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Walking With the Power The Dr. Aliabari Story

Walking With the Power

The Mohammad Aliakbari true Story

There are times when life will present us with an exceptional window, once finding the courage to look inside we often discover examples of extraordinary possibilities.


Dexter Clay


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Walking With the Power

The Dr. Aliakbari Story

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To the Universe

Thank you for teaching me that the power to heal is real, that healing is not limited to man's knowledge or understanding and that it is increased with our belief in its existence. May each person who reads this book learn to tap into healings power so that we might all have a chance to see them smile.

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As always there are countless people an author desires to thank when taking on a project like writing a book. Friends and family members that help support our efforts along the way. In this book I wish to single out four special individuals whose love and support have allowed me to complete this project.

Paula Lane

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Without question this book is a testament to your belief in me.

I thank you.


Let me start out by thanking you readers for joining me on this journey, a journey that has forced me to see the possibilities that stand before us. I'm sure that it will be a journey you will thoroughly enjoy. For me, the opportunity to have stumbled across such a man has left me with the spirit of great gratitude and has made me very congenial in return. At some point in our lives, we are often confronted with a person or an event that causes us to stop and evaluate life’s possibilities. Dr. Mohammad Aliakbari is one such person. The ability to heal has to be one of the Universe's greatest gifts to mankind. Make no mistake about it, we all have been given many gifts to assist us on our walk through this lifetime. The gift that you will read in these chapters takes on even greater significance when you realize that the healing power lies in each one of us.

My hope for you as you read this book is that you discover within yourselves this very real power. There will be some challenges ahead for you. I learned long ago that there is nothing to fear in taking on the challenge of those things that we do not fully understand. Any and all results from accepting a challenge will ultimately leave us better human beings.

In truly understanding life's challenges, we must first learn not to be distracted by our preconceived ideologies.

If we try to understand new concepts with old ideas, we will most likely fail. I urge you to read this story with an open mind and I promise you that by accepting this challenge it will bring you hope and power. As you read Walking With the Power, you will discover that there is healing power which is placed all around us. I believe that you will begin to see it in everything you come in contact with. This awareness will move you in ways that will stimulate your mind, body and spirit.

I would like for you to be prepared, because this journey will cause you to stretch your mind and step into a reality which will cause you to scratch the surface of your soul, leaving you with a new passion for life. It will be found in this passion the reality that we so desperately need new alternative possibilities in these inimitable times and learn to welcome them.

The story that you are about to read is going to be a movie someday. I believe that this will be a part of its course and direction. Therefore, I am glad that its contents are truthful and real. Today we live in a world that has created the need for us to be able to distinguish and identify what is real and what is not.

Things that are false are often presented to us as truth or good. This fact has caused our reality to become somewhat altered. It is time that we learn to take back what is real. There is a need for mankind

to see more about healing than we do about war and decay. This need is a great one. Those of you who are believers in the possibility of healing will be jump-started with wonderful energy as you read this story.

It is the true story of one man, born in a distant land. I want you to see just how he is helping to heal the world. I know that you will find him and his story both refreshing and gratifying. We live in a day when war and destruction can be justified at any cost, we need to know that there is an energy of healing flowing in the wake of that destruction.

Dr. Mohammad Aliakbari carries no political banners. He wears no religious garments. He is simply a man who knows that someone greater than himself has given him a gift. Since we don't know the name of the gift maker, let's just call him God, the God of all who walk this planet. As we learn how to be responsible with these kinds of gifts, I believe that gifts like these will grow and manifest their power.

I believe that we will someday be judged for what we ultimately do after learning about the gifts that we have been handed. I often ask whether there will be books in the future that tell stories of mankind, stories that will tell others what we did after we discovered the power to heal. I hope in those books, future readers will see that we chose to help heal mankind rather than continue to destroy it. My pray is that healing walk by your side and hold your hand whenever you need it, and may you find that you can truly walk with the power to heal as you read this book.

Walking with the Power

The Dr. Mohammad Aliakbari Story

Table of Contents



Foreword 6

  1. Mohammad Aliakbari Story

  1. Beginning of the Gift

  1. The Challenge to Heal

  1. When Doctor's Cry!

  1. Judge's Decision

  1. Testimonials

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Walking with the Power

(The Mohammad Aliakbari true Story)

I approached the corner, I saw Jeannine standing out front with a well groomed gentlemen in his mid forties. Walking towards them, I could feel myself begin to assess him. He had a very stylish and sophisticated look about him.

The doctor carried the demeanor of a professor both educated and confident in his actions. He had a very secure presence about himself. Instantly I could tell that there was no doubt that he was very relaxed and carried with himself a sort of inner peace.

There was something else about him, a kind of internal confidence. Not the false kinds of confidence that people have when they know that they are wearing a Versace suit or five hundred dollar shoes. His kind of confidence came from knowing just what was going on inside and around him.

Jeannine grabbed me by the arm as I walked up and said, "I want you to meet a good friend of mine, Dr. Aliakbari." His face lit up as if he were genuinely glad to meet me. Being in Los Angeles I am always aware of peoples' introductions. He took my hand and embraced me with a hug. That must have been

a sight to see, since I stand about seven inches taller than he does.

I was already thinking to myself, "Wow he already has a wonderful energy. I'm just meeting him and already he is treating me as if I were a dear family member." The three of us stood together talking, almost as if we were caught in a moment in time. We only talked of little things, but I remember that conversation was nice and pleasant.

At some point I'm sure that the doctor must have thought I was a television talk show host, by the number of questions that I was asking. He didn't seem to mind though. He responded to each of my inquires with very warm and thoughtful responses. Even if I sounded like a journalist, I felt that I was going to walk away from the evening as knowledgeable as I could be about the doctor. Besides it just seemed so natural to ask him questions about his gift. I mean, after all, how often do you get to meet a healer?

Like most people, if I have not heard a name before it is very difficult to register that name into your vocabulary. The first time that I heard the name "Aliakbari" I have to be honest with you, I could barely pronounce it. Mohammad Aliakbari is definitely not a name that you come across every day, or every other day for that matter. The fact that I heard the name for the first time from my friend Jeannine made it seem less important at the time. Then again, now that I think about it, it does make sense that I heard it first from her.

She is a whole other book in herself in a good sort of way. You have to be able to look beyond what you see when you meet her; you have to get to know Jeannine to really appreciate her. What you see is five feet nine inches tall, beautiful auburn hair, high cheekbones and a pair of legs that run for days.

She could have stepped off the front cover of any women’s magazine in the country. She has the look that most men in Los Angeles have been programmed to accept and adore. You know the look that I mean. But there is more to her, Jeannine is a single mother with two young boys: Christian, fourteen and Maxi, ten. Like most kids their ages, they are wild and filled with enormous energy. As any single mom will tell you, life raising a fourteen and a ten year old can be a handful.

The ex-wife of a famous Hollywood actor, Jeannine is by far one of the most animated persons that I have ever met since I have been living in Los Angeles. This would have to include athletes, entertainers and the rest of the city that I have come in contact with. To give you a better idea of Jeannine, think of meeting Linda Carter and Cindy Crawford and have them both run into Lucille Ball and Carol Brunette. Then you can begin to image her. Now that I think about it, she has been all four of them at one time or another.

I first crossed paths with Jeannine while visiting a producer that I know in Sherman Oaks, California. I had often seen this striking women pass me with two young boys in her SUV. The first time I got a good look at her, she almost ran over me.

Apparently, she has this habit of backing down her driveway into the street and continuing on backwards another hundred and fifty feet to reach the main road. One afternoon at Trader Joe's, I ran into her again. I found myself roaming the aisles looking for something cold to drink. Out of habit I settled for a bottle of Gatorade.

As I walked up towards the 12 items or less line, I ran into a bachelor's dream moment. I'm serious; this was something that you could have only seen on one of those candid camera television shows. With my chicken salad sandwich in one hand and my bottle of Dom Perignon, sorry I meant Gatorade, in the other hand, I looked up to see this tall drink of water bending over in line in front of me. Now when I say bending over, I do mean bending over. To this day I can still remember that Kodak moment. She was on her cellular phone and apparently at the same time doing some kind of yoga stretch.

She was not pretending to do a yoga stretch; this was an all out exercise. Legs spread apart and her butt arched high in the air. I thought to myself, wow that's something that you don't see every day. What a shame too, another little voice in my head quickly added. Pretending to look through the gum and mints stand, I struggled to keep from staring at this great bottom that was looking up at me in those powder baby blue sweats.

Hey, I wasn't the only one trying not to notice this display of art being created in front of me. The little old lady behind me kept peeking around me to get a better view. We both laughed after she made

the comment that she never recalled her body being able to do that. I told her that I was not sure if my body could even do that. Just think of how nervous the checker must have been--he had the frontal view of a top that, well, let's not get into the top. When she finally raised herself up, I realized that I had seen her somewhere before. It took me a few seconds, but I soon recalled seeing her in that SUV that nearly backed right over me. I started to place my items on the little moving counter, and asked her if she had two young boys. She took a quick moment to look me up and down as if she were evaluating whether I was friend or foe.

Taking a step back, she quickly asked me who I was and did I know Frank somebody. I must have had a stupid look on my face; you know, the kind of look you get when someone answers your question with their question. I knew that I had to respond fast, but as I tried to figure out her question, I realized that she was still on the phone. I said that my name is Dexter and that I thought she was a neighbor of a friend of mine. "Some guy name Dexter," she replies into the phone that seems to be growing out of her left ear. I started to feel that maybe it was not a good idea to have spoken to her.

I quickly told her I didn't know this Frank of hers. That was the first time Jeannine and I met. Now I know that you probably want to know more about her, but, I told you that's another story.

As time passed our friendship grew. I spent some time teaching her two boys the game of basketball.

I think that in those months, I saw or talked to her or her family at least once every three weeks. It was about four months later that Jeannine mentioned introducing the doctor to me. To this day I can still vividly remember the first time she told me about meeting "Dr. A-k-bari," she called him. She told me about him in such a nonchalant way, I didn't really know just what to think at the time. You see, she has this habit of talking about one thing and then throwing in something that's totally unrelated.

This can really make for an interesting conversation at times. Now I didn't know if in fact he was just a product of her imagination or a real person. In my short time knowing her, I often found myself living vicariously through her and her interesting life.

The one thing that was for sure, if she talked about him, it had some truth to it, because Jeannine is the kind of person who somehow manages to know what's going on in the lives of at least half of the people in Hollywood.

She is the person who knows a person who knows another person that knows a person that we all know. You know what I mean, six degrees of separation. Knowing Jeannine is kind of like you having a friend who knows the pool man that lives with the hairdresser who works out with the trainer, who knows the model that sleeps with the director who knows the producer of the movie that Bruce Willis was in last year. Be it fact or fiction Jeannine, can tell you something about most people in this city.

It was about eight thirty one morning when I got a phone call from her, which was a little unusual since she doesn't start her day until after eleven o'clock A.M. That is, when she gets up early; she gave specific instructions that no one was to call before 11:00 A.M. But here she was on the phone at 8:00 A.M. raining fire and brimstone down on her ex-boyfriend, over the diamond ring that he had given her and decided to take back.

Whoever said that diamonds were a girl's best friend knew exactly what they were talking about. This woman was madder than a rattlesnake that had been disturbed in the early morning. Though I didn't really want to hear about the whole episode with her ex-boyfriend, I pretty much knew all the facts about her relationship with the guy.

At first I thought it was that she found out that he was sleeping with her best girlfriend that made Jeannine so mad. Then I found out that what really

pissed her off was the fact that, disguised as a plumber, her ex-boyfriend had talked the maid into letting him into the house and simply took the ring out of the safe. After several minutes of going on about the next court date with this guy, she interrupted herself out of the clear blue sky by saying, "I met the most wonderful man last night."

That didn't surprise me because she is a human magnet when it comes to men. "His name is Dr. Ali akb ari and he is a healer." Had I heard her correctly? I had. "He can help heal the spirit and the bodies of people by giving them energy," she told me.

At this point in the conversation I looked back over at the clock; maybe it was a lot earlier than I originally thought. No, it was a little before nine in the morning. She went on to say that this guy has been on TV and in the newspapers reporting on his incredible power to heal. Remember now, when she tells a story, it is with great passion and devotion.

Wow, that sounded interesting, but before I could ask any other questions about this person, she was back on track with complaints about her ex. In a moment she was off the line. I wasn't sure if she had stopped to take a quick breath or if she had gone. Our phone conversations never really lasted more than two to five minutes, and my part of the conversation usually consisted of hi and okay bye. I never really complained about the fact that I could never get a word or two in edgewise. I would simply smile and hang up the phone.

I knew that what was really happening in her life was the process that one goes through in order to prepare for the healing that is needed. I had no doubt that she would find her way, mainly because I believed that she is a really good person inside. I know that like most of us she had to find the way on her own. In my heart I knew that she would get there sooner or later.

I rapidly tried to process the ten pages worth of information that had been uploaded into my brain in less than four minutes of conversation with Jeannine. She had again left me on the phone with that big empty feeling inside, the kind of feeling that

you get when you question why you even take the time to talk to some people. This time however, when I hung up the phone, my thoughts fell onto her brief conversation about the healer.

A healer I thought, did she really mean a person that cured people? Living in LA, you get to meet a lot of people. Meeting a healer is not usually at the top of the list. You might be driving and look over and there is Matrix's, Keanu Reeves on his motorcycle at a red light waiting for it to change. It's not uncommon to look over and see the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger in a huge hummer with a foot long cigar in his mouth. However, to have talked with someone who had met a healer made me stop and think for a moment. A real healer is something that, honestly doesn't pop up every day.

Now, I never wanted to be considered the type of person who disbelieves things before I have ever had a chance to totally evaluate them. However, healers are people that don't cross your path every day. To have the power to heal has to be something that is far above what I would have to consider the norm. Would you not agree?

I have always believed that people are placed into our paths for a reason, and that the faster we learn to recognize that reason, the sooner we get to understand what that reason is. We all have had those persons who seem to keep passing through our lives either up close or afar. Perhaps Jeannine had nearly run over me and then showed up in line with me at Trader Joe's for a reason, perhaps because of this healer. I have found that often, we

don't recognize the simple things that have been placed right in front of us.

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