to the Masters: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book II). No words can describe the overwhelming energy of this experience.

This book is compiled of messages received by Bob LeFevre and Pearl Dorris, both of whom were prepared for this assignment by the Master Saint Germain. The group at which the transmissions took place gathered at his request. Even under these auspicious circumstances, human opinions may have colored what was received; so the Masters always stress that you must always rely ultimately on your own Source for guidance and Ultimate Truth.

Chapter 1

Laws of life

by Various Masters.

Man in his activity on this planet is a spiritual being first, and a physical being second. The spiritual quality of man has never been fully defined, for the majority of mankind, through long centuries has forgotten his connection with his Source of Life and has come to think of himself as something quite apart—each individual being separate. This is not the case, for man individually and en masse is but One. Only in the heart can the individual find that Oneness that is the Truth of all things.

Do not let your attention be held by some imperfection that is either in your world or another’s, whether it be a physical, mental, or an emotional thing. Remove your attention from imperfection! Remember, the Law always has been, “What your attention is upon, you draw into your being,” and the imperfection will be there unless you remove it by seeing only the perfection. This is easy when you know your Source, and that your connection with God is within. You are a spiritual being, a manipulator of Light, Love, and Power, rather than a physical being conscious only of lack. Know always:

I AM that which I wish to become.

I AM the fulfillment of my destiny here on earth.

I AM the Victory of Light itself.

I AM the Commanding Presence moving in and Conquering everywhere I move.

I AM the Victory of Life over death.

I AM that I AM.

This Consciousness, this at-one-ment with your Source, is the attainment of one-pointedness. It is more difficult to attain when individuals permit their attention to stray from one imperfection to another. See the Perfection you wish to become. Hold your attention upon this Perfection, and let the energy of life flowing through you make it a reality!


In dealing with individuals, remember that never do you deal just with the individual, but also with the unconscious forces acting through him. And remember too that when you confront anyone, you are confronting one who will one day be a Master, who is even now upon the path of Mastery. Through your non-reactivity and Love, you can radiate the Consciousness that clears the force that has been operating through that one. Furthermore, if there is anything within that individual that does not please you, there is an unpleasing force in your own world that you need to clear. Regardless of what force you see acting, be so masterful that you raise the individual out of it—which you can only do if you have no similar force acting through you, or any personal desire of your own

There is only one solution to these adverse forces, and that is to turn your attention to God within, remain harmonious, and for the most part be silent. O, my precious ones, the amount of energy that you waste in a single day through talking! Could you see from the inner standpoint, you would be quite amazed. Learn to be silent!

Use your Wall of Light, your Wall of Protection, dynamically and earnestly. When you find a negative force beginning to act, instantly call on the Violet Flame and invoke your Wall of Light. Call your Presence to make that Wall of Light invincible. Then you will free yourself from inharmonious or negative conditions. However, your application must be more powerful than the force directed at you. Make the call that all negative interference be stopped, irrespective of where that force originates.

Do not discriminate against one another, or try to blame one who may have unknowingly opened himself or herself to the force you feel acting in your midst. Call to your Presence to take your attention off the condition. Too much attention is misdirected in blame. You need more of God and less of the human. You are never dealing with just another human being; you are dealing with forces. If a force strikes at you through another, do not blame the individual. The force cannot act strongly in you unless you give it power, for it has no power of its own. You can Master your attention if you practice. Take your attention off human beings and conditions, and become one with your Presence, and thus a Master. There is no other way. Either follow these rules to Master yourself, so that you have perfection in your world, or go on following the habitual path of least resistance to continued unhappiness.

Through meditation on the I AM within, you create a force field, an automatic protection that acts to guard you against the destructive forces released by other individuals. Whenever you observe something that seems negative taking place, qualify your attention with Perfection. That way you do not amplify the negative energy, but send forth only perfection. That which you send forth will eventually return to manifest in your world.

Remember this when you have the desire to “give somebody a piece of your mind.” Instead, turn your attention inward and call the I AM Presence into action to blaze Its Power through you, through the disturbing individual, condition, and world.


One of the great enemies to the progress of the individual is self-justification--an activity of being dishonest with life. O how many there are, also precious students of the Masters, as well as those ignorant of the Law, who when they find they have made some mistake or when they find they have committed an error, their reaction is instantly to justify what they have done.

Is it not amazing that man has not learned more about life, that you can call it forth into perfection? When you discover that you have made a slight error or done something against the Law of Life, rejoice; and do not try to find excuses for yourself. Rejoice that you know the Law, that you can give obedience to the Law, call on the Fire of Forgiveness, the Violet Consuming Flame, then rejoice and go on your way. Never say, “If such and such had not been the case this mistake would never have occurred.” Of course it wouldn’t, but that has nothing to do with you. Your obligation is to perfect your own world, and you can never do that so long as you attempt to justify your mistakes. This constant desire on the part of humans to deny that they could ever make a mistake is one of the things that keep them making mistakes.

You must recognize that as long as you operate in the physical octave, error is bound to creep in. True Perfection only exists in the Ascended State, in the octave of Light. That is why it doesn’t make any difference how enlightened a human may be; so long as the individual Consciousness remains focused in the outer world, it is possible for error to creep in. Knowing that, it is easy to see how ridiculous it would be for any human to delude himself into feeling that he could not make a mistake. Yet, that is just exactly what happens time after time after time. As you value your progress, be honest with yourself and with Life!

All things are possible for the one who stands with the Light. Can you not see, the only thing that stands in your way is your own self? There is no other obstacle. You, as the I AM Presence, have complete authority. Then take that authority, grasp the Scepter of Dominion firmly in your hand, and command the human to give obedience. Say: “Be still and know that I AM is the Master here.” It is magnificent to realize that all things can be accomplished when you Love enough; and when that Love and Adoration is poured forth, first to the Presence as the Great Source of Life, and then poured forth to all Life, the doors of the universe stand wide and you can travel where you will, fully protected.

The Law of The One:

The Law of the One is the Law of Love. As you go forward, do you not see that there is no time or space? We are here this moment actually experiencing the same thing that we will also experience in what you call the future. Just as surely as we are gathered together here, the day will come when humanity will be gathered together likewise. Since there is no time, actually there is only now— that day is this day, and this day can expand into that day. When you comprehend the full meaning of this you will understand the Oneness of all things. You will see that Life is expanding. It is a Flame that goes out in all directions. The Spark is the manifestation of the Flame, and that Flame is life ever expanding Itself in Perfection. As you recognize that the Spark and the Flame are One, you will see your relationship to the Mighty Flame of Life, and your relationship to each other as Sparks of that Flame to which you will someday return.


Please remember that when you discuss an action, you must put the limited human Consciousness completely out of the picture, and then call the Presence to show you how to act to be of the most service. Let Service be the watchword, and then the way will open and a magnificent thing will come forth. You cannot afford to let anything, no matter how important it may seem, to stand between you and the service you might render another. Always remember however, that you do not help another unless you also teach him to help himself.

Man must determine to refuse acceptance of anything less than the Perfect Plan of the Great Presence of Life. That Perfection is self-apparent. The imperfection of human understanding is also self-apparent. The only way to raise your human understanding into the Perfection of Life is to raise your vibratory frequency to the point where human illusion dissolves and understanding becomes Divine. This is a simple process of meditation, yet one that may require years of practice to be effective. If you are sincere, however, it is essential for anyone who wishes to move forward in Mastery.

Remember, you are in the service of the Great Ones, you are in the service of Life Itself. Never turn aside from service to others. True service is service to the I AM Presence, no matter how it manifests. Therefore, your service to others is service to God. Pour forth your Love to the I AM Presence first, and then to the Presence of all life, no matter where you find it. Service, dear ones, is Love, for Love is the Essence of Life. Take time to Love.

Every time you reach out your hand to assist another brother or sister in the Light, you are rendering service; and as you render service your Consciousness expands. Each time you help another, you acquire greater understanding, peace, poise, and skill. He who in his heart sincerely serves Life, the Great I AM Presence and the Great Host of Ascended Masters, assists all mankind and so repays his debt to Life.

Never feel you need to lean on others, for the Light that beats your heart is the Limitless Power of God, the I AM, which will make you a Radiant Being of God’s Power.

If your desire is to serve the Light, to serve humanity—if that alone be your motive—then you are indeed fortunate, and nothing can harm you. But if there is even one unknown thing, perhaps a lurking desire to profit at the expense of another, a desire to take credit, a desire for gain, power, authority, jealousy at the progress of another, or any other selfish quality, I tell you plainly that your desire will turn to gall, and the very thing you desire will be taken from you.

Guide Posts

Every second of this embodiment can be spent in transcendent service to mankind. You do not have to preach or perform miracles. All you have to do is live the Law, and live it so beautifully that you inspire others to do likewise.

For every unselfish, beautiful thing that you do, I pour forth my Love in an unending stream to you; but when you persist in wasting your energy, in turning your attention to things of little value, when you persist in arguing and in seeing the false in one another, then I cannot help you. I help the ones who feel they are near to me, who love me, and can recognize that I AM within them.

Whether you know I am real or not, still, these words are real. Then give heed and learn how to silence your mind. Learn to pour forth a constant stream of Love to all things, to live in harmony and peace with one another. Then will all those who come within your radiant embrace accept your Love and stand with you to bring forth the New Golden Age.

You do not need a miracle to know that these Laws are true. You yourself are a miracle, and these great magnificent truths are your guideposts on the road of life. When you have thus safely come onto this great road of Mastery, this mighty highway that leads to the Eternal Realms of Light, why longer permit your attention to be held by outer conditions? Banish those illusions as you would a poisonous serpent, and turn your attention to your Presence. Accept Its blessing entering into your heart, filling your world with Light. Refuse acceptance of duality and all other human limitations. Manifest complete Mastery of your physical body, and also of your mental body. Command all to come into Divine Order through the Divine Love pouring forth from your heart.

Those things that you have decided to do—do perfectly. Inasmuch as you understand yourself to be a part of God, you must see that God will not be employed upon a trivial matter. Accept your responsibility as a God Being. You will only advance when you accept your responsibility. Responsibility accepted in wisdom expands the Light of the individual accepting the offer.

Remember that you are a Creator, brought forth in the image and likeness of God. You can no more help creating than you can help living, for you are Life; and your Life is the Power of Creation. Think upon that, and then apply yourself as never before. Do not hang back waiting for an opportunity to open up, but drive forward as you call to your I AM Presence.

The Great Law of Life is also the Law of Justice and the Law of Balance that governs immutably throughout the Earth, and It has decreed that you must conquer your illusions, stand squarely on your own feet, and face the Great Blazing Light of your own Presence.

Table of Contents

Chapter 2

All is one

by El Morya

One of the first and most important steps that a seeker upon the pathway of Light must take is the understanding of Oneness. Everything in the unmanifested and even manifested state is Consciousness. Knowing that all is Consciousness, through being in touch with the Inner Flame of Life you can affect all creation. An action or even a thought anywhere, produces an equal reaction somewhere at sometime. This is as true in the outer physical realm as the inner. Thus mankind is ruled by a Law of cause and effect, action and reaction.

Think well upon this and accept your responsibility for your every action, thought, feeling and spoken word. If you will become a Radiating Sun of Kindness, that Love you send forth will return as a great blessing to you. If on the other hand you commit an unkind act, have a critical or unkind thought or feeling, you will reap the results.

Understanding that Love, Light, God, and the I AM, are one, makes it possible for you to advance as a Master. Once you turn within yourself and your inner Consciousness unfolds, you will leave the world of appearances and enter the realm of actuality where you can manifest your thoughts.

The first step is to BE SILENT and know that I AM is God. Only in silence can you turn your attention within. Then, in that silent meditation, contact with your I AM Presence will follow. You cannot acquire that from others; it comes only from your longing for the Light of your own Great God Self, which you will find within and above you. If you will meditate sufficiently upon that Inner Doorway, you will see your own Glorious God Presence, the Great I AM, and also become aware of the assistance the Ascended Masters are giving you.

To dwell in the serenity of your own Consciousness with the full power of Divine Love flowing forth, is Mastery. Sustaining that Consciousness will take you into the Ascended State. Even though you may achieve liberation, you are not a Master until you earn that through your own accomplishment.

The reason for life expressing in the world is to expand Consciousness. That expansion begins first with the love of the God Flame Within, then Love for the God Flame within all things. In reality they are both the same, for all is One. All substance throughout the universe is Consciousness, or Light, and this Light Consciousness moves in great streams of force at the direction of any individual who will say, “I AM.” To say “I” is to acknowledge your own individuality, to acknowledge that you have existence, to acknowledge the place of that existence; and to say “I AM” is to release the Full Power of Light and Consciousness throughout the universe according to your Will.

Order and balance are the Law of the Universe. Learn to expresses that order and balance at all times, for that is the only way the Ascended Masters can work with and through you. Even though you may have remarkable talents, you need to maintain order and balance to manifest Mastery.

To observe imperfection in another indicates that you yourself have not reached your goal. Each one’s duty is to see the perfection in everyone. Though your outer sight may deny that perfection is there, still, when your Consciousness is expanded you will see the perfection. Attaining that Consciousness is up to you.

One of the greatest blessings you can give is to call the I AM Presence into action to release perfection into any person, place, condition or thing. It doesn’t matter if you can see it. As the inner awareness of perfection increases, the awareness of imperfection ceases. You do not have to destroy darkness. When there is enough Light darkness ceases to exist. Thus, never observe the imperfection in another. Conversation about them, unless it is kind, is never constructive. To discuss the seeming inabilities, shortcomings, and failures of your acquaintances intensifies them, and also draws those qualities into yourself. See only the Light, and expand its action. To know, to feel, to live in, and to be the I AM Consciousness, is to open the door to Eternal Freedom.

The Masters radiate energy and direct their Consciousness to their students. Should the student experience turmoil or an emotional upheaval, still that radiation may come forth again and yet again. We, who serve as the Elder Brothers and Sisters of humanity, never weary in our service to you. We are always patient, kind, and forgiving. You cannot fail permanently. There is no permanent failure anywhere. The only thing approaching failure is when someone willfully refuses to make an effort.

Since it is our province to bring Perfect Balance, Perfect Light, Perfect Understanding and Ascended Master Activity to the weary and bewildered children of this planet, I wish them to have these words of mine. I AM is the Life within every form. To be able to feel I AM is to accept the responsibility you have to Life. When you accept that responsibility in joy, you will begin to live what has been called “the Life more abundant.”

Become very still, and turn your attention within. Feel the Light filling your being and world. Now turn your attention upward and acknowledge the Source of that Light, the Infinite I AM Presence. Do this exercise regularly and you will not only be released from illusion, but will emanate great Love to all you come in contact.

O Thou Glorious, Mighty, Everlasting, Eternal One, Thou Quenchless Flame, Thou Brilliant Sun, beat forth on Thy slender piercing Rays of Power the Understanding of Life, that it may penetrate the minds, the feelings, the worlds of individuals everywhere. Mankind, if they are to survive, must know and claim I AM.

Table of Contents

Chapter 3


by Kuthumi

From the heart of Creation, the Great Central Sun, comes forth a Ray of Light. This Ray manifests in space as a focus of Love, and then divides into two Rays. They blaze onward and outward, eventually forming the physical bodies of man and woman. Brought forth in Love, living in Love, and returning in time—having expressed True Love—to the fullness from whence it came. Thus is every individual on this planet a child of the one God, a being born of a Ray. The Ray itself is Love in action, and upon that Ray he is guided through all worldly experience. Never for a moment are individuals apart from their Source, for they cannot part from that blazing Central Source of which they are Rays.

As you enter the Consciousness: I AM All Things, you observe that I AM not only all things manifested, but also unmanifested. I AM all things I wish to be. I AM all things that I AM. I AM one with the Great Central Sun. I AM the Ray that comes forth from the heart of God. I AM my mind, body, and feelings, in perfect and harmonious action. There is but one source of Love, one source of Wisdom, one source of Power, and that one Source, I AM.

Love expresses itself constantly throughout the universe. It is the power that builds all things, the power that maintains those things, and also the power that dissolves all things. It is vibration itself, the very essence of which all things are composed. In a complete understanding of Love you will see that I AM All Things. In that unlimited Consciousness you rise into the Ascended State.

There is no great separation between humanity and ourselves, for we have evolved from humanity. If one maintains a limited Consciousness, one will see about him only those things that are limited, the appearance world of good and evil. If one will attain the limitless Consciousness, he will enter into the heart of the I AM and see all that manifests as Divine Order.

To accept a power other than God is to give power to appearances. Should you observe any individual doing something or saying something that does not appear perfect, refuse to accept that appearance and know that there is only God—I AM—acting. That Law of the One is the Law that gave rise to the universe and shall continue expanding it. That Law is: There is only One Power, and that Power is Love.

To set that Love into action send a feeling of Love as a Ray of Light going before you, and you will move freely through the appearance world untouched by any negative appearance. All things can be accomplished through Love. Beloved children, you need at this time to release more Love at this hour than ever before in the history of humanity. It is not judgment or criticism that is needed, but the release of Love to flow forth without judgment—just to flow forth and bless. Sufficient Love is the only power that can raise mankind out of its present chaos. Permanent progress can only come when that same Love is seen to be within all.

Your attention should be on the One rather than the personalities of those who talk about the One. Truth is universal and may come forth from the mouths of children as well as those who seem old. This is the Truth of all ages that has guided humanity through the miasma of time and space. All things are Consciousness. All forms are the result of the conscious activity of the I AM. That Truth does not belong to one group, one sect, or one nation, but belongs to each one; and It is expressed by each one according to the understanding within.

When that Law of the One is forgotten and attention turns to the appearance world—the unstable, shifting sands of materiality—the Law of action and reaction, what you call karma, is set in motion. Though that karma is also the action of Love, it sets a painful cycle into motion that eventually dissolves ignorance so that wisdom can emerge. Only by entering into the fullness of the One Consciousness, can the individual or nation escape the destruction that must precede a new birth. That new birth is coming; if a sufficient number of people will cease to look to the outer and instead enter into the stillness of the Great Silence—then this transition from darkness to Light will take place with the quiet beauty of the unfolding petals of a rose.

Everywhere you can observe individuals being stirred up to resent things, to fight for this or against that, but that is not the Law of Life, for the Law of Life is Love. Since all things contain Love, then it is not a part of Love to set one person against another. No individual has a right to command what another shall do. In establishing the New Order, only the power of Love shall govern; and that power, if correctly expressed, will turn the individual back to the Source.

The I AM instruction Saint Germain brought forth must be expanded, which can only be accomplished by entering the Oneness, the fullness of Divine Love in Action. I AM is the First Ray issuing from the Great Central Sun. Although that Ray has divided into two rays, actually there is no division. The appearance of separation came into being that Love could be expressed; and eventually the two will re-unite as One.

Love is growth and expansion—the constant releasing of Light by the individual to break free of the old and enter the new. Individuals, religions, and groups must let go of the feeling that they have the only knowledge or path that is right for humanity. In my position I have beheld the activity of religions and philosophies in every nation, and I have observed how reluctant individuals are to accept their own Divinity and realize their own humble place in the cosmic order. Individuals do not like to pry themselves loose from the old; yet the Light within is compelling them to expand, to go forward into greater understanding, and to bring forth new and more glorious things that bless themselves and others.

It is not possible to put a fence around Consciousness. That would indicate two forces acting, when in reality there is but One Force. That One Force is Love. From that One Force all things come forth, and into that Oneness all things return. Maintain that Consciousness and enter through the open door that no one, no force or opinion, can shut.

Governments, churches, schools, organizations, and teachings of all sorts must bow before the expansion of the Light in this New Golden Age. That Light is mighty, knows no opposite, acknowledges nothing but itself, and the individual who carries that Light in this New Golden Age moves as a great blazing beacon of Love. Regardless of what is said, that one always moves forward, never taking issue, never choosing sides. The Master Christ of each one does not recognize duality or take sides, but always sees the One, recognizing each problem as an opportunity to expand Consciousness.

The Master Mind within does not say, “This individual thwarted me,” or “That situation must be changed,” but rather that Higher Consciousness observes only the One True Principle of Life, which I AM. Seeing only that One, every situation, every individual is but the open doorway to greater expansion of Love.

Many do not know how to release that Love, thinking it is an attribute of the senses and emotions. Divine Love is the All-Enfolding Flame of Creation, the Spark of Life, the Unfed Fire within each, which can be kindled into a roaring conflagration when the attention is turned within and above to the Blazing God Presence, I AM. That Presence is Love, and only from the Heart of All Love can more Love come forth.

To bring anything into manifestation, stop, then recognize the One within, and then know,

I AM a Ray of Light energizing the image of what I desire.

Holding that picture in your Consciousness, call forth another Ray of Light from your feelings, pouring it also into that mental picture you hold, directing the electronic stream from your God Self to create what you desire.

To create, you must have desire, for desire is the activity by which growth occurs. Without desire, there is nothing. The individual who claims to be losing desire is destroying himself. However, the individual who gives in to desire is also destroying himself. Desire is the action of the mental and feeling worlds combined, which will invariably produce definite, accurate results. To raise desire into the Oneness of Divine Love is to live for one purpose only, and that is to be of service to the God Self first, and then to all other portions of thy God Self, regardless of the appearance or the temporary form in which that God Self may be manifesting at the moment.

To desire things solely for yourself is to establish two forces acting, self and other. In the desire to serve, you should lose yourself so that you become self-less. If you have any trace of desire to benefit at the expense of another, then to the degree you are selfish, that service will not succeed. You must pluck out all desires that put your interests above those of others. Broaden your Understanding by entering in meditation into the Oneness of the I AM Presence. Then you become One with all things—able to serve without putting yourself first. As you become selfless, you become the I AM in action.

Say in meditation many times with full awareness:

I AM Light! Light! Light!

I AM Love! Love! Love!

I AM God! God! God!

I AM that I AM that I AM!

To live is to give. To give worthily you must discipline yourself so that there is no self—only the great I AM within each act of giving. Giving selflessly is the key to eternal life.

Go forward singing the anthem of Creation, I AM. BE that I AM. Seek not to control others, but turn your attention inward to become a member of the New Race of God Beings. Put aside all human things so the Truth of your Being can set you free. Be happy in what you do, and pour forth your Love. That Love will clear the way, for Love is the Power of Creation.

O Thou Ever Present Living Substance of Life, Thou Divine Christ, the I AM Principle of every individualized Flame of God, humbly do we acknowledge Thy Oneness, Thy Mighty Power of Light in Action. Obediently do we accept only Thee, for Thou art All in All. Let Thy Mighty Myriad Rays of Love encircle mankind and raise each one into Thy Oneness.

Table of Contents

Chapter 4


by Saint Germain.

Beloved ones, who have been with me in ages past and are now again my students, I wish you to understand that this Activity I have brought forth to humanity is exactly the same as it was thousands of years ago, and is the Activity that will always be. It is not only Cosmic, but also practical and, if applied sincerely, will bring practical results. That is why it is important to remember your I AM Presence and Its location above your physical body. The doorway to that Presence, however, is within your heart. Just having this in your awareness, you will be rendering a great service to those around you.

These teachings have been released to the children of Earth for the specific purpose of raising their vibratory action and Consciousness to prepare them for the new civilization which is even now unfolding before them.

My activity has nothing to do with religion, but with the spiritual understanding of mankind. There is nothing more important than to still your mind and accept the Consciousness of the I AM Presence that is the real you—your individualized Source of God in action.

Blessed ones, at least three-fourths of your energy is consumed by your feelings and emotions. Once you learn to pacify them, you will have access to all that liberated energy, and thus acquire the means of protecting yourself at all times. Thus, call the Presence to harmonize your feelings and keep them harmonized; then you will establish a mighty momentum of calm, peace, and serenity that will swiftly become so powerful that no human disturbing thing can get you off balance, even for an instant.

When your feelings are already upset, and you wish to regain control, get away from the condition confronting you. Get still, and turn your attention inward to your I AM Presence and ask for Illumination to perceive the truth of the disturbing situation. Then, as the illumination comes, you will begin to see the reason behind your reaction. When your feelings begin to harmonize, go back to the situation in your mind where the disturbance occurred, and there call to your Presence for full understanding. Ask the Presence to clear all negative emotional patterns and harmonize your feelings so that never again will that illusory threat have the power to disturb you.

Unless you make application to purify your emotions, you will be at their mercy. Once they have been energized, those feelings will continue to act, sometimes for days after the incident has been forgotten. You will feel fine, although unknown to you there may be something acting in your feelings of which you are not aware. Then, all of a sudden something will happen to upset you, such as an accident, caused by the disturbance to your feelings that occurred two or three days previously.

You can only rise into the Ascended Master Octave when you have governed your three attributes: attention, vision, and qualification (These attributes bring things into manifestation). Every individual, in calling his I AM Presence into action, becomes supreme ruler over his world. No person, condition, or thing can interfere if he or she is sincere and makes dynamic application.

You will find that the individuals in the world today who are causing such great destruction are those who have not learned to use the Light from the Presence, but rather are using emotion from the feeling world. That is the reason individuals have the temporary power to cause destruction, for without waiting for the Light of God to illumine their minds, they release the vicious energy of upset feelings that acts with tremendous power. Therefore it is absolutely imperative to govern your feelings.

Remember, you are dealing with forces; so be tolerant of those who are used by those forces. The force that plays through you and upsets someone will return through them to upset you. Few are aware of the force operating through them until they see how it affects those around them. These various forces that people allow to come through them may affect some but not others. When feelings become upset, people go on being upset, building momentum, until something shocks them awake. Thus we see humanity suffering from vast accumulations of misqualified emotion until something shocks them to awaken. As long as you permit your feelings to become disturbed by some individual, you will never advance beyond a certain stage.

You are blessed to know that every time you call your I AM Presence into action, you take a permanent step in Mastery. Rejoice in that Power of Light that beats your heart! Know that when you accept the Ascended Master Ideal of Life you stand with us. When you determine to follow the path that takes you to those Ideals, you walk beside us. When you accept the full glory of your Presence, you rise among us.

Do not be concerned about the actions of humanity, for the I AM Presence is the Only Power in the Universe, and before It all things must come into order. There is no reason or excuse at any time to allow feelings of doubt to affect your feelings. Silence those doubts and fears and go forward to Victory! Learn to control your spoken words and actions! Avoid even the appearance of evil! Be true to the Light within and the Light will protect you. Even when surrounded by destruction, you will walk through unharmed.

It is your obligation to not only apply these laws for yourself, but to call them into action to uplift the feelings of humanity. Only by raising and harmonizing the feelings can you stem the tide of the destructive force that works through ignorance and emotions that are out of control. The uplifting energy is directed by the Intelligence of the I AM Presence flowing through you. It is not emotion, but the feeling of Love coming from your heart.

You will see very quickly that a mental call is not sufficient. You will have to be perfectly balanced and at ease, and then release a flow of White Light from your I AM Presence. The Presence directs the flow of energy to its goal to perform Its Perfect Work.

Remember, dear ones, that you are beings of Love, beings of Joy, beings of Victory! Your Love, Joy, and Victory will come when you put your I AM Presence first and everything else second. The unfortunate thing that chains individuals to limitation is that instead of putting God first, they put some human being first, or some desire, or occupation. Just so long as there is that false God before the Presence, just that long will the individual be unable to control their thoughts and feelings—and will be unable to achieve Mastery. So, govern your attention!

The only thing that stands between you and the instantaneous manifestation of what you desire is your doubt. When you make a call, and you do not receive the manifestation as quickly as you think you should, the obstacle is your doubt and impatience, for there is no obstacle to God. When you love enough, you can command the universe and it will bow and create at your behest.

Emotions vs. Feelings:

Emotions are human—feelings are Divine.

The center of the feelings is the heart. From here flow the feelings of Love, Happiness, Generosity, and all the Ascended Master qualities that emanate at the level of the heart.

The center of the emotions is the solar plexus, and from it pour forth the emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, envy, lust, and all qualities antithetical to the Ascended Master octave. Thus, you see that while both are energy, they are polar opposites; one is human and the other Divine. As you harmonize your feelings, you assist in the expansion of those Divine Qualities.

Feelings—The Fire Of Creation:

The fire of creation is the fire of life. Every feeling you release is Fire. If the feeling is Love and the desire is to bless, the action is beneficent, beautiful, wholly pure and perfect, and the activity emanates from the pure Flame of Life in the heart. This Flame takes on any quality the individual feels. If you feel Love, the flame will be pink with a slight touch of gold; if you realize Wisdom, gold will predominate; if the quality is Peace or Generosity, it will be green; and if purifying, the fire will be violet. If you do not qualify the feeling, but send only devotion to the Presence, the flame It releases will be almost pure white, tinged with a blue.

On the other hand, a person generates a destructive feeling, it manifests as lightning whose jagged barbs penetrate and tear the substance of the feeling world, not only of the one who sends it out but also of the one to whom it is directed—resulting in pain.

Seven Stages Of Consciousness:

First stage:

The person in the fist stage is a creature of emotional and sensual desire, preoccupied with survival and living only to satisfy itself. He has no thought of Love or concern for another, as his entire action is the fulfilling of his own appetites. This person rarely has any thoughts of a higher realm.

Second Stage:

The individual is now becoming aware of the rights of others, not to the extent that he will help others obtain those rights, but he is becoming conscious of the group and group activity. However, because this individual is still self-centered and preoccupied with emotional and sense gratification, he desires to exercise power over his fellows. There are a vast number of individuals in embodiment today who still belong to these first two classes.

Third Stage:

Here we move into the class of those who not only understand the desires of others, but who are somewhat able to live and let live. The desire to have power over their fellows is no longer paramount, but rather they desire to see that others have an equal opportunity to indulge themselves—the stage at which the mass of humanity is today.

Fourth Stage:

The person now enters the pathway of Light. He accepts there is something more to life than the satisfying emotional and physical desires. He becomes aware of higher Consciousness. Personal desire still has some control, yet he is beginning to look for something higher.

Fifth Stage:

The individual realizes that there is a Power greater than his ego. He realizes that this Power, although mostly invisible, can bring meaning and happiness to life. He has moments of higher Consciousness. The individual is often confused, for he has not yet surrendered his will and ego to his I AM Presence—a transition that is often painful.

Sixth Stage:

The individual is in frequent contact with his Higher Self, no longer motivated by personal desire, and lives for the benefit of others.

Seventh Stage:

The individual is self-conscious at all times and beyond the temptation to misuse his power. He is in contact with his own God Presence and the Ascended Masters; and liberation and ascension are a reality.

Each stage also has many degrees, none of which are fixed. There are some individuals even as high as the sixth plane, who are rendering a great service, yet in some ways have never evolved totally out of the first or second state of Consciousness. It is difficult to tell where an individual stands, and you should never judge another; however, if you are honest with yourself you can determine at what stage of Consciousness you stand.

Table of Contents

Chapter 5


by Various Masters

Beloved ones, I beg you to call to your God Presence; accept Its Love and constant promptings to you. If you do not succeed at first, do not become discouraged, but continue to observe yourself and the Light pouring into you constantly from your Higher Self.

As you become familiar with your I AM Presence and learn to invoke its activity, you gain a powerful momentum of God’s Energy. Each call you make to that God Presence releases a current of energy that forms according to your visualization. This pattern becomes more and more real and tangible, depending on the clarity and intensity of your focus. To attain the Perfection, you must practice Perfection. Still your body, mind, and emotions, and then surrender to that Blazing Light of the I AM, not just in meditation but when dealing with the little things in life.

Train your mind to observe yourself constantly. Be alert that you never miss an opportunity to pour forth Love and Blessings—and be on guard that you never have a negative thought about another person or do anything to harm another. Do not watch for the mistakes of others, for your concern is with yourself. Observe and correct yourself, and you will soon be free.

Know always that in your calls to God, the Wondrous Presence of Life that is above you and anchored in your heart as a Great Blazing Sun of Light, no power can interfere. Know now and for all time that when you make a call to your own great Presence of Life, that I AM, you set in motion the Immutable Law of the Universe to sweep into action. No force, human opinion, or condition, can turn aside the energy of that decree. Never doubt or even look to see if results have yet manifested. Keep focused on the Presence; then simply let go, accepting that your call is working.

The Conquering Presence brings forth all in Perfection. In your calls to that Great Presence that you are, command perfection to flow into your world. Command Perfection to flow wherever your attention turns. If you see a condition that appears to be less than Perfection, stand firm, invoke your Divine Authority, and command Perfection to manifest.

Always call first to your own God Presence, and second to the Masters, who will be happy to assist. Yet, progress must come through the individual. The Ascended Masters cannot progress for you. If you begin to depend on the Masters to do everything for you, they must withdraw. You cannot lean on them, for each one must contact his or her own Mighty God Presence. This Law of Life, this knowledge of and contact with the I AM, is the foundation on which to build your mansion. This is the way you move into higher Consciousness and Mastery.

Stand facing the inner Sunlight, then say to that Source:

I AM the Power of Divine Love filling the hearts and minds of mankind everywhere,

and releasing into their beings and worlds the Sustaining Power of Life in Action.

If you want to speed your progress toward Mastery, bless and help others. Bless all humanity. Make calls for Perfection to their I AM Presence. This blessing will begin in the higher octaves, and then work down into the physical. Banish doubt and fear. They are what stand in your way. Do not be preoccupied with others except to be of service to them. The Power of Light is real, so use It! Affirm:

I AM the Full Power of Light in Action, filling my mind, my being, my world,

and flooding forth into the world of all mankind; for

I AM the Action of Life,

I AM the Presence of Life,

I AM the Victory of Life now and forever!

In making your calls to the I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters, mean what you say. It is far better to make one sincere, focused call than fifty half-hearted attempts. One call with Love will do infinite good.

Never intrude upon an individual’s free will or seek to bring harm. An individual who calls to the I AM Presence to bring discord, or who invokes a destructive force, is using black magic and will pay the price with their own future suffering! Put aside thoughts of self. What matter is it what someone thinks about a situation—what some one says? There is only one thing that matters and that is the Light—so call forth greater and greater Light.

Dear ones, you have to make your own effort and apply these Laws yourself. Recognize the oneness between you and your Divinity—the Magic Presence. Also recognize your oneness with other human beings. Recognize your Oneness with Cosmic Space, where you and all others are One. Accept that Oneness and claim your God Authority to make that Perfection real.

Do not wait for someone to put you to work. There is no one who has authority over your life. You are your own authority. Take that authority and call your I AM Presence to flow through you undisturbed. The things you desire to bring forth will happen as a result of your own effort, your own God Presence in action. That Presence is real, and Its Christ Light fills your cells, the fibers of your being, and the atmosphere around you. Turn to that Great and Mighty Presence so that you may have Its power pouring through you. Accept the responsibility to be the mighty channel that you are.

The I AM Presence makes your heart beat and knows your every thought, so don’t shout. It hears and does not need to be told twice—for It knows in advance what you require. No drama is necessary. Simply enter the silence of your heart and feel that Light of the Great I AM Within. Accept that Power of Light pouring through you, and ask for Its dominion to come forth in your life and in the lives of everyone on your planet.

Humanity is facing a most serious lesson, for until the Law of Love governs, mankind will remain governed by vanity and desire. Take your positive stand regardless of humanity. Stand Pure and Perfect, not identified with public opinion or other limiting illusions. Take that stand by yourself, regardless of others, for there is no person, condition, or power that can deprive you of Victory. When you take that clear stand, I will stand by your side and take you by the hand, and you will know the great reality that I AM.

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